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                                                                                                      national council of 56 clubs

 Volume XIV, Issue 3           National Council of 56 Clubs, 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653                                        Fall 2006

   Index                      Gulf Coast Katrina Raffle
Raffle Winner             1   By Randy Miller
                              NCC Treasurer
President’s Report        2

Melinda Seegers           3            s reported early this year the NCC assumed
                                       the raffle started by Jack Skeels and contin-
Calendar of Events        4
                                       ued by the NCC in his memory after his un-
D56 Open House            5   timely death. Jack started the raffle with all proceeds
                              being sent to the Salvation Army for the Gulf Coast
NCC Volunteers            5
                              Hurricane Relief Fund. Jack,who was instrumental
Green Bay Gathering       6   in the founding of the NCC, started the raffle with the
                              donation of the 1st prize (The original seven Dickens
London Blitz Display      8
                              Houses). Three additional prizes were added to the
MAVG Gathering            9   raffle by the NCC and Department 56.
                                  I am pleased to report that collectors contributed              LUCKY WINNER. John C. Dunphy (Wishigan Collectors
Penny’s Party Line       10
                              $1740 to the Salvation Army Katrina Fund. The                       Club) receives the first prize in the Gulf Coast Katrina Fund
Games for Clubs          14   NCC contributed $260.00 to the fund for a total of                  Raffle from Randy Miller, (NCC Treasurer).
                              $2000.00. One hundred and fifteen raffle tickets                    Anonymous).
Secretary’s Report       16
                              were purchased by mail and 59 chances were pur-                         The 2nd-4th prizes were shipped after my return
Treasurer’s Report       17   chased at the three Gatherings held this year.                      from Green Bay. On behalf of the NCC, I would like
                                  The winners were drawn at the Dickens Tea                       to thank all of you who took part in this raffle started
Meet Pretty Petals       18
                              hosted by the NCC at the “Spirit of 56 on the Bay”                  by Jack and continued in his memory.
Associate Members        19   Gathering held in Green Bay July 13th to 16th. When                     I received an acknowledgement letter from Major
                              I announced the name of the 1st prizewinner I was                   Dalton Cunningham, Divisional Commander at the
Regional Rep Elections   20
                              happy when a collector in attendance stood up to                    Salvation Army that read in part….
Checklist for Reps       22   claim the prize. That meant I didn’t have to be re-                     “Our efforts have moved into what will be a
                              sponsible for there safe keeping any longer. I didn’t               lengthy reconstruction and rehabilitation program for
Regional Reps            23
                              have to carry them back home, pack them carefully                   Southern Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Calendar of Events       24   and ship them to the winner.                                        The Army has established long term services that will
                              The winners are:                                                    attend to feeding, housing, personal hygiene, finan-
                              1st prize: “First Seven Dickens Houses”—John                        cial and pastoral needs of men, women and children
                              C. Dunphy of DePere WI, (Wishigan Collectors                        affected by Hurricane Katrina. Your gift will help us
                              Club)                                                               to continue our work in areas where it is needed- as
                                John bought his tickets at the Green Bay Gathering. When he
                              came up to claim his prize, he told me he thought it was only one
                                                                                                  long as it is needed. Your gift at this critical time
                              of the seven buildings and didn’t know which one to choose. He      has and will continue to provide comfort, hope, and
                              was thrilled when he learned it was all seven.                      much needed assistance to hundreds of thousands of
                              2nd prize: Jack’s Umbrella Shop (signed by Jack                     families and individuals whose lives have been af-
                              Skeels)—Bob & Joan Herman of Scottsdale, AZ,                        fected by this tragedy.
                              (Southwest Villagers).                                                  The outpouring of support we have received from
                              3rd prize: Collector’s Club House (signed by Susan                  our community, across the nation, and around the
                              Engel)—Joan Scibona of Rockford, IL, (Dickens                       world has been overwhelming. We at The Salvation
                              of a 56 Club)                                                       Army pledge to do the most good with the resources
                              4th prize: Framed artist copy of Collector Club                     that you have entrusted to our care. Thank you again
                              House Accessory—Michael & Deborah Quezam-                           for the role you play in the Army’s mission of meeting
                              bra of Palos Verdes Estates, CA, (Village Addicts                   human needs.”
2—NCC Bulletin

 Report                    It’s hard to believe that the gatherings are over for the year and it’s almost time to
                           start putting up the Halloween displays. Soon we will need to start thinking about
                           Christmas. Next year will be a big year for the NCC. To celebrate our 15th anni-
                           versary the Board is working on some special ideas for the Member Clubs, your
                           members and the gatherings. Start making your plans now to attend one or all of
                           the three gatherings in 2007. See the back cover for more information on these
                           events or go to the NCC website Come help us celebrate 15
                           years at these gatherings.

                           Part of the 15th celebration will be a new 15th Anniversary lapel pin. We are leav-
                           ing the design of the pin to you. We are having a contest open to all members of
                           our NCC Member Clubs. The design can be no larger than 1 1/4 inches. Please
                           send all entries to:

                           Bob Obenland
                           7747 Via Grande
                           Boynton Beach, FL 33437
           Bob Obenland
           NCC President   Or email to
         7747 Via Grande
Boynton Beach, FL 33437    All entries must be received by December 15, 2006. The winning person will re-     ceive $100 and their Club will receive a signed Jack’s Umbrella Shop. Good luck.
                           This year the NCC put together a 20-question game covering history of Depart-
                           ment 56 and the NCC, for the gatherings. Participants received a ticket for each
                           right answer and were entered into prize drawings of their choice. The 20-question
                           game is printed on page14 for your use at one of your meetings.

                           Jack’s raffle concluded with the drawing for the four prizes at the Green Bay Gath-
                           ering as detailed in Randy’s cover article. The NCC voted unanimously to add to
                           the amount raised to bring the total to $2,000. We would like to thank all those that
                           participated in this effort on the behalf of Jack and those that have and are suffer-
                           ing in the Gulf area.

                           As I reported in the Summer Bulletin Carrie Licatovich, Reg. VIII Rep, resigned
                           from this position in June due to her husband being transferred to TN. I appointed
                           Linda Windham in July at the Green Bay Gathering to fill this position for the re-
                           mainder of the year. Linda has been an active collector with several clubs and an
                           NCC volunteer at gatherings. See her bio later in the Bulletin. The even numbered
                           regions have held elections for Regional Representatives for the next 2-year term
                           which begins January 1, 2007. See Peggy Culler-Hair’s report on page 20 of this
                           issue for the election results for the Region II, IV, VI, VIII and X Representatives.
                           In those Regions where there was only one candidate I have dispensed with the
                           balloting and declared the nominee elected. I want to thank Paul Piker and Tom
                           Taylor for four years serving as Region Reps for Region II and X respectively and
                           welcome the new representatives to their new NCC leadership role.

    National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                                  NCC Bulletin —3
  Department 56 Update
                    Dear NCC Club Members:

                    Fall is in the air and Halloween is on the minds of most collectors. Whether it be setting up
                    your Halloween Village display or preparing for the annual Halloween bash and you are in
                    need of some of our ghoulish Halloween gift items, our Consumer Services telephone lines
                    are ringing steady. Thanks to all of you who call – we always enjoy hearing from you!

                    Check out the artist signing events that are in full swing. These retailers will also have infor-
                    mation regarding our Holiday Tour Contest. Register to win a trip for two to Minneapolis the
                    weekend of December 14 – 17, 2006. If you are unsure as to who in your area is participating,
                    give us a call at 1(800) 548-8696 and we can tell you where the closest retailer is located who
                    will have entry forms for you. If there are none in your area, go online ( and
Melinda Seegers     register there. Also visit the Snowbabies 20th Anniversary website to register for their sweep-
Department 56       stakes – the grand prize is a Snowbabies check for $5,000.00! A coloring contest for children
Manager,            and an essay contest are also featured here as part of the celebration.
Consumer Services

                    Many collectors have asked about the Village and Snowbabies history lists that can be found
                    on our web site. If you haven’t seen them lately, they are new and improved. You will find the
                    list in the COLLECTING section of the site and now you will be able to print a list for each
                    Village individually. So if you only collect New England Village, it is even easier than ever. In
                    an effort to provide the best and most accurate information for collectors we spent the better
                    part of the summer going through all the existing history lists and found some missing and in-
                    correct information. If you find a mistake we missed please let us know. With the new format
                    it will be easier than ever to make changes and updates. Thanks for your patience!

                    We ought to be in pictures! And we will be! Look for your favorite Department 56 Villages to
                    make “cameo” appearances in several upcoming movies and television specials:

                       “Deck The Halls” (20th Century Fox) starring Danny De Vito and Matthew Broderick
                        (opening in theaters November 22, 2006)
                       “Unaccompanied Minors” (Warner Brothers) starring Teri Garr, Al Roker, Donny Os-
                        mond and a cast of young actors (opening in theaters November 8, 2006)
                       “Together Again For The First Time” (Brownie Films) Starring David Ogden Stiers and
                        Patty Duke (Television Special or limited theaters, Holiday 2006)
                       HGTV Holiday Special – “Decorating Cents: Home For The Holidays” a one hour special
                        scheduled to air on HCTV Thanksgiving weekend.
                       National Geographic Channel – a one hour special hosted by University of Minnesota Art
                        Historian and author, Karal Ann Marling shot in the Department 56 Corporate showroom
                        using The Original Snow Village as a backdrop for the author’s behind-the-scene look at
                        the annual events surrounding holiday traditions we typically take for granted. The spe-
                        cial is based on Ms. Marling’s book, “Merry Christmas” in which Department 56 is men-
                        tioned. (Program airs several times during the Thanksgiving and Holiday timeframes.)

                    Thanks, and happy collecting!

