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Drink Tax Rag raises over Students complain on hours Felix by alicejenny



1                JJ U                                 1 11Issue 944                                          16th October 1992

                                        Rag raises over £ 2 , 0 0 0
Drink Tax
       by Declan Curry
         News Editor
Users of Imperial College Union
(ICU) Bars will be charged a £ 1
entrance     fee  from    tonight.
Customers of both Da Vinci's Bar
and the Traditional Bar will be
forced to pay the levy each Friday
night after 8pm. The money will be
collected at Beit Arch, before
customers enter Beit Quad. Entry
before 8pm will remain free.
  The tariff is being introduced for
a four week trial period, and may
be reimposed after a suitable pause.
The introduction of the surcharge
has caused friction in the Union
                                        Union President Chris Davidson, in panda costume, accompanied over 200 students on Rag         Tiddlywinking
Office, with at least one senior
                                        last Saturday, writes Rachel Mountford. On the day. Rag raised over £2,000for Action Aid, one of the largest
sabbatical expressing        'grave
                                         'Third World' charities. The day made a good start to the Rag Year, which hopes to raise over       £50,000.
reservations' about the idea.
   / C N N has learned that the plan
was devised by Dominic Wilkinson,
I C U Honorary Secretary (Events)
                                        Students complain on hours
                                        by David Goddard
and Andy Kerr, this year's Ents
                                        Students have been complaining          'contact' teaching hours.               two. M r Kerr expects this problem
committee chairman. The change
                                        about the addition of an extra hour        Each contact hour comprises fifty    to be clarified at the next Civil
brings Imperial in line with other
                                        to the college timetable this year.     minutes of teaching time plus ten       Engineering      Staff     Student
Universities which charge for
                                        This additional time is also causing    free minutes.The Board of Studies       Committee meeting, by which time
entrance to bar extensions. The
                                        problems for departments and clubs      states that students cannot have        exact student numbers for each
scheme was discussed and passed
                                        and societies.                          more than three consecutive contact     course will be known. M r Kerr
during the summer vacation by the
                                          The extra hour was caused by          hours, or more than a total of six      added that the College is on a
I C U Bar and Catering Committee.
                                        lengthening the college day by half     contact hours per day.                  'learning curve' when dealing with
The proposal was first disscussed at
                                        an hour each morning and evening,          A number of departments              the new College Day.
I C U Council on Monday of this
                                        so that College Day now begins at       currently have timetables which            The Humanities Department is
week. Several Council members
                                        9am and finishes at 6pm. When the       break these rules. Civil Engineering    permitted to timetable options
expressed surprise at the plan, and
                                        change was first proposed, Sir Eric     students have found themselves          during the College lunch hour on
some claimed after the meeting that
                                        Ash, College Rector, said that the      scheduled to attend four consecutive    every day except Wednesday. This
they had not previously been aware
                                        change was for administrative           lectures.     M r C J Kerr,       the   is reportedly causing difficulties for
of the plan's existence.
                                        reasons, and that it would not lead     Departmental Administrator, said        clubs and societies attempting to
  M r Wilkinson said this week that     to an increase in the number of         that this arrangement was inevitable    schedule lunchtime meetings. After
the plan was 'a conscious effort to                                             due to the structuring of third year    representations from Imperial
improve the social facilities for the   necessary to secure the planned         options and that it was the only way    College Union Rag, the Physics
students of Imperial College'. He       number of bar extensions for this       to 'satisfy the needs of a number of    Department agreed to move lectures
added that a 'Happy Hour' was           year. In contrast to previous years,    students' wishing to take certain       originally scheduled for Friday
being introduced each Friday            any bar extensions now apply to         options.                                lunchtime. These lectures would
between 8.30pm and 10pm.                both Da Vinci's and the Traditional
                                                                                   Mr    Kerr added that      the       have clashed with Rag's Friday
Discounts would be offered on           Bar.
                                                                                scheduling      of    Humanities        lunchtime meetings in the Union
'certain lines' of drinks he said.         They further reject the suggestion                                           Building. Chemistry students have
                                                                                Department options for 1pm
  Union sources have indicated that     that the tax needs to be approved by    effectively reduced the number of       also expressed concern about their
the imposition of the charge is         a Union General Meeting.                available morning contact hours to      laboratory timetables.

 12                                      14/15                                   18-25                                   26-27
Female                                  Careers Fair                             Reviews                                 What's On
Liberation                              Guide                                    Round-Up                                Around London
N ews
 16th October 1992                                                Felix 944

Student Loan                              interviews                               Chaplaincy Students                                       Evicted?
   by     Richard         Cooke           inflation rate, and interest is
Appointments for student loan             charged from the date you receive
interviews are now being arranged         your first      loan    instalment.
by the College Registry. Students         Repayments can be deferred if the
wishing to apply for a student loan       student is earning less than £ 1 0 0 0
should contact the Fees Office in         per month.
room 334 of the Sherfield building.          Student loans are not available to
To be eligible for a loan, students       postgraduates, who have to find          HM
must be resident in the United            funding from other sources, such as
Kingdom, under 50 years old, and          the Science and Engineering              Wm
attending a full-time undergraduate       Research Council (SERC), a major
course. At interview, you must be         funding     body    for Imperial
able to supply a birth certificate, or    postgraduates.              Several
a passport if born outside the U K ,      postgraduates have complained that       •Of-
along with a letter from your Local       the College Registry refused to pay        flk
Education Authority confirming            out S E R C cheques before the start      f/L
your award, and details of your           of term on 5 October, despite             S J
bank account. A previous bad credit       SERC's guidelines which allow for        ajBb
record will not affect your               the payment of cheques on 1               111
eligibility.                              October. After complaints to their          W
   340 students have already applied      headquarters, SERC intervened and
for the loan, which is worth £ 8 3 0      the cheques were distributed by
in Inner London this year. Loan           Registry. The Registry is currently
repayments do not normally start          negotiating with S E R C to agree a
until the April after graduation. The     new date for distribution of the
rate of interest is the previous year's   cheques.

Glaxo Chair                               Mercy               Dash
                                                                                        by Richard Cooke                  bishop and Sir Eric Ash, Rector of
    by David Goddard                             by Our News Staff                    Photo by Simon Burton               Imperial College, in an bid to keep
Professor Tony Barrett has been           Imperial Chemistry student Ilya          Since 1979, Imperial College has       the hostel open.
appointed to the new Glaxo Chair          Eigenbrot will return to his native      benefited from the accommodation          The council plans to refurbish the
of Organic Chemistry at Imperial          Russia on 28 October, bringing           for six students provided by the       property and to rehouse those who
College. Professor Barrett, an IC         with him a van load of humanitarian      West London Chaplaincy, at 20          are at present living in bed &
graduate, worked at the College           relief and scientific supplies. Ilya     New Kings Road. Hammersmith            breakfast or private rented
until he moved to the United States       will be accompanied by Ben               and Fulham Council have now            accommodation.                The     cost
in 1983. Sir Eric Ash, College            Krystall and Colin Lawrence, and         decided to evict the students and      refurbishment is conservatively'
Rector, and Dr Richard Sykes,             the ten day trek will take the trio      renovate the house. Many students      estimated at between £ 6 0 , 0 0 0 and
director of group research at Glaxo,      through Sweden and Finland to St.        living at the house take a special     £ 7 0 , 0 0 0 . It is expected to take the
both expressed delight that a leading     Petersberg.                              interest in the local community. The   council a number of years to recoup
organic chemist had returned to the         Ilya and his colleagues will be        students' work includes running        the cost of this refurbishment.
U K . They also said that the new         bringing medical supplies for            soup kitchens for the local homeless      At the time of going to press the
chair extended the long standing          regional hospitals in St. Petersberg,    population and working with            council had arranged an Urgent
links between Imperial College and        and scientific equipment to research     Church related groups.                 Housing Committee meeting to
Glaxo. The head, of the Chemistry         colleges      like    the    Marine        Over the past 13 years the house     decide            the     matter.     The
Department, Professor David               Technology Institute. T can do           has accommodated students who          recommendation of this committee
Phillips, said that the appointment       something as a student,' Ilya says.      have special requirements and who      will have to be ratified by the full
'proves there is no 'London barrier'      'That encourages me as it shows          benefit from the community spirit      council. The full council can
to attracting top people'.                we're not as helpless as we think'.      that is a feature of chaplaincy        overturn any decision taken by the
                                                                                   housing. Rev Bill Raines, of the       Housing Committee.
'College Watch'                                crackdown                           West London Chaplaincy, has
                                                                                   enlisted the support of the local
         by PJ Dodd                       of £ 5 0 0 0 worth of Apple Macintosh
A new 'College Watch' scheme              computers        from Mechanical                                                               HAIRDRESSERS
                                                                                                                                    1A HARRINGTON ROAD,
may be introduced in a bid to             Engineering. On Monday of this                                                              SOUTH KENSINGTON
tighten security on the campus. The       week, £ 1 0 0 in cash was taken from      In t u n e w i t h                                     7 - 2 98
                                                                                                                                          0 18 3 8 6
                                                                                                                              Wc have a fantastic offer for all you
scheme will be modelled on one in         the City & Guilds Union ( C & G U )                                                  students, a cut wash and blowdry
operation at Havering Technical           office. The sum was the proceeds          Physics                                            by our top stylist
                                                                                                                              (which normally costs around £21)
College. The Havering plan                of ticket sales for the C & G U
                                                                                                                                For only £11 Men £12 Women
includes a 'co-operation network'         Freshers' Buffets. In a statement,       Imperial College and the Royal                        Check us out !
between staff and students which          Kate Dalton, C & G U President,          College of Music are to launch a
Terry Briley, Deputy Head of              appealed for information about the       new joint degree next year, writes
Security at Imperial, hopes to            theft to be passed on in confidence      Gareth Light. Applications will be
mimic. M r Briley, who visited            to Sherfield Security on internal        invited for the degree of BSc in
Havering earlier this week, regards       3372. Mark Jackson, C & G U Vice         Physics and Studies in Musical
this type of co-operation as a            President, told Felix that the buffets   Performance. Applicants, who must
method to reduce crime in the             would continue on Monday,                be Grade 8 musicians, are also
college.                                  Tuesday, and Wednesday of next           promised 'members of the Physics
   Walk-in walk-off crime continues       week, at 7.30pm. The buffet on           department who are musicians
at Imperial this week, with the theft     Monday 26 October is unaffected.         themselves' as Tutors.

  Page 2
McKinsey invites you to

an open presentation

on career opportunities

for graduates and

postgraduates on

Monday, October 19,1992
at 7.30 pm in

The Pippard Lecture Theatre

Strategy Consulting at McKinsey
N ews
 16th October 1992                                              Felix 944

N e w V a c c i n e R e s e a r c h U n i t at I C
   Pharmaceutical         research          Medeva is currently researching    a ten year agreement with College.

company Medeva pic opened a new         oral typhoid and tetanus vaccines,     In return for using College
Vaccine Research Unit at Imperial       and wanted to continue this work in    facilities, Medeva has paid for the
College last week. The Unit,             'an academic environment'. Dr.        refurbishment and refitting of an

housed in the Biochemistry              Steve Chatfield, head of the           entire floor of Biochemistry. The
department, was opened by               Medeva research group, said that       company will also pay rent, and a
Professor William Stewart, the          joint research with Imperial was 'a    share of the common running costs.
Chief Scientific Advisor to the         relationship which is already          The unit will be- staffed by 10
Cabinet Office. The opening marks       showing positive results.' Professor   Medeva scientists, and it is hoped        A latex laboratory monkey was
the start a joint research venture      Stewart said at the opening that the   that the Unit will expand by           released by the British Union for the
between the recently formed             collaboration 'will create an ideal    allowing PhD students to assist in     Abolition of Vivisection ( B U A V )
company and Biochemistry, with          climate for the development of a       the research. Medeva have also         last week. The protest is part of
research concentrating on the           new generation of vaccines which       indicated that they would be willing   B U A V ' s 'Paradise Lost' nationwide
development of new single dose          could have a profound impact on        to extend the joint venture should     campaign tour, which follows a
oral vaccines.                          world health'.                         the current research prove to be       year long investigation into the
                                          The   Unit has been set up under     rewarding.                             alleged illegal transport of wild
                                                                                                                      primates from the rain forests of

On C u e                                                                                                              Asia and Africa to the United
                                                                                                                         The B U A V claims that some of
   The Imperial College Freshers'
Snooker Tournament took place last
Sunday, writes Bruce      Drinkwater.
                                        Open A l l Hours                                                               the illegally imported primates are
                                                                                                                       used to test anti-epilepsy drugs.
                                                                                                                         The B U A V tour began in the
In the final, Ross Matthews was           New opening times for Da             will be cheaper in the evening, and    same week that the Government
beaten in a close finish by Michael     Vinci's Snack Bar have been            all vegetarian meals will cost £1      appeared to renege on a manifesto
Majdalany, who won the trophy and       announced. The Snack Bar, on the       throughout the day.                    pledge to agree to a European
title by two frames to one. This        ground floor of the Union Building,       Da Vinci's Pizza and Potato Bar     Community ban on all animal tested
Sunday, the ICU Snooker Club will       will be open for lunch between         is open for lunch between 12noon       cosmetics. Although the ban has the
be holding the Imperial College         10am and 3.30pm, with last lunch       and 3pm, and evening openings          backing of other E C partners, the
Open Snooker Championship. The          orders taken at 3pm. The Snack Bar     have been extended, with the Pizza     Department of the Environment say
event starts at 1pm in the Snooker      will reopen at 5.30pm for the          Bar now open between 5.30pm to         that they are looking for alternatives
Room, on the top floor of the Union     evening, and will close at 9.30pm,      10.30pm. Last pizza orders will be    to the ban, so that public safety
Building.                               with last orders at 9pm. Meal prices   taken at 10.15pm.                      'remains of paramount importance'.

                                          The Finance Society
                                          (previously known as FBI Soc)


                                        —what's it really all about?

        + F R E E B U F F E T & WINE!!! (worth £5 a head)

                                    Tuesday 20th October
                                       12.05pm sharp
                                Room 340, Maths Dept, Huxley

 Page 4
                                                                                        Felix 944
                                                                                                                                        16th October 1992

News; Declan, Phil, Richard,                    Special Thanks; Andy, Rose,
                                                                                                                PARKING PERMITS
                                                                                             The following is a list of registration numbers of vehicles
                                                                                             which have been allocated Union parking permits. Can the
Gareth, David (well done guys).                 James and Simon for patience,               owners of these vehicles please collect them from the Union
Features; Tamsin, Richard,                      David Spooner, Rick, Chris St,                  Office; You should brin g with you, your Union Card,
Stuart, Rachel, Emma, Jeremy,                   Sarah, Gwen.                               registration document, proof of address and medical certificate
John Simpson, Beccy.                            Production Manager, ex-                   where indicated. A £ 5 deposit will be required.
Photos; The Simons and James.                   Opinions Editor and Beauty                SWA320Y          F695LBW         J432DYN         C252EUR
What's On; James, Steve.                        Contest   Winner;     Steven              B384KMV          MLH817V         H665GKK         BORING
Reviews; Catherine, Boris,                      Newhouse                                  D962KHA          E512MEG         A982DEC         C574JUR
Mario, Sara, Sam, Poddy and all                 Jonty can now be reached on               CTG713Y          KYH793X         B697YYF         A207UUW
your numerous contributors.                     071-603 1278 or at 148 West               D777JHV          F399SOY         WLN206X         F737HTO
Union; Andy, Chris, Dom (sorry                  Kensington Court, W14.                    EVT708Y          A387DFG         HMV268M         F182DWB
about the 'cut').                                                                         E824TWW          SRK722W         C874VRK         B Townsend
Box Editor; Ian Hodge.                                                                    J79CJD           GLF123          F321CG0         A Wimpenny
                                                                                          ZUF97X           NSG211P         B490LT
                                                                                          OKL719W          E740WGP         NUW132Y
Small Ads                                                                                 D204GYH          B587WHJ         D655GDT
 • SPLOTSOC—first paintballing                  trips to Bisley to practice and then      T731SKV          UWY630X         C371TPK
trip arranged for 3lst October.                 compete for the Courtman Sheild,          JMV381W          A974TUU         C767VWK
Total cost £ 3 0 . Come and see us              which is an inter-CCU fullbore rifle,     E500DBL          A260VOV         B53XPP
Tuesday                   lunchtimes            match,     before    the end of           PHB74Y           ELL658Y         C448KGB
(12-15-1.30pm) in Southside Upper               November. Please write to Nick
Lounge.        P.S.    bring     your           Royall, Geology Dept asap since
chequebooks as deposits are needed              time is limited to organise these         Please supply a medical certificate to collect the following permits;
now to ensure places.                           things.                                   G838VVK         G971LGC           A644AJH            H11YAD
 • W H A T ' S O N : Wednesday 21st,                                                      A646AWJ         C741TLE           DUL469J            C825ABK
Dramsoc pyrotechnic workshop,                                                     9       F698PUL         YPP4X             G128WLM
3pm. FREE—donation welcome.                                                               B269LPV         JGH411Y           GHU375X
• IC R I F L E & PISTOL club stil                                                         B260UKX         C5 0 7 E H X      521JNL75
exists despite the sports centre being                                                    F168PYF         GEU123W           H339YYL
closed. If you are interested in                                                          PYT130Y         D820XJN           D666ALD
target shooting as a sport then write
to me stating any previous                            for pnrtiyfy :                      I hope you where successful, if not I apologise but I can assure
                                                                                          you that I considered every case on its merits and very carefully.
experience. I am hoping there are
enough people interested to arrange
                                               s,       on }H        <

                                                                                                            EIM" r s
                                                                                                A S FROM 16th
                                                                                              OCTOBER (TODAY)
                                                                                             ENTRY TO THE UNION
                                                                                             BUILDING WILL BE £ 1
                                                                                                  AFTER 8pm
                                                                                                 ON FRIDAYS.

