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									The Dazzling Dominican Republic

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The Dazzling Dominican Republic

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                                                              THE DAZZLING DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
        Reach your target market -
                                                              By Anjali Wilde
        people looking for property,
        information and opportunities                         I can truthfully report that after 12 years of travel throughout the Caribbean my
        in YOUR country.                                      favorite island is easily the Dominican Republic. There is just simply no other
                                                              island like it as no other island offers the plethora of world class activities,
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        how we can help you sell your
        property, business,                                   The Dominican Republic is that rare colorful tapestry of Spanish, French, Haitian,
        opportunity, ebook or idea.                           and African influences woven by a rich and storied history. Christopher Columbus
                                                              described this lush land as "a beautiful island paradise with high forested
                                                              mountains and large river valleys". This statement is still as true today as it was
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                                                              in 1492. In addition to the comforts of sun, sea, and sand, the Dominican
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                                                              This is a destination like no other - a sensual feast of dazzling landscapes, exotic
          Need Exposure for your                              cuisine, and a remarkable variety of arts and entertainment options. The pulse-
                                                              pounding thrill of the merengue, intriguing relics from centuries past, premium
        Large Real Estate
                                                              cigars, and even world-class baseball await you. The Dominican Republic is a
        Development? Advertise your                           surprising place that will delight even the most experienced traveler. The
        project, your resort, your spa,                       Dominican Republic is vast and to introduce you to all of the regions, activities
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                                                              REGIONS OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

                                                              Diverse terrain and extraordinary natural beauty is a hallmark of the Dominican
                                                              Republic's six regions which are a fantastic combination of environments that will
                                                              capture your imagination and refresh your soul.

                                                              Rolling mountains, lush jungles, pine forest, coral reefs, unspoiled beaches, and
                                                              arid desert coexist side-by-side in this magical land. The magnificence of nature
                                                              sets the scene for quaint villages, charming cities, and first class
                                                              accommodations for visitors.
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        We value your privacy                                 Home to some of the country's most lush and fertile lands, the central region of
        (Unsubscribe anytime)                                 the Dominican Republic includes the towns of Santiago and La Vega, as well as
                                                              the stunning Cordillera Central mountain ranges and the Cibao Valley. Well
          Visit our Archives! Click                           endowed with rich soil and incredible natural resources, this region regularly
                                                              attracts nature lovers, cigar connoisseurs and adventurers.
        here to explore our archived
        articles.                                             La Vega

                                                              A quiet town with a rich history, La Vega was also blessed with fertile soil and
                                                              precious gold. It is fairly quaint, with 60,000 inhabitants. However, when
                                                              February rolls around, the city is anything but quiet and reserved. La Vega is the (2 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                              home of Carnaval, one of the oldest and most vibrant of Dominican traditions.
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                                                              People from around the globe visit Santiago year-round to stay at some of the
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                                                              finest accommodations that satisfy the needs of any traveler. In addition, the city
                                                              provides a vibrant nightlife and variety of stores that are comparable to the
          Tell Your Story! We want                            capital city. Most travelers know that convenience is an added bonus. Santiago
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        readers what you've learned,
        what you love and what you                            The East Coast region contains the most popular and fastest growing tourist area
        think other people need to                            in the country - Punta Cana/Bavaro. One look at the surroundings and there is no
        know about living, working,                           question as to why. This is the place to be if tourists are seeking an all-inclusive
        buying, selling, relocating and                       style vacation set on one of the most picturesque beaches in the world.
        retiring in the Caribbean.
                                                              Vacationers don't have to travel far for a change of scenery. Just south of the
                                                              thriving area is environmentally forward Bayahibe. This area not only contains
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                                                              one of the most celebrated national parks, but has also received two awards for
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                                                              its conservation efforts in tourism.
        comment? Want more info?
        Different info? We want you to                        Another popular east coast destination is La Romana. Most people who know a
        be satisfied, so tell us what                         thing or two about the Dominican Republic instantly think of Casa de Campo
        you think...                                          when asked about this quaint area. While the luxurious resort frequented by
                                                              many celebrities is a top attraction, the city of La Romana is historically
                                                              important, especially for baseball fans, and worth a visit.

