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IT Enabled Services                      2

Outsourcing to Techno Brain BPO/ITES     3

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BPO Portfolio                            5

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Operational Procedure                    7

Client Partnership                       8

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                                          Techno Brain BPO
                                                                       Company Profile

About Techno Brain BPO/ITES
      Techno Brain BPO combines world class Technology, Process Skills and
      Expertise to meet the client's requirements round the clock assuring
      business as usual.

Techno Brain BPO located at the hub of            provide B2B e-commerce solutions.
East Africa's business community Nairobi,
                                                  Techno Brain BPO is a pioneer in managing
Kenya started its operations from October
                                                  business processes for companies around
2006. In March 2008 Techno Brain BPO,
                                                  the world. The company blends process
earlier known as Ken-Tech Data Limited,
                                                  expertise,    information    technology    and
was taken over by Export Trading Limited
                                                  analytical capabilities in diverse industries to
and was incorporated with Techno Brain
                                                  provide a broad range of services using its
Limited. Techno Brain BPO is a fully owned
                                                  global delivery platform.
subsidiary of Techno Brain Limited offering
best of IT Enabled Services.                      Techno Brain BPO is an IT-enabled and
                                                  Business     Process   Outsourcing     services
Techno Brain BPO, with the support of
                                                  provider,    which     provides    integrated
Techno Brain, takes up outsourcing of
                                                  solutions, Customer Lifecycle, Back-office
processes that are enabled by Information
                                                  Lifecycle    Management,      IT   outsourcing
Technology. These services span over
                                                  services and outsourcing solutions to many
diver se    areas   like    finance,   HR,
                                                  of the local and International companies in a
administration,            health    care,
                                                  wide range of industries including retail,
telecommunication,     manufacturing    etc
                                                  insurance, mortgage, banking and financial
and   are   provided       from   e-enabled
                                                  services, healthcare, telecommunications,
locations. Techno Brain BPO aims to
                                                  technology, travel and hospitality.

                                              1                               Techno Brain BPO
                                                                                Company Profile

IT Enabled Services
       Techno Brain BPO/ITES started with non-voice operations for local clients
       and grew up its competencies to handle voice, F&A, KPO and IT enabled
       services in a faster pace. Today Techno Brain BPO/ITES supports Clients'
       from US, South America ,UK, India & Local clients across Africa in the
       fields of Finance & Accounts Services (F&A), Customer & Technical
       Service, Digitization, Market Research & Survey (KPO), Data Transcription
       & many more for the esteemed clients

IT   Enabled       Services   has      drastically         Data Processing, Document Handling or Call
increased over years. It is more being                     Centers. Outsourcing helps organization to

recognized not merely as a tool of cost                    focus   on   developing     its   core   business.
                                                           Outsourcing integrates all the tasks that are not
reduction but is also being considered as a
                                                           part of the organization's main line activity or
management tool for achieving higher
                                                           core process and streamlines business processes
organizational effectiveness.
                                                           by improving operating performance, increase
IT Enabled Services is a revolutionary IT                  efficiency, productivity and control cost in order
offshoot which can look after all outsourcing              to help management better focus on increasing
needs whether it's Customer Relationship                   sales and market share, developing new and
Management (CRM), Finance & Accounting                     improved products and enhancing customer
services,    Transcription/Translation   services,         service and satisfaction.

An organization can undergo the following benefits by outsourcing their processes:

     Gain a competitive edge
     Increase flexibility & capacity
     Enhance overall performance
     Improve customer satisfaction
     Manage security, privacy & risk
     Increase market share & revenues
     Improve productivity & operating
     Control cost through significant
     Better process maturity & resource

                                                     2                                 Techno Brain BPO
                                                                              Company Profile

Outsourcing to Techno Brain BPO/ITES
     Techno Brain BPO has a capacity of 150 seats which can host a maximum
     of 400 operational seats in a day and is available with modern
     infrastructure capable of operating continuously meeting 24x7 operations