                                                                                                  THERE WILL BE A
 We have. At STA Travel everyone is a seasoned traveller so we know
                                                                                                   STRICT NO RE-
 a thing or two about where you're headed. We can offer you the                                  ADMISSION POLICY
 best deals on fares with the flexibility to change your mind as you
 go - after all, we operate from over 100 offices worldwide. And we
 have special deals for students. See us.


         Imperial College, Sherfield Building, SWT.
 I ATA                                                          STA      TRAVEL
                                                                                                                                                        Page 5
  16th October 1992                                                Felix 944

Price winge                                                                        Name change
Dear Jonty,                               from 26p to 30p and Twix from 24p        Dear Jonty,                             anti-life laws.
  I am forced to write to you to vent     to 26p. These price rises are well          I strongly resent your description     I hope that the British anti-
my feeling about the disgusting           over 10%.                                of Imperial's anti-abortion society     abortion groups will keep their
disparity in chocolate prices in             However, when you look at the         as the 'Pro Life' society, as seen in   murky fingers and diseased
College. Although I know the              Bookstore a Twix is 22p, Wispa 23        Freshers' Felix. This euphemistic       mentalities out of the current
Union has no control over prices in       and Mars 24p. These are up to 25 %       phraseology is grotesque distortion.    abortion referenda campaign in
Q T , it does control the prices in the   cheaper than the chocolate machine.      Not even the anti-abortionists'         Ireland, something they failed to do
Union Bookstore and the vending             Can anyone throw light on this         warped and stunted imaginations         in the past. I also hope that they will
machine in the Union Building.            discrepency?                             could truthfully describe themselves    condemn the antics of militant Irish
  Why is it that just before the             Yours,                                as pro life. As shown on Channel        anti-abortionists, who not only hold
beginning of term there were                Choc A Holic                           4 News over the summer, many            Ku Klux Klan gatherings outside
M A S S I V E price rises in Wispa Bar;     alias S Newhouse                       women in the Irish Republic have        Irish women M P s' homes, but also
                                                                                   died because of complications and       picket Dublin airport and verbally
                                                                                   illnesses during pregnancy;             abuse pregnant women flying to
                                                                                   complications and illnesses that        England. This type of behaviour is
 Nobby the sheep                                                                   could not be treated because of
                                                                                   Ireland's oppressive anti- abortion,
                                                                                                                           morally repugnant.
                                                                                                                             Name withheld by request.

Dear Jonty,                               little time for this person who they     force of the media and Western life'    countries like Saudi Arabia, refuse
   Like many others who attended          call Nobby the Sheep. They say           that apprently stops Nobby from         to let their women even drive and
the Freshers' Fair I was given a          '...he does what he does because         thinking about life in general.         make them walk about with their
piece of paper by a person from the       everyone else does it.'. He              According to the Islamic society        faces covered up. Talk about
Islamic Society who informed me           apparently drinks heavily and tells      when people are down the bar we         civilisation. Why don't they ask
that the Union had tried to stop its      everyone how cool he is. They ask        should be discussing the '...most       Salman Rushdie how civilised he
distribution. After reading the           why he has to drink so much to           important questions like why we are     thinks Islam is?
article in question I cannot              enjoy himself? They in fact criticise    here, how we got here or what will         May I make a suggestion? If they
understand the view of the Union,         him because his ' life is his   happen when we die?'                    detest Westerners and their culture
if they truly did wish to ban this.       life.'. Well how terrible!                 Apparently the Western culture is     so much, might it not be preferable
Most of the students who did bother          Does he, they ask, think about the    brain dead and '...Islam provides       for them (and certainly for the rest
to read this drivel would regard it       starving in Africa, the homeless or      the answer to solving the world's       of us in this country) to go to Iran.
with as much contempt as I did. By        the numbers of women who are             problems in one fell swoop.'            I certainly will contribute to their
banning it the Union just drew            raped every year, whilst he enjoys         Well there you go, you just           air fare on one condition only. They
attention to it.                          himself down the bar? Who cares!         couldn't make it up! How I wonder       they promise never to enter these
   For those who missed the article       I could have ignored all this            would they solve the problems of        shores again.
in question I will tell you what was      nonsense like I ignore everything        the Middle East? Or the problem of         Yours as ever,
said. This badly written story told       the religous groups say, be they C       the homelessness. They'd probably         Alan    Bailey.
of a 'sad character' that ' will    of E , Muslims or the Jehovahs           have them all publicly executed!
see at every turn.' It is quite obvious    Loonies. However the article then       This, from the lot that treat women
that the Islamic Society have very         starts attacking '...the mystical       as second class citizens. That, in

ACROSS                                    DOWN
I. Entertainer shot messily (4)           1. He will circle the welcome
3. G i n , a marl just about makes        (5)
it! (8)                                   2. Droop, phase reversed (3)
9. Its radiation—but it's not             4. Help with brass I steal from
serious (5)                               within (6)
 10. Endless static on railway            5. Vivid plot over Imperial
line? (7)                                 College (7)
 II. None, Her Majesty resists            6. Hammering aid with which
impulse perhaps (3)                       Ian & Pat lunch out (4,5)
 13. Deformed young woman                 7. Inner layers of material in
happens not to use postscript (9)         sling out (7)
 14. Pet, admits Daniel, is a petty       8. Restrict flow, the good man
one! (6)                                  backs me (4)
 16. Secret Service consumes              12. Forced to give money and
hundred and one small cakes (6)           suffer the consequence (4,2,3)
 18. Sick cat cry 'Miaou'! I'm            14. Paul lifted up and
 left to deal with complete power         worshipped (7)
(9)                                       15. Central source of power (7)
20. Ship without its bow? That's          17. About a French sea, a
cool! (3)                                 photographic instrument (6)
22. Incorrectly presume to be             19. A result of being bored
the greatest (7)                          perhaps, way up north (4)
23. Western Beer mix-up may be            21. Dry scale around bend (5)
                                                                                   Exact hits 13) Besorts 14) Tell         Eccentric 4) Ousters 5) En
a measure of repulsion (5)                24. Coin I invested in British
                                                                                   off 16) Insects 19) Put down 21)        Avant 6) Inapt 7) Karlino 8)
25. Something beautiful comes             Telecom (3)
                                                                                   Dementate 23) Cites 24) Nan             Tirjies of ones life 15) Late
after some time—or is it just
one's imagination? (8)
                                           Answers                                 drip 25) Samurai 26) Serve its          comer 17) Seminar 18) Stay put
                                          ACROSS                                   purpose                                 19) Press up 20) Ontario 22)
26. Scratch off grit, chalk (4)
                                          1) Leg before wicket 9) Spruces          DOWN                                    Nurse
                                          10) Anagram 11) Egg on 12)               1) Listed building 2) Garages 3)

  Page 6
                   Financial                               a n d

    B u s i n e s s                    C o n s u l t a n c y

                   MBA Sponsorship

Financial Consulting Services (FCS) is one of the fastest growing groups in the
Arthur Andersen practice. The group provides strategic, financial and
operational consulting services in a number of areas, from business planning
to process re-engineering, from organisational reviews to company valuations
and litigation support.

Research Analysts joining the group undertake data research and analysis
within multidisciplinary FCS teams on assignments of varying lengths.
Thorough in-house training is given in business and financial skills.

After two or three years you will have the opportunity to study for an M B A at
a top business school in Europe or the USA. Generous financial support will
be offered to candidates who have met the firm's expectations as Research

Arthur Andersen is seeking up to ten outstanding graduates to join FCS in
September 1993.

If you are interested in finding out more about a career with FCS please come
along to our presentation on:

          Wednesday                                    or write to:
          21 October 1992                              Sally Hyman
          at 6.00 pm                                   Arthur Andersen
          at the                                       1 Surrey Street
          Southside Conference Suite                   London WC2R 2PS
          Prince's Gardens, off Exhibition Road        Tel: 071 438 3000
          Imperial College


                               RTHUR   NDERSEN & Co   SC
 16th October 1992                                                Felix 944

                                         You need not know any further             found harmless, though extremely        research on the substances (except
                                         facts. 'Hard' drug, poison, prison,       powerful. Most research was             possibly for the army). I would only

Beit                                     no job!
                                            How is it a tasteless, colourless
                                         liquid with no smell feared in such
                                                                                   terminated in the 60s when Uncle
                                                                                   Sam decided the substance was to
                                                                                   be banned by all who followed. It
                                                                                                                           like people to get their heads out of
                                                                                                                           the sand and read up on acid
                                                                                                                           personally—real medical research
                                         a way? Forty micrograms only for           was found the drug was some sort       and first-hand accounts of trips
Back                                     an average trip, over 600 for fusion
                                         with the universe, metaphysical
                                                                                   of miracle cure for all sorts of
                                                                                    mental and emotional disorders. Its
                                                                                                                              And maybe someone could tell
                                                                                                                           me why the whisky-drinking
                                         experience. No addiction, no              peculiar effects on sense of time,      middle-aged rulers and their
                                         dependency, never heard of any             sequence and limitations were          alcoholic supporters have put the lid
                                         overdose. One drop on a cube of           noticed in how it fnade learning so     on such a remarkable discovery as
Fed   up with how predictable            sugar and after half an hour, off into    much faster and easier.                 LSD.
everything comes to be? Tired of         psychedelia for the day. If you              This is not some fanatic trying to     Just remember—if you try it,
seeing the same things the same          know how to do it, you've got a           push people to try acid, ecstasy,       keep safe: don't add credit to their
way? Been with the            same       good friend with you to help in case      mushrooms, peyote, D M T or             hypocrisy. Use it better than they
boy/girlfriend so long and feel it's     of a bad trip. No risk of doing the       licking rain-forest toads. I have not   use booze, cars or money. Your
just routine?                            one-in-a-million act of trying to fly     yet tried the stuff myself.             Mind belongs to you.
  Would you like to feel sounds,         out a window or chopping your own            But I see that the American          Views expressed here are not
hear colours smash down the              leg off.                                  Native Church has been using            necessarily shared by Felix
inhibiting barriers of our paranoid         If they can't offer you a              psychedelic cactus extracts for         editorial staff or ICU staff.
ego? Well, how about 8 to 12 hours       satisfying, intense life outside, what    documented hundreds of years, or
of experiencing the world in a           right have they of holding you from       that doctors in psychology Timothy
                                                                                                                            CHANGE IN OPENING HOURS
totally new way? Find out your           searching? O h , it's O K if you find     Leary and Richard Alpert (read
                                                                                                                            I C U ' s Welfare Office will be closed
partner is full of uncovered secrets,    ecstasy in Church or in a political       their books if you find them!) were
                                                                                                                            on Wednesday afternoons from 14th
experience life-death-rebirth,           rally of the majority, but not if you     thrown out of Harvard in the 60s on
                                                                                                                            October     1992     to 2nd December
remove conditioned limits from           alter your consciousness with             some bogus excuse because they           inclusive. During this period, Stefano
your mind.                               mushrooms or pills, however               were announcing how great the            Ruis, the Welfare A d v i s e r , be will
  It seems this is the power of          responsible you are about it. So          stuff was (they had both taken it        available     on Friday         mornings,
Acid—yeah, L S D . Oh my gosh!           some guy sells you badly                  over 300 times and Leary's kids a        b e t w e e n 1 0 . 3 0 a m and 1 . 0 0 p m in
Drug! Danger, loss of control,           synthesized crap in a backroom and        few).                                    addition t o the normal, advertised
hospital, psychotherapy! If these        you slowly poison yourself. You             The   nineties are seriously           hours. Y o u can c o n t a c t the Welfare
come to your mind, the System has        see, the System was right! It IS          misinformed (and disinformed!)           O f f i c e either in person or by ringing
done a good job on you: you are a        dangerous!                                                                                     extension 3 5 0 7
                                                                                   about psychedelics, one reason
reasonable, responsible person.            Pure L S D to this day has been         being that there is almost no legal

                                                       Sponsored by Dillons                                                Name:...
                                        This is your chance to win

                                        A £5.00 GIFT VOUCHER
All you have to do is answer this simple question

WITH TWO HEADS IN THE                                                                                                             An
                                                                                                                                       W" 1            :

                                          (correct spellings please).                                                      O | L L O                         N S
 Fill in the form and return it to the Felix office by                              Prize winners will be announced in the Felix
 Friday 23rd October.                                                               following the entry deadline.

                                                        WAGAMAMA                  WINNERS
1st Prize Jun Miyake

2nd Prize Yashika Izumimoto                                                         The Question: What does Wagamama mean?
          Penelope Vounatsou
          James Reed                                                               The Answer: Selfish child, spoilt brat.
          Rony Douek
 Booby Prize: Sangkara Ratnam, who claimed that                                    Please collect your prizes by Friday 23rd October
 the answer was 'where are you going mama'                                         from the Felix office.

  Page 8
                                                                                                                                                      U nion
                                                                                      Felix 944                                         16th October 1992

Management                                                                            Dom's Bit
   Well, you made it. Your first, or        time on this week, or ask me any            Freshers' Weeks come and               Without the help of a cast of
not, Freshers' Week. I think there          questions. Above all the meetings         Freshers' Weeks go, but like small       thousands, Freshers' Week and
were no serious casualties, at least        will be I N F O R M A L , so don't feel   dogs in the park they always leave       anything else that goes off would
none that I am aware of. The main           intimidated by the thought of union       messages to remember them by. To         not be possible, and so I would like
thing is that I hope you enjoyed it         hacks or saying the wrong thing.          be more direct the shit proved to be     to thank Andy, B J , Lisa, Greg,
and be assured that it won't be the           I thank you for your time and I         very thin on the ground this year        Percy, Matt, Simon and the rest of
last time you will have this year to        hope to meet you soon, if I have not      with nobody feeling he need to bury      the Ents kiddies. You are truly
let your hair down, not by any              already done so.                          the head of their fellow man in their    charmed people. Andy, Graham,
means.                                                                                dinner lying in the corner at four in    Dan and the DramSoc techies, bless
   To business, if you have A N Y                                                     the morning. Indeed, the only            you all. The Union Staff for their
queries come and see us, be you 1st,                    UGM                           casualty this year is the handrail in
                                                                                      Da Vinci's, which is still standing,
                                                                                                                               never ending supply of patience and
                                                                                                                               Cathy and Michelle for making it
2nd, 3rd, 4th, nth year or Post grad,
I promise you we W I L L be able to            Friday 6     th
                                                                 November             but with the aid of a few turns of       through without being charged for
help. M y door and my I venture,                                                      gaffer tape. Be gentle with it.          manslaughter.        My      fellow
                                                                                                                               sabbaticals for something that isn't
the doors of all the sabbaticals are         The UGM will be held                        If you felt entertained last week,
invariably open. We always                                                            then keep coming back. Unlike            clear at the moment. The Stewards
welcome a conversation in the
                                             at 1pm in the concert                    College, the Students' Union             for their yellowness. Andrew,
corridor, in Da Vinci's or anywhere
                                                      hall                            doesn't begrudgingly admit to your       Gervaise, Andy P, Marc and the
else you might mention.                                                               existence one week a year before         bar staff for keeping fluid. Ian,
   From Monday the 26th, that's a                 Closing date for                    allowing you to slide under a thick      Yvonne, Pete, Emily and all for
week this Monday, I will be holding                paper/motion:                      blanket of lectures, we're here all      sustenance. Felix, Jonty, M r
a regular meeting open to everyone,               1pm Friday 30th                     year round. Look out for events in       Spoons, Rose, Stef, Chris and Andy
                                                                                      the Union in the What's On column        (may your back passage always be
in the Ents lounge on the ground                      October                                                                  open) for their help, advice and
floor of the union building. Y O U                                                    and get involved. Apart from
are most welcome. Get some dinner                                                     Friday nights, everything in the         irritation
from Da Vinci's beforehand and                                                        Union is free so even if you think          And so to bedtime. If you have
come and hear what I have spent my                                                    it's crap your grant cheque won't        any suggestions for events (keep
                                                                                      feel the damage. Along with Smile        them decent and legal) please let me
                                                                                      Zones and promotional nights we          know. Remember you will be taken

Ents and the                                                                          really are trying our best to keep
                                                                                      you solvent.
                                                                                         This Friday sees the first of Ents'
                                                                                                                               more seriously and welcomed more
                                                                                                                               warmly if you are accompanied by

Modern Man                                                                            Atmospheres and the start of our
                                                                                      new door policy, read the ad
                                                                                                                                  Kick off your sling backs and
                                                                                      elsewhere and please try to help out.