                    Melinda Seegers
                    Manager, Consumer Services

 National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
4—NCC Bulletin
                             ARTIST SIGNING EVENT CALENDAR 2006
1 Christmas Tree Hill, 1–3 PM                                      28   Limited Edition, 11 AM–3 PM
  Village artist: Greg Beilke                                           Village artist: Greg Beilke
  2840 Whiteford Road, York, PA 17402, (717) 755-9290                   2170 Sunrise Highway, Merrick, NY 11566, (8090) 645-2864                                    
7     Dickens Gift Shop, 10 AM–12 PM                               28   Christmas Place, 12–3 PM
     Village artist: Cynthia Markle                                     Village artist: Paul Lundberg,
     630 W Highway 76, Branson, MO 65616, (800) 743-9790                 Bell Tower Square, 2470 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863,                                              (800)445-3396
7    Kritter Tracks – Kringles, 1–3 PM
     Village artist: Cynthia Markle                                28   Kris Kringl, 6–9:30 PM
     2800 W 76th Country Blvd. Ste. 103, Branson, MO 65616              Village artist: Scott Enter
     (877) 316-2368 or (417) 337-5429                                   907 Front Street, Levenworth, WA 98826, (888) 557-4645
7    Kathie’s Christmas, 11 AM–2 PM
     Snowbabies Artist: Kristi Jensen Pierro                       28   City Lights, 1–4 PM
     3309 Hartzdale Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011, (888) 596-2777,         Village artist: Tom Bates                                           1212 Knoxville St., San Diego, CA (619) 275-1006, (800) 262- 5335
7 The Mole Hole, 12–3 PM
  Village artist: Scott Enter                                      29   City Lights, 10 AM–2 PM
  11787 SW Beaverton Highway, Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 626-8923        Village artist: Tom Bates
                                                                        1212 Knoxville St., San Diego, CA (619) 275-1006, (800) 262- 5335
7    Der Weihnachts, 10 AM – 2 PM                                  
     Village artist: Tom Bates
     652-4 Pine Knot Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315                29   Robert’s Christmas World, 2–4 PM
     (909) 866-8468                                                     Village artist: Paul Lundberg
                                                                        2951 Gulf To Bay Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33759
8    Sleighbells, 1–3 PM                                                (800)861-6389 or (727) 1660
     Village artist: Scott Enter
     23855 SW 195th Place, Sherwood, OR 97140, (866) 857-0975      29   Molbaks, 2–4 PM                                                Village artist: Scott Enter
                                                                        13625 NE 175th Street, Woodinville, WA 98072, (425) 483-5000
8 William Glen, 1–4 PM                                         
  Village artist: Tom Bates
  2651 El Paseo Lane, Sacramento, CA 95821
  916/481-2397 or 800/552-5656
8 Yankee Candle Company, 1–3 PM                                    4    Gertens Greenhouse, 1–3 PM
  Snowbabies artist: Kristi Jensen Pierro,                               Snowbabies artist: Kristi Jensen Pierro
  25 Greenfield Road, South Deerfield, MA 01373, (877) 636-7707         5500 Blaine Avenue, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076, (651) 450-1500                                         

20 Kirlins Hallmark, 5–8 PM                                        4    Nancy’s Hallmark, 1–4 PM
   Village artist: Cynthia Markle                                       Village artist: Paul Lundberg
   514 Fox River Mall, Appleton, WI 54913, (920) 733-6655,              11959 Lebanon Road #3, Cincinnati, OH 45241, (888) 4NANCYS,                                   

21    Christmas Kringle Shoppe, 10 AM–2 PM                         4    Collectors’ Gallery, 11 AM–1 PM
      Village artist: Cynthia Markle                                    Village artist: Scott Enter
      1330 S. Main Street, Fond du Lac, WI 54935 (800) 721-2525         8306 Tamarack Village #401, Woodbury, MN 55125, (651)                                 

22    Milaegers, 11 AM–2 PM                                        5    Curio Cabinet, 2–4 PM
      Village artist: Cynthia Markle                                    Village artist: Paul Lundberg
      4838 Douglas Avenue, Racine, WI 53402, 262/639-2040               679 High Street, Worthington, OH 43085, (614) 885-1986,
27     Oakland Drugs, 6–9 PM
       Village artist: Greg Beilke                                 18   Bachman’s, 1–3 PM
       373 Ramapo Valley Rd., Oakland, NJ 07436                         Snowbabies artist Kristi Jensen Pierro
      (201) 337-7300 or (888)242-4438                                   6010 Lyndale Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55419
                                                                         (888) BACHMANS 222-4626

     National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                                              NCC Bulletin–5

Dept 56 Showroom Open House
                                                                     By David Spears
                                                                     NCC Region VI Rep

                                                                          t was raining like crazy as we traveled though Minneapolis on
                                                                          our way to Eden Prairie for the Department 56 Open House
                                                                          on June 24. Everything was sunny again as Sadie* greeted us
                                                                     as we entered the Showroom. Actually she didn’t say anything —I
                                                                     heard that she wasn’t talking because she lost her teeth. Melinda
                                                                     Seegers thought that they might have lost her plug.
                                                                         Department 56 has been kind enough to invite the members of
                                                                     collectors clubs in Region VI to visit each of the past three years.
                                                                     It sure seemed like all eighty folks in attendance had a good time.
                                                                     Our hosts were: Melinda Seegers, Manager of Consumer
                                                                     Services; Bill Shadid, Director of Marketing; Wendi Fort-
                                                                     mann, answers most of our MsLitTown questions; Sadie,stood
                                                                     by the door and wouldn’t talk; Katie Dahns; and sales reps
                                                                     Laura Savoie, Deb Gunderson and Julie O’Shaunessey.
                                                                       The primary designer for village accessories, Cynthia Markle, was
                                                                     also with us. Department 56 provided big bags of accessories that
                                                                     attendees could select from and have Cynthia sign. The accessories
                                                                     were just some of the gifts that we were given. They also had a
                                                                     table of prizes for a drawing for those that answered a trivia quiz.
                                                                     Of course, Melinda said she stayed up all night baking the goodies.
                                                                        Midyear releases? They looked as good in person as they did in
                                                                     the pictures. It seems like some of the houses are getting smaller
                                                                     (I’m not complaining). Members of the Village North and Northern
                                                                     Lights collectors clubs followed the open house with a luncheon
                                                                     cruise on Lake Minnetonka (west of the Twin Cities). Lots of fancy
                                                                     houses–one just sold for 45 million. President Tom Iacoviello of
                                                                     Northern Lights made the arrangements. As is most always the
*Sadie, The Maid 56.35291, suggested retail price $695.00            case, the best thing was the people that we met.

                                THE GREEN BAY GATHERING VOLUNTEERS
  The NCC thanks the following NCC Club members who gave their time and service to the Green Bay Gathering. Each one
  received one of the special NCC Volunteer lapel pins. To be an NCC volunteer at one of the gatherings next year, send an email to

  Region                  Name                    Club             Region           Name                      Club
                                                                   5. Loretta Feroni                  Detroit 56ers
1. Randy Miller                  Pioneer Villagers                 5. Trish Rochowiak                 Detroit 56ers
1. Penny Miller                  Pioneer Villagers                 5. Carolyn Cameron                 Detroit 56ers
2. Dan Murphy                    Trillium Village Collectors       5. Carol Ugren                     Detroit 56ers
2. Helen Murphy                  Trillium Village Collectors       6. Karl Hertz                      Prairie Villagers
4, Bob Obenland                  Village Landlords                 6. David Spears                    Village North Collectors
4. Butch Philio                  Noel 56ers                        6. Linda Spears                    Village North Collectors
4. Virginia Philio               Noel 56ers                        6. Lani Kolanczyk                  Northern Lights
4. Peggy Culler-Hair             Palmetto 56ers                    6. Tom Iacoviello                  Northern Lights
5. Rose Gostomski                Country Villagers                 8. Elmer Pool                      Hill Country 56ers
5. Ted Gostomski                 Country Villagers                 8. Jackie Pool                     Hill Country 56ers
5. Wanda Hildner                 Detroit 56ers                     8. Linda Windham                   Village By the Bay
5. Chris Speedy                  Detroit 56ers                     8. Mike Windham                    Village By the Bay

  National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
6–NCC Bulletin

Spirit of 56 on the Bay
                                                                                       for sale during the week-end. A display of some of
                                                                                       the recipes prepared by club members was on display
                                                                                       to promote sales. They can be contacted at d56gath-
                                                                              if you are interested in purchasing
                                                                                       one. The cookbook will be $7.00, including shipping,
                                                                                       if there are any left.
                                                                                           The NCC table, with it’s umbrella, was easy to
                                                                                       spot in the Mongers Market on Friday and Saturday.
                                                                                       The Jack Skeels ‘Hurricane Katrina’ raffle and NCC
                                                                                       trivia contest brought most of the folks over – but
                                                                                       some came just to ask questions. A good group of
                                                                                       volunteers shared the ‘table duties.’
                                                                                           Gathering president Terry Timmerman and his
                                                                                       staff had an interesting selection of seminars sched-
                                                                                       uled. They were all day Friday, Saturday and most
                                                                                       of Sunday – mostly two at a time. The NCC hosted
                                                                                       a panel discussion on Department 56 collecting and
                                                                                       clubs on Saturday morning in the big theater. Led by
                                                                                       NCC President Bob Obenland, others participating
                                                                                       were Jackie Pool, Vice-Pres; Randy Miller, Treasurer;
AS COLLECTORS ENTER        By David Spears                                             Wanda Hildner, Reg. V Rep; Tom Taylor, Reg. X Rep;
the Green Bay Gathering,   Region VI Representative                                    David Spears, Reg. VI Rep; Linda Windham, newly
they are met by friendly                                                               appointed Reg. VIII Rep; Penny Miller, Webmaster/

                           I   t was 75 degrees when Linda and I left Duluth, MN       Resource Coordinator and Peggy Culler-Hair, Reg.
                               at 7 a.m., Thursday morning, July 13, heading for       Rep Coordinator/Immediate Past President.
                           the Spirit of 56 on the Bay Gathering. It was over 90           Friday evening most folks enjoyed dinner at the
                           degrees when we opened the car doors seven hours            Spanferkel (pig roast). The food was great, plentiful
                                                                                                                     (continued on page 7)
                           later in Green Bay WI. Ninety degrees would be the
                           average daytime temperature for the three-day event.
                           A bit on the warm side for our area of the country!
                                 We registered at our hotel and found our way over
                           to Notre Dame Academy (the gathering location), a
                           less than ten-minute jaunt. For those that chose to use
                           it, a big red double-decked London bus was available
                           for the commute.
                                Many had arrived on Wednesday in order to par-
                           ticipate in the House Tour or the Lambeau Field and
                           facilities Tour, both held on Thursday. Set up was also
                           available on this day for display contest entrants, mer-
                           chants and seminar presenters. The school gymnasium
                           was the market and display area. On Thursday evening
                           there was a meeting of the NCC board members pres-
                           ent to prepare for the weekend.
                                On Friday morning folks were able to register and
                           pick up goodie bags. Among the items in the bag were
                           ‘chits’ for a free Department 56 accessory and, for
                           the first 100 registrants; there was a slip for a retired
                           Department 56 house. The pre-ordered Department
                           56 event piece ‘Sleighride on the Bay,’ event pins and
                           T-shirts (very nice) were also available for pickup.
                                                                                       THE FIRST PRIZE AND PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER
                                 A 92-page Halloween cookbook prepared by the
                                                                                       in the Small Display category was Richard Wyllie (Ducky
                           committee, “Freaky Formulas for Entertaining,” was          56ers)