Techno Brain BPO offers a wide spectrum                   Techno Brain BPO brings a wealth of
of high quality, time bound & cost                        experience to both local as well as global
effective     IT    enabled       ser vices     to        clients. We offer a variety of voice and non-
organizations       globally      through      the        voice IT enabled services that are specifically
offshore    facilities   available    in     Kenya.       tailored   to   meet    the    needs    of   the
Outsourcing        to    Techno      Brain    BPO         outsourcing     industry.   After   establishing
completely      eliminates     the     costs     of       Techno Brain BPO as one of the forerunners
recruiting, hiring, training and payroll                  in the outsourcing industry in Kenya, we are
taxes. You don't have to deal with the                    positioning ourselves to be the ITES Service
stress of finding and hiring new people or                Provider of choice in the region. Techno
reducing your work force when they aren't                 Brain BPO, being a global company, is also
needed. Additionally, our decade old                      socially responsible. As an initiative towards
strong foothold in IT Solutions and                       Corporate Social Responsibility, Techno Brain
Training enables us to offer end-to-end                   BPO division upgraded the existing Childline
solutions to our clients across the globe.                Kenya’s Call Centre Infrastructure with the
                                                          support of Rockfeller Foundation.
As an ITES customized solution provider,

                                                      3                               Techno Brain BPO
                                                                           Company Profile

Core Values & Differentiators
   Techno Brain BPO has a capacity of 150 seats which can host a maximum of
   400 operational seats in a day and is available with modern infrastructure
   capable of operating continuously meeting 24x7 operations requirements.

    Strives for excellence                             accountability & credibility
    Shows transparency in all dealings                 Makes objective decisions that are
                                                       impartial & unprejudiced
   Does not compromise on ethical
   values                                              Recognizes its employees as the
                                                       foundation of its success
   Constantly surpasses the client's
   expectations                                        Reflects upon own experiences for
                                                       continuous learning & growth
   Strives to improve by seeking
   feedback from others                                Actively fosters the vision, mission &
                                                       values of the organization
    Leads by example through personal

Techno Brain BPO has built its value proposition as a client partner rather than a service provider
with the ability to provide customized delivery solutions based on the client's requirements and
enabling process improvements using industry benchmarks and standard quality processes. Listed
below are few differentiators.

    Integrated IT & BPO delivery model                 from a rich pool of talented, energetic and
    The management team at Techno                      ambitious who are keen to be part of the
    Brain BPO has a vast extensive                     growing success of Techno Brain BPO.
    experience of transitioning global                 We have one of the best learning and
    business processes to Kenya and                    training facilities in the industry to train our
    running effective service operations               work force.
    for global organizations.                          We are the FIRST pure play BPO/ITES
    Kenya has one of the best education                Company in Kenya to grow organically and
    systems in Africa and enjoys over 80%              reach the present size.
    of literacy. Techno Brain BPO recruits

                                                4                                Techno Brain BPO
                                                                          Company Profile

BPO Portfolio
  We provide hybrid services to unlock business value by applying proven
  process methodologies and business excellence frameworks to significantly
  reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes.

Techno Brain BPO is an end-to-end outsourcing provider with an extensive portfolio of services to offer.

    Customer Care                          Finance & Accounting             Human Resources

      Inbound Customer Service               Billing Generation               Payroll Processing
      & Technical Support                    & Maintenance                    Employee Database
      Banking                                Accounts Payable                 Management
      Payments, Loans & Mortgage
                                             Accounts Receivable              NSSF Management
      Billing Helpdesk                                                        / Fund Management
      HR Services
                                             Balance Sheet Tracking
      Sales Support
                                             & Maintenance
      E-Commerce Support
                                             Quick Book Accounting
      Internal Services Helpdesk
      Sales Pramote/Appointment
      Chat, emailing, Fax Services

    Knowledge Services                     Order Management                 Procurement

      Market Research / Survey              Order & Lead                     Vendor Authorization
      Market & Demand Analysis              Generation
      Data Mining                           Order Acceptance                 Purchasing &
      Research                              & Maintenance                    Payment Services

      ITES Consulting                       Order Processing
      Lead Generation

    Data Related Services                  Web Services                     Others
      Data Entry, Verification &             Web Designing                   Digitiization
      Validation                                                             Services
                                             Online Sales &
      Data Scrapping                         Marketing                       Scanning &
                                                                             Indexing Services
      Data Conversion                        Supporting
                                             e-Commerce                      Legal Services

                                                5                               Techno Brain BPO
                                                                      Company Profile

Physical & Data Security
   Techno Brain BPO ensures high physical security for its premises, employees
   and also for the intellectual business solely be the property of client. Non-
   Disclosure agreement will be signed to protect client data by all employees &
   will be followed with all due regards.

