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2012 calendar


									                                           Call for Submissions
                               Background of the Valley Bank Calendar Program

Since 2007 Valley Bank has sponsored the creation of a calendar of photos reflecting various aspects of the
diverse and beautiful region in which we live.

The calendars serve several purposes:

       *to serve as a resource to benefit non-profit organizations that enrich our area
       *to highlight the diversity and the beauty of life in this region
       *to provide a showcase for regional photographers to display their artistry and skills

The first calendar,” A Gem in Our Midst” was a 2008 calendar featured the beauty of Vander Veer Botanical
Park for the benefit of The Friends of Vander Veer.

The 2009 calendar, “A Sense of Place” featured landscape scenes from the region for the benefit of the Figge
Art Museum.

In 2010, “Great People, Great River” offered pictures of people as they interfaced with the Mississippi River in
both commercial and recreational activities. This calendar supported the efforts of River Action.

The current calendar, “A Year at the Zoo” displays photos of various aspects of activity at the Niabi Zoo for the
benefit of the Niabi Zoological Society.

The calendars are distributed widely throughout the region. The production run for the first calendar was
5,000, and the second calendar had a run of 13,500. In subsequent years, twenty thousand calendars have
been produced and distributed.

                                            About the 2012 Calendar

The 2012 calendar will be produced and distributed for the benefit of WQPT, our regional public service
television station, and will feature the fauna of our region. A tentative title being considered is “Our Fabulous

Photographers whose work is accepted for inclusion will be acknowledged on their respective photo and will
be listed on a page of contributing photographers. A calendar release event will be held in early November to
unveil the calendar and to thank the various people and organizations that contributed to the creation of the
2012 calendar.

Three large 12” by 16” prints will be printed of each photo selected for publication. One will be given to the
photographer as an appreciation for their sharing their art. The other two will be offered to various
organizations for use as fundraising items.

                                             Submission Guidelines

1-Only digital submissions on either a CD or a DVD will be accepted. Submit digital files in JPEG or TIFF in file
size and quality suitable for producing large prints.
2-Please limit your submissions to no more than 12. For each submission, include a ‘rough location’ where the
picture was taken. I am not requesting a precise spot; you can list a nearby town or the county. Don’t imbed
the location into the image flies. Either list them on a piece of paper or in a word file on your disk of

3-Orientation of images may be in landscape or portrait.

4-Black and white and/or color submissions are welcome.

5-The submission of edited files is welcome.

6-If you wish, you may submit files that are a collage of more than one image.

7-Please mark your disk of submissions with your name and WQPT 2012 Calendar.

8-Include the completed Submission Release and Contact Information Sheet with your submission. The
release is found at the end of this file.

9-Submit your entries no later than Friday, July 29th, 2011. Mail your submission packets to:

       Brian Tugana
       1001 2nd Avenue South
       Clinton, IA 52732

                                    Suggestions from the Editorial Board

       You can increase your chances of being published in the following ways:

       Consider fauna more specific to this region in which we live
       We will be looking for diversity. We expect to receive many images of birds and mammals. Don’t
              forget reptiles, insects, amphibians, and fish.
       Since we are creating a year calendar, include some shots appropriate to the various seasons.
       Submit images of animals particularly elusive such as fox, coyote, skunks, etc.

So dig into your portfolio and grab your camera and head out on a regional safari.

Please pass the word and submission information to friends who share a passion for wildlife photography.

I welcome your interest and hope for your participation. Questions are always welcome.

       Email me at----


              Please label the subject line----2012 Calendar

Brian Tugana
Founder/ Project Director
                         Submission Release and Contact Information
I hereby certify that the photo/s that I am submitting is/are my original work and that I am the sole copyright
owner. I understand that one or more of my submissions might be published in a calendar as my original work
under my copyright.

If one or more of my photos is selected, I freely donate its usage to Valley Bank for publication in a calendar to
be created for the benefit of WQPT and authorize the creation of 3 large prints, two of which, will be
eventually sold or auctioned by a charitable non-profit organization in the region as a fundraiser to support
the mission of that organization. The prints used in that fashion will acknowledge my generosity in donating
them and will acknowledge me as the photographer.




Email address_______________________________________________

Street Address______________________________________________





Please note that the submission deadline is Friday, 29 July 2011

Include this completed Submission Release and Contact Information Sheet with your submission packet.

Mail submission packet to---

       Brian Tugana
       1001 2nd Avenue South
       Clinton, IA

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