     National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 – www.ncc56.
                                                                                                                    NCC Bulletin–7
(continuing from page 6)

and fairly priced. Attendees enjoyed meeting and
talking to old and new friends. Many then stayed
around to play bingo.
    Saturday morning the seminars began with the
‘Making of a Magazine, Village D-Lights’ seminar.
Linda Krueger, the presenter, is the editor of that
magazine and a couple of others. It was interesting
to hear some of the thought process that goes into
‘making a magazine.’ Village D-Lights advertising
manager Ronda Jans was there as well.
     Another popular presenter was Tom Underwood,
a former designer for Department 56, who shared
various display techniques including the making of
a casket to use with a Halloween display. Tom also
shared information on his latest contractual project
with Department 56, the making of two upcoming
motion pictures, “Unaccompanied Minors” and “All
Lit Up”, which feature Department 56 villages as
part of the sets. Both movies are due to be released
this Fall.
     In the afternoon, following Gerald Charles Dick-
ens performance of “The Christmas Carol,” the NCC
hosted a Dickens Tea with cookies, cake, and tea. The                                                               Above:        SIXTY-SEVEN
drawing for more than two dozen prizes for the NCC                                                                  PEOPLE crowd into a
                                                                                                                    classroom designed for 24
trivia contest was held during the Tea.                                                                             to enjoy Linda and David
    At 7 p.m., the Gathering Banquet was held at the                                                                Spears (NCC Region VI
Convention Center located between the hotels where                                                                  Rep) seminar at the Green
most attendees were staying. This was the only event                                                                Bay Gathering. Their hour
                                                                                                                    went fast, and they gave ev-
not held at the Notre Dame Academy. Folks were                                                                      eryone a three-page hand-
wandering back and forth along the back wall using                                                                  out, printed by the Wishigan
the time to bid on the silent auction items. After dinner                                                           Club, for all who wanted
Gerald Charles Dickens performed ‘Mr. Dickens Is                                                                    one. There were also event
                                                                                                                    provided prizes for draw-
Coming.’ It was a very interesting history featuring                                                                ings held during the class.
portions of Charles Dickens’ life. Gerald Dickens
wrote the piece and performed all the parts. This was                                                               Left: DICKENS VILLAGE
his last performance in the United States – he is return-                                                           COLLECTION is complet-
                                                                                                                    ed when Butch Philio (NCC
ing to his home in England. The banquet concluded                                                                   Rep, Noel 56ers, MS, and
with a live charity auction and the announcement of                                                                 Jubilee 56ers AL) is able
winners of the silent auction items.                                                                                to purchase a Dickens Mill
    On Sunday morning there was a Brunch at which                                                                   at the Green Bay Gather-
                                                                                                                    ing. For the finishing touch,
the final prizes were drawn, including the fantastic                                                                Philio has the great-grand-
trip to Department 56 in December followed by the                                                                   son of Charles Dickens,
NCC drawing for the prizes in the Jack Skeels Katrina                                                               Gerald Charles Dickens
Victims Fund raiser. See Randy Miller’s article for                                                                 sign his Dickens Mill. Philio
                                                                                                                    has plenty of room for his
all the details on Jack’s fundraiser. Gathering awards                                                              collection. In addition to
were also given for the display contest with Pat Dud-                                                               having it displayed through-
ley of the Cowtown Villagers winning 1st place. and                                                                 out his house, he has also
People’s Choice for the large display (See the article                                                              built another building in his
                                                                                                                    back yard for his village dis-
on Pat Dudley’s display on page 8) and Richard Wyllie                                                               plays.
of the Ducky 56ers winning 1st place and People’s
Choice for the small display. Ginny Nuemiller of
the Wishigan Collectors Club took first place in the
Figurines category with a basket display.                   FIGURINES CATEGORY: Ginny Nuemiller (Wishigan Col-
    Thanks to the gathering committee and the Wishi-        lectors Club) took First Place with a basket display.
gan Collectors Club members for putting together this
event and including the NCC.

                   National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653
8—NCC Bulletin

                                          Turn It Into Something Good!
                                           Problem: Broken Dickens’ Village Buildings
                                           Solution: Build a display of the London Blitz.

by Pat Dudley
Cowtown Villagers

             hen a Department 56 collector
             has 19 broken buildings and nu-
             merous broken accessories, how
does he/she solve this problem?
    Take a negative experience (a 20 foot
wall-shelf collapsed), and turn it into a pos-
itive situation by looking for a solution.
    This solution sounded viable. Many
small sections of 1940 London still looked
like Dickens’ London of 1840. Thus, I set
forth to turn my setback into success.           pipes? I needed a frame on which the foam      when everything was ready for viewing.
    On a large sheet of Styrofoam, I arranged    could rest, thereby hiding the plumbing.       Add “burned” and broken trees. Use D56
10 buildings, matching and sorting pieces        Using 2x4 boards and L brackets, I built a     Winter Birch Trees, sprayed with brown or
so that each building had its own collec-        frame just a bit smaller than the foam. To     gray paint and dusted with ashes while still
tion of shards. I arranged some houses to        hide these unfinished boards, I glued D56      wet. Add as much debris and rubble as the
look as if the roofs had just collapsed into     Tall Stone Walls to 3 sides of the frame. I    display will hold: bits of lumber, ashes and
the walls. For other houses, I glued pieces      attached the remote control for the fogger     charcoal (saved from my fireplace), small
together to make a shell of a building. To       on the front right corner of the frame so      rocks, dirt, sand, chips and bits of anything.
make the buildings look burned, I spray          that viewers could make their own smoke,       Use the ashes as you would use loose snow
painted all of them with black, brown, and       since the fogger did not blow smoke con-       in a “normal” display. Cover all snow on
red paint.                                       tinuously.                                     roofs with ashes. I tried 3 different meth-
    Wiring came next. I did not need to light        Because I am a retired teacher, I had      ods: (1) put D56 Tacky Wax on the snow
the buildings, as I would normally do in a       to include information about the Blitz. To     and cover with ashes, (2) use spray paint on
display, because the buildings were all in       the back of the framework, I attached a tri-   the snow and put ashes in the wet paint, (3)
ruins; however, the Blitz needed some fire. I    fold poster board with pictures of the Lon-    use spray paint and cover the snow com-
determined which 3 buildings could be “on        don Blitz, a picture of and quotations from    pletely. I fashioned mini 2x4’s out of sliv-
fire” and then did the wiring underneath the     Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and pic-     ers of foam-core board and balsa wood. I
foam. I used flicker bulbs and orange cel-       tures of bombing scenes. Churchill’s voice     found many useful items for debris around
lophane to create fire. I used D56 spotlights    and words, from a CD and player under          the yard. Last, I put English and German
to simulate searchlights.                        the display table, created a sense of “being   airplanes above London, held in place with
    The Blitz also needed smoke. What a          there” for the viewer.                         stiff rods. These historically accurate air-
challenge this was! After purchasing a fog          Decorating the display happened             planes can be bought at hobby stores or
machine, I attached one PVC pipe to the          throughout the creation of the scene. For      borrowed from a good friend, as I did.
fogger to carry “smoke” under the foam           example: put a London double-decker bus            When I had finished, I just stood back
from the floor where the fogger sat. Then        in a bomb crater; add a fire hydrant spurt-    and looked at the London Blitz display: a
I ran more pipes to four openings in the         ing water, an iron fence, a broken statue,     positive solution to a horrible experience.
foam where smoke could escape. Bomb              a clock; and place the wheels of a wagon       I am pleased that I followed the advice of
craters and buildings had smoke coming           upside down in the rubble. These wheels        turning it into something good.
from them via the “plumbing” underneath          came from Fezziwig Delivery Wagon, bro-             “Turn It Into Something Good!”
the foam. I wired all the pipes to the bottom    ken in the fall. Most accessories and people       Pat’s display won First Prize and Peo-
of the foam. All of these smoke pipes made       from Dickens’ 1840 village could not be        ple’s Choice in the Large Display category
the next step necessary.                         used in this 1940 time frame.                  at the Green Bay Gathering.
    How was I going to hide all the PVC             Dressing the display happened last,

   National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                                                     NCC Bulletin —9

          April 13-15, 2007
                                                              By Trudi Baer
                                                                                              Spotlight on Portsmouth
                                                              EVENT Chair
                                                              Publicity Chair

                                                                  f you have never at-             With a central location Portsmouth, VA,
                                                                  tended a Department          is less than an hour from Colonial Wil-
                                                                  56 collectors gather-        liamsburg and Jamestown which will be
                                                             ing, you should plan on           celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2007,
                                                             attending at least one of         a 5-minute ferry ride from Norfolk, and a
                                                             the gatherings that are held      20-minute drive from Virginia Beach.
                                                             throughout the country.
                                                                                                   There’s lots to do in Portsmouth. It’s a
                                                             It is a wonderful time to
                                                                                               charming and historic port city located in
                                                             reconnect with old friends
                                                             or to make new friends.           the middle of Hampton Roads. If you’ve
                                                             It is a good time to share        read any Tom Clancy books, you know
                                                             our passion for collecting        all about Hampton Roads and its impor-
                                                             Department 56. With this          tance.
                                                             in mind, why not plan on              Stroll along the famous Seawall and
THE          RENAISSANCE        attending the MAVG next spring. We are planning                walk through three centuries of history in
PORTSMOUTH            HOTEL,    a weekend full of information, fellowship and fun.             one of America’s most historic neighbor-
headquarters for the Mid-
                                Come and learn new, fresh and innovative display               hoods. Many of Portsmouth’s finest at-
Atlantic Village Gathering,
is located on the Elizabeth     techniques.                                                    tractions are clustered within easy walk
River, tributary to the Ches-       The Mid-Atlantic Village Gathering Committee               distance of each other in Olde Towne.
apeake Bay. Portsmouth          has been busy planning for its 8th and final gathering.
has one of the oldest work-                                                                    This neighborhood features a scenic wa-
                                The theme of this gathering is “TOYLAND” Grand
ing harbors in the country.                                                                    terfront, upscale dining, a plethora of an-
All kinds of ships can be       Finale.
                                    This event will be held April 13-15, 2007 at the Re-       tique and boutique shops, and the largest
seen passing by the down-
town seawall.                   naissance Portsmouth Hotel in Portsmouth, Virginia.            collection of historic homes between Al-
                                    The pre-gathering (early-bird) activities will be-         exandra, VA, and Charleston, SC.
                                gin on Thursday, April 12th. These will include an                 The Naval Shipyard Museum presents
                                afternoon cruise on the Tall Ship “American Rover”             the history of America oldest and largest
                                (limited number of tickets will be available) and bingo        naval shipyard. Founded in 1767, it’s been
                                in the evening.                                                burned three times by retreating armies
                                    The festivities will kick off with an opening cer-         because of its strategic importance. His-
                                emony on Friday morning followed by seminars,                  toric ships have been built here, including
                                demonstrations, marketplace (vendors selling retired           the first ironclad to engage in battle, the
                                D56 houses and accessories and miniatures to enhance
                                                                                               nation’s first battleship, and the world’s
                                your villages), door prizes, raffles, display contest as
                                well as the Friday night activity. Saturdays activities        first aircraft carrier.
                                also include seminars, demonstrations, marketplace,
                                door prizes, raffles, Banquet/Auction, room hopping,
                                etc. The weekend will wrap-up on Sunday morning             web site: For registration and ticket
                                with the Breakfast, awards ceremony and more door           information please email:
                                prizes.                                                        For general event information please email: Infor-
                                    Don’t delay - make your reservations early. Call or call 410-867-1309.
                                the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel at 1-888-839-1775
                                and ask for the MAVG rate ($103.00).
                                    For more information on this event, visit the MAVG

               National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 – www.
10-NCC Bulletin