                                                              Punta Cana and Bavaro

                                                              In P unta Cana, it's all about the beach. Punta Cana is undeniably breathtaking
                                                              with tall swaying palms scattered along 21 miles of some of the whitest and
                                                              finest coral sand beaches in the world. The majority of the over 30 resorts in
        A comprehensive list of                               Punta Cana are all-inclusive, allowing for an easygoing vacation wit with plenty
        downloadable ebooks                                   to do. As one of the fastest growing areas in the country, more luxurious and
        available from Caribpro. Titles                       bigger com complexes are planned to open in 2006. Beyond new
        include:                                              accommodations, a 24-mile long boulevard is being built to easily move
                                                              vacationers throughout the area.
         Costa Rica: Living There
                                                              La Romana
        The Golden Door to Retirement
                                                              Known for its sugar factories, the area of La Romana is one of the more
         Retirement Planning For                              industrialized in the Dominican Republic. In fact, it's the sugar that makes La
        Offshore Living: Maintain and                         Romana and neighboring San Pedro de Macoris two of the leading Major League
        Enhance your lifestyles                               Baseball player producing towns.
        spending less than 25% of
        your monthly budget.                                  During the six months when sugar is not in high production, workers often
                                                              compete in baseball games against other sugar mill workers. This has helped to
                                                              brew the excitement and passion for baseball that has become synonymous with
                                                              the country. (3 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

          Retire In Mexico: Live                              CASA DE CAMPO IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPLETE AND LUXURIOUS
        Better For Less. Live in                              RESORT COMMUNITIES IN THE CARIBBEAN...
        Mexico and join the many
        other retires who have done                           Casa de Campo
        their homework, which
        resulted in mexico where you                          Casa de Campo is considered one of the most complete and luxurious resort
        can live better for less.                             communities in the Caribbean. Many celebrities vacation at the complex such as
                                                              George Hamilton, Bill Clinton, Shakira, Elizabeth Taylor, former President George
                                                              H. Bush, and the country's very own Sammy Sosa.
          Escape The Corporation:
        How to live the life you've                           PGA golf greats including Dana Quigley, Jim Thorpe, Ed Dougherty and Tom
        always dreamed of - free from                         Wargo have all made their way to Casa de Campo to play Teeth of the Dog, the
        the corporate slog.                                   first course to open at the resort nearly 30 years ago. Since creating Teeth of the
                                                              Dog, Pete Dye has designed Links and his newest course Dye Fore. While this
          Belize: Living There How to                         new course is receiving rave reviews from international golfers, Teeth of the Dog
        Live, Retire, Work of Invest in                       is still a favorite and for this reason the resort has invested in its extensive
        Belize.                                               makeover, which is scheduled for completion in October 2005.

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                                                              In addition to golf, the resort also has a full-service marina capable of
                                                              accommodating yachts up to 250-feet long with its new expansion. Beyond golf,
                                                              yachts and living the life of luxury, Casa de Campo also features a polo club,
                                                              private beach, pool and spa area, horseback riding, sport shooting, tennis and
                                                              meeting facilities.

                                                              This resort area is perhaps the DR's most popular vacation destination. Punta
                                                              Cana is outlined by a large concentration of all-inclusive resorts, each with their
                                                              own garden of sun chairs and cabanas. However, despite the number of people
                                                              who idle the day away here, the beach's size ensures visitors will never feel
                                                              crowded. Those who don't want to spend their time simply baking in the sun can
                                                              participate in an array of activities from beach volleyball to parasailing. (4 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                              North Coast Region

                                                              It seems that each of the Dominican Republic's major regions has a nickname
                                                              and the North Coast is no different. Featuring the popular towns of Puerto Plata,
                                                              Cabarete and Sosua, the north coast has been referred to as the Amber Coast ,
                                                              due to the prevalence of this semi-precious gem the Discovery Coast thanks to
                                                              Christopher Columbus discovery of the island of Hispaniola at Cape Isabela and
                                                              the Silver Coast, after Columbus named the area Puerto Plata or silver port
                                                              because of the effect the sun made on the water as he approached.