 A computer projected       simulation of   the Union Building on Friday night        under Ent's control.
   Firstly I would like to take this        edge (yes, and thank you as well,         is free, with happy hours, late bars,      Future events at Atmosphere -
opportunity to thank people for their       Jonty). I hope that everyone who          and throbbing indie, dance and 70s       October 23rd - The Bardots
contribution to Freshers' Week. I           went to the events had a brilliant        pop tunes.                               November 6th - Cygnet Ring
want to thank all the people in Ents        time and I hope you'll all be back          Tonight sees the birth of                Watch this space!
and DramSoc, who gave their                 for future events.                        Atmosphere. Every Friday, there'll         PS: Anyone wishing to join Ents,
services free of charge to ensure             This leads me to the second part        be either discos, bands or cabaret.      come along on Tuesday at 1pm to
that you all had a great time. I'd like     of my article - future events. We         Costs will vary depending on the         the Ents/Rag office, 2nd Floor,
to send personal thanks to Cathy,           will have regular events every            event, so watch Felix and our            Union Building. Entrance via East
Michelle, Dom, B J , and everyone           Wednesday and Friday in the Union         posters for prices. There is a late      Staircase.
else who stopped me going over the          lounge. Club Libido on Wednesday          bar till lam and disco till 2am.

                                                                                                                                                         Page 9
  16th October 1992                                               Felix 944

                                                                                  order and before you could say           Richard Eyers, Steve Newhouse
                                                                                  'Drink A Pub Dry' the minibuses          and Pete Bowen. The C C U offices

                                                                                  had delivered everyone to The            for helping sign out etc. Also thanks
                                                                                  Teaclipper Tavern to drink it dry.       to Dice & Games Ltd for donating
                                                                                  Unfortunately this pub proved to be      the monster tiddles and A to Z
                                                                                  less than friendly so a quick detour     Geographers Map Co Ltd for
                                                                                  was arranged to The Grove Pub just       donating the 30 colour A to Z's for
The first R A G event of the year was        Three of the C C U inviolate         round the corner. Here it was a          the top fresher collectors.
a storming success with over 200           mascots, Jez, Bo and Cl e m,           different story. The staff were
                                           accompanied us on our travels and                                               A - Z Winners
students taking part in the                                                       friendly, the beer was cheap and
Tiddlywinks Down Oxford Street.            were there to welcome collectors at    they even let us put our own music       Kristine Vaaler £ 4 3 . 5 5 Paul
Everyone had an ace time (despite          Eros. As if the day hadn't already     on their stereo.                         Humphrey £ 4 0 . 1 0 Ollie Brown
bomb scares shutting down Oxford           been silly enough it was not over         The totals arrived late in the        £ 3 9 . 2 6 Charles Twist £ 3 5 . 2 8 D .
Circus) and we raised over £ 2 , 0 0 0 .   yet. Once all the cans had been        afternoon along with the RCS three       Hummerstron £ 3 1 . 3 4 V . Owen
The day started outside Southside          collected a giant Ring-a-Ring-?-       Handled Pot. Winners were                £ 2 9 . 4 5 M . Easton £ 2 9 . 4 5 Tom
Halls of Residence with a deafening        Roses around Eros was undertaken       announced and free beer was on           Spicer £ 2 9 . 0 7 Chris Harvey-Fros
'Wakey Wakey Southside' led by             and successfully carried out.          thanks to various fill-ups of the        £ 2 9 . 0 7 B . Liddiocott £ 2 5 . 7 3
Rachel ' R A G Chair' Mountford.           Tradition states that after dragging   Three H . P . by the R A G Chair,        Jonathan Turner £ 2 4 . 2 4 C . Jackson
This was followed by Boomalakas            everyone out of bed on the Saturday    Chris Davidson - Union President,        £ 2 3 . 3 1 A . McClure £ 2 3 . 3 1 A .
and Kangelas from the C C U ' s            of Freshers week so early in the       the various C C U exec's and the Pub     Dorman-Smith £ 2 1 . 3 4 Phillip
before everyone was ferried by             morning, the Rag Chair deserves to     itself. We didn't quite drink the pub    Rieley £ 1 8 . 6 3 Alaril Turner £ 1 8 . 6 3
minibus to opposite ends of Oxford         be taught a lesson. This normally      dry but Abbot Ale and Boddingtons        Patrick Dunkan £ 1 7 . 9 8 Geoff
Street. Armed only with R A G cans         involves been thrown in the            were off and the pub shut at 8:30pm      Quigley £ 1 7 . 9 7 Alex Barberster
and tiddlywinks our intrepid               fountain at Eros. As the fountain is   due to general exhaustion and            £ 1 7 . 4 8 S. Mardon £ 1 6 . 9 5 M .
tiddlywinkers tiddled their way            currently boarded up Rachel            shortage of glasses. A pub well and      Hussain £ 1 6 . 9 5 Maria Banks
down Oxford Street and Regent              seemed to be confident of remaining    truly broken!                            £ 1 6 . 7 9 Julie Griffin £ 1 6 . 7 5 Tara
Street (the leaders making a small         dry. However the ever resourceful        Before we close this history of an     O'doherty £ 1 6 . 7 5 E . Clare £ 1 5 . 7 6
detour to avoid a bomb at Oxford           C C U exec's managed to find           event to remember our esteemed           I. Fisher £ 1 5 . 7 6 Claire Unwin
Circus) to Eros in Piccadilly Circus.      various suitable receptacles to        R A G Chair has asked me to pass on      £ 1 4 . 9 2 Adele (who are U Adele)
Shoppers and tourists alike were           ensure a thorough soaking thanks to    some words of thanks. Firstly the        £ 1 4 . 9 1 Sam Wholan £ 1 4 . 4 3 Peter
shocked into handing over loadsa           a handy dustbin and various            biggest Thankyou has to go to Y O U      Simpson £ 1 4 . 4 3
dosh,     happily     making      our      cooking pots from Dunkin Donuts.       for turning up and taking part. Also
treasurer's job a long and difficult         After all that hard(?) work          the five drivers of the minibuses         But for those of you that lazily
one.                                       everyone felt a drink was well in      namely Penguin, Dave Lane,                dossed about in bed all day (Yes,
                                                                                                                            Southsiders that mostly means you)
                                                                                                                            or for those that just can't get

   RAG TERM                                                          TIMETABLE                                              enough (disgusting), don't miss the
                                                                                                                            GROOVIEST,             WACKIEST,
                                                                                                                            F U N N I E S T and event of the yeer
  DAY                           DATE                 EVENT                                                                  and the only one that's completely
                                                                                                                            free! Don't miss M O N O P O L Y on
                                                                                                                            Saturday, the place to be. Be there
  Saturday                      Oct 17th             Live Monopoly + Party for collectors                                   or be a half rotten and completely
                                                                                                                            unwanted pomegranate.
  Saturday                      Oct 24th             Big Rag Raid + Party                     Also keep your eyes out for the
                                                                                            Cambridge Rag Raid on the 24th of
  Saturday                      Oct 31st             Pavement Climb + Rocky Horror Disco    October,     get   those boring
                                                                                            Cambridgers "Off Their Tree" and
                                                                                            for the sponsored Bungee jumping
  Thursday                      Nov 5th              Collection at Battersea Fireworks      sometime this term. If you need any
                                                                                            information on any R A G stuff, visit
  Saturday                      Nov 7th                                                      & party
                                                     Poppy Day Raid to Maidstone + Pub crawlthe R A G office (open M O N - F R I
                                                                                            lunchtime, 2nd floor East Beit
                                                                                            Quad, staircase just before the
  Saturday                      Nov 14th             Halls Dirty Dozen                      Union Bar) or turn up at the R A G
                                                                                            meetings every Friday in the Union
  Saturday                      Nov 21st             Sponsored Event                        Lounge (facing Da Vinci's) every
                                                                                            Friday 1.10 P M .
  Sunday                        Nov 22nd             Covent Garden Collection (Mines CCU)                                     And remember, all you collect
                                                                                                                           goes to your personal total and
                                                                                                                           could earn you one of these SUPER
  Saturday                      Nov 28th             Great Sightseeing Challenge                                           prizes:
                                                                                                                           £ 5 0 A R A G ' 'Off Your Tree'' Mug
  Sunday                        Nov 29th             Covent Garden Collection (RCS CCU)                                    (Don't leave life without it) £ 1 5 0 A
                                                                                                                           R A G mind blowingly cool T-shirt
                                                                                                                           (Limited Edition) £ 3 0 0 A R A G
  Saturday                      Dec 5th              Rag Raid
                                                                                                                           mind & body blowingly cool sweat-
                                                                                                                           shirt (very Limited Edition) £ 1 5 0 0
  Sunday                        Dec 6th              Covent Garden Collection (City & Guilds                              CCU)G pewter tankard (engraved
                                                                                                                           A RA
                                                                                                                           with your very name!) £anything
  Saturday                      Dec 12th             BIG CHRISTMAS STUNT                                                   The satisfaction of helping charities

  Wednesday                     Dec 15th             Pub Carol Singing                                                     SO B E M A D ! B E S I L L Y !
                                                                                                                           B E P A R T O F IT!

  Page 10
                                                                                    Felix 944                                         16th October 1992

So you survived Tiddlywinks last          the streets (usually its just the C C U   enough money, hopefully listed          1:10pm Friday lunchtime.
Saturday, had a great time, met           execs!) as Chance and Community           somewhere else on this page. You'll
some people and drunk a pub               Chest cards. A jail van and jailer        have a great time and raise a
dry       or did you stay in bed all      will also be roaming the streets,         humongous amount of money for              SO, B E M A D , B E S I L L Y , A N D
day and miss the whole thing? This        taking unsuspecting teams to              charity, or you could stay in bed all   B E P A R T O F IT
Saturday you have another chance          random board locations.                   day       What would you rather be
to be Mad, Silly and Part of it. The                                                doing?
event is Live Monopoly. Real
people, real streets and real prizes.       Finally, as well as the special           If you want to know more, come
Yes, this is not a bored game             prizes the usual Rag incentives will      along to the rag meeting in the Ents
(sorry!) and we should raise loadsa       be available to those who raise           lounge opposite Da Vinci's at
money for M E N C A P .

   So, how do you get involved? Get
a team of four to six people together
- Monopoly veterans will already
have started grabbing people so do
it now! And then turn up at Beit
Quad on Saturday morning
(tomorrow) from 10.00am. Each
team gets a set of clues that will take
you all over London and a
collecting can. Fancy dress is
optional but highly recommended -
a large rabbit can get away with far
more than Joe Student. Each clue
relates to a street on the board of
the original. This is especially
useful if you want to win a prize.
You need points and these can be
earned by solving clues, collecting
as much money as you can (rabbits
and long!), carrying a
team mascot and finally, treasure.

   'Treasure' does not mean turning
up with a hijacked police car
number plate or Eros from
Piccadilly - be original. If you can
get an arrest warrant by haggle and
grovel without a night in the cells
or beg your way into a Fast Food
uniform you may find extra points
finding their way onto your score.

   Now I expect you want to know
what you get out of it! Well apart
from having loads of fun M E N C A P
have got a storming set of prizes
lined up for the top collectors of the
day. These include a skiing trip in
Andorra, a week at Plas Y Brenin
watersports centre and loads of
other things from C D players to
record tokens. R A G also has sets of
Sightseeing Guides (very useful for
the Great Sightseeing Challenge
aswell as getting the most out of
London) for the winning five teams.
   So, it sounds fairly easy, but there
are some complications - to keep
your team on their toes. The C C U
motorised mascots will be out on            Rag   runs rings round    Eros

                                                                                                                                                       Page 11
  16th October 1992                                                Felix 944

Freedom in a plastic bag?
Emma Keeling explores the newfound freedom of the first female
In America, women didn't like it           insertion, when it was covered with
because it required too much               very slimy plastic, was extremely
touching, but the makers are               difficult. And even when you have
confident that British women will          finished groping around inside
have no such qualms. This                  yourself, you still have some of the
supposition seems to be true as            condom and the outer ring sticking
Boots in Earls Court report that           out of your vagina, which is
Femidom, the new female condom             somewhat of a passion-killer. M y
is selling exceptionally well.             partner said T was reminded of
Whether this is just because they are      making love to a sink plunger.'
a novelty has yet to be seen.                However, once it was inserted
   The first thing that struck me was      and intercourse commenced, things
the size of the box, which is hardly       seemed to be getting better until he
discreet at over 5" long and over          withdrew and the whole contraption
3 1/2" wide (bigger than two packs         came out with him. Not the best
of cigarettes). Not the sort of thing      thing to happen, especially as we
that you could carry about in your         hadn't finished. In the end we
wallet. The second thing that              abandoned the Femidom and
shocked me was the price, £ 3 . 9 5 for    continued without it; not a very
three, which hardly compares               successful experiment!
favourably with male condoms.              Because it is so new there are no
   So how can the female condom            reliable figures on how effective the
claim to be an improvement on the          female condom is, either as a              The Femidom and its packaging compared to the            standard
methods of contraception already           contraceptive or as a protection           male condom (pictured bottom right)
available? Chartex International,          against AIDS or other STDs,
who manufacture Femidom, claim             though the leaflet ventures it is
that it is 'the first contraceptive'       'extremely effective'. This method
product for women which provides           of contraception doesn't provide
protection against both pregnancy          any protection for oral or anal sex
                                                                                      IN A M I N I T U R E S U R V E Y O F I M P E R I A L C O L L E G E , F E L I X
and sexually-transmitted diseases.'        as a condom would do.
                                                                                      F O U N D T H A T T H E Q U A L I T I E S O F T H E FEMIDOM         COULD BE
This may be true but a condom will
                                                                                      SUMMARIZED BELOW;
do this job too. It is also supposed
to be 'soft and comfortable to use'        WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT OF
and able to be inserted 'as quickly        THE NEW FEMIDOM
and easily as a tampon.' I had to see      7 wouldn't trust anything with a
if these claims were true.                 seam in it. '                                   PLUS POINTS:
  Once you have got over the shock                                                         * Virtually odourless and tasteless.
of the price and the box size, then        'Chance   would be a fine    thing.'            * Improved sensitivity, compared to a condom.
you have to cope with the look of                                                          * Can be inserted before the penis is erect so that it doesn't
the 'product' (as the informative          'Looks    even    grosser    than      a        interrupt intercourse.
leaflet you get in the box refers to       condom. '
the condom.) It is a 7" long seamed
tube with a flexible ring at the top       'You can't even blow them up like
with a diameter of over 3 1/2" and         a condom. '
a smaller ring which is meant to go
at the bottom, although it is              'I wouldn't    use it     it has
completely removable for some              absolutely no appeal whatsoever. '
reason.                                                                                    MINUS POINTS:
  The instructions suggest you               'It would definitely kill the mood.'          * Big bulky boxes, difficult to carry about.
'might find it useful to practice on        While your union president had the             * Expensive & not available free from the Family Planning
your own' if it the first time you         following    to say; 'A bit naughty             Clinic at the moment.
have tried Femidom and 'once you            looking int it' !?                             * Advisable'to use extra lubrication - increased expense and
feel comfortable about inserting                                                           inconvenience.
Femidom, you can try using it with         THOSE WHO HAD A C T U A L L Y                   * Doesn't contain a spermicide, such as Nonoxyl 9 which
your partner' but at £ 3 . 9 5 for three   USED T H E DEVISE H A D                         may help prevent AIDS.
I wasn't prepared to waste any.            V A R Y I N G OPINIONS:                         * Difficult to insert.
   The instruction leaflet was              'It was like trying to wallpaper the           * May be pushed completely inside if insufficiently
strangely reminiscent of a Tampax          inside of a jam jar' !                          lubricated.
leaflet and you need a degree to
understand it. It certainly brought        'It tastes of blended vegetable oil'
humour into the sexual experience.
Trying to maintain my tenuous               'Very comfortable and better to use
grasp on the inner ring to keep it         than a condom but far too difficult
squeezed together for ease of              to put in. '