                                                                                                   place with “Aldeburgh Music Box Shop”
                                                                                                   where she made a green base using oregano
                                                 REGION 1                                          and dill. The whole display was placed in a
                                                 Village Lamplighters of Québec (Canada)           basket with white birch trees, white picket
Penny Miller                                     spent the last couple of months on holiday        fences and a gate added to the background.
22 Samoset Road                                  (our US version is known as 2 weeks vaca-         John Harvey set out a festive Summer drink
Orleans, MA 02653                                tion in the summer) visiting friends and          tray that featured “Tipplers Wine & Spirits”
Ph: 508.240.5769
                                                 family, preparing for the upcoming display        building surrounded by unusual shaped                             or getting ready for the Swap & Sell dur-         bottles and wine glasses. You can check
                                                 ing the September meeting. In August club         out their website for
                                                 members enjoyed themselves at a Corn              other photos of displays.
                                                 Roast Party.
                                                                                                   Annapolis Villagers (MD) is celebrat-
                                                 North Shore Village Association (MA)              ing their 14th Anniversary in September.
News of your club activities – happenings
                                                 celebrated their twelfth anniversary party        CONGRATULATIONS!! A gala banquet
– anniversaries – make ‘n takes. You do not
                                                 in style not only with good food but also         is planned at the Sir Walter Raleigh Inn in
need to have a formal newsletter – just drop
                                                 with a 3-D model cake of their lighthouse         nearby College Park. At the regular Sep-
me an email and let me know what you are
                                                 logo done by member Diane Shine. Maddie           tember meeting members were treated to
doing. Do you have a display tip to share?
                                                 Pimenta, club president, distributed colored      an Ice Cream Social. Bernie Dvorak was
Send photos if possible along with the direc-
                                                 bandanas to everyone that attended, as linen      the speaker with a short demonstration on
tions, don’t forget to include who did it.
                                                 is the listed gift for the 12th anniversary. In   how to use black light effectively in your
    We all love to hear what the various clubs
                                                 one was a wooden Anniversary cake and             village. Plans are underway for the Annual
within our NCC family are doing. Remem-
                                                 Shirley Belisle, NCC Region Rep, had the          House Tours scheduled for early part of
ber to be included in this column – you must
                                                 cake in her bandana and won the D56 Happy         January 2007.
let me know.
                                                 Birthday Express Van.
    Before we start this issue of Club Hap-
penings – we have a new link to view past                                                   Garden State Village Collectors (NJ)
                                                 Ocean State Villagers (RI) are making      have two trips already planned for the fall.
                                                 plans for their Halloween & Christmas Open One will be in October to a Department 56
letinsncc/2006.html. Please remember this is
                                                 Houses and their Christmas Party. Club     dealer in Connecticut. The 2nd will be in
only for members of NCC clubs and should
                                                 member Duke and his daughter are con-      December to a Country Manor. The club
not be put out on the Internet.
                                                 testants on the upcoming CBS show “The     will also be holding their twelfth Halloween
    Well, the summer has come to an end
                                                 Amazing Race” starting in September. Be    house tour in October. Vice President, Cathy
with a BIG BANG for the eastern side of
                                                 sure to watch to see if they are the winners
                                                                                            Ann Dewar, has provided to club members
the US. Hurricane Ernesto brushed by the
                                                 of the $1 million dollars.                 pages from wallpaper catalogs. She reports
east coast of Florida came inland around
the Carolinas and then moved more inland                                                    these are good for backdrops and there are
toward Pennsylvania. I watched the ocean         REGION 2                                   many that fit themed houses or villages. The
from the comfort of my living room with          Trillium Village Collectors Club of Ontar- textured ones make great base coverings and
all of its whitecaps. Many off-roaders took      io (Canada) recent newsletter featured the bottom of styro coverings as well.
advantage of the lack of rain and took their     winners of their Summer Display contest.
over-the-sand vehicles to the outer beach for    I will mention a few here. Using a seaside Delaware Valley 56ers (PA) held a craft
the last long weekend of summer. They all        themed open hatbox, Cherie Sano featured show at their September meeting. Members
left on Labor Day, as children head back to      “Inglenook Cottage”. The hatbox bottom were encouraged to bring what they make
school for yet another year.                     served as the backdrop and a clear plastic to sell. It could be quilts, ceramics, candle
                                                 tray for a base. Helen Schmidt took first making, knitting, wood crafts, etc. This is a
                                                                                                                            (continued on page 11)

     National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                                                 NCC Bulletin - 11
                                                 Plans are being formulated for a bus trip to    ship’s staff.
                                                 Cape May & Atlantic City. At the September
                                                 meeting a donation will be made to their   At their June meeting The Palmetto
                                                 charity “Hope House”. Read more on the     56er’s(SC) enjoyed reports, pictures and
                                                 web about their happenings at: http://www. memoralbelia from members who had at-
                                              tended the Quebec Gathering and the NCC
(continued from page 11)
                                                 htm                                        Panama Canal Cruise. Their August meeting
great way to share what you love to do in                                                   postponed until September fell on 9/ll with
your spare time with others. Madeline Col-       Dept. 56 Villagers of Southeastern VA assorted patriotic displays being shared. In
lins donated her North Pole Village to St.       (VA) celebrated their 14th Birthday this November they will be putting up the an-
Christopher’s Hospital for Children.             summer by holding a Birthday Lawn Party nual display at the local Ronald McDonald
                                                 at the home of Roger & Sheila Olson. Dur- House.
Department 56 Villagers of Central Penn-         ing the summer, club members went to the
sylvania (PA) is starting their 14th year as     local Yankee Candle shop to not only smell REGION 5
a club. At their summer picnic ideas for the     over 50 of the candles, sample some of the Dickens of a 56 Club (IL) won first place at
coming year were discussed. One of them          home made fudge – but also to get snowed the Chicago Gathering for their club display.
was a display workshop event in September        on…Now this must be a first for Virginia The display was a Queens Port scene with
2007.                                            in August. Plans are underway for another the “HSM Britannia” ship in a large water
                                                 Octoberfest this fall.                     bottle. Winning 2nd place in the ‘Large”
Jeanne & George Powell of the Susque-                                                            category was Club Vice President, Steve
hanna 56ers, PA have already started             Department 56 Dreamer’s Club (WV)               Otto. Steve took a large colorful gift bag and
working on their display. They did note          took the summer months off to plan for the      filled it with cat litter for weight. Then using
how hard it is to find 2-inch Styrofoam in       upcoming season.                                a piece of Styrofoam (that fit into the bag)
white in their local area. The Powell’s also                                                     made an arrangement of flowers in it and
attended the Chicago Gathering “Swing into       Four Seasons 56 Collectors Club (WV) is         placed it in the bag. He then arranged various
Spring” where a good time was had by all.        making plans for a road trip in November.       Department 56 houses and accessories with
The first meeting in the fall will be a picnic   Some of the places mentioned are the lights     the flowers serving as a background.
with hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. to welcome       at Bristol Speedway, Lancaster, PA and
everyone back.                                   Roanoke Dickens Day.                            Ducky 56ers (IL) president Rich Wyllie
                                                                                                 and Kirk’s Halloween display won 1st place
Tri-County 56ers (PA) are planning a get-        REGION 4                                        at the Green Bay gathering. Members also
together with another club in Western Penn-      Jubilee 56ers (AL) held Christmas in July       gathered for the club picnic at the home of
sylvania to compare notes and swap ideas.        with everyone bringing a dish to share and      Wendi Kim. Members feasted on burgers,
Following the August meeting, members            a gift for Dirty Santa. Not sure what Dirty     sausages, hot dogs, chips and soda along
played a few rounds of miniature golf.           Santa is. What made this party different – is   with dishes provided by club members to
                                                 that members were asked to dress in their       share.
REGION 3                                         Christmas clothes.
In June, the WNC 56’ers (NC) celebrated                                                          Windy City 56ers (IL) promises to have
their 10th Anniversary party at a local res-     Tampa Bay 56ers (FL) had a Round Robin          lots of good things for club members starting
taurant in Hendersonville. In recent months,     of demonstrations at the August meeting         with the September meeting. On the agenda
club members have collected stuffed animals      by 5 talented women – Diana Cortright,          are great uses of good things like foam,
and donated them to the local Fire Depart-       Judy Schwietrman, Terri Williams, Barbara       tree trunks and more. October will be their
ment and Rescue organizations. Plans are         Wallis and Barbara McGrery. They demon-         display contest.
also underway for their annual Christmas         strated how to make items for display, such
Party. Jim Hillman gave a presentation           as water, fences, steps, clouds, etc. Plans     Nifty 56ers (IN) are planning a September
about the hand-made accessories that were        are in motion for a Halloween party at Bill     road trip to a Christmas Shoppe in Archbold,
created in the past years for club meetings.     Foelker’s (NCC rep) house. Don’t forget to      OH. Stops along the way will include lunch
Some of the accessories shown were an            make your hotel reservations for next year’s    at a local restaurant, a visit to the Oberhaus
outhouse, picnic table, children’s swing set     SRG in Clearwater                               Car Museum with the final stop at the Stoney
and a bridge. All of these items were made                                                       Ridge Winery. Oh and least we forget the
primarily with Popsicle sticks.                  Noel 56ers (MS) recent newsletter con-          day starts with breakfast at a local restaurant.
                                                 tained a wonderful article of Ginny & Butch     Congrats to club members Byron and Sue
Cardinal 56ers (VA) had a “Christmas in          Philio’s trip on the NCC Panama Canal           Wyss on their 50th wedding anniversary
July” party. Those that attended had the         cruise. It brought back many wonderful          August 25th.
opportunity to either swim or relax in the       memories. Ginny and Butch won several
hot tub at Carolanne & Paul Croll’s home.        medals at the games held on-board by the                                  (continued on page 12)