                                                              Regardless of what visitor’s call it, the north coast brings together some of the
                                                              country's best features - lush jungle forests, rolling mountain ranges, ethereal
                                                              blue waters and golden sand beaches. And it is because of these characteristics
                                                              that this area is today considered the country's most versatile playground. Here
                                                              vacationers can jump river beds on a mountain bike, fight the waves on a kite
                                                              board, test their strength on a rock face or rub elbows with the rich and famous
                                                              who come for the north coast's luxurious new accommodations. No matter what
                                                              activity visitors choose to partake in, however, they'll find that everything here is
                                                              done with legendary Dominican flair.


                                                              Over the past few years Cabarete has grown to achieve international fame and
                                                              the reason may be found on the town's beach, ranked as one of the world's top
                                                              five kite boarding and windsurfing destinations. So good are the conditions here,
                                                              in fact, that Cabarete is regularly a stop in International competitions.

                                                              Cabarete offers more than just kite boarding and windsurfing, however.
                                                              Adventure sports enthusiasts come here for a range of activities including
                                                              mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting and the like.

                                                              Playa Dorada

                                                              Widely known as the world's largest all-inclusive resort complex, Playa Dorada
                                                              hosts 15 resorts, a mall, restaurants, golf and beaches. In fact, many guests
                                                              spend their entire vacation within the complex walls. One could spend weeks
                                                              wandering and shopping in this fabulous complex.

                                                              Puerto Plata

                                                              With 200,000 residents, Puerto Plata is the largest city on the Dominican
                                                              Republic's North Coast. The center of the town is called Old City and it is here
                                                              that Puerto Plata's famed Victorian houses and narrow streets can be found.


                                                              By far one of the prettiest spots on the North Coast, Sosua is situated on a
                                                              breathtaking Caribbean bay spotted with white sand beaches, rock formations
                                                              and luxurious homes and resorts.

                                                              Featuring a mix of all-inclusives and luxury boutiques, the town offers a range of
                                                              activities to fit any visitor. Despite this, Sosua has hung onto a small town charm
                                                              that is all its own.

                                                              FOR THOSE WHO DREAM OF A ONE-ON-ONE WITH MOTHER NATURE, A
                                                              VISIT TO THE SAMANA PENINSULA ON THE NORTHEAST COAST... (5 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                              North East Coast

                                                              The Dominican Republic really does offer something for everyone. For those who
                                                              dream of a one-on-one with Mother Nature, a visit to the Samana peninsula on
                                                              the Northeast Coast is like pulling up a chair on her front porch.

                                                              Samana's beauty lies in her simplicity. Here, unspoiled beaches serve as a
                                                              threshold to vibrant coral reefs while mountain waterfalls intersect lush rain
                                                              forests. But while Samana is a top destination for eco-tourists and naturalists,
                                                              some come to this off the beaten path peninsula to interact with humpback
                                                              whales. After all, Samana is home to one of the largest and best breeding
                                                              grounds in the world for this elusive mammal.

                                                              But while Samana's beauty is the stuff of legends, its history is fodder fit for a
                                                              fairytale. Columbus stopped here on his discovery of the New World but the area
                                                              didn't become populated until late in 1756 when people began migrating from
                                                              the Canary Islands. Soon Samana became a haven for pirates who pillaged
                                                              passing ships. What followed was a short ownership by Napolean Bonaparte and
                                                              later, settlement by freed American slaves.

                                                              All this history and meshing of cultures has left Samana as one of the most
                                                              impressive melting pots in the Dominican Republic. Americanos, descendents of
                                                              the African-American inhabitants, mix with Europeans from France, Spain and
                                                              Italy. Not only do people here look different from their Dominican brethren, but
                                                              the food and even the language has a twist all its own

                                                              The town of Samana is located on the southern side of the peninsula along
                                                              Samana Bay. It's a popular base for tourists who plan to participate in whale
                                                              watching excursions or day trips to Cayo Levantado, both of which leave from
                                                              the town's port. Samana's Malecon, or beachfront strip, is the center of activity
                                                              and features outdoor cafes and small shops.

                                                              Samana is heavily populated by Americanos, descendents of freed American
                                                              slaves. Because of this the town holds a series of annual harvest festivals, a
                                                              tradition dating back to the Yam and Rice festivals of West Africa. These lively
                                                              events are held on Fridays from late August through the end of October at
                                                              Samana churches.