  Page 12

       COURSES 92/93

ICI invites you to an informal      presentation   on
Christmas    courses and career opportunities      for
        graduates       and post graduates


             Monday, 19 October 1992

                        at 5.45pm


            Southside    Teaching   Facility

    A Buffet will be provided        afterwards.
16th October 1992                                  Felix 944

                           By Monday, all things going to          have already made up your mind as        The fair is not only open to students
CAREERS FAIR               plan, there will be a large marquee
                           covering two thirds of the Queen's
                                                                   to the field of work you wish to go
                                                                   into, but have yet to decide upon a
                                                                                                            grduating this year. Any student,
                                                                                                            whether it be just for interest or
                           Lawn; the venue for this year's         company.                    •• -         looking for a summer vacation job,
                           Imperial College Union Career's                                                  is very welcome. It is in your
                           Fair. On Tuesday at 9.30am the          The fair is open on both Tuesday         interest to make the most of this
                           doors open giving you the best          and Wednesday of next week from          opportunity especially given the
                           opportunity of finding yourself a job   9.30am. It is worth attending on         current climate where for the first
                           after you have graduated. A wide        both days, as some companies are         time, graduates ^ r e having
                           range of employers are again            only coming for one day as can be        difficulties in going straight into a
                           attending this year, with companies     seen by the stand layout to the right.   career.
                           from backgrounds of Accountancy,        Most of the companies will have
    - i - IMPERIAL "^V
     r~ C O L L E G E '    Engineering, Scientific Research,       brochures and application forms at       This fair is for your benefit. The
                           Oil,      B a nki ng ,    Computer      their stands; these can be taken         companies are here for you. This
                           Software.. .and        others.   The    away and read at length afterwards.      is your best opportunity to find
                           employers are here, not to interview                                             yourself employment. Make the
                           you, but for you to interview them.     A list of deadlines of application       most of it!
                           They will not be making any             forms can be obtained from the
                           judgement upon you, but are here        Careers Service Office, room 310           Jeremy Burnell,
                           for you to decide which career          Sherfield Building.                        Careers Fair Manager.
 CAREERS FAIR              would best suit you. Or maybe you

                           Fair or Unfair?
                           Find out next Tuesday and Wednesday on the Queen's Lawn

    r-COLLEGE"             The IC Careers Fair is different        good at? The Careers Service has         Your questions
                           from many of the other Careers          two computer aided careers               Prepare a few questions to get you
                           Fairs you may experience. Firstly,      guidance systems, G R A D S C O P E      started with each one. What
                           it is attended by employers who are     and P R O S P E C T , which may help,    opportunities do you have for a
                           particularly interested in meeting      and there are also work books you        ****ist? Can I get Chartered
                           students,        graduates       and    can go through on your own.              Engineering status with your
                           postgraduates      from Imperial                                                 company?       Do    you     prefer
                           College. Secondly, it is situated on    Interests, Abilities, Skills and         postgraduates for any of your
 CAREERS FAIR              the Queen's Lawn in the heart of        Values                                   vacancies? At which location do
                           College and so is immediately           These are the interests you have         most graduates start? What are the
                           accessible to us all. And thirdly, it   such as in engineering or science,       career development prospects? Is a
                           is not so crowded that you have to      managerial or administrative,            foreign language important? What

  19^92                    wait for ages for a discussion with
                           an employer. So you have no
                           excuse for not turning up.
                                                                   literary or verbal. Your abilities
                                                                   such as problem-solving, numeracy
                                                                   or social confidence. Your skills
                                                                                                            travel is necessary in the U K or
                                                                                                            abroad? Why do you like working
                                                                                                            for Intergalactic Industries?
                                                                   such as designing, planning or
                           Do your prep                            analysing. And your values such as       Their questions
                           Preparation is all important! Think     independence, variety or security.       Be prepared for employers to take
    • 'IMPERIAL^       1
                           about how you can get the most                                                   an interest in ypu and expect some
    ^ COLLEGE              from the two days, what you need        Occupations                              probing questions. What sort of
                           to say to impress employers, and        You may wish to remain with your         work are you seeking? Why are you
                           what you want to learn from them.       degree discipline or to think about      interested in us? How is your
                                                                   a different career. There are a wide     degree course going? What is your
                           And homework                            range to choose from—Engineering         most significant achievement at
                           Do some homework by reading up          to Education, Science to Selling and     College? What have you learnt
                           about the organisations which are       Accountancy to Zoo Keeping.              about yourself during your studies?
                           attending. You can get quick            Match your personal qualities with       What are your strengths? And
 CAREERS FAIR              information from the various            what you are good at and enjoy           weaknesses? What do you mean by
                           employer directories such as            doing and so choose an occupation.       a management career?
                           R O G E T , G O and G E T , available
                           from the IC Careers Service,            Employers                                And finally
                           Sherfield—room 310. And read the        Once you've sorted out who you           The IC Careers Fair should help
                           excellent Careers Fair brochure.        are, and what sort of occupation         you to start on your career search.
                                                                   you are seeking, you can begin to        You may even end up joining one
                           Clueless?                               market yourself to potential             of the employers you meet. Give
                           If you haven't a clue what you want     employers. Approach each one as          yourself a flying start by good
                           to do, now is the time to start         if they were your chosen, ideal and      preparation. And if you need some
    -7 I M P E R I A L S   thinking seriously about yourself.      preferred         employer.         Be   advice, call at the IC Careers
    * - COLLEGE — '        What are your particular interests,     enthusiastic, it is infectious and you   Service Stand at the Careers Fair.
                           abilities, skills and values? What do   will be remembered.                        John Simpson, Director,
                           you enjoy doing and what are you                                                   IC Careers Service.

Page 14
                                                                                                                  Felix 944                                                        16th October 1992

                                                                       FIRE        EXIT                 Ernst &    Madge
                                                                                                                                     FIRE      EXIT              Bankers
                                          Grid C o .                                                    Young     Networks                                         Trust

                                                                                                                        KPMG                                                         BDO
                         Chevron         Procter &              EASAMS           Arthur                                                             Northern     SmithKline
                                                                                              Schlumberger                 Peat       Mobil Oil                                     Binder
                          UK    Ltd       Gamble                  Limited      Andersen                                                             Telecom       Beecham
      Audit                                                                                                            Marwick                                                     Hamlyn                          British
     Commi                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rail
      ssion                                                                                    Defence                 Johnson
                                                                                                                                     Monsanto                                     Midland
I                          Grant
                                          Logica                   Price Waterhouse           Research
                                                                                                                                                         Thames Water
                                                                                                                                                           Utilities Ltd             Bank
w                                       Government                                                                                                                               Teaching
I                         Ricardo
                                                                                                Rolls -
                                                                                                                       Ove   Arup

o«   Products!                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kodak
       Pic                                                                        John                                                                   IC                       National
                         Barclays          United                 Banque                         W.S.                                                              British
                                                                                 Brown                                                              Careers                       Physical
                         Bank Pic         Biscuits               Indosuez                       Atkins                                                              Steel
                                                                               Construction                                                          Service                    Laboratory
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Du Pont
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ( U K ) Ltd

                                             DTI       /                                                                                                                       M i n i s t r y of
                               Army                                                                     Touche                                                                                      Ford Motor
                 B.T.                   Scientists &                                                                                                                            Defence
                           Officer                                                                       Ross                                                                                        Co.    Ltd
                                        T e ch n o l g i st s          FIRE       EXIT                                                  MAIN                                   DES-DSG

Tuesday 20th October
                  MAIN DINING HALL                                                                                                                              ANTE-ROOM                            SHERFIELD

                                                                               The Fairground..
                                                                        FIRE       EXIT                 Ernst &    Madge
                                                                                                                                     FIRE         EXIT
                                           Grid C o .                                                    Young    Networks

                                          Procters                                Arthur                                                                          SmithKline
                                                                 Services                     Schlumberger                            Mobil Oil       Fisons
                                           Gamble                               Andersen                                                                          Beecham
                                                                 Overseas                                                                                                                                           British
                           Grant                                                                                                     Monsanto            Thames Water
                                           Logica                  Price Waterhouse            Research
 I                       Thornton
                                                                                                                                        PLC                Utilities Ltd

 w                                                                              Recruitment                                              PA
                          Ricardo           London               Derwent             &           Rolls -               Ove    Arup                  Andersen
                        International Underground               Publications    Assessment       Royce                Partnership                   Consulting
                                                                                 Services                                                                                                                            Esso
                                                                                   John                                                                   IC
                                                                  Banque                         W.S.                                                               British
                                                                                  Brown                                                              Careers
                                                                 Indosuez                        Atkins                                                              Steel
                                                                               Construction                                                          Service
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Du P o n t l
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ( U K ) Ltd

                                              DTI       /
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ford Motor
                                         Scientists &
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Co.   Ltd
                                        Technolgists                    FIRE       EXIT                                                  MAIN

Wednesday 21st October
                 MAIN DINING HALL                                                                                                                               ANTE-ROOM                           SHERFIELD

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Page 15
Clubs & Societies
  16th October 1992                                             Felix 944

Youth Hostelling                                                                300km south of Paris, we arrived
                                                                                at the campsite on Sunday night.
                                                                                  On Monday the heavens opened
                                                                                                                          crossed in the course of this walk.
                                                                                                                          During a high-velocity descent of an
                                                                                                                          ice slope several members sustained
                                                                                but an intrepid group walked              minor injuries too embarrassing to
                                                                                upwards to a mountain refuge via         detail. The day ended with the
                                                                                the Cirque de Gavarnie and were          group invading a restaurant where
                                                                                rewarded with impressive views of        much food and wine was consumed.
                                                                                La Breche de Roland (see photo).             Friday was a rest day starting
                                                                                The rest of us sat in a cafe until the   with a shopping trip from where we
                                                                                rain eased slightly.                     continued to Lowdes. Most of the
                                                                                  The next day • started with a          group got soaking wet walking
                                                                                shopping trip to Luz St Sauveur          round various articles of religious
                                                                                before an ascent of Pic dAyre (some      interest while the other one went to
                                                                                2416m above sea level), the              Portugal, where it didn't rain.
                                                                                weather having improved by a quite          On Saturday those who had not
                                                                                astonishing degree.                      yet ascended le Taillon did so, while
                                                                                  By Wednesday conditions were           the rest of the group tackled Mont
                                                                                uncomfortably hot. One group             Perdu, the highest peak of the trip
                                                                                ascended to the mountain refuge hut      at 3355m. Take it from those who
                                                                                from the bottom of the valley via        know; it was knackering.
                                                                                large quantities of loose scree,            After hanging around Luz St
                                                                                while a second group drove the van       Sauveur on Sunday morning we
                                                                                up a mountain road and took a            proceeded to the culinary highlight
                                                                                shorter route to the refuge from         of the trip: a visit to an authentic
                                                                                where they further ascended le           Basque goat's cheese farm. After
                                                                                Taillon (3144m) which gave them          three odorous hours we finally got
                                                                                remarkable views of the entire           what we went for: the free cheese
                                                                                Pyrenee mountain chain. Two              and wine, very good it was, too.
                                                                                masochistic members combined the           On Monday we packed up and
                                                                                walks and ascended le Taillon from       headed north to Beaugency, to the
                                                                                the bottom of the valley (about          youth hostel there, and on Tuesday
                                                                                1350m above sea level).                  onwards to Calais.
                                                                                  After an interesting night's sleep       By Tuesday night many of us
                                                                                in the refuge (this is a euphenism)      were to be found in the Union Bar.
 On the morning of Saturday 29         Union van, including the terrors of      the group climbed further up the         A mediocre end to an otherwise
 August at some obscenely early        the Paris Peripherique, and seven        scree slopes, through the Breche         excellent trip. Next year: the
 hour twelve members of Imperial                                                and into Spain.                          Himalayas in four days?
                                       days camping, walking, falling
 College     Youth      Hostelling                                                The group split up with some             If any of this appeals to you,
 Association left L o n d o n for      over, drinking and sampling French       members ascending Pic du Marbore         contact R Richards (Aero 2) or see
 Gavarnie, a spa town in the French    cuisine.                                 (3248m), the highest peak on the         us in Southside Upper Lounge on
 Pyrenees.                               After spending the night in a          rim of the Cirque. The photo shows       Thursday at 12.30pm.
   Ahead of us lay two days in a       youth hostel in Poitiers, some           some of the scree and ice slopes           R Harpin, P Davison.

   "he islands of Indonesia
Emeralds of the equator. This          volcanoes, making the land fertile       and sculpture. The traditional            reliable ways to generate wealth.
beautiful phrase aptly describes the   and ideal for farming.                   family house of West Sumatra,             One such attempt is tourism. It is
geography of Indonesia. Located on       Indonesia ranks as the fourth          known as rumah gadang, is one             a curious fact that Indonesia is not
the hemisphere line of our globe       most populous country in the world       example of fine Indonesian                well known despite it being the
spanning 3,000 miles of ocean from     with a population of over 180            architecture with its distinctive        largest archipelago in the world and
east to west are 13,000 islands,       million. The people inhabit over         horn-shaped roofs. Dynamic               the fourth largest nation on earth.
collectively     known     as    the   3,000 islands, the main ones being       Balinese dances, full of religious       Perhaps because of its sheer size
Indonesian archipelago. Most of        Jawa, Sumatra, Malimantan,               rituals and symbolism, have              and diversity, many people are only
them are abundantly covered by         Sulawesi and Irian Jaya. They come       enchanted so many visitors.              aware of a tiny part of Indonesia,
luscious green tropical forests,       from hundreds of ethnic groups and       Javanese batik paintings are well        like Bri. Encouragingly, though,
home for a rich variety of             speak around 200          different      known      world wide.       Wood        more parts of the vast country are
vegetation and wildlife. From giant    languages. To communicate freely         sculptures are abundant, with            now beginning to emerge in the eye
Rafflesia Arnoldi, the biggest         they speak Bahasa Indonesia, the         different regions exhibiting unique      of world tourism and with its warm
flower in the world, to immaculate     national language.                       characteristics.                         welcome, breathtaking scenery and
wild orchids and from one-horned          Cultural and religious diversity         The Republic of Indonesia             an intriguing blend of cultures and
rhinos that roam the westernmost       has always been an integral part of      became a sovereign state in 1945         traditions the nation is confident that
part of Jawa island to cenderawasih    Indonesian society. However, they        after several centuries of Dutch         it has much to offer to visitors in
of Irian Jaya, the paradise bird.      have a tolerant attitude which assists   colonisation.      Members        of     the coming years. As one old
Surrounded by the sea the              them to live harmoniously side by        Parliament are elected every five        Indonesian proverb says 'tak kenal
archipelago boasts a warm sunny        side and form a colourful national       years during a General Election, the      maka tak sayang', meaning we do
climate which is made pleasant by      mosaic. The character is fittingly       last was held in the middle of this       not love something until we know
the ocean breeze. Most parts of        contained in the national motto,         year.                                     it well. Therefore, we hope you
Indonesia are moutainous with          'Unity in Diversity'. Apart from            The main source of income used         enjoy this evening and leave with
beautiful mountain scenery and         language, the cultural diversity         to be oil and other natural               a knowledge and love of our
dramatic lakes and cliffs. Many of     manifests itself in architecture,        resources. However, the nation has        country. 'Selamat Menikmati'.
those mountains are active             music, traditional dance, paintings      been trying to develop other, more

 Page 16
                                                                                                                                 Clubs & Societies
                                                                                     Felix 9 4 4                                           16th October             1992