      National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
12-NCC Bulletin
                                               Northern Lights Collectors Club (MN)              display.
                                               devoted most of the June meeting to creating      For the 3rd year, the New Mexico Town-
                                               displays to be included in the silent auction     people (NM) held their August “picnic”
                                               at the Adam Prest benefit. Club President,        meeting at the Rio Grande Zoo. To show
                                               Tom Iacoviello represented the club at the        off the skills of the club members and raise
                                               benefit. Unofficially there were about 500        money for the various Ronald McDonald
(continued from page 11)                                                                         charities, teams of club members are mak-
                                               attendees with around 200 items including
Detroit 56ers (MI) members celebrated          the club’s displays for the silent auction.       ing vignettes using the 30th anniversary
with their annual picnic. The club provided    The club made its annual trip to the D56          Department 56 houses. The vignettes will
fried chicken and Barb Reitsch brought         Showroom. While there they had the op-            be displayed at a local Department 56 dealer
the ribs. Club members provided salads,        portunity for Cynthia Markle, a D56 artist,       where customers can purchase tickets for the
desserts, bread & vegetables to share. In      to sign accessory pieces that were donated        vignette they would like to win. The winning
September club members will cook & serve       by the company. Club members also saw             tickets will be drawn on November 2nd
the “Community of Need” Meal at a local        the new lines now part of the Department          along with a party to celebrate Department
church. This is the club’s annual community    56/Lenox Group family. One of the final           56’s 30th anniversary.
SERVICE project. Condolences are extended      summer activities was the Lake Minnetonka
to Carolyn Cameron in the recent loss of her   Cruise. There were a total of 31 people (17       Oklahoma Village Collectors Club (OK)
husband.                                       from Northern Lights and 14 from Village          has an exciting year planned out. At their
                                               North) who attended.                              summer meeting there was a “Member
Village Collectors (MI) members Jim &                                                            Team Display Project”. Using the Grapes
Mary Lou Hamby won one of the trips to         56 Street Collectors Club of SE WI (WI)           Inn the teams made a winter, summer, fall
Department 56 at the recent Green Bay          plans are underway to decorate the local          and autumn scene with accessories provided.
Gathering. CONGRATULATIONS!! Club              Ronald McDonald house for the upcoming            A drawing was held at the end to see which
members gathered at Hines Park for their       season. Check out this website for a photo        4 members would take home a display. In
summer picnic. Each member brought a dish      of the group that decorated last season.          September the club held their summer picnic
to share with the club providing chicken as             and a “Swap & Sell”. November will feature
the main course.                               gallery.html A Bingo Night is planned for         the assembly Christmas Village Display at
                                               November. The monies raised at this event         University Village. Their recent newsletter
Queen City Villagers (OH) has a club           will go toward the club’s charities.              also included various photos of club mem-
website: http://www.talkingcollectibles.                                                         bers working with wiring and caulk (used
                                                                                                 for water).
com/gcv The club has a lot planned for this    REGION 7
fall. The summer picnic/games is scheduled     The Four States Village People (MO)
for September followed by a display contest                                                      Big D 56ers (TX) had a unique program in
                                               observed its 15th Anniversary at their An-
in October. November is set-up time for the                                                      June. They asked members to go to specific
                                               nual Indoor Picnic on July 16th. The club
display at the Ronald McDonald house with                                                        types of stores and find articles that could
                                               furnished ham & brisket along with drinks
the December Christmas party. Besides all                                                        be used in their villages. Here are some of
                                               and members brought additional dishes
this – there are two home tours – Halloween                                                      the finds: Gary Baumann found wallpaper
                                               to share. Members of the Mid-America
& Holiday Home – scheduled.                                                                      samples at the dollhouse store that could be
                                               House-aholics were also present at this fes-
                                                                                                 used for courtyards, walkways and roads.
                                               tive occasion.
Village Nuts (OH) held a Road Rally in                                                           Bonnie Mount raided a toolbox and made
September. Starting at a local Department                                                        the cleverest fireworks stand using mollies,
                                               Nebraska Spirit of 56ers (NE) celebrated
56 store at 9:56, club members traveled to                                                       wire nuts, and bottle cap. Lila Wright found
                                               their 11th Anniversary with a dinner meet-
two more stores allowing for time to eat and                                                     brightly colored borders to add a finishing
                                               ing. To get better acquainted each person
a quick meeting. October holds yet another                                                       touch to a display at the local office supply
                                               was asked to pick up the photo holder at
shopping trip at the beginning of the month                                                      store.
                                               each place setting and tell about the member
with a Halloween Party the end of the month.   or members in the picture. Club members
Plans are underway to set up the North Pole                                                      Hill County 56’ers (TX) invited their local
                                               are looking at various places to set up their
display for the Ronald McDonald House                                                            Department 56 dealers to the August meet-
                                               Christmas display for the public to see.
before the holiday season.                                                                       ing and picnic. This was the club’s way of
                                                                                                 saying Thank You to the dealers that support
                                               REGION 8                                          them throughout the year. Michael Rodri-
REGION 6                                       To help members forget the heat of summer         guez and Stephen Watkins did a workshop
Club 56 (IA) celebrated like most other        and get in the mood for their village displays,   presentation at the September meeting when
clubs this summer – picnic with lots to eat    the Village Krewe (LA) asked club mem-            the San Antonio club visited. Club Rep,
and friends to share it with.                  bers to bring a house & accessory from any        Linda Cook was a candidate in the Reg. VIII
                                               village collection. The club provided trees       Rep election.
                                               and Styrofoam and members made a mini
                                                                                                                      (continued on page 13)

    National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                                                   NCC Bulletin–13
                                                got together for a hands-on session with         support Operations SAM (Supporting All
                                                crafting tools and foam.                         Military). Overall, Operation SAM ships ap-
                                                                                                 proximately 7500 Comfort packages —over
                                                Linda Windham, Villages By The Bay               11 tons of support to our deployed troops.
(continued from page 12)                        (TX) is filling the unexpired term of Car-       In July club members took a ferry trip to
                                                rie Licatovich as NCC Rep for Region 8           Pier 39 to the Department 56 store to see
Nifty 56ers Celebration Club (TX) Pat           and has been elected the Reg. VIII Rep for       the new displays. Reports are the weather
& Roden Campbell attended the Quebec            the ‘07-’08 term. Carrie and husband Eric        was great, seas calm and all had a lot of
gathering earlier this year. The club is all    recently moved to Tennessee. At the annual       fun. Len Connacher is again setting up his
set to resume their meetings this fall as the   summer picnic over $700 was raised from          village displays at Hyatt Union Square and
heat of summer disappears. Look at the NCC      the Country Cupboard Auction. This money         Hyatt Embarcadero later this year.
website for a fall display tip and photo that   will go to the club’s charity fund.
you can do in your home.                                                                         San Diego 56ers (CA) had a busy summer.

Cowtown Villagers (TX) members Pat &
                                                REGION 9                                         First there was the “Christmas in July” where
                                                West Coast 56ers (Canada) recently lost          club members saw many trees all decorated
Don Dudley attended the Green Bay Gath-                                                          for the upcoming holidays. Then in August
                                                one of its great members – Bud Dawson.
ering. Pat Dudley was the overall winner                                                         the club held their annual summer picnic
                                                Bud’s wife Nancy, is the NCC Club Rep.
with her display of the WWII bombing of                                                          with a power point presentation following
                                                Our deepest sympathies go out to Nancy
London. The display was complete with                                                            dinner of last year’s open houses. On tap for
                                                and family. Plans are in the works for some
real smoke and ashes with a recording of                                                         September was a presentation, “The Magic
                                                spectacular fall meetings.
Winston Churchill’s speech. Pat won the                                                          of Mountains.” In October, club members
1st place Large Display, Judges’ Choice and                                                      are invited to Jim & Lauren Murphy’s for
                                                Village Idiots (OR) has a great way to
People’s Choice awards.                                                                          a Halloween Open House and Campfire. To
                                                remind members of upcoming events. The
                                                newsletter is sealed with small discs that       encourage prompt renewal of membership
Oil Patch Villagers (TX) started their 10th                                                      again this year we held a drawing for raffle
                                                have the meeting date written on it. For
year with a visit to a local store for lots                                                      tickets to be used whenever the winner
                                                instance, the September newsletter had one
of shopping and then out to dinner. Plans                                                        wished. All you had to do for a chance to
                                                sealer that told the meeting date and the
are underway for a meeting on Halloween                                                          win was pay your club dues by the end of
                                                other sealer had the date for the Dickens Tea.
Vignettes & Tablescapes. The year will end                                                       the January meeting. The winner this year
                                                What a novel idea!! This club’s meetings are
next May with an Ice Cream Social. The                                                           was Betty Roberts. Club Rep Michelle
                                                so popular that at their May potluck they had
club has also designed a new brochure for                                                        Brown has been elected the new ‘07-”08
                                                guests from Viet Nam and Seoul, Korea!
recruiting new members. These brochures                                                          Reg, X Rep.,
                                                Zuy “Michael” Nguyen and Alex Chang,
will be distributed in local businesses
                                                exchange students, were staying with club
through the area.                                                                                Village Addicts (CA) plan to celebrate their
                                                member, Rob Vastine.
                                                                                                 15th Anniversary in October with a bus trip
River City Villagers (TX) celebrated their                                                       to visit the San Diego 56ers along with a
                                                Village Traders of Puget Sound (WA)
14th anniversary this past April. The club                                                       stop at Canterbury Gardens, City Lights
                                                are already planning their Christmas event.
had a catered lunch and the tables were                                                          and a San Diego member’s Halloween
                                                Plans call for a trip to Leavenworth for din-
decorated with a springtime theme. Check                                                         display. The club contributes to the “Feed
                                                ner, shopping and the famous “Leavenworth
out their website for photos of their events.                                                    the Homeless” program in the Hollywood
                                                Christmas Lighting Ceremony”. In August they                                                        area. They collect canned soups, tuna, etc
held their 2nd annual vignette contest. This                                                     along with the individual servings of tuna,
year’s theme was Container Display. Mem-        REGION 10                                        sausages, soup and fruit drinks. Plans are in
bers were not allowed to re-use displays        Desert Villagers (AZ) held a “Southwest          the works for a GREAT White Elephant Sale
from last year’s contest. At the October        Fiesta”. Plans were discussed for this club      in February 2007.
meeting, one club member has the chance         to hold next year’s 2007 Arizona Gather-
to win a multi-tiered Christmas tree that has   ing. This is usually a one-day event and         56 Habit (UT) held a barbecue and White
loads of room for displays plus room for        other Arizona clubs have been the hosts in       Elephant gift exchange for their first meeting
presents underneath.                            the past.                                        of the year. The White Elephant items were
                                                                                                 either D56 houses or accessories you no
Spirit of 56 Collectors Club (TX) now           In June Club 56 (CA) brought an Ice Cream        longer wanted. If you brought a house you
has a website. It is at http://www.minne-       Social to the residents of Eden Villa in ap-     could trade it for a house and an accessory Pat Campbell         preciation of letting the club hold its meet-    for an accessory. Then you had the chance
brought back wonderful photos of the Que-       ings at their facility. Along with ice cream,    to pick a wrapped piece or steal one that
bec gathering that she shared with the club.    Len Connacher brought cake and roses for         catches your eye from someone else. Club
Even though the club did not officially meet    everyone. The Valley Banjo Group led the         Rep Meredith Poulson was a candidate in
through the summer, some of the members         group in a sing-a-long. Club 56 helps to         the recent Reg. X Election.

  National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
14-NCC Bulletin

    NCC 20 Questions Contest                           12. What Department 56 building did not

These questions cover Department 56 and its
                                               GAMES   burn in the Chicago fire?

Villages.                                              13. What is Melinda Seegers’ middle
1. Who was the first designer for Depart-
ment 56?
A. Paul Lundberg                               FOR     14. What is Bill Shadid’s official job title?

B. Barbra & Neilan Lund                                15. What house was issued twice to com-
C. Ed Bazinet                                          memorate the 150th anniversary of A
D. Kristi Jensen Pierro                                Christmas Carol?

2. Name one of the first houses.               CLUB    16. What year did Department 56 produce
                                                       the first magazine that collectors could buy
3. How many houses have been issued as                 by subscription?
January 1, 2006?                                       17. What Minneapolis suburb if Depart-
A. 500                                                 ment 56 located in?
B. 500-1,000                                    M
C. 1000-2500                                           18. What year was the National Council of
D. more than 10,000
                                                E      56 Clubs (NCC) started?

4. Who was the founder of Department 56?               19. How many exclusive pieces has Depart-
                                                E      ment 56 made for the NCC?
5. What year did Department 56 become a
publicly traded company?
                                                T      20. Name a current officer of the NCC.