Pre-crisis security measures taken at different levels in the organization:
System based security measures:
   All systems will be password protected            Employees will be working on a secluded
   USB ports will be disabled on all                 section so as to enforce that all these
   machines                                          measures are implemented

   Restricted internet access to protect the         Agents who handle financial information
   confidential data from sending out of the         will be placed closer to the supervisor
   office                                            work stations for constant monitoring

Physical & premises security measures :
   CCTV     Cameras     with   remote   access       World class fire & alarm services connected to
   monitoring                                        our vendor central security desk
   Security check for all employees at the           Security enabled premises with biometric
   entrance                                          fingerprint access control for production area,
   Mobile phones, PDAs, Bags, Pens & Papers          Tech & Server rooms
   not allowed inside the office

Post-crisis security measures:

   Client SLA followed – Contracts signed with       HR driven is investigation done & details are
   clauses on ensuring data security                 submitted to client on action points
   Insurance on data security considered to be       Recommendations            also    sent    to
   taken based on work volume                        management for further action

                                                 6                          Techno Brain BPO
                                                                                       Company Profile

Operational Procedure
   At Techno Brain BPO we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and
   services to assist clients with successfully implementing of their “Business
   Solutions” across the Globe.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients,                experience extends to interfacing our CRM with
Techno Brain BPO maintains a wide range of                       our Clients Applications and various call based
qualifications. We excel in our BPO / KPO/ITES                   functions. At Techno Brain BPO we are continually
Operational & Quality skills. Our extensive                      expanding upon our knowledge and services to
knowledge base entails us in planning and                        assist clients with successfully implementing of
executing   24     X    7   Operations     effectively.          their “Business Solutions” across the Globe.
Moreover,    our       functional   and    technical

                                          Turning insights into actions
                                          Integrate needs vs deliverables
                   Discovery              Resolving clients business issues
                                          Building trust & respect with clients

We at Techno Brain BPO follow a robustly defined operational procedure to ensure process integrity and
minimize inherent outsourcing risks. We help clients establish the right outsourcing strategy, and help them in
devising a plan to implement the strategy and de-risking the plan to ensure success.

Discovery: At this stage, we try and                             confirm and validate with client and prepare
understand clients' business, identify                           the process implementation plan.
outsource opportunities, assess requirements,                    Transition Management & Implementation:
review environment and confirm validity.                         At this juncture, we adapt process plan,
Analysis: For analyzing, we gather                               emulate client process, document operating
documentation, identify solution and costing,                    plan, and confirm performance requirements.

                                                           7                                  Techno Brain BPO
                                                                      Company Profile

Client Partnership
    Techno Brain BPO an IT Enabled Service provider is about partnership and
    value creation, much about recognizing opportunities that the new economic
    climate provides.

Techno Brain BPO is an organization with          system. It is not an anathema for poorly
strong fundamentals, business & financial,        thought out business decisions or an
governance models, increased appetite             alternative to ad hoc cost cutting business
for risk, flexibility will continue to grow       measures. Our clients and us recognize this
and thrive. Further, we also have a full          and work with each other to make this a win
service capability across BPO, IT and             all.
consulting in order to have a greater             Techno Brain BPO an IT Enabled Service
ability to impact client organizations.           provider is about partnership and value
Further, we have invested in building a           creation,    much      about     recognizing
world class outsourcing capability center         opportunities that the new economic
to support our strong technology and              climate provides. Please be assured that we
BPO credentials backed by global delivery.        extend service to international standards
We will continue to make investments in           with the state of the art facility that we have.
all its strategic focus areas.                    Further it is empowered by internationally
The BPO/ITES engagement model like any            recognized methodology and operating
other business imperative is based on             procedures. Hence, our clients are always
trust, relationship, proven domain and            provided with the best service that is
above all a mutual desire to grow business        possible.
and achieve gains and efficiencies in the

 “We thank you for taking time to go through our profile and would be
 highly interested to work with your esteemed Organization. Feel free
 to contact us for detailed requirements. Customer Reference will be
 provided on request.”