                                                                                     Turkish Party
Goodfellas on                                                                         1991/92 was a successful year for          FRESHERS       PARTY and
                                                                                     IC Turkish Society. The members             ANNUAL MEETING 92/93 at
                                                                                                                                 17:30, today in the Southside
Thursday                                                                             have enjoyed exciting day trips to
                                                                                     Alton Towers and Leeds Castle.
                                                                                     The   Annual dinner with live
                                                                                                                             lounge. There will be elections for
                                                                                                                             the new committee as well as;
From the director of        Goodfellas,   innocent daughter Danielle, a              Turkish music has also brought          Chairman,     Vice     Chairman,
filmsoc      brings you        Martin     teenager who is just finding her           together members for another            Treasurer and Secretary.
Scorsese's acclaimed Cape Fear, a         womanhood, played by Juliette              happy event.                               Refreshments will be provided.
nail-biting remake of the 1962            Lewis, alone together. Packed with            This academic year, it is time to    So come along and enjoy your time
classic thriller of the same name.        suspense and horror, the film              join the Turkish Society again. We      and get into the Turkish spirit.
    Fourteen years earlier, defence       culminates in an epic fight to the         would like to invite you to the                E Turkbeyler ext. 6253
lawyer Sam Bowden (Nick Nolte)            end featuring excellent special
hid vital evidence which would have
shortened hardened criminal Max
Cady's sentence for violent rape.
                                          effects. Billed as this year's Silence
                                          of the Lambs, this gripping 'good-
                                          versus-evil' story also has cameo
  , Now released from jail, Cady,         appearances from the stars of the          After a storming response at            trial flighters struggled to Lasham,
who is a strangely tattooed Robert        original version (Gergory Peck and         Freshers' Fair, we ran our first        only to ponder the rain and mist all
de Niro, is understandably bitter,        Robert Mitchum) for you to spot.           Trial Flights last weekend. Saturday    day. Sorry to all those involved, but
and decides to make Bowden 'learn            So get into the mood for                was cold but saw some spectacular       I hope Jane had a fun day with
about loss' with cries of 'Vengeance      Halloween a week later, and let            flying as pilots struggled back low     Nick!
is Mine' and generally being a bit        Filmsoc scare you, at 7.30pm on            over the airfield from ridge-soaring          The   club should soon have
(well, a lot) of a sadist. Throughout     Thursday 22nd. Doors open at               the South Downs. A l l except one           another instructor as Sarah Harland
the film's 127 minutes, Cady              7.00pm, entrance is only 90p for           down for Trial Flights joined after         was accepted        onto an A i r
relentlessly pursues each member of       members (membership £ 6 . 5 0              a thoroughly exhilarating day's             Experience Instructor's course.
Bowden's family, with sexual              including first film free) and £ 1 . 9 0   flying.                                       If you want to find out what the
tension added by Bowden's wife            for non-members, and it promises             However, Sunday proved an                 fuss is about, come along any
Leigh (Jessica Lange), and one of         to be a memorable and popular              unmitigated disaster. The transport         Thursday at 1pm to            Aero
the most memorable scenes being           film.                                      broke down and after three went             266—follow the signs.
that with Cady and Bowden's                                                          home disappointed, the other six

T h e m o u n t a i n o f Pelio n
Although the crisis in Yugoslavia         foreign visitors pass through Volos        friendly embulience and creative         That burst like chestnuts and the
has retained the 'wave of tourists'       on their way to the fine hotels of the     philosophy, but also vigorous            aghas fall,
coming from northern Greece by            villages of Pelion. In the summer          unfetted strength.                       To see Chronaina,     daughter-in-law
car, the number of tourists scored        season they come in search of the             The history of Pelion is very         of the brave    Katsouras,
a record and undoubtedly the Greek        pleasures of the sea. In winter they       long. It is full of battles and          Fight    like a warrior     by her
Organisation of Tourists deserves a       climb up for the ski centre.               invasions. There is the Frankish         children's side.
 'bravo'.                                 Whatever the season, visitors to           period around 1200 A D where             To see Souipena, for all her eighty
   Apart from the unique Greek            Pelion derive the greatest pleasure        Pelion became colony of Benetians.      years,
islands there were many other             from the natural beauty and scenic         The 13th and 14th centuries brought      Carrying cold water to refresh our
places in the Greek mainland which        charm of this friendly, smiling            bloody looting raids to Pelion at the    heroes.
attracted many tourists and visitors      mountain. It's a unique place              hands of Albanians, Catalans and         To see Malioufena, a young girl still
mainly because of their beauty and        because it can combine the quite           then Serbians. Fortunately, all those    in her prime,
traditional Greek culture and             mountainous landscape together             raids were shortly pushed back to        Shoot with her right hand, slash
hustory.                                  with the golden sands by the clear         the west and north of Greece by the      with her left,
   The mountain of Pelion is found        blue sea.                                  then      Byzantine       emperors       The heads of aghas fell, the bodies
on the east part of Thessaly in              The   traditional houses have           Katakouzinos and Emmanual.               of Albanians   too,
central Greece. The small villages        unique features which will impress          Thessaly came finally under the        And even if in our Makrinitsa       the
which are spread on the mountain          even the most casual visitor. They          unbearable lasting Turkish rule in      battle was lost,
retain a traditional architecture         are three-storied on one side usually        1423. The monasteries and some         Our country has won glory, honour,
which—combined with the beautiful         at the front, and one storied on the        towerhouses became nuclei for          fame.
forests of chestnut trees—have a          other, inspired by the regions' steep       rebellions.    After     numerous       As Spartan women fought like men,
memorable view. The closest city          incline. The other peculiar feature         unsuccessful revolutions Pelion and     As Soulian women won fame in
is the city of Volos and this is the      is the beautiful drawings-patterns          the whole area of Thessaly were         Epirus,
point of departure. It is a modern        around the windows and the false            liberated and became again part of      So Makrinits's      women    heaped
industrial city almost entirely built     windows enclosing the overhanging          the Greek state in 1878.                 Pelion with glory.
in recent years after considerable        balconies. The road which leads                Finally, during the Second World           Chris Leontopoulos,
destruction by earthquakes. Lolkos        through the village is narrow, steep       War hundreds of inhabitants were               VP ICU Hellenic Society.
is the name of the small ancient          and unbelievably twisty (a great           executed by the Germans.                I    must    profusely apologise             to
harbour in Volos from which in            pleasure for the real drivers!).               The following folk song is about    Chris for the layout of his article
Greek mythology, Jason and the               Many British travel writers have        the herioc part the women of Pelion     last w e e k . I c a n g u a r a n t e e his
Argonauts set out in search of the        written articles about Perkio, the         played during the battles of 1878.      orders will be followed to the
famous golden fleece.                     place where the mythologial                Come out your Turks from Larissa        tee,    if h e c a n p r o v i d e m e w i t h a
   The unique charm of Pelion and         Centaurs (half-man half-horse)             and aghas from the Kastro               full typeset         page     by    Monday
the Greek province have greatly           lived. The centaurs were teachers,         To see the war your subject Greeks      1 pm      every     week.       Otherwise,
opened up the area for tourism.           advisors and companions of gods,           are    making,                          c o u l d he leave these decisions to
Throughout the year but especially        demigods, heroes and ordinary               To hear the Makrinitsa     guns, the   t h o s e w h o deal w i t h t h e m all the
in summer, thousands of Greek and         mortals, they were a symbol of             long-armed guns                         time.

                                                                                                                                                              Page 1 7
R eviews
  16th    October 1992                                             Felix 9 4 4

Shark Week
Can you remember last Monday?             I'm not sad, neurotic or paranoid
Could you even remember it last           and have no capacity for misery
Tuesday? It seems like an eternity        whatsoever,.      With constantly
ago. Perspex        Whiteout.    Now      reminding        myself       of   my
there's a name. Sounds vaguely            cheerfulness. It became something
familiar. Perhaps I saw them. Were        of a chore to have fun on Monday
they the miserable lot downstairs,        night in spite of that I still enjoyed
or the mythical, almost legendary         Sunscreem,        who     played     a
support band upstairs? Who knows?         felicitation and frolicsome set. They
I'm just a miserable third year; I        bubbled, they frothed, they broke
don't care about the bands, I've got      new ground in a milkshake volcano.
to get a J-O-B this year. I need to       Were you there? D'you get some
earn some D-Marks. In the real            techno in your soul? Or were you
world. This isn't the real world,         just too fuckin' grim?                   Some freshers                'enjoying'           themselves.
young fresher, or possibly even the
lesser spotted freshette: This is a                                                                                                                    FELIX REVIEWS T E A M
dream, a figment             of your                                                                                                                  Perspex Whiteout: Lise Yates
Government's imagination, a                                                                                                                           Sunscreem:           Mr Spoons
fantasy, an illusion. It's N O T real.                                                                                                                The    Rockingbirds:       Peb
This isn't really happening. You're                                                                                                                   The Nutty Boys:           Mav
just a pawn in someone else's game.
What's more, you're not even on
the winning side. Look around you.                                                                                                                  The Nutty Boys: well, it beats me
 Do those people look real? Are they                                                                                                                as to what they were like. I went
 credible? How about him, three                                                                                                                     and had a kebab five minutes before
 rows from the front, fourth from the                                                                                                               they came on, and consequently
 left? Can you believe that he really                                                                                                               missed the whole gig. Still, from
 exists outside this place? Look at the                                                                                                             what I heard, the performance was
 lecturer, for God's, sake. Do you                                                                                                                  "interesting" to say the least. A l l
 really, truly, believe, deep down,                                                                                                                 the Madness fans I spoke to gave
 in your heart of hearts, that anyone,.                                                                                                             favourable reports, so it seems
 anyone would ever give him a job?                                                                                                                  pretty fair to say it was a decent gig.
 This place. Your home, your                                                                                                                        But then I'm not a Madness fan, so
 workplace, your life. It's mad, and                                                                                                                I would've probably hated it
 it's turning you mad too. You're                                                                                                                   anyway.
 going round the bend and you've                                                                                                                      • Rockingbirds      are featured on
 only been here for a fortnight. Look
                                                                                                                                                    Heavenly's Charity Right Said Fred
 at the third years, the fourth years,
                                                                                                                                                    ep out October 26
 look what it's done to them... look
 what it's done to me. Frightening
  Perspex Whiteout will be massive
within two years, and you can call
me Lise if it isn't true.                  Sunscreem,    that annoying   little blonde woman (slight return)
                                                                                     What is the point? You had fun,
                                                                                     didn't you? They were fun, weren't
                                                                                     they? What more do you want?                                      Strange but True
                                                                                        The songs were there. 'Gradually                             Nol:      The         Rockingbirds
                                                                                     Learning', 'Searching' and the                                  Alan Tyler, lead vocalist and
                                                                                     tribute 'Jonathan, Jonathan'. Even                              virtuoso acoustic guitar player is
                                                                                     their cover version of the Fred's                               none other than our friendly
                                                                                     'Deeply Dippy'. I had fun. They                                 deputy president, Rick Bilby.
                                                                                     were fun. But there should be more.                                Rick has been leading this
                                                                                     A one dimensional group that                                    secret double life for some time
                                                                                     provides simple entertainment is                                now, but was unavailable for
                                                                                     fine, as far as it goes. But add to                             comment          after      their
                                                                                     that an intuitive sense of timing, the                          performance on Friday night.
                                                                                     ability to captivate an audience.                               Boris, ace theatre reviewer for
                                                                                       What more can say, very little as                             trend-setting student newspaper
                                                                                    a matter of fact. This is the                                    Felix plays drums (remember
                                                                                    problem, with spending an entire                                 the wasted looking one at the
                                                                                    summer in Portsmouth where the                                   back), making the whole affair
                                                                                    most interesting thing that happened                             nice and friendly.
                                                                                    all summer was the filming of a few                                 Rumours that last year's I C U
                                                                                    episodes of M r Bean on the                                      president, one Zoe Hellinger
                                                                                    seafront.                                                        (tea-leaf extraodinaire), plays
                                                                                       Oh, by the way, their version of                              bass for the leading country and
                                                                                     The Fred's 'Deeply Dippy' was                                   western combo are almost
                                                                                     splendid.                                                       completely without foundation.
Roll n'    Rickingbirds

                                                                                   There is mi review of the comedy night because i>ne of the aci
  Page 18                                                                          did the seemingly impossible and offended Poddy
                                                                                                                                                         R eviews
                                                                                       Felix 944                                               16th October 1992

Mooosic                                                                                                                               The Young Gods —Kilburn
                                                                                                                                      National Ballroom
                                                                                                                                      Apparently, The Young Gods are
                                                                                                                                      great. Judging by the queue outside
The K-Creative—Question                    so refreshing to hear a group with          Frontline Assembly— Blade                      the venue, they could well be. Even
Everything Done                            Style but not A Style. Its not that         If you're after a stirring electro-beat        Steve Mack of That Petrol Emotion
I'm worried. I can see it all now is       trends are a problem, some of the           with no concessions,           Frontline       can't blag his way in on the guest
clinging lycra and crumpled shell          people that follow them like sheep          Assembly take no prisoners with                list, they're that popular. (Either
suit. A little boutique somewhere          are.                                        their latest album 'Blade'.       This         that or Steve Mack has failed to
along Oxford Street. The nose-                This is not a masterpiece. Rather        makes the most severe Shaman look              realise that he is a rock nobody
bleed Belgian 'ardcore ceases. They        it is the start of what should be a         like a simpering cissy. The whole              these days...What do you mean, he
play a mellow track. Still up front,       rather momentous career.                    is a violent onslaught of the latest       1
                                                                                                                                      always was!). Meat Beat Manifesto
still trendy. After all if they play it      Peb                                       technology, which rattles the bars             do the honours as support. That's
on Kiss F m it must be good.                  • Out now on Talkin' Loud. We            of rigid hardcore cells.                       about all they do though. N o
Problem is, nobody listens, ever.          have some money-off                            However, this is nothing new to             Charisma. No Presence. No Talent.
   Massive Attack's     'Blue Lines'       vouchers kickin' around the office          Frontline Assembly.       Any of the           No Thanks.
springs to mind. Remembered for            if you want one. K-Creative  play           eight tracks is fully represenative of            At around 10.20 The         Young
the dancy, charty 'Unfinished              Queen Mary College tomorrow,                any of their albums—no catchy                  Gods take the stage to a wild frenzy
Sympathy', not the masterful excess        South Bank Uni on Thursday and              tunes, just a concept. Hey! didn't             of stage diving and incredible noise.
of 'Hymn of the Big Wheel'. It is          U C L on 30th.                              we review this one back in '89?                By 10.30 I have made my first
                                                                                          If you're a fan, it's another               discovery...The Young Gods are
                                                                                       variation to grace your airwaves. If           utter bollocks!
                                                                                       you're not, find out why it's still               My second discovery? There's a
Neneh Cherry—Money Love                   Radiohead —Creep ep                          selling after all this ageless time.           tube at 10.40 that takes you swiftly
Strange words Money and Love put          When I played this ep I thought it            She Who Shall Remain                          and safely back to Baker Street.
together yet many say they are            was so good that I rushed out to buy         Nameless                                         McCarter
inseparable, an interesting view          it, before I realised that I already         • Out now on Third Mind.
(OK, I'll cut the crap). Getting back     had it, so I didn't need to buy it. So                                                  The double album commences
to the record, the tune didn't even       I came back and played it again. It          Siouxsie & The Banshees—                   where 'Once Upon A Time' left us
stick in my head which makes me           started off mellow with 'creep' and          Twice Upon A Time LP                       stranded. From 'Swimming Horses'
either deaf or the song average           iurgee' so I lit some incense and            Well, what a week this is with three       to 'Dazzle' this is the album for us
(possibly both!). That being said, I      mellowed out before jumping                  sinister releases. It was time for         minions bemused by the plethora of
seem to remember hearing it on            around the room when 'Inside M y             Felix to dust the crypt and revive         Siouxsie albums. This is our
M T V a few times so it can't be (or      Head'     and ' M i l l i o n D o l l a r    the ancients.                              terrifyingly serene Queen.
can it?). Anyway, it sure doesn't         Question' came on.                              So, in the beginning, there was            The second disk sees a more
pack it like 'Raw like Sushi's' (the         'Million Dollar Question' was my          Siouxsie. A n d Siouxsie         was       mature and varied vein. No one
last album) songs did. Not specially      fave track—slightly reminiscent of           Darkness. And then the Manager             could     forget     'Peek-a-Boo',
cherishable stuff (ARRG).                 the Stuffies whilst still remaining          said let there be more. A n d lo, she      lightened by her toe-tapping
  Moo Co. Ltd.                            original and fresh.                          created. Siouxsie is eternal and has       'Passenger' and 'This Wheel's On
  • Out now on Circa. The album             This ep is excellent—get it.               metamorphosed         to   fit    her      Fire'. The compilation is concluded
'Homebrew' is released on October           Lily.                                      environment. She listens to what is        with releases from Suspicion and
26.                                         • OUt now on Parlophone.                   happ'nin, so writes The Tune for           her ultimate 'Face to Face', the
                                                                                       Batman Returns. She releases               terrifyingly serene theme from
                                                                                       A N O T H E R compilation and we           Batman Returns. Buy it and be
                                                                                       adore her.                                 enawed.
Suzanne Vega: 99.9F                        The 4 Of Us —Man Alive                        'Twice Upon A Time' is the                She Who Shall Remain
I'd like to say I hated it, you'd like    This is the first release by Irish band      pinnacles of her career, the               Nameless
to hear I hated it and.. .1 enjoyed it    The 4 Of Us for two years—their              melodies that have kept her Great.             • Out now on Polydor.
(sorry). Sure, it wasn't raptures of      last ep 'Baby Jesus' reached the the
ecstatic delight, but that's not what     top 3 in the Irish charts. They've
the album's all about anyway. It's        just completed a short U K tour and
a calm record and it makes a change       had a few gigs in the US before that.
from 'In the corner of the corner,         'Man Alive' is the title single from
ther's a corner that's a corner'          their new album which will be
(a.k.a. ' T o m ' s D i n e r ' ) . The   released shortly.
acoustic guitar has replaced the             The album version (on the B side)
drum machine and Suzanne's voice          is catchy and lyrical and bodes well
has replaced the sampled vocals. So       for the quality of their forthcoming
much for the style, what about the        album.
content? Well, as always, it ranges         The two mixes on the other hand
from mediocre to not bad. Nothing         are long and tedious—the first is a
mind blowing but nothing you'd            seven minute dance mix of the song
have to fast forwards past                and the second is nine minutes long
(especially difficult on a vinyl). I      and is just a repetitive sample of the
especially enjoyed 'Fat man and           words 'don't stop'. So you might as
dancing Girl' and 'In Liverpool'          well just wait for the album to come
that being the first single released      out to get the decent version of
from the album. The kind of record        'Man Alive'.
you fall asleep to, but in a pleasant        Lily
slumber rather than a bored snooze.          •   Out now on Columbia/Sony.
  Moo Co.   Ltd
   • Out now on A & M .                                                               The 4 of Us: Don't just stand there, GET IN               FOCUS!