                                                              South Central Region

                                                              While the Dominican Republic's coasts provide relaxation at every turn, Santo
                                                              Domingo and the South Central Region are all hustle and bustle. With just over
                                                              three million people, Santo Domingo serves as the Caribbean's most diverse
                                                              destination and, arguably, the most vibrant. The city itself displays contrasts at
                                                              every turn. Contemporary hotels sit on ancient cobblestone streets, luxury cars
                                                              park beside well-worn scooters, and eclectic cuisine at hip restaurants is served
                                                              next to street vendors serving traditional Dominican fare.

                                                              As the oldest city in the New World, Santo Domingo features the first cathedral,
                                                              first university and first hospital of the Americas. In fact, visitors often note that
                                                              the well-preserved Zona Colonial makes them feel as though they've been
                                                              transported in time.

                                                               Click Here to see Related Articles (6 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

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                                                                                  Cap Cana’s exclusive Las Palmas community. This is
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                                                                                  Palmas, a privileged residential community located on
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                                                                                  some time. This golf community is highly sought after
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                                                                                                       For more information:
                                                                                                            CLICK HERE

                                                              Despite all this history, Santo Domingo is quite modern and very continental. The
                                                              city's restaurants offer just about any cuisine in the world, boutiques and major
                                                              chain retailers from the U.S. and Europe have set-up shops, and a wealth of
                                                              museums, galleries and theaters ensure countless cultural events.

                                                              South West Coast

                                                              If the Dominican Republic has a well-kept secret, the western region of the
                                                              country is it. Essentially, this region includes the area west of Santo Domingo,
                                                              and it is still an undiscovered territory by many tourists. Visitors seeking areas
                                                              less traveled would be wise to experience this peaceful region before it becomes
                                                              a popular destination. The farthest part of the region is only about a three hour
                                                              drive from Santo Domingo or Santiago airports.

                                                              Although the Dominican Republic provides a change of scenery at just about
                                                              every turn, this region is the most diverse ecologically. Two salt water lakes, one
                                                              being the largest in the Caribbean, provide a haven for massive populations of
                                                              birds and reptiles. And while some sections of the area are mountain rainforest,
                                                              other parts are pine forest and arid desert.

                                                              San Cristobal

                                                              The first major city west of Santo Domingo, San Cristobal is considered by many
                                                              as a small version of the capital. The city of 170,000 thrives on its sugar cane
                                                              mills and herb fields. Its arid ground and mountain background serve as a
                                                              gateway to the wild west. Just south of San Cristobal is the village of Nigua
                                                              where 16th-century and 18th-century ruins of sugar mills can be explored.

                                                              THE DR HAS NINE ECOLOGICAL ZONES, A DIVERSITY WHICH MAKES ITS (7 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                              ECO AND ADVENTURE TOURISM SO REMARKABLE AND EXCITING.

                                                              ECO AND ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES

                                                              The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries in the Caribbean with nine life
                                                              zones, or ecological zones. This diversity plays a major role in making eco and
                                                              adventure tourism in the country so remarkable and exciting.

                                                              The Dominican Republic has the highest and lowest sea level points in the
                                                              Caribbean with Pico Duarte at 10,128 feet above and Lake Enriguillo at 144 feet
                                                              below. In between these elevations is a playground of environments from tropical
                                                              rainforest to arid desert. These areas are matched with adventures and activities
                                                              designed to get adrenaline rushing, hearts racing and senses bursting.

                                                              There are several professional tour companies that offer a variety of activities in
                                                              the Dominican Republic. Some of these companies offer competitive tours,
                                                              depending on the location, while others specialize in a particular area, such as
                                                              rock climbing.


                                                              The Dominican Republic is a haven for birdwatchers with over 300 species of
                                                              brightly colored birds that call the island home either permanently or as a
                                                              migration layover. Twenty-seven species are endemic, meaning only found on
                                                              the island of Hispaniola. Another 15 species are either endangered or threatened,
                                                              including the bay-breasted cuckoo, LaSelle thrush and Hispaniolan crossbill. One
                                                              commonly found bird of special interest is the palmchat because it is not only an
                                                              endemic species but an endemic family.