                                              8                             Techno Brain BPO
                                                                                                                                            Company Profile

About Techno Brain
Techno Brain, established in 1997, is an                                                Dynamics) certified Project Monitoring and
Intellectual Property driven Technology                                                 Evaluation System; SecuRegister, Multi-modal
Services Company, committed to deliver                                                  Biometric System; AIRevenue, Airport Revenue
innovative IT solutions, BPO/ITES services and                                          Management System; and IFMS, Integrated
IT Training worldwide. With unsurpassed                                                 Financial Management System; and IT
technical expertise built over a decade, &                                              Solutions are e-Governance; Secure
having development centers in Africa, USA &                                             Credentials; Management Information System
Asia, Techno Brain, a Microsoft Gold Certified                                          & Point Solutions.
Partner and an ISO 9001:2008 Certified                                                  Techno Brain’s BPO/ITES Division offers
Company, offers high quality, cost effective,                                           Customer Care, Finance & Accounting, Human
off-the-shelf solutions and products to                                                 Resources, Knowledge Services, Order
Governments, Public Sectors, NGOs, and                                                  Management and Web Services tailored to the
other large Private Organizations across the                                            global outsourcing industry.
                                                                                        Techno Brain’s Training Division has over a
Techno Brain’s major IT products are                                                    decade’s of experience in imparting quality IT
InspireHRM, a Microsoft Certified Human                                                 Training in Africa on Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle,
Resources & Payroll Management System;                                                  RedHat and various International Diploma
MEsure, a CfMD (Certified for Microsoft                                                 courses.

Our Partners

           Microsoft            Oracle              New Horizons                                      Serenic Corporation                         L1-ID

              GET                NEC                    AWARE                                                             3M                    Net Smart

                                   TECHNO BRAIN
                                   Washington D.C

                                                                                       TECHNO BRAIN
                                                                                                                             TECHNO BRAIN
                                                                        TECHNO BRAIN
                                                                      Addis Ababa
                                                                    TECHNO BRAIN

                                                                        Kampala               TECHNO BRAIN
                                                                                                        TECHNO BRAIN
                                                                                         Dar es Salaam
                                                                                                TECHNO BRAIN
                                                                TECHNO BRAIN
                                                                                             TECHNO BRAIN
                                                     TECHNO BRAIN

                                                                    9                                                                           Techno Brain BPO
P.O. Box 510-00100
2nd Floor - Office Block,
Tuffsteel Campus
(Next to Tusky's head quarter 400 mts
away from City Cabanas)
Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20-2364167 / 8,
     +1-347-227-6913 (USA)

Tanzania                                 Ethiopia                                    India
PO Box 10295,                            P.O. Box 2535, Code 1250                    II Floor, S.V.Square,
Plot Number 532,                         KT12 Building, Ethio-China                  Road No.36,
Msasani Peninsula,                       Friendship Road (Wellosefer)                Jubilee Hills,
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania                  Addis Ababa                                 Hyderabad – 500 033
Tel : +255 22 2113502/2118302            Tel : +251 11 442 1813/14                   Tel : +91 40 30990202
Fax: +255 22 2118298                     Fax: +251 11 440 1453                       Fax : +91 40 30990201  

Kenya                                    Malawi                                      Mozambique
P.O. Box 57666-00200                     Plot No 3/772, Area 3,Private Bag No 2625   Av. OUA nr. 1095
4th Floor, Eco Bank Towers               Kamuzu Procession Road                      NUIT 400204748
Muindi Mbingu St, Nairobi                HAYAT building, Lilongwe                    Maputo
Tel : +254 20 224 6145/224 6154          Tel : +265 1 750 395                        Tel : +258 21 403 241
Fax : +254 20 224 6186                   Fax : +265 1 1750 395                       Fax : +258 21 408 733      

South Africa                             UAE                                         Uganda
6th floor, South Wing, Sandton City      P.O. Box 10559                              P.O. Box 33339, Unit 13/14
Office Towers, Cnr. Rivonia & 5th Str.   Ras Al Khaimah                              1st Floor, Metropole House
Sandhurst 2196, Johannesburg             Dubai                                       Entebbe Road, Kampala
Tel : +27 11 783 5238/5291/5306          Tel: + 971 422 38801                        Tel : +256 31 2263066/2263067
Fax : +27 11 783 5341                    Fax: + 971 422 38863                        Fax : +256 41 4347 078       

USA                                      Zambia
1 Innovation Way                         P.O. Box 33522, Plot No. 179
Delaware Technology Park                 Luanshya Road,
Newark, De 19711-5449 USA                Lusaka
Tel : +1 888 875 0554                    Tel: +260 1 226 894
Fax : +1 888 875 0554                    Fax: +260 1 237 731    


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