                                                                                                                                                              Page 19
  16th October 1992                                             Felix 944

Pele, Fireworks, CD-single               song ('dance' rhyming with               Indigo Girls,                            angry. Emily is more Joni Mitchell,
Pele is not only the world famous        'romance'), but in a nice jazz           Hammersmith Odeon                        but catch that lyrical surgery. The
football hero, but also a roughly two    inspired mood.                           The Indigo Girls are not famous in       dropping honey only hides the bitter
year-old band from Liverpool,               Another Ian Prowse composition        Britain. That's why they have to         pill of satire. The subjects covered,
having set out to become heroes in       is 'Time for Treason', which I           support the Neville Brothers". They      caressed and tossed away included:
the music business.                      found hard to make sense of. While       don't have this problem in their         reincarnation, Virginia Woolf,
  Listening      to     the    single    the title promises subversive, 'biting   native Georgia, U S A . There;, even     ghosts, the milk of human kindness,
'Fireworks' I find music which is        social comment' (which the band          neighbours likeRJSM drop in for an       windy cities and the futility of
mainly based on folk. There is a         has also been credited for), the         occasional album track.                  degrees. Yes, we need this sort of
busker-like strummed acoustic            music sounds more like a                   Still, they started simply with        stuff. Protest songs have developed
guitar, violin, piano, accordion,        celebration song, celebrating            tracks from their p'revious albums.      from      the brick-in-your-face
hammond organ and a straight             perhaps the        Utopian vision        Just A m y , Emily and a collection      approach. Not that it hurts any less,
forward         rhythm        group.     expressed in the chorus: 'We'll all      of guitars. Very nice but not too        but now you have to think about it
Nevertheless,       the     producer     be sharing our juice'. Good vision       interesting for the average punter.      first.
managed to create a sound which is       to me, as long as they leave me          Another acoustic duo, kitted out            Still it nearly went horribly
far from acoustic, but which is           some beer. The C D finishes up with     with denim and working boots.            wrong at the end. 'Now,' said
simply honest pop, adding even a          a verson of the almost traditional      Amy has a bit of an affinity for head    Emily, 'this is a song by Bob
quite familiar sounding brass back-       anti-World War I tune 'The              banging, but that was about it. Not      Dylan'.      Again,    the    busker
up to the already dense sound             Greenfields of France', a welcome       until they started on their new          syndrome reaps another harvest;
cluster.                                  relief from the previous pop sounds,    material from 'Rites of Passage' did     'Rolling Stone' or 'Watchtower'
   'Fireworks' is a lively, animating     the monotonous violin and ever-         the spark of inspiration become          madam? But no. A victory was
tune which surely gets the crowd          rattling vocals of Ian Prowse,          apparent.                                plucked from the jaws of folk
moving at a live gig, but it's nothing    backed up by an extremely shy              When they added Sara Lee (ex-         sterility by 'Tangled up in Blue' like
you've never heard before. That's         female voice. This still continues      B52s) on bass, Budgie Banshee on         Bob would have shaved his 'beard'
not a great flaw, however, as any         throughout the 'Greenfields', but       drums plus a couple of assorted          for. It was rambling and eccentric
folk music is of such kind (ho-ho).       that song proves only slightly          fiddle and cello players, things were    in all the right places before it
ButPele's style is neither, and this      vulnerable. I like the version that a   looking up. Then we were off. A          finally staggered to a ragged
is annoying.                              friend of mine recorded with his        gallop through half the album,           conclusion. We had heard the light;
  The remaining three tracks on the       4-track better, though.                 stopping only for guitar changes.        it was somewhere between blue and
mini-CD were produced by Pele              O f this C D single I sould say: A     The song credits are shared between      violet.
themselves and are slightly less         few good shots, but none has hit the     the trio. Amy, firmly in the little        Tintin
overladen, but they're still not         goal, Pele\ The sixties used to be       known grunge-folk tradition, bites         9Right   of Passage is out now on
getting rid of the all-too-obviously     a better time.                           the heads off jelly babies. Boy is she   Epic.
radio and chart compatible sound.          Jan.
'Moondance' is a Van Morrison               • Out now on M&G/Polydor.
cover version, a rather simple love

 The Frank & Walters,
 Radiohead, Astoria 9/10/92
 Radiohead are not, as is commonly
 believed one band. They are two.
 The first band are noisy and crap.
 The second half are mellower,
 although not totally menace-free,
 and you can hear the words. This
 might not be a very trendy
 viewpoint to hold, and probably
 makes me sound like your parents,
 but that's just'the way it is. I like
 to know what is being sung about.
 Maybe I'm too old. This second
 half sings songs like 'Creep', which
 you will have heard, and not known
 it. It is (in case you can't be
 bothered to read the review of it
 elsewhere on this page-Poddy) a
 slow smouldering anthem for the
 lovesick. I think.
    The Frank And Walters were kind
 of crazy as per usual. A l l the
 favourites were there, Michael,
 Andy James, Laurence Olivier,
 Angela Cray, and what's more,
 they threw loads of plastic toys at
 the faithful after their traditional
 slaughtering of 'Funky C o l d
 Medina'. How can you live without
 this band?
    Lise Yates
 • Frank & Walters' 'Trains, Boats
 And Planes' is out on October 26
 through Setanta/Go! Discs. 'Creep'
                                         A miserable fat bastard, Not in any way relevant to         PWEI
 is out now on Parlophone.
                                                                                                                                                      R eviews
                                                                                  Felix 944                                             16th October 1992

Indigo Girls,   purpley wurpley woo.                                               PWEI; featuring    Clint   'no relation'    Mansell.

The Family Cat—River of                Stare—Mood ep                              Pop Will Eat Itself,
Diamonds (12")                          I've never heard anything by this         Eat, Scorpio Rising                           For the benefit of Freshers
The last time I heard The Family band before and judging by this                  Brixton Academy, 10/10/92                    Jonty (Editor Ed):                    A,A,B,B
                                                                                                                               Poddy (Music Ed):                  A.A.A.A.B
Cat was when they were playing at promo I'll be a very happy man if               Let's face it. Concerts are meant to
                                                                                                                               Beccy (Features Ed):                    B,C.C
one of the freshers' parties last year, I don't hear a fucking peep out of        be L O U D . When they're not loud,          Dcclan (News Ed):                   Won't tell
                                                                                                                               Catherine (Reviews Ed):              Unknown
and if you weren't there—GET A them again! This may have been                     they don't feel right. And Scorpio
                                                                                                                               James (What's On Ed):                   A,B,B
L I F E . But having said that, you pop-kid heaven a while back but               Rising aren't loud tonight. So they          Ian (Box Ed):                      A.A,A,V4A
                                                                                                                               James G (Business Manager):         Too Many
didn't miss much because they were you can only have so many                      don't feel right. I think that's the         Simon (James's other half)          Ask James
shite.                                  Kingmakers and the like. I dunno,         problem. And the lack of dry ice.
   Anyway getting over my initial maybe Stare are still trying to pull            And the relative containment of the
hangups and actually listening to it all the girls they used to play in           strobes. It's just not right, okay?
'River of Diamonds' is surprisingly front of in the school hall!                    Eat will pop itself. Yes, very
O K , swirling guitars and cool            Stare are one of those bands           funny, Ange, now get your kit off.
vocals but certainly didn't deserve where the few bits you like you're            And stop throwing C D s at me.
to be the title track.                  sure you've heard elsewhere, mind         They can be quite a shock when
    'Sandbag O f Your Heart' is much you the same could be said for most          you're just standing there, straing
better with anger and attitude just of the bits that fuck you off as well!        at the fairy lights on the drumkit,
oozing out of the record. A n intense Both musically and lyrically the ep         when a huge volley of C D s comes
mixture of fuzzy, feedbacking is uninspiring with the title track                 racing through the skies. Still, it's
guitars and solid vocals makes it winning the prize for being the most            nice to see 'Golden Egg' returning
easily the best track. But as an instantly forgettable.                           to the set after its recent holiday in
overall concept there's nothing but        O f the three tracks 'No Way' is       the South of France.
blandness.                              the one that pisses me off the most           ... And then it all went dark. The
  Final track on that ominous other    for being one of those Generation          curtain falls, and at last a half decent
side, ' T o m Verlaine' (yes, a        Terrorists tracks. You know the            light show kicks in to full effect. But
Television    reference!)    sounds    type 'it's all the old bastards' faults,   PWEI seem intent on denying their
vaguely Bfur-ish but with more         mind you daddy did fork out a              past. However unsavoury it might
angry guitar playing. Quite possibly   grand for this lovely guitar and           seem, it's still theirs. And while
the TV (Tom Verlaine, Television)      amp'. Yeah, go talk some sense you         they      give a pretty,         pretty
influence, but too middle-of-the-      twats: it's really shite trying to         perfunctory run through of all of
road (i.e. shite).                     mimic the Manics!                          their new album, there's precious
  I couldn't help noticing 'vocal    At various points on the final               little else; to be precise, two from
concept courtesy of Polly Harvey'  track, 'Prince of Wales R d ' , the            'Cure For Sanity', three from 'This
scrawled on the back cover, and    band manage to sound like a poor               Is This' and a solitary 'There Is No
thought why did PJ 'You leave me   man's Cure but even this is let down           Love'. Considering that they now
so dry' Harvey associate herself   by the weak vocals present                     have four albums worth of material,
with such a naff band?             throughout the ep. Maybe trying                a more varied set would not go
  Anyway overall the attitude's sorn,ething different could help this             amiss. Are they ashamed of their
sound, but in terms of potential, band (like bribing the reviewers),              previous work, now that the blame           Ange gets his 'kit' off.
they have about as much of it as a but who am I to judge?                         for creating EMF and the obnoxious
bottle of flat coke.                 If eve there was a band who could            25th Of May lies fairly and squarely
                                                                                                                                NOTE FOR FRESHERS: This : tin' xtmit/iuri Felix
  Lucas                            drive me Stare-crazy, this is the              on their shoulders? Does anyone              Ettt photo. You will xef it again
                                                                                                                               NEXT WEEK: Airlmul.
   • Out now on Dedicated.         one.                                           want a piece of squidgy Blu-tak?
                                         Jon Knight                                 Lise Yates.

                                                                                                                                                                Page 21
R eviews
16th October 1992                            Felix 944

                                                                                                 2000 A D
                    Mandarin Books have released six          cop is like Dirty Harry and set it 20
                    graphic novels (ie. comic books) of       years in the future so you've got all
                    six of the most popular stories that      sorts of weird villains and it went        The interviews
                    have appeared in 2000 A D and the         from there.
                                                              Felix; Are they going to change the
                    Judge Dredd Megazine. Us being
                    the fortunates and elitists that we are   name when we catch up with                of the year,
                    managed to wangle an interview            2000AD?
                    with some of the people behind
                    these masterpieces.
                                                              David; Well no, for every year that
                                                              we advance it goes one year in
                                                                                                        Judge Dredd
                      The man in charge, editor of all        Dredds world too so he'll always be
                    the stories in 2000AD, M r David          ahead of us. Why change the name.
                                                              It's such a brand name.
                                                                                                        and his editor...
                    Bishop had a few words to say on
                    the future of their best loved            Felix; How deeply would you say
                    character.                                you were involved in 2000AD, is
                    Felix; Is Judge Dredd likely be           it your life?
                    cloned?                                   David; It's not my life, I do have
                    David; Well, they have a tradition        a life outside, not a very big one but
                    in Megacity that if somebody is a         it is there. I purchased it for a small
                    great Judge before they die they          price. You can't just be comics,
                    take a sample of the D N A so they        you'd end up looking up your own
                    can clone them forever more and           posterior.                                 Felix; How often do you do, how
                    they keep a big chunk of them like        Felix; Do you think the artists are        often do you donn your togs and be
                    an arm or a leg and use it for the        becoming too blood-thirsty.                Judge Dredd for the day.
                    cloning. So once he does eventually       David; We-have our limits. We              Roger; It depends I mean, at the
                    peg out or gets killed probably in         never show women or children              moment it's like once a week,
                    the line of duty, I'm thinking he         getting hurt or killed. A l l our          minimum so it just goes from there.
                    should go out in a blaze of glory just    violence is shown using futuristic         Any where that I am needed. We
                    because he's that kind of guy, they       weapons, we try to avoid stabbings         are at the moment doing a nation
                    can just knock off a few copies.          and things so that we can't get the        wide tour at the moment.
                    Felix; Why are there no copies at         blame for any thing.                       Weddings, parties, barmitzvahs.
                    the moment?                               Felix; Who would you say were              Felix; How did you get roped in to
                    David; Well we've got the original        your target audience?                      playing the part?
                    and I don't think he'd fancy it.          David; Well at the moment the              Roger;    Well since they decided to
                    Also, whenever they try to do it it       average age of 2000AD readers is           do a live character I've been it. I
                    tends to go wrong. Dredd has got          16, for the megazine it's 20. So I'd       got into it totally by accident. I kind
                    a very finely balanced temperament        say that you guys at Imperial would        of think that it is based on me, well
                    and whenever they try and do a            make up our target audience. The           as a live character. They had the
                    copy of him it never works very           stories seem to appeal a lot to            idea of making it live and then they
                    well. There is actually a new story       people who are just leaving school         auditioned people, I didn't audition
                    coming out soon where they                or at college.                             for it. They just saw me one day and
                    introduce robot Judges and their          Felix; How would you then sum up           said 'Well you've got the chin will
                    entire phsycie is based on Dredds         the comics?                                you do it?'.
                    brain patterns. Which is basically        David; Well I'd say if people read         Felix; So the live character is totally
                    lacking in self-control and humanity      them and had a good laugh, enjoyed         based on your chin?
                    and so it all goes horribly wrong.        the stories and the art work, we've        Roger; Basically yeah.
                    They start going round and beating        done our job.                              Felix; Is your chin insured?
                    up on people unnecessarily. The           Felix; Many thanks.                        Roger; (Lots of laughter, well these
                    wires melt in their heads when they                                                  Americans will laugh at anything
                    get over excited.                                                                    won't they) I really wish it was.
                    Felix; So you mean that Dredd               Not only all of this but we              Felix; And the costume, who put
                    doesn't beat up on people                 managed to track down the man              that together?
                    unnecessarily?                            hired by the Judge Dredd team to           Roger; It was actually made by a
                    David; He gives himself minor             instill a sense of awe and to keep         film costume company. I think they
                    excuses, just occasionally he lets        up the terrorisation of the citizens,      enjoyed doing it. They used to come
                    some steam out.                           M r . Roger Weightman:                     into the office with fabric samples
                                                              Felix; What makes you dress up as          and say things like " W i l l this take
                    And his past...                           Judge Dredd?                               a beating from a pleb, or stand up
                    Felix; Is Dredd based on any one          Roger; The money,                          to creeps"
                    in particular or is he just a mixture     Felix;   Your kinky fetish?                Felix; Are there any plans to do a
                    of all things?                            Roger; No, it's just a fascination         film?
                    David; Well John Wagner, who              with the character, I enjoy it I love       Roger; Yep, there are.
                    writes Judge Dredd, originally            doing it.                                 ' Felix; Using you?
                    based him on Dirty Harry. He'd            Felix; So you love the power of             Roger; Well the plans are to do the
                    seen Dirty Harry, this cop who goes       being Judge Dredd                          film. M y involvement in the film is
                    round        shooting         people      Roger; Yeah, I love it. I love the         very minimal at the moment as is
                    unnecessarily, he's got a bad             character himself, the rather              likely to stay that way. At the
                    attitude problem. He's a bit of a         shooting someone than arresting            moment the rumour is that
                    rebel, M y way or no way kind of          them.. Judge Dredd is perfect for          Sctiwartzeneger is going to do it, I
                    attitude. The idea was to take that       our time, he's lasted now 15 years,        think he's got slightly more clout
                    character, make a city where every        16 years. It's a little bit of fashion.    than I have. O f course I am a better