6. What is the newest Village series that is
current?                                        I               Miller, Ethel Campbell
                                                            20. Bob Obenland, Jackie Pool, Randy

                                                            19. 8
7. What is the house with the highest val-                  18. 1992
ue?                                                         17. Eden Prairie
                                                            16. 1991

                                                                 and #43
8. Where was the first Department 56 Gath-                  15. Boarding & Lodging School, #18
ering held?
                                                            14. Director of Marketing Villages
                                                            13. Sue

9. What store did Department 56 come            S           12. Historic Chicago Water Tower
                                                            11. $18
                                                            10. $118
from?                                                       9. Bachman’s
                                                            8. Minneapolis
                                                            7. Dickens’ Village Mill
10. What was the total original price of the                6. North Pole
first six houses?                                           5. 1993
                                                            4. Ed Bazinet
                                                            3. c–1000-2500
11. What was the stock price of Department                    Small Chalet
56 when it became a publicly traded com-
                                                              Country Church, Steepled Church,
                                                            2. Mt. Lodge, Gabled Cottage, The Inn,
pany?                                                       1. c–Ed Bazinet

   National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                            NCC Bulletin-15

Deal or No Deal Game
                                                                “Busted” case will loose everything that has built
for Club Meetings                                       GAMES   to that point and must start building a new total for
                                                                their team. The team having the highest total score
                                                                after the last briefcase is opened wins.
submitted by Ethel Campbell
NCC Secretary                                                      The prize for the winning team can be determined
                                                                based on the number of players and the resources of
   During the 15th Anniversary Party for The Four
States Village People (Region VII), our program
                                                        FOR     the club. Groups can get creative with game prizes
                                                                (losers serve dessert to the winners or make a dona-
chairperson, Stephanie Everitt created a fun game               tion to charity, etc.).
“Deal or No Deal” that the membership enjoyed
very much.

   The 15th Anniversary Party featured a dinner in
honor of our founders with an interesting historical
review of the early beginnings of our club, special
door prizes and the “Deal or No Deal” game.

Game directions:

   Construct 26 double-sided briefcases of the same
size and color from heavy poster paper. Construct
briefcase with a bottom fold so that the case will
open from a ‘latch’ in the handle. Handle latch can
be double sided tape, Velcro, etc. The outside of
each briefcase is numbered 1-26.
                                                         E      STEPHANIE EVERITT, creator of “Deal or No Deal,”
                                                                poses with the board materials she made for the game.

   Inside each briefcase write various dollar
amounts building up to $1,000,000. Behind each
dollar amount inside the briefcase paste a picture of           Games and Trivia
a D56 village building of ascending value. As the
dollar amounts increase, the house value increases
                                                                Department 56 Villagers of Central Penn-
also. Inside 4 of the briefcases write the word
“Busted” with a cut up picture of a house behind
the word. Display briefcases in numeric order on a
                                                         I      sylvania (PA)

large poster or on the wall. Teams select briefcases                1. What is the earliest Dickens’s village ac-
from the display board until all cases have been
                                                         N             cessory that came in two versions?
                                                                   2. What are the names of the NEV lighthous-
   Divide group into two teams. Prepare a score
board with headings labeled Team 1 and Team
                                                         G         3. Where in CIC can we buy ice and boating
2. Teams will alternately choose briefcases to be                  4. How many cottages are there in Seasons
opened. Team members will jointly choose the case
to be opened. The leader will open the briefcases
                                                         S             Bay?
                                                                   5. At the SV Long Haul Truck Stop, what
following each team’s selection and record the                         sign blinks?
amounts from the briefcase to the scoreboard and                Answers:
will cross off the amounts so the teams know the                   1. White and black post carolers
amounts in the remaining briefcases. A scorekeeper                 2. Craggy Cove, Pigeonhead, Trinity Ledge
can be assigned to assist the leader in recording                      and Breakers Point
amounts won by each team and in crossing off the                   3. Pier 56
amounts opened.                                                    4. 3, Inglenook and 2 East Cape Cottages
                                                                   5. Coffee cup
  Amounts continue to build for each team until a
“Busted” case is chosen. The team that choose the

         National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
16-NCC Bulletin
                                                                     Secretary’s Report

                                                   NCC Board of Directors Summary of Activities
                                                                 July through September, 2006

                           As I write this report, we mid-westerners are concluding an extraordinarily hot (100+ degrees) and dry
                           summer. The temperature is now beginning to subside, the days are shortening and the mornings are
                           starting to feel that fall will soon follow. Ah, fall! The time of harvest; fresh picked apples; pumpkins;
                           falling leaves and arrival of mid-year releases to area gold-key dealers. We must begin making plans for
                           fall village displays and looking forward to exciting Christmas displays and open house events hosted by
                           club members.

                           With excitement, the NCC Board of Directors is looking forward to celebrating the 15th Anniversary of
                           the NCC which will occur in 2007. Plans are underway for appropriate recognition and celebration of
                           this historic event. Be sure to attend the gatherings that are scheduled for 2007 and plan to participate in
                           all the special events and activities.
Ethel Campbell
5350 E. Farm 168           The NCC had significant representation and presence in all gatherings held during 2006. First intro-
Rogersville, MO 65742     duced during the Chicago Gathering in April, both the 2006 NCC lapel pin and the first three NCC Trad-   ing Cards were in memory of Jack Skeels for his role in helping to establish the NCC 15 years ago.
Ph: 417.882.7210
                           At the time of his death, Jack Skeels was in the process of working on a fund raiser for Gulf Coast hurri-
                           cane victims through the Salvation Army. He organized a drawing for a set of the original seven Dickens
                           Village houses with all proceeds going to the Salvation Army Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief Fund.

                           The NCC Board of Directors continued this effort in Jack’s memory and added a second place prize of
                           Jack’s Umbrella Shop signed by Jack Skeels; a 3rd place prize of a Collector’s Club House signed by
                           Susan Engel, Lenox Group CEO ; and a 4th place prize of a framed artist’s drawing of the NCC Col-
                           lector’s Club House accessory piece. For each $10 contribution to the relief fund a chance was entered
                           into the drawing. The drawing was held during the Green Bay, WI Gathering in July and winners were
                           announced and are listed in the president’s report in this issue of the NCC Bulletin.

                           Following the prize drawing at the Green Bay Gathering, the NCC Board of Directors voted to add the
                           amount of $240.00 to the Salvation Army Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief Fund bringing the combined total
                           raised to $2,000.00. Additionally, the NCC hosted a Tea following the Gerald Dickens performance of
                           “A Christmas Carol” coordinated by Jackie Pool, NCC Vice-President, and presented a seminar with a
                           panel discussion of “Collecting and Clubs” at the gathering in Green Bay. Nine NCC Board Members
                           sat on the panel as follows: Bob Obenland, President; Jackie Pool, Vice-President; Randy Miller, Trea-
                           surer; Wanda Hildner, Region V Rep; David Spears, Region VI Rep; Linda Windham, Region VIII Rep.;
                           Tom Taylor, Region X Rep; Peggy Culler-Hair, Region Rep. Coordinator and Penny Miller, Webmaster.
                           A NCC Board meeting was held at the Green Bay gathering to discuss NCC activities to celebrate the
                           15th anniversary in 2007.

                           Carrie Licatovich, Region VIII Rep, resigned from this position in June due to her husband being trans-
                           ferred to TN. Linda Windham was appointed in July at the Green Bay Gathering to fill this position for
                           the remainder of the year. The even numbered regions have held elections for Regional Representatives
                           for the next 2-year term which begins January 1, 2007. See the elections section on pages 20-21 for the

                           A limited number of NCC lapel pins from prior years, as well as the 2006 pin, are still available for pur-
                           chase. Purchase price for all NCC pins is $5 each. Also, a limited number of “Ed, the NCC Snowman”
                           is available for purchase. The purchase price is $15 each, plus postage. These items may be purchased
                           while attending a gathering or by using the order form available on the NCC Website. A reminder to
                           clubs that with each purchase of 15 “Ed, The NCC Snowman” figurines the club will receive one free.

   National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                                                       NCC Bulletin-17

                                    National Council of 56 Clubs
                                             Treasurer’s Report
                                              August 31, 2006
We started the year with $57,677.34 and had income of $10,232.24 and expenses of $13,409.57 for a loss of
$3,177.33 for year-to-date 2006. This gives us a bank balance of $54,500.01 as of August 31, 2006.

Currently, our income is below budget, but our expenses are also below budget, that is a good thing. But unfortu-
nately the expenses will be more than our income for the remainder of the year.

ADDRESSES along with any club contact changes to I continually get bulletins returned
at every mailing.

                                         Income & Expense Statement

                                                     YTD                               Budget
Associate Member Dues                           $1,650.00                              2,150.00
Club Member Dues                                 5,022.00                              5,400.00
Merchandise Sales                                3,543.00                              7,110.00                       Randy Miller
Interest                                            17.24                                 14.00                       22 Samoset Road
                                                                                                                      Orleans, MA 02653
  Total Income                                  10,232,24                             14,674.00             
Bulletin                                        $6,581.77                              8,686.40                       Ph: 508.240.5769
Board meetings                                       56.60                               500.00
Regional Rep Expenses                                  .00                               900.00
Gathering                                        2,642.84                              4,475.00
Merchandise                                         770.26                             2,312.10
Postage/ delivery                                   704.08                             1,498.00
Storage                                             651.00                             1,008.00
Supplies                                            516.03                             1,260.00
Elections                                              .00                                  .00
Telephone                                             9.90                                50.00
Web Site                                            128.00                               178.00
Professional Fees                                  -526.00                               500.00
Contributions/Donations                             260.00                               500.00
Miscellaneous                                       264.48                               500.00
Advertising                                       1350.00                               2700.00

Total Expenses                                  13,409.57                             25,067.50

Net Income (loss)                              $ -3,177.33                         $ -10,393.50

                                                  Bank Account

Beginning Balance                             $ 57,677.34                             57,677.31
Income                                          10,232.24                             14,674.00
Expense                                        (13,409.57)                           0(25,067.50)

August 31, 2006 Balance                        $ 54,500.01                          $ 47,283.91

If you or a representative from your club did not attend a gathering this year, and get your 2006 NCC pin in remem-
brance of Jack Skeels - please visit the NCC web site today to order yours and some for your club members. There
is limited availability of some of the older pins, the Jack’s Shop and “Ed” the Snowman. Visit the NCC website and
then click “store”, then “NCC order form”.

Penny and I enjoyed the gatherings this year and have reserved rooms and sent in money for a couple of next year’s
gatherings. We will be going to Florida to see our son in October and to visit one of the Department 56 new stores
in the area. Have a good fall and enjoy the holidays as we await the arrival of the new Department 56 pieces and
our first grandchild.