                                                              The Southwestern Region is very popular with birders because it combines a
                                                              semi-desert zone with coast, lagoons, islands, lakes and cliffs, providing a
                                                              diverse habitat for a large variety of avian. In fact, more than 130 species are
                                                              located in the Jaragua National Park alone.


                                                              There are no official campgrounds in the Dominican Republic. However, for those
                                                              looking for a more rugged camping adventure, the country presents some unique
                                                              opportunities for camping in its national parks and on a few uninhabited islands.

                                                              Canyoning and Cascading

                                                              Canyoning is a blend of hiking, swimming, rock climbing, jumping and repelling
                                                              and usually ends with a dip in a cool mountain pool. The Dominican Republic
                                                              serves as an excellent arena for this relatively new adventure sport due to its
                                                              multitude of mountain ranges. Adventure seekers staying on the North Coast can
                                                              easily find a tour or guide out of Cabarete, but the most popular access point is
                                                              Jarabacoa in the central region.

                                                              Cascading is a variant that uses little equipment and requires the partaker to
                                                              "cascade" by making multiple jumps with at least one through a waterfall and
                                                              into the pool at its bottom. The Salto de Jimenoa waterfall is a recommended
                                                              spot but the pinnacle cascading course is Damajagua, near Puerto Plata.


                                                              There are hundreds of caves spread throughout the Dominican Republic, the (8 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                              majority of which are located in the country's numerous national parks.
                                                                                                                                                           The temperature is 70-80
                                                              Four-Wheeling/ATV                                                                        degrees, there is little humidity
                                                                                                                                                        and you can see for miles with
                                                              Several countryside tours offer a variety of transportation modes. Some have              beautiful mountain views. You
                                                              jeeps or mountain bikes, while others have monster trucks. Depending on levels             are minutes away from an 18
                                                              of adventurism, an ATV may be the right choice. Cruising on the rough roads of           hole eco golf course and country
                                                              the Dominican countryside, the ATVs set course through tropical woods and                      club that is part of the
                                                              rushing rivers.                                                                            development and 30 minutes
                                                                                                                                                       away from a private beach club
                                                              Glass-Bottom Boats                                                                        available to lot owners for their
                                                              Available by an official tour operators, this is the fastest way to reach the reefs                  Click Here>>
                                                              for snorkeling. It's also a great way to see the reefs if tourists prefer to stay dry.
                                                              Visitors can expect to pay approximately $15 per person. Glass bottom boats can
                                                              also be arranged in Punta Cana through the hotels.

                                                              Helicopter Tours

                                                              The Dominican Republic's coastlines are some of the most beautiful in the
                                                              Caribbean thanks to an expansive coral system, unending beaches and lush
                                                              jungle forests. And there's no better way to see it than by air. Helicopter tours
                                                              from 10, 20 and 30 minutes are available throughout the country and some
                                                              operators will create a personalized experience.


                                                              Abundant trails line the countryside of the Dominican Republic with the most
                                                              famous leading to Pico Duarte. Most paths are located within the national parks
                                                              system and require permits from the government in order to be explored. Some
                                                              trails also request that a certifiable guide accompany hikers.

                                                              Horseback Riding

                                                              Many tours include horseback riding as a part of the transportation to reach
                                                              points of interest. But for equestrians seeking a longer, more concentrated time
                                                              with a horse, the northern mountain range of the Domincan Republic can provide
                                                              an ideal arena.

                                                              Jeep Safaris and Expeditions

                                                              Jeep Safaris and Expeditions place visitors behind the wheel of their own four-by-
                                                              four Jeep or "fun truck" on the rustic roads of the DR. This is the best way to find
                                                              secluded beaches and learn about local customs while being surrounded by lush
                                                              vegetation. Tours are out of Samana, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata and often
                                                              include horseback riding as an option.