 Page 22
                                                                                                                                              R eviews
                                                                                   Felix 944                                        16th October 1992

actor than he is but there you go.
The rights to the film were optioned
in 1981 so it has been on the go for
a long time but literally in the last
few months we have been getting
very close to exercising that option.
They've got two guys writing
separate scripts and then they're
going to chose the best one and
hopefully lever Arnie into doing it
from there. One of the guys that is
writing for us at the moment co-
wrote the script for Terminator II.
The producers of the film are
Pressman and Associates who have
produced Wall Street at one end and
Conan the Barbarian at the other.
They carry the weight then with
Arnie they gave him one of his first
big breaks.
Felix; Will the film revolve around
any of the other major 2000AD
Roger; One of the scripts in            ABC Warriors in Khronicles
production at the moment is based       of Khaos by Pat Mills and
around Judge Death, the other is        Kevin Walker
based around a character called         The story takes place on a chaotic
Rico who was actually Judge             planet, where six tough robot              Democracy Now! by John                  decide whether the Judges or a
Dredds brother in a very early          warriors set forth to find a seventh       Wagner, drawn by Jeff                   democratic system should rule;
Dredd story. Rico was bad and he        member for their team before they          Anderson                                however not everyone is happy with
got sent off to Titan for 20 odd        set off to break their programming         The Judges have governed Mega           the idea of democracy or with
years, then he came back and tried      in the search for khaos. Deadlock,         City One for decades, keeping law       Dredd. Price £ 4 . 9 9
to kill Dredd but Dredd killed him.     their leader, believes that discipline     and order by harsh and not always
He killed his own brother but that's    and order is a disease of the mind         fair methods. Judges are the police
just the kind of guy he is. He has      so, with the help of the planet and        force and jury system all rolled into     I found the that the novels
killed both his brothers in fact.       its inhabitants, introduces fellow         one, thus they have the power to        contained high quality artistry and
Felix; Thanks very much sir for         robots to their equivalent of sex,         arrest a criminal and sentence them     that the stories were an interesting
your time and patience with us          drugs and rock and roll. Good book         there and then. Resisting arrest        read. Most of the time the stories
creeps.                                 - Read it! Price £ 6 . 9 9                 often leads to being severely beaten,   were quite blood thirsty, the art
Killing Time by John Smith                                                         if not being shot or executed.          work showing the details to
and Chris Weston                        Raptaur by Alan Grant,                     However, within the city of 400         explosions and decapitations very
                                        drawn by Dean Ormston                      million is a growing movement for       well. However, cynicism and
 Max Windwood and Ishmael Cord
                                                                                   democracy threatening to remove         humour are used excellently
are two space/time agents working       The story is about an alien which
                                                                                   the Judges from power. Judge            throughout all the stories.
for Indigo Prime. Their mission         is loose in Mega City One,
                                                                                   Dredd calls for a city wide
takes them to Victorian London and      slaughtering people where and
                                                                                   referendum in order that the city       GBH
Jack the Ripper where they and          whenever it can get hold of them.
other characters journey back in        It is up to the Judges to stop it, using
time to deal with a greater evil, of    whatever means they can, but it is
whom the Ripper is only a devoted       not as easy as it seems. It reminded
and fanatical slave. With the help      me of the film Alien, 'though the
of their powers, Max and Cord           plot isn't so complicated or as
manage to continue the trip with        thrilling. Price £ 5 . 9 9
their companions, fairly unnoticed
( as it were ), despite the fact that
they're coloured bright indigo.
Price £ 5 . 9 9                         Young Death in Boyhood of
                                        a Superfiend by John
                                        Wagner, artistry by Peter
Judgement on Gotham by                  Doherty
Alan Grant and John                     After Necropolis, Judge Death is in
Wagner, artistry by                     hiding from the Mega City's
Simon Bisley                            Judges. ( For those of you who
Judge Dredd, with help from Judge       aren't regular readers of 2000 A D ,
Anderson, grudgingly teams up           Judge Death is an undead Judge
with Batman (ie. the one from           from another dimension, who once
Gotham City) in order to recapture      he had decided that "crime was
the super fiend Judge Death as well     committed by the living, thus living
as the not-so-intelligent psychopath    was a Crime '' then set about killing
Mean Angel,after they escaped           the masses wherever he could find
from Mega City One, naturally           them). Whilst in hiding, he decides
bumping people off along the way.       to have some R & R from butchering
Sounds confusing but turns out to       people and he tells a reporter of his
be a master piece of fun, blood, guts   childhood, before escaping once
and gore. Price £ 5 . 9 9               more from Dredd. Price £ 6 . 9 9

                                                                                    m m
                                                                                                                                                  Page 23
R eviews
  16th October 1992                                               Felix 944

Film                                                                                                                 Bitter Moon
                                                                                                                     A n amazing atmospheric roller-
                                                                                                                     coaster, this movie bounces the
                                                                                                                     viewer     through     sympathies,
                                                                                                                     dislikes, shared fear and pure
Thunderheart                                                                                                         shock. Emmanuelle Seigner, film
Val Kilmer plays FBI agent Ray                                                                                       director Polanski's wife, plays
Levoi who is sent to 'Badlands'—                                                                                     burning French girl Mimi opposite
an area inhabited by 'Red Indians'                                                                                   Peter Coyote in the role of Oscar,
and plagued with political                                                                                           an unsuccessful American writer.
difficulties—to solve a murder,                                                                                        Travelling aboard a luxury ship,
because, he is told, he would be                                                                                     the pair play an awesome
hindered less than a white man. Ray                                                                                  psychologial game where they trap
is one-quarter Indian; being                                                                                         a stereotyped stuck-up English
accepted as 'American', he has                                                                                       couple into the intimacy and horrors
always tried to hide this.                                                                                           of their most private relationship.
  The film tracks Ray's progress in                                                                                  Oscar gradually reveals how their
the investigation.       W h e n he                                                                                  experiences brought them from
witnesses the callousness with                                                                                       ecstatic love to addictive intimate
which the Bureau is handling the                                                                                     hatred, passing through numerous
case and begins to sense corruption,                                                                                 sexual games and perversions
his loyalty starts to shift from the                                                                                 (some on screen!), finally almost
FBI to 'his own people'.                                                                                             destroying both of them.
   This thriller is long but well                                                                                      At times funny and frightening,
paced: the action being interleaved                                                                                  the plot takes unexpected twists,
with stunning photography of the                                                                                     constantly adjusting the pressure
region and scenes and comments                                                                                       until it is hardly bearable. It
designed to indicate some of the                                                                                     vaporises yuppie-style confidence
problems that Indians face. Its                                                                                      and sense of emotional security.
impact is somewhat reduced by                                                                                        The often excellent camera work
often portraying the Indians as                                                                                      and sinister soundtrack by Vangelis
'magical mystics' but it's enjoyable                                                                                 contribute to creating a strangling
and worth watching.                                                                                                  atmosphere. Not for borderline
  Dances with Wolves seems to                                                                                        psychos or sensitive souls...
have started a trend. Maybe films         Thunderheart                                                                 Tex Crocky
featuring 'Red Indians' will             land by making these sympathetic         money.                                *Bitter   Moon    is currently
continue being made until the            films, and stop paying to see them;        A R Khan.                        playing at the Chelsea Cinema, the
Americans satisfy their conscience       i.e. the plight of the Indians will be     • Opens Friday at M G M Fulham   Gate Notting Hill, the Odeon
that they've paid back for stealing      recognised as long as it makes           Road and around London.            Kensington and around London.

Beauty and the Beast
One does not expect depth in an
animated Disney f i l m ,         and
following the tenet that to be
forwarned is to be forearmed, I                                                                                      Mitsuko Uchida — Barbican
managed to expect nothing but                                                                                        The complete lack of musical
schmalzy tears and predictable                                                                                       insight shown by this Beethoven-
morals, and thus I did enjoy it. The                                                                                 medal-winner was astounding. As
film conforms to all the Disney                                                                                      ever, publicity triumphing over
formulae - facile and effective                                                                                      mediocrity, provided her with a full
characteristion,       immediately                                                                                   house. She attacks the unsuspecting
placing the Goodies, the Baddies,                                                                                    resident    Steinway,      not   the
the Amusing Incidental Characters                                                                                    mellowest of instruments at its best,
and the Tragic Figure. A l l set in an                                                                               as though it had keys of concrete.
over-the-top rustic Bavarian                                                                                         Uchida harangued us with the
countryside. The expected and                                                                                        fastest, loudest, most percussive
appealingly slapdash visual humour                                                                                   rendition of Schumann's lyric,
is there as well as the subtler jokes                                                                                childlike 'Carnival' I have ever had
for the grownups like, for instance,                                                                                 the misfortune to hear.
the rather bittersweet advice given                                                                                     She then proceeded to rip through
to the wooing Beast of the title on                                                                                  Beethoven's sonata op 90, which,
how to win a woman; 'give her                                                                                        like all Beethoven should be treated
things like flowers, chocolates,                                                                                     with reverence, precision and
promises you don't intend to                                                                                         dynamic subtlety instead, pedalling
keep....'                                                                                                            phrases to a matted obscurity we
   If you want a superficially                                                                                       were presented with a jarring,
amusing and attractive way to spend                                                                                  discordant mess. What a depressing
some time, this is for you. We all                                                                                   experience.
know what Disney films are like -           4 t f c ft,                                                                 S.A.
don't convince yourself of anything      Beauty and the Beast                                                           OMitsuko Uchida played at the
different and you will enjoy this        it's great fun.                             ^Beauty and the Beast opens     Barbican Concert Hall last Sunday.
film. It's one of Disney's better and       A d a m Harrington.                   today around London.

  Page 24
                                                                                                                                               R eviews
                                                                                   Felix 944                                         16th October 1992

Theatre                                                                                                                     Gallery
The House of Bernarda Alba                                                                                                  Richard Serra —Drawings
The House of Bemarda Alba by the                                                                                            and Dan Graham
late Federico Garcia Lorca details
the medieval conditions of women's                                                                                          Richard Serra is one of 'America's
lives in 1930s Spain and viciously                                                                                          most celebrated and controversial
attacks the cruelties of despotism in                                                                                       artists', although I'll admit I've
a disturbing way.                                                                                                           never heard of him. The exhibition
   From start to finish, it is a well                                                                                       is supposed to 'confound our
written mixture of comedy and                                                                                               expectations by reinventing the
deprivation that was masterfully                                                                                            medium' according to the gallery's
performed by all members of the                                                                                             flyer. Reinventing in this case
cast. Dinah Stabb was excellent as                                                                                          means taking a whitewashed room
the chilling and all-powerful mother                                                                                        and sticking a large black canvas on
and the five daughters were                                                                                                 one wall. You've probably gathered
outstanding when responding to her                                                                                          by this point that I didn't like this
cruel beatings and strict rules, as                                                                                         exhibition.
well as when they were fighting                                                                                               Moving swiftly on to Dan
with each other. Other memorable                                                                                            Graham, another contemporary
performances included Susan                                                                                                 American artist. His piece, titled
Brown as the sometimes saucy                                                                                                'Two-Way Mirror and Hedge
housekeeper and Deidre Doone as                                                                                             Labyrinth' can be found on the lawn
the sweet semi-senile granny.                                                                                               near the gallery's entrance. The title
                                              House of Benarda   Alba
   The Gate Theatre has won several                                                                                         gives the game away with this one,
                                            is a play that must not be missed.
awards for backstage genius and                                                    Teechers — Bloomsbury                    the sculpture is an arrangement of
                                               P J Dodd
after seeing this play you will
                                                                                   Theatre                                  hedges and panes of glass. The
                                               • Until Nov 14, starts 7.30pm,
understand why.                                                                    Hot from the Edinburgh festival          glass reflects the hedges forming a
                                            Mon-Thurs. £ 8 unreserved, £ 4
   Despite the slightly predictable                                                comes IC Dramsoc's production of         small labyrinth. What I really liked
finale and the peculiar if not                                                     John Godbar's 'Teechers'. The play       was the way the trees on the other
hysterical ending to the first act, this                                           examines the demoralising grind of       side of the glass had a ghostly
                                                                                   life in an inner-city comprehensive.     appearance, like looking through
                                                                                   The      cast    of five      display    mist. Go and give this one a try.
                                                    Travelling                     commendable energy and admirable           Robert M o r g a n
                                                                                   versatility in their portrayal of a        • Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park,
                                                                                   myriad of characters from bored          10am-6pm, admission free.
                                                                                   adolescents and frustrated teachers
                                   The Mind!                                       to gruff caretakers. A truly virtuoso
                          CTS TRAVEL...Reduces the Cost!                           performance came from Sharon
                                                                                   Norwood, effortlessly         shifting
                                                                                   between characters whilst imbuing

  NORTH AMERICA                     EUROPE                     LONG HAUL           each with totally convincing accents
    071-323 5180                  071-637 5601                 071-323 5130        and mannerisms. She will go far.
                                                                                   Unfortunately hamming out-
                OW/TRN                          OW/RTN                 OW/RTN      weighed enthusiasm for the rest of
              tntemttional StudentH&Mtity Card                          FROM       the cast, with the possible exception    The Glyndebourne Touring
                                                                        487 7 9    of Andy McCall as the teacher            Opera —Le Nozze Di Figaro
ATLANTA        c,•., r40Mtt<° / JBB»BHMM.' r,,« ^MnsMmmk

                                                                         235 4 2
                                                                              1    coping valiantly with his unruly         The first thing I must say is that the
BOSTON         ^ ^ ^ ^ A ^ ^ ^ ^ ^                                                 charges and an extremely limp            performance of this rather famous
                                                                         253 4 8
                                                                                   script. Some leaden speeches on the      piece was absolutely amazing. A
                                                                         202 3 8   pitiful state of the education system    simple set on stage, bright costumes
                                                                                   were well directed enough (Pilar         and what's more large electronic
                                                                         210 4 0
                                                                                   Orti) to be occasionally moving.         slide subtitles above the stage made
                                                                         267 528   The highlights of the production         it a very enjoyable evening. The
                                                                         264 4 5
                                                                              8    were the beautifully conceived           plot is very complicated to explain
                                                                                   glimpses of the haven to which           in less than 150 words but while
ORLANDO                                                                       0
                                                                         206 4 7
                                                                                   pupils and teachers alike aspired,       you're watching it is very easy to
SAN FRANCISCO       1 7 2 4 PJttS^'
                     4 9                   '"''37       70   WO          287 4 9
                                                                              9    the private schools to which,            follow. The whole cast put in a
                                                                                   ironically, the teachers sent their      powerful         and      emotional
TORONTO              2 3
                    1 8 2 9 ROME                    ; 6V^\^GW8ffiV
                                                                         256 4 0
                                                                                   children. Inspired use of lighting       performance. I was most impressed
VANCOUVER           2 8 3 9 TEL AVIV
                     1 4                             9 1 9 SYDNEY
                                                      9 9                     5
                                                                         408 7 5   and some surprisingly good               by Julie Unwin, who played the part
                                                                         299 588   madrigal singing instantly conjured      of a page—desperately seeking love
WASHINGTON^ ' T O s C h ^ N j ^
                                                                                   an atmosphere of peace and               from any appropriate woman. I
                                                                                   privilege shocking in its stark          would heavily recommend anyone
                        R O U N D THE W O R L D                                    contrast to the nightmare of             who is interested in opera to attempt
                                  £787                                             poverty, impatience and mass             to see this production. A
                                                                                   production that is supposed to           memorable night.
                                                                                   constitute an adequate education.           Sam.
44 Goodge Street                                        220 Kensington High St.
                                                                                   Point made—could do better
London W 1 P 2 A D                                             London W8 ZRG                                                  • Sadlers Wells Theatre, phone
O G O O D G E STREET                                    GHITREET KENSINGTON                                                 071-278 8916. Ticket prices from
IATA Licensed                                                                                                               £6.00

                                                                                                                                                    Page 25
What's On                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         What's On
  16th October 1992                                                    Felix 944                                                                                                                                                                             Felix 944                                        16th October 1992


Camden Plaza
211 Camden High St, N W 1
                                               This week:
                                               Beauty and the Beast 1.30 4.00
                                               6.30 9.00
                                               Just like a women 7.00 9.30 12.00
                                                                                                          W h a t                                                            s                                                                               Steve,         8.30pm         start.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             promotional night with Lowenbrau
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Pils at 90p a bottle all night.