Randy Miller

     National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
18–NCC Bulletin

Pretty Petals
an NCC Associate Member

By Patti Stephenson                  the whole day but we had
     As fellow collectors, we        a great day selling flow-
at Pretty Petals take pride in       ers to all the vendors. We
teaching fellow collector’s          had so much fun. It was a
ways to build and display their      three-hour drive home and
villages. We have thousands          all we talked about the en-
of miniatures to enhance the         tire ride was about making
Department 56 villages to give       new and different flowers.
them that “lived in” look. We        We got to be known at the
offer everything from enough         first few gatherings as the
animals to fill a zoo to perfect-    people with the pretty col-
ing that perfect mountain or         orful flower fields.
lake scene, from Halloween               We get our ideas from every-      collect Snow Babies. We were        and found what they wanted.
skeletons to Christmas toys,         where and everything. We like         in downtown St. Louis and           We sell, basically, everything
from candies and food to hand        to look at the new pieces com-        walked into an antique store        you would need for setting up
tools and butterflies. If you are    ing out and think about what we       and saw the cutest little Snow      a complete landscaped village.
looking for it, we’ve got it! It’s   can make to go with that certain      baby in a display window. We        I joke with people in that “If I
all about having fun and mak-        piece. We have shipments come         purchased it although it didn’t     don’t have it, I can find it, if I
ing memories. It seems just like     in from all over the world to get     even have a box, but we knew        can’t find it, you really didn’t
yesterday when Tim was on            just that right accessory to go in    it must have been a great find. A   need it to begin with.”
the stage in Lancaster, hypno-       the villages.                         few doors down was a Hallmark           “Love” makes our product
tized, freezing on the floor with        Pretty Petals is a family busi-   store that sold D56. We proudly     different from other products.
Lynda Blankenship. Can you           ness. We have two daughters,          walked in with our new find         Why love? Believe it or not,
remember that one? People are        Dusti and Sherri. They enjoy          and saw a “Greenbook” and           we make over half of the prod-
always looking for the answer        going to gatherings as much as        started searching through it to     uct we sell. We look at current
to a question on something they      we do. We try to make it a fam-       see what our “baby” was worth.      pieces to see what we can do
want to do different in their vil-   ily (working) vacation, adding        Much to our dismay, it was a        to make that piece special. We
lage. Tim is known for coming        a few extra days visiting new         current item, with no box and       both have full time jobs and
up with that answer.                 parts of the country. Sometimes       we paid $10.00 more for it than     Pretty Petals is our retreat for
     We started Pretty Petals to-    it is a little hard persuading        it was worth new. Needless to       fun. A lot of clubs are always
gether as a hobby, making little     them to make product at home          say, our next purchase was the      looking for something special
flowerpots to decorate our Dis-      but they are a great help to us       “Greenbook.” We also collect        to do different at their meet-
ney display. People would come       working a show. Everybody             D56 Halloween, Christmas in         ings. We travel to those clubs
over and say, “I want some of        that has seen us at shows know        the City, Disney, Season’s Bay,     and bring all of our product.
those,” or “Will you make me         that one of our trademark items       The Historical Series and spe-      Tim gives a seminar that is
some flowers like that?” And         is the Hawaiian shirts we wear.       cial Snow Village pieces.           catered to that club. We offer
one day Tim’s cousin said,           Tim gets great joy out of seeing           We have seen our fellow        “Make and Take” ideas for the
“Why aren’t you selling these”?      the girls dressed up in our dif-      collectors go from displaying       clubs. We are currently work-
A light bulb went off in Tim’s       ferent matching shirts.               on bookshelves to setting up a      ing on some new ideas for club
head and nothing has been the             Tim’s Mom & Dad intro-           full village. There were houses     meetings that will be coming
same since. It just took off from    duced him to Department 56.           and people, but something was       out this fall. If you are looking
there. Would you believe that        They had been collectors for          missing. At first Pretty Petals     for a guest speaker, give Tim a
Tim actually has a Degree in         several years and when the            only sold flowers, but people       call.
Horticulture so making flowers       North Pole Series came out            were asking for more. I did some
                                                                                                               Pretty Petals
came naturally for him.              they started him off with that        research in what was available      Tim and Patti Stephenson
      The first show we did was      village buying him the current        in miniatures and found out that    303 Jefferson Drive
at a little one day sale, in the     pieces every year for Christmas.      what we saw in everyday life        Smithfield, Va. 23430
tiny town of Berryville, VA. I       When Tim and I got married in         was also available in miniature.    Phone: 757-357-9136
bet only 20 people showed up         1995, we decided we wanted to         We listened to our customers

    National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                NCC Bulletin-19

   Always Christmas, Inc.          Time to Set Up Holiday Displays
         Theresa Miller
             Box 5
                                                                            Pretty Petals
      Lake Orion, MI 48361
        Ph: 248.391.5700
                                      Visit one of our                  Tim & Patti Stephenson

                                            NCC                                             303 Jefferson Dr.
                                                                         Smithfield, VA 23430
                                                                           Ph: 757.357.9136
Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland                                
         Maria Sutorik             Associate Members
       25 Christmas Lane
     Frankenmuth, MI 48734                                          Robert’s Christmas World
        Ph: 989.652.9931                                                  Rob or Rita Frank                    Golden Goose                 2951 Gulf to Bay Blvd.
                                           LaVerne Carson               Clearwater, FL 33759
                                         Drawer T, 302 Mill St.            Ph: 727.797.1660
          City Lights                    Occoquan, VA 22125               FAX: 727.799.2704
          Brian Young                      Ph: 703.494.4964
       1212 Knoxville St.
     San Diego, CA 92110                                                 Seasons in the Sun
        Ph: 800.262.5335           Great Escape Cruises & Tours                 John
      FAX: 619.243.1530                  Tim & Lilia Kearney            7531 N. Federal Hwy.         619 Woodbine Court             Boca Raton, FL 33487
                                        Myrtle Beach, SC 29579            Ph: 561.995.7327
                                           Ph: 843.903.1578              FAX: 561.995.9076
        Department 56              
        Melinder Seegers       
         6436 City West
     Eden Prairie, MN 55344                                         Village D-Lights Magazine
        Ph: 800.548.8696              Greenbook Publications             Linda Kruger, Editor               Peter & Jeanne George               506 2nd Street
                                         917 Warwick Avenue            Grundy Center, IA 50638
                                          Warwick, RI 02888                PH: 800.352.8039
   Department 56 Retirees                  Ph: 401.467.9343               FAX: 319.824.3414
      Harry & June McGowan                FAX: 401.46.9359   
       1415 McCulloch Blvd.   
   Island Mall Townhouse #101                                           Village Display Tips
   Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403                                                 Leigh Gieringer
       Ph: 928.505.5655 (AZ)       Mid-Atlantic Village Gathering   7150 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 444
        FAX: 928.505.3709                 Pete & Trudi Baer                Scottsdale, AZ 85251
       Ph: 248.705.0296 (MI)                 P.O. Box 257                    Ph: 480.940.7420                Galesville, MD 20765               FAX: 480.940.7558                  410.867.1309    
     Embroidery Depot
          Karen Yates                   Place & Plug Cords               Woodland Scenics
         P.O. Box 244                     Jeff & Cindy Espinosa            Virginia Goeglein
      Grafton, OH 44044                2445 Houghton Hollow Dr.               P.O. Box 98
        Ph. 877.906.2020                   Lansing, MI 48911            Linn Creek, MO 65052
      FAX: 440.926.0800                     Ph: 866.833.0640               Ph: 573.346.5555         FAX: 573.346.3768

 National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
20–NCC Bulletin
                               NCC Region Rep Election Results
                                  Elections for even numbered NCC Region Representatives for the next term have just
                               been completed. It is my pleasure to introduce the new NCC Region Representatives who
                               have been elected by the NCC clubs in their respective region for the next two-year term
                               beginning January 1, 2007. They are Linda Windham, Region VIII Representative, and Mi-
                               chelle Brown, Region X Representative. Linda Windham is actually already in the position
                               as she was appointed by NCC President, Bob Obenland, in July for the remainder of Carrie
                               Licatovich’s term. Carrie had to resign because of moving to Tennessee. Content Peckham,
                               with no opposition, will be the new Region II Representative. Richard Puckett (Region IV)
                               and David Spears (Region VI) will be returning for a second term.
       Peggy Culler-Hair          Thanks to all for their willingness to serve on the NCC Board. A BIG Thank You to Paul
   Regional Rep Coordinator
        3604 Wilmot Avenue     Piker (Region II) and Tom Taylor (Region X) who served two terms (four years) in their re-
        Columbia, SC 29205     spective positions for their dedication and commitment to the NCC and to Carrie Licatovich
          Ph. 803.799.3187     (Region VIII Rep) who did a wonderful job in the short period of time she served.        I would also like to thank Linda Cook, Hill Country 56ers Club Rep and Region VIII Rep
                               candidate, and Meredith Poulson, 56 Habit Club Rep and Region X Rep candidate, for their
                               interest in and support of the NCC.

                               MEET THE NEW REGION REPRESENTATIVES

            Region II                                            Content Peckham
DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY,                                               Region II Representative
        PA, Ontario.               Content Peckham is currently the NCC Club Rep for the Garden State Village Collectors
                               Club which meets 5 times a year in Whippany, New Jersey.
                                   She is a graduate of Moravian Academy, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and holds a degree in
                               Graphic Arts from Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts.
                                   Currently she is a Senior Technical Manuals Writer-Editor for the U.S. Army Communica-
                               tions-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command currently located at Fort Monmouth,
                               New Jersey. She provides the Warfighter with operation, maintenance, and repair parts
                               manuals for Army equipment covering camouflage, radiation detection, topographical sur-
                               veying, and land mine detection systems.
                                   Content collects all major D56 villages except Alpine and currently has approximately 350
                               buildings and 350 accessories (The numbers change almost daily!). Although her favorite
                               village is Season’s Bay, she started with Snow Village in December 1998 by purchasing the
                               Starbucks Coffee Shop as a Christmas present for a friend. She says they stayed with Snow
                               Village for about a year, then branched out to New England and Christmas in the City. Then
                               they started buying North Pole, and began buying Dickens because she thought some of
     Content Peckham           the buildings looked as if they could go in a NEV display. They have been to gatherings in
           632 Wardell Road
  Tinton Fall, NJ 07753-7307
                               Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Canada, and look forward to going to oth-      ers when they can.          In her spare time, she likes to make quilts and do machine embroidery projects, travel,
            Ph.732.922.0510    read, and play with her Maine Coon cat. Content resides “Down the Shore” in Tinton Falls,

  National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
                                                                                                             NCC Bulletin-21

           Region VIII                                                     Linda Windham
 AR, LA, NM, OK, TX                                                    Region VIII Representative
                                      Linda’s Original Snow Village collection began in 1978 with a small white church that she saw
                                  under the Christmas tree at a local florist. The next year she looked for other houses, but the florist
                                  no longer carried them. Several years later when she found another dealer she purchased two houses
                                  to go with the church. The next year her husband, Mike, found four town pieces while on a trip
                                  to Texas A&M. Their addiction to collecting town pieces began. They create a “permanent” town
                                  display in their home that is left up year-round. They have added enough houses to balance out the
                                  town and begin building their displays in October of each year. They also create vignettes to display
                                  seasonal themes. She says, “There is always part of the village up in our home”. They collect only
                                  Snow Village and the related Halloween, Valentines, and Easter pieces.
                                      Linda recently retired after 34 years in education as a high school teacher and a middle school
                                  counselor. They first joined a collectors club after moving to Ocean Springs, Mississippi from
                                  Southeast Texas. They are charter members of the Noel 56ers of the Mississippi Gulf Coast where
                                  she served as Recording Secretary and Newsletter Editor for seven years. They also belong to the
            Linda Windham         Jubilee 56ers of Mobile, Alabama. After 13 years in Mississippi her husband took a job in Houston,
16227 Crooked Lake Way North
             Cypress, TC 77433
                                  and they now reside in Cypress, Texas. As soon as she knew where they were moving, Linda located      the two Houston area D56 collectors clubs on the NCC Website and contacted their NCC represen-       tatives. They joined the Villages by the Bay and the Texas Townspeople. The NCC Club Rep for
               Ph.281.256.0315    Villages by the Bay moved, and Linda was elected to take her place. They enjoy meeting new people
                                  and through the D56 collectors clubs they have made a lot of friends and have had a lot of fun. They
                                  enjoy attending Gatherings and volunteering with the NCC with the most recent being “The Spirit
                                  of 56 on the Bay” held in Green Bay, WI. Linda and Mike felt being able to participate in the NCC
                                  sponsored Alaskan Cruise in 2002 was a wonderful opportunity and regretted not being able to make
                                  the Panama Cruise this year.
                                      Linda was appointed the Region VIII Rep in July to fill the unexpired term of Carrie Licatovich
                                  and has now been elected to continue in this role for the 2007-2008 term.