                                                              Like whitewater rafting, kayaking is most popular in the central region along the
                                                              Yaque del Norte and Jimenoa rivers near Jarabacoa. Both waterways provide a              Puerto Vallarta. Relax into a
                                                              mix of white water with sharp turns and precipitous drops. Intermediate                  Tequila Sunrise with new friends
                                                              kayakers will enjoy the challenge of class III and IV rapids, while those with           on the beach, enjoy luxury food
                                                              more experience can tackle the advanced sections of class V rapids.                      and accommodations and
                                                                                                                                                       receive up-to-date info and
                                                              Kite boarding                                                                            insider tips on what it takes to
                                                                                                                                                       get involved in one of most (9 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                              One of the fastest growing water sports, this surfing-like activity uses a huge kite    lucrative properties markets in
                                                              to capture the wind as participants balance on a board. Kite boarding rentals are       North America. Compliments of
                                                              available up and down Kite Beach in Cabarete, considered the sport's world              Mexico Alive!
                                                              capital.                                                                                   More Information>>

                                                              Monster Trucks and Off Road Runners

                                                              Very popular with visitors of all ages, Monster Truck and Runner tours provide a
                                                              unique opportunity to explore the Dominican Republic's countryside while getting
                                                              a first-hand glimpse of Dominican living. Different from the Jeep or Expedition
                                                              tours, someone else does the driving while riders sit back and enjoy the view -
                                                              and the bumps.

                                                              Mountain Biking

                                                              Mountain biking is one of the quietest and most exhilarating ways to see the DR.
                                                              The bikes allow tourists to reach places not accessible to most visitors.

                                                              Rock Climbing

                                                              The Dominican Republic is considered to be one of the world's best rocking
                                                              destinations among those who know the rope. With four mountain ranges, the
                                                              country provides a great landscape for adrenaline.


                                                              Another new sport appearing on the horizon is sand boarding. Requiring a
                                                              modified snowboard, the sport uses sand as its platform.


                                                              Just a five minute car ride outside of Cabarete is Playa Encuentro, a beach known
                                                              throughout the country for great surfing conditions. Boards and lessons are
                                                              available through a variety of tour companies in Cabarete. Each provides the
                                                              board, instruction and transportation to and from Cabarete.

                                                              Whale watching

                                                              From January through March, Samana Bay is nearly taken over by humpback
                                                              whales. For centuries, thousands of these humungous mammals make an annual
                                                              trip to spend winter in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic.

                                                              White-water rafting

                                                              White water flows from the mountains through canyons and jungle and out to
                                                              sea. The hottest white water rafting location is on the Yaque del Norte in the
                                                              central mountain area. This is the largest river in the DR and has exhilarating
                                                              class III to V rapids (using the universal scale of I to VI) including a 12-foot drop
                                                              named "Mike Tyson."


                                                              Cabarete of the north coast is considered the world capital of windsurfing. It
                                                              draws many competitions in the World Cup Windsurfing Competition held every
                                                              June. And for you golf lovers out there, I did not forget you. World class golf is
                                                              a major highlight in the sports activities industry here in the Dominican Republic
                                                              and suffice to say there are loads of world class courses to keep an avid golfer (10 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                              busy for months - in fact so many it would make for its own article.

                                                              As you can readily see, the Dominican Republic offers a huge array of soft to
                                                              hard adventures activities, incredible towns and cities along with fabulous resorts
                                                              - more than enough to make visitors come back time and again to explore this
                                                              dazzling nation.

                                                                        AUTHOR: Anjali Wilde poet, artist, writer was born in Africa,
                                                                        schooled in Europe and America, spent her young adult years in
                                                                        the Caribbean and refers to herself as a global gypsy. Anjali
                                                                        divides her time between her homes in the Caribbean and Mexico
                                                                        where she produces art work and writes for publications worldwide.

                                                                             Email: Anjali Wilde

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                                                                                 for a home in the Dominican Republic with
                                                                                 Caribbean Land and Property Financial Services.
                                                                                 Less than 2 hours from Miami, DR is a different world
                                                                                 with lush tropical rainforests and miles of white sand
                                                                                 beaches. Enjoy the historical legacy and modern day
                                                                                 activity of Santo Domingo. There are excellent
                                                                                 opportunities for investment and you can enjoy a
                                                                                 luxurious lifestyle due to the low labour and living costs.
                                                                                 Join a cosmopolitan community of expatriates who add
                                                                                 to its already diverse population. Get your piece of
                                                                                 paradise with a home mortgage.

                                                                                                             CLICK HERE (11 of 13) [10/7/2008 2:59:25 PM]
The Dazzling Dominican Republic

                                                                        St Lucia : A Colonial Country        Dominican Republic : Business

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