(071-485 2443) Camden Town                     Carry on Columbus 2.20 4.40             Cottosloe                              Stella Dallas 5.15                                                                                                             Dance               Club         Beginners
tube. Seats £ 5 ; 1st show daily               A league of their own 4.05 9.20         Angels in America 7.15                 The Adjuster 9.00 +                        Music                                        National Theatre                       Ballroom/Latin 7-8pm, Improvers
£ 3 . 8 0 ; cones £ 2 . 3 0 1st perf only.     White Men can't jump 1.15 4.00          Oilvier                                Home Work 7.25                           Camden Palace                                  Lyttleton Madness of George III,       B a l l r o o m / L a t i n 8-9pm, J C R .
This week:                                     6.45 9.30 Late Fri/Sat 12.15            Square Rounds, 7.15                     College                                 Eat £ 3 / £ 6                                  7.30                                   REGULAR EVENT
Unforgiven 12.30 3.05 5.40 8.20                Bitter Moon 3.00 6.05 9.10 late         Lyttleton                              Snooker Society Tournament               UCL                                              Music                                  Theatre
Chelsea Cinema                                 Fri/Sat 12.15                           Inspector Calls 7.30                   lpm to sign up.                          The Cuckoos The Himies,           Tabitha,     Mean Fiddler (Acoustic       Room)     National Theatre
206 King's R d , SW3 (071-351                  Stricty Ballroom     2.10 4.35 7.00     The Tricycle Theatre                    Theatre                                 £2                                             Fischer Z economy, £ 5                 Olivier
3742) Sloane Sq tube. Seats £ 5 . 5 0 ;        9.25                                    269 Kilburn High Road N W 6 (071       Bush Theatre                                                                                                                   Dragon, 7.15
 1st show daily £ 3 . 8 0 ; cones £ 2 . 8 0    Prince Charles                          328 1000), Kilburn Tube,               Turning over, by Brian Thompson                                   Y                                       Y                      Music
 1st perf only.                                Leicester Place, W C 2 (071-437         Trouble in mind by Alice Childress     directed by David Hayman Tickets           Cinema
                                                                                                                                                                       Electric Cinema
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cinema                                Borderline                                   Have moved
This week:                                     8181) Piccadilly/Leicester Sq tubes.    dir. Nick Kent, 8.00pm (Sat, Mon,      £ 5 8pm                                                                                 Electric Cinema                        The Trashcan Sinatras, Scarlet £ 5 ,
Bitter Moon 1.00, 3.30, 6.05, 8.40,            Seats £ 1 . 2 0 .                       Wed 4pm) Tickets £ 3 - £ 8 .                                                    White Men Can't Jump 1.40 4.00                 White Men Can't Jump 1.40 4.00         £3 before 9pm                                We are now in
late 11.15                                     This week:                               Music                                               Y                          6.20 8.40                                      6.20 8.40                              K i l b u r n National
Electric Cinema                                Hear my Song 1.30                       Marquee                                 Cinema                                  Prince Charles                                 Prince Charles                         Mudhoney,                  Leatherface,       the Sir Leon
 191 Portobello Rd, W l l (071-792             Cape Fear 4.00                          Diesel Park West, 2 Lost Sons, £ 7     Electric Cinema                          My Cousin Vinny 1.30                           Wild At Heart                          Lovebattery, £ 8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bagrit centre,
2020) Notting H i l l / Ladbroke               Straight out of Brooklyn 7.00           Powerhaus                              White Men Can't Jump 1.40 4.00           Black Robe 4.00                                1.30 The Hand That Rocks The           Hammersmith Odeon
Grove tubes. Seats £ 4 . 5 0 .                 As you like it 9.00                     Wonky Alice,     Factory Circus,       6.20 8.40                                As you like it 6.15                            Cradle 4.00                            The Christians, Jerry Burns £ 1 2 . 5 0 ,      Mechanical
This week:                                     Rocky Horror 11.45                      Thrum                                  Prince Charles                           The Making Of "Do The Right                    As You Like It 6.30                    £10.00
 White Men Can't Jump 1.40 4.00                Scala                                   U L U AU-Nighter                       Nikita 1.30                              Thing" 8.45                                    Scala                                  ULU                                            Engineering
6.20 8.40                                      257-277 Pentonville R d , N l           Bjorn Again,    Family   Go-Town,      Room With A View 4.00                    Scala                                          Singapore Sling 4.35 8.45 +            Meatbeat       Manifestos,    Eskimos,
Gate Cinema                                    (071-278 0051) King's Cross tube.       Lemon Trees, Lovetrain,      Cygnet    As You Like It 6.30                       The Beast 5.05 8.50 +                         Suddenly Last Summer 2.25 6.40         Egypt
 87 Notting H i l l Gate, W l l                Seats £ 4 . 5 0 ; cones £ 3 Mon-Fri     Ring 6am-6pm, £ 1 2                    Scala                                    Pigsty 3.15 7.00                                College                                                                             Come and see
                                               before 4.30pm for students.             Subterania                             Sato 4.00 8.45 +                           College                                      FilmSoc present Cape Fear, Mech        FELIX
 (071-727 4043) Notting Hill Gate
tube. Seats £ 5 . 5 0 , Sun mat £ 4 ;          This week:                              My life with Thrill     kill   kult,   Daddy And The Muscle Academy             Club Libido in the Ents Lounge,                Eng 220, 7.30pm, membership            News     Meetings; 1pm                       us at 12 o'clock
cones (card required) £ 3 Mon-Fri              The Abyss 2.15 8.30+                    Hypehead, £ 1 2                        3.00 7.40+                               winding you up for the weekend.                £ 6 . 5 0 , 90p per film thereafter,   Monday                                       this Tuesday for
before 6pm, Sun mat £ 3 .                      Terminator 8.40 +                                                              Noir Et Blanc 1.30 6.10                  It's F R E E , F R E E , F R E E , F R E E ,   £ 1 . 9 0 per film for non-members.    Reviews come in Wednesday
This week:                                     Piranha 2 4.45                                            Y                     Theatre                                 etc, etc, etc 9.30pm-lam, bar till             Films shown E V E R Y Thursday.        Afternoon                                       Mass and a
                                                 College                                Cinema                                National Theatre                         12am. S M I L E Z O N E Happy Hour             Contact Ian Nichol (Chairman), Civ     Features should be in the
Bitter Moon 3.00 (not Sunday) 5.45
 8.30 (late Fri/Sat) 11.15                     Atmosphere in the Ents Lounge,          Electric Cinema                        Cottesloe                                5.30-8pm                                       Eng 2 for more details.                Friday before issue date
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            buffet lunch
 M G M Chelsea                                 8pm-2am, bar till lam, £ 1 on the       The Adventures of Milo and Otis        Street of crocodiles,   7.30               Theatre                                      Quiz Night in Da Vinci's with          Letters/Clubs and Other                      All are welcome
 279 King's R d , SW3 (071-352                 door after 8pm. Smile Zone Happy        12.00                                   College                                                                                                                       contributions in by 1pm
 5096) Sloane Sq tube then bus.                Hour 8.30-10pm                          White Men Can't Jump 1.40 4.00         Dance Club Beginners Rock 'n'                                                                                                  Monday
 Seats £ 6 ; cones £ 3 . 5 0 Mon-Fri           Jewish Society                          6.20 8.40                              Roll     6-7pm,     Latin    Medals
 before 5pm.                                   1st Event—Bagel lunch and               Notting Hill Corinet                   7-8.30pm, J C R . R E G U L A R
 This week:                                    speakers 12.45-2.00 in SCR, Union       The Unforgiven 1.10 4.00 6.45 9.30     EVENT
White Men can't jump 1.40 4.10                 Building                                Prince Charles                         Weekend Sports Round-Up on
                                                                                                                              satellite T V in Da Vinci's. Plus live
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Indonesian Cultural Show
6.40 9.25                                      Rag Meeting                             Hook 2.30
Beauty and the Beast 2.10 4.40                 Ents Lounge, Union Building 1.10        My Cousin Vinny 5.00                   Premier League football: Aston                                                                                                    23-24 October 1992
7.10 9.40                                      (every Friday)                          As you like it 7.00                    Villa vs Blackburn Rovers.
Stricty Ballroom  2.30 5.00 7.20               Ents Event                              Straight out of Brooklyn 9.30            Music                                                                                                                           Friday 23rd October 1992 Great Hall, Imperial College
9.40                                           Atmosphere in the Ents Lounge 'til      Scala
                                                                                                                              SW1     at     Victoria        Station                     Calling all                                                            FREE
A league of their own 2.15                     2am, £1                                 Terminator 2 8.40 +
City of Joy 6.15 9.10                            Theatre                               Lawnmower Man 6.40 +
                                                                                                                              Suede, £ 7
                                                                                                                                                                                    Old Royalists & Friends                                                     11.00-12.30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Opening Ceremony of the Indonesian Cultural Show 1992
M G M Fulham R d                               Bush Theatre                            2001:A Space Odyssey 4.10 +                            Y                                                                                                                 Cultural Exhibition from provinces in Indonesia
Fulham Road, SW10 (071-370                      Shepherds Bush Green W12 (081          The Iron Man 2.50                        Cinema                                       The Old Royalist Association in the UK will be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                'Gamelan' Exhibition'
2636) South Ken tube then bus.                 743 3388) Shepherds Bush Tube            College                               Electric Cinema                                holding their Annual Social Evening on Saturday                                    12.30-14.00
Seats £ 6 ; cones £ 3 . 5 0 Mon-Fri            Tickets £ 8 cones £ 6                   Rag Event                              White Men Can't Jump 1.40 4.00                                 Oct 24 at 7.30pm                                                   Music Show
before 5pm.                                    Exile, 8pm, written and directed by     Live Monopoly, meet Beit Quad,         6.20 8.40                                                    in the Sherfield Hall                                                'Gamelan' Exhibition'
This week:                                     David Neville                           10am onwards. Free party for all       Prince Charles                                        Imperial College, Exhibition Road                                           14.00-15.00
Patriot Games 1.10 3.55 6.50 9.30              Gate Theatre                            collectors at King's College at 8pm    Hand That Rocks The Cradle 1.30
                                                                                                                                                                                          South Kensington SW7                                                  'Batik Painting Show'
The Unforgiven 1.10 3.50 6.35 9.25             above Prince Albert Pub 11              afterwards                             Hear My Song 4.00                                                                                                                 15.00-end
Wuthering Heights 1.40 4.15 7,10               Pembridge Road (071 229 0706)             Music                                As you Like It 6.30                                                                                                               Information Programme (Audio-visual)
9.35                                           The House ofBernada Alba, 7.30,         Town and Country                       Hand That Rocks The Cradle 9.00                It is an evening o f Buffet Dinner, D i s c o , Raffle, with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Information on Indonesian Culture
Thunderheart 1.40 4.20 6.50 9.30               Not Sunday, by Federicko Garcia         The    Disposable    Heroes      of    Scala                                                                Bar Facilities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Information on tourism and holiday programme in Indonesia
Blue Ice 4.10 9.25                             Lorca                                   Hiphoprisy, dc Basehead, £ 8           Exploring   The Image 4.30 7.40
Minema                                         L y r i c Hammersmith                                                          Body Politics 2.40 5.55 9.05                    Vegetarian meals are available only by prior request                              Saturday, 24 October 1992
45 Knightsbridge, SW1 (071-235                 Kings Street W6 (081 741 2311),                      Y                           College                                                                                                                         Junior Common Room, Imperial College
4225) Knightsbridge/Hyde Park                  Hammersmith Tube                          Cinema                               Science and Ethics Society Talk                                       Revels End at 1.30am                                        17.00-20.00
tubes. Seats £ 6 . 5 0 ; cones £ 3 . 5 0 1st    The Way of the World, by William       Electric Cinema                        'Genetic Engineering.' by Dr Jon                                                                                                  Food Fair and Dinner. Menu is a selection of dishes from provinces in
perf. Mon-Fri for students.                    Congreve dir. by Peter Gill, 7.30       Karin's Face 2.15 +                    Henry of Guys Hospital, 12.45 or                          Tickets are £ 1 3 . 5 0 and available from                              Indonesia
This week:                                     (Sat and Wed 2.30pm), £ 7 . 5 0         Fanny and Alexander 2.30               1.00pm in S C R , Union Building                              A Jayaweera (081-427 7407)                                          Performance of 'Angklung*
The Lover 2.50 4.50 6.50 8.50                  Lyric Studio                            White Men Can't Jump 6.20 8.40         Free Juke Box Night plus free live                         or H Karunasekera (081-853 3207)
Notting Hill Corinet                           Kings Street W6 (081 741 8701)          Gate Theatre                           music with acid jazz funk trio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Great Hall, Imperial College
 Notting Hill Gate, W l l (071-727             Hammersmith Tube                        La Belle Noiseuse 12.15                'Groove Yard'. Smile Zone Happy
                                                                                                                                                                                          N o tickets sold at the door                                          20.00-end
6705) Notting Hill tube. Seats £ 5 .           13th Night, by Howard Brenton,          Prince Charles                         Hour 5.30-8pm
                                                                                                                                                                             W e would like to know numbers by October 21 when                                  Opening Statement
This week:                                     8.00pm (Sat 4.00) Tickets £ 6 . 5 0 .   High Heels 1.05                        Dance       Club           Beginners                                                                                              Perormance of contemporary music and dance
                                                                                                                                                                                                   sales close
Unforgiven 2,.45 5.30 8.20                     cones £ 5 .                             Naked Lunch 3.45                       Ballroom/Latin               6-7pm,                                                                                               Admission £4.00 (including food coupon)
Odeon Kensington                               National Theatre                        Hearts of Darkness 6.15                Intermediate       Ballroom/Latin                                                                                                 £5.50 on door
                                                                                                                                                                               Please inform Old Royalists & Friends through the Sri Lankan
263 Kesington High St, W8                      South Bank SE1 (071 928 2252)           Apocalypse Now 8.15                    8-9pm, Advanced Ballroom/Latin
                                                                                                                                                                                             Student Societies at the University
(071-371 3166) Ken High St tube.               Waterloo Tube, Tickets £ 5 . 5 0        Scala                                  8-9pm, J C R . R E G U L A R E V E N T           Your attendance helps support our Alma Mater by raising funds                    Contact IC Union (ext 3500) or Weni (Beit Hall, room 72, ext 3617)
Seats £ 6 .                                    (stand-by)-£19.50                       Forty Guns 3.45 +

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