              Region X                                                     Michele Brown
  AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT                                                    Region X Representative
                                      Michele and her husband have been collecting the villages for approximately nine years.
                                      They started with Dickens but decided to change to New England after four years. They have all
                                  of New England which has become their big display taking up the entire family room. They also have
                                  the Holy Land which is displayed in their bedroom. About two years ago, with their grandchildren
                                  in mind, they started collecting North Pole and already have most of the village. North Pole was
                                  displayed last year in an extra bedroom but they are not sure there will be enough room for it this
                                  year. When Seasons Bay was introduced, they purchased that as well, although it has never been
                                      Michele has been the NCC Club Rep for many years and has also held various board positions
                                  for her local club, the San Diego Fifty-Sixers. She and her husband like to travel and attend Village
                                  Gatherings, when possible. They have attended nine so far and are planning to attend the Mid-Atlantic
                                  Gathering next April.
            Michele Brown             They consider themselves lucky to have won one of the trips to Department 56 at the first Mid-
             3825 Harris Street   Atlantic Gathering they attended. Michele says the trip was just as everyone described, sensational!
            La Mesa, CA 81841     They also enjoyed the Department 56 25th Anniversary Celebration in Minnesota and the NCC Cruise       to the Panama Canal last March.
                                      She served as a board member for the last California Gold Gathering and has volunteered, includ-
                                  ing the NCC, at many of the other gatherings they have attended. She says they enjoy talking with
                                  other collectors and meeting friends at the various Gatherings.

  National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
22—NCC Bulletin
                                                             Checklist for
                        Peggy Culler-Hair
                                                             Club Representatives
                        Regional Rep Coordinator
                        3604 Wilmot Avenue
                        Columbia, SC 29205
                        Ph. 803.799.3187
                                                                          * Ask for time on the program at your club meet-
                                                                      ings for a NCC report. Educate your members on

                                                                      the NCC. Encourage those attending gatherings to
                                                                      be sure to visit the NCC Information Table and par-
  *2007 is the 15th Anniversary of the NCC. Inform                    ticipate in any other NCC activities being offered.
your members and expect some special activities.                      NEVER say there is nothing to report from the NCC.
                                                                      Your Region Rep can help you prepare a report if
  *NCC Trading Cards were introduced this year in                     contacted.
memory of Jack Skeels and his instrumental efforts

in the founding of the NCC. More Trading Cards will                     * Ask your club newsletter editor to include a “NCC
be introduced in 2007 in honor of the NCC 15th An-                    Corner” in your club newsletter. The NCC Club Rep
niversary.                                                            should provide the article. On ocasion your Reg.
                                                                      Rep. may write an article, if asked. Also ask for the
  *Inform your members of the gatherings planned                      NCC Logo to be added to your club newsletter indi-
for 2007. See calendar on back of this issue. En-                     cating NCC Membership.

courage them to be a NCC volunteer at a gathering
they are attending by sending an email to                               * Be sure a copy of your club newsletter is be-                                               ing sent to the NCC Party Line editor, Penny Miller
                                                                      at: Penny Miller, NCC Party Line Editor, 22 Samoset
  *Have you checked your 2006 NCC Directory and                       Road, Orleans, MA 02653
the NCC website to see if the info for your club is cor-
rect? If not, please do so and send any changes to

                                                             please                                                 * Encourage your members to visit the NCC web
                                                                      site at and the Collectors Corner
   *The new 2006 NCC Lapel Pin was introduced at                      of the Department 56 website at www.department56.
the Chicago Gathering. The order form for this and                    com .
all available previous NCC pins is on the NCC web
site, . Some of the prior years pins                       * If your club has a web site be sure there is a link
are getting in very limited supply so don’t let your club

                                                                      to it from the NCC web site and vice-versa. If not,
members miss out. All pins are $5 each.                               ask to help you prepare one
                                                                      for the NCC web site. This is free to NCC Member
  * “Ed, the NCC Snowman” & The NCC Exclusive                         Clubs.
“Jack’s Umbrella Shop” are still available in limited
supply for members of NCC member clubs. Orders                           * Be sure your local dealers are aware of the NCC
will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis while the            and the benefits available to them as an Associate

supplies last. Info and order forms were sent to you                  NCC Member. Share the NCC website address with
and are available on the NCC website. “Ed, the NCC                    them. Notify Jackie Pool, NCC Vice-Pres. & Associ-
Snowman” and “Jack’s Umbrella Shop” can be pur-                       ate Member Coordinator, of any dealers interested
chased at the NCC Table at the next gathering. Don’t                  in joining or of any questions you or they may have
let your members miss out on these special NCC                        regarding NCC Associate Membership
Member Exclusives.

                                                                         * SHARE your NCC Bulletins with ALL your club
   * IMPORTANT: At whatever time during the year                      members. The 2006 URL for accessing the elec-
your club has changes in your three club contacts                     tronic version of the NCC Bulletin is provided in this
to receive the NCC Bulletin and/or club rep. please                   Bulletin on the back cover. Poll your club members
use the address to tell                      as to who would like to receive this URL and share
us about these changes. This includes any change                      it with them when you receive it. Do not wait until
of personnel, as well as email address, mailing ad-                   the next meeting or club newsletter. Remember--
dress, or phone number of those already on the mail-                  this web address should not be posted on your club
ing list.                                                             website or provided to persons outside of your club
  *Encourage your Programs Chairperson to read
the Party Line section of the NCC Bulletin for great                    * Please respond to contacts from your Region
program ideas.                                                        Rep and let them know what your club is doing.

    National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
NCC Regional Reps Directory                                                                                            NCC Bulletin—23
The NCC is comprised of ten regions. Each region elects a Regional Representative to serve on the NCC Board of Directors. This page is provided in
each Bulletin issue as a handy reference for you to be able to quickly know who your current Regional Rep is and how to make contact with that person.
Each Club Rep is responsible for keeping the NCC informed of their club activities and any changes made in the three NCC contacts for their club.
Please communicate with your Regional Representative when contacted by them or any other time you may have questions or concerns.If they cannot
answer your questions, they will find out from another Board member for you.—Peggy Culler-Hair, Region Rep Coordinator

                              Region I                                                                      Region VI
                              MA, CT, ME, NH, RI, VT, New                                                   IA, MN, ND, SD, WI, Manitoba
                              Brunswick, PEI, Labrador,
                              Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec                                             David Spears
                                                                                                            105 E. Toledo St.
                              Shirley Belisle                                                               Duluth MN 55811-2356
                              430 Lowell St.                                                     
                              Andover, MA 01810                                                   
                                                                              Ph: 218.724.6148
                              Ph: 978.475.0772

                              Region II                                                                     Region VII
                              DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, Ontario                                               CO, KS, MO, NE, WY

                              Paul Piker
                              7523 North Point Rd.                                                          Jeep Green
                              Baltimore, MD 21219                                                          12408 W. 69th St
                                                                             Shawnee, KS 66216
                              Ph: 410.477.3680                                                   

                              Region III                                                                    Region VIII
                              KY, NC, TN, VA, WV                                Pending Appointment         AR, LA, NM, OK, TX

                              Jan Cooke                                                                     Linda Windham
                              5300 Crossfield Road                                                          16227 Crooked Lake Way North
                              Virginia Beach, VA 23464                                                      Cypress, TC 77433
                              Ph: 757.424.5821                                                              Ph.281.256.0315

                              Region IV                                                                     Region IX
                              AL, FL, GA, MS, SC                                                            AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, Alberta, British
                                                                                                            Columbia, Saskatchewan

                              Richard Puckett                                                               Karen Peden
                              P.O. Box 711                                                                  17807 NE 96th Avenue
                              Clinton, MS 39060                                                             Battle Ground, WA 98604
                              Ph: 601.924.6009                                                              Ph: 360.571.0445
                              Ph: 601.966.0333

                              Region V                                                                      Region X
                              IL, IN, MI, OH                                                                AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT

                              Wanda Hildner
                               347 Boyne
                                                                                                            Tom Taylor
                                                                                                            2605 Ensenada Way
                               New Hudson, MI 48165
                                                                                                            Sacramento, CA 95815-2304
                                Ph. 248.437.8676                                                            Ph:916.929.1095

   National Council of 56 Clubs – 22 Samoset Road, Orleans, MA 02653 –
   NCC OFFICERS                                     Calendar of Events

                               April 12-15, 2007— The 2007 MAVG will be held at the Renaissance Portsmouth
                               Hotel. The hotel is on the waterfront and all rooms have a water view. The theme is
                               “Toyland” MAVG’s Finale. Their website is
Bob Obenland                   May 4-6, 2007—The Region 8 Round-Up, will be held at the Hilton DFW Lakes, 1800
7747 Via Grande                Highway 26 E., Grapevine, TX (A direct travel 2.5 miles north of the DFW Airport).
Boynton Beach, FL 33437        800.645.1018 or direct 817.481.8444 . $97.00 per night. The room rate is also good for
                               one day before and one day after gathering. The theme is “56 Reasons to Celebrate.”
                               Their website is – Info contact: Willliam Dillard at
Ph: 561.752.0450
Jackie Pool                    August 24-26, 2007—Southern Regional Gathering. The Gathering will be held at the
1002 East Applegate Dr.        Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort. For information, contact Dennis Gillen, 727.796.7606
Austin, TX 78753               or Their website is
com                            The National Council of 56 Clubs plans a presence at all of these events.
Ph: 512.836.3956
                               For more information about these events, visit the event website or the NCC Web page
Ethel Campbell
5350 E. Farm 168               The NCC Bulletin website is
Rogersville, MO 65742          Remember the NCC Bulletin is a membership benefit; therefore this web address         should not be posted on your club website or provided to persons outside your club       membership.
Ph: 417.882.7210
                               *Any other upcoming gatherings who wish to be included, please send your information
                               to Bob Obenland, NCC President.
Randy Miller
22 Samoset Road
Orleans, MA 02653
Ph: 508.240.5769

                     National Council of 56 Clubs
                     22 Samoset Road
                     Orleans, MA 02653

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