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Coral Ridge Newsletter


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									Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                                              Page 1
                           Coral Ridge Newsletter
Volume 22 Issue 1                      Coral Ridge Association Inc.                               March 2011
Betsy Dow, President of CRA                               Ron Laffey, Editor

                                                                      Inside This Issue:
                                                                      Pg. 2    President’s Message
                                                                      Pg. 4    CRA Membership Honor Roll
                                                                      Pg. 8    Bayview School
                                                                      Pg. 10   Commissioner Bruce Roberts
                                                                      Pg. 11   Treating Your Pet “Right”
                                                                      Pg. 12   Recycle In Coral Ridge
                                                                      Pg. 13   Trash Pick Up Schedule
                                                                      Pg. 14   Dollars and Sense in Coral Ridge
                                                                      Pg. 15   George English Park Info
                                                                      Pg. 17   Museum of Art | Ft. Lauderdale
                                                                      Pg. 18   Real Estate Corner
                                                                      Pg. 20   Bayview Business Association
                                                                      Pg. 22   Short Term Rentals
                                                                      Pg. 30   WOW Award!
                                                                      Pg. 32   Ask Lori
                                                                      Pg. 34   Ft. Laud. Children’s Theatre
                                                                      Pg. 34   CERT
                                                                      Pg. 36   Phone Numbers/Board of Gov.’s
                                                                      Pg. 37   Advertising Rates

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                                                                                      Coral Ridge Association, Inc.
Page 2                                                                                                     March 2011

                                          situation. Thus the Coral Ridge
President’s Message                       Association acts as a buffer between
                                                                                    All CRA Meetings Are Held At
                                          you and the city.                              George English Park
 Hello Neighbors –                          Let me tell you about my                All Meetings Start at 7 PM, on
   I am pleased to return as president    experience with the code department.       the Second Thursday of the
 of the Coral Ridge Association. My       I live next to one of the eyesores of                Month
 home and our neighborhood are very       the neighborhood. This house has
 important to me. Ron Laffey had to       been in an unfinished state for ten
 “cycle off” the board after 3 years in   years. This past year a huge pool         conversation with one of our
 accordance with our bylaws. He did       and jacuzzi covering a major portion      residents who is on the committee
 a very good job of continuing the        of the backyard were built. All the       that will make recommendations to
 association’s work.                      equipment to run the pool was             the City Commission. There is the
   We have several new board              installed in the setback on the side of   situation where an owner will rent
 members who have taken on duties         the house next to us and we could         his home in order to pay his
 on behalf of our neighborhood.           hear the noise all across our yard        mortgage payments. There is the
 George Glasser and Steve Tillbrook are   even through our wind impact              situation where one owner rents his
 in charge of the Entryways and           windows. I called code enforcement.       home to provide money for his
 Beautification Committee. They are       Over the last several months 2 people     travels. There is the situation where
 researching and improving our            from the code department have been        a home is rented to a yacht crew
 entryways with flowers and possibly      out to talk with us and also talk with    during their time in port here. There
 repainting the entryway monuments.       the owner and the pool builder            is the situation where the home is
 Helen Bulver has joined Claudia          numerous times. After measuring           rented to a group for a loud weekend
 Galloway and Bob McMahon on              the decibel level of the noise, the       party which disturbs the neighbors.
 the Social Committee. They will be       code department told the owner and                       (Continued on page 15)
 handling details for the St. Patrick’s   builder to build a cover to reduce the
 Day parade on Las Olas and the           noise. That was done.
 Easter Egg Hunt in Jack and Harriet      Great improvement.
 Kaye Park on the Saturday before         We      solved      the
 Easter (April 23). John Aurelius is      problem and avoided
 on the Ft. Lauderdale Centennial         any need for legal
 Committee and is also on the City        action all due to the
 Manager Selection Committee so we        code     department’s
 will be kept up to date on the           intervention. I must
 progress of both committees. Bob         compliment Mario
 McMahon is our treasurer again this      and Wanda of the
 year. What a fabulous job he does!       code department for
 He is very thorough and detail           their knowledge and
 oriented. You should see the monthly     diplomacy.
 reports that he gives to the board!        The City of Ft.
 Your dues are in safe hands.             Lauderdale formed a
   Bill Ciani is in charge of Code        committee last year
 Enforcement for our neighborhood.        to try to resolve the
 His phone number is 954-445-4402.        issue of short term
 If you would like to report something    rentals of homes.
 that you see and think is not            There are several
 according to code and you do not         websites that advertise
 want to use your name, please call       short term rentals in
 Bill. He will need to know what you      Ft. Lauderdale. This
 think is wrong, the house number         is happening in
 and the name of the street. He can       the C or a l R idge
 call the problem in to the code          neighborhood. I had
 department and they will check the       a long and detailed
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 3
Page 4                                                                                       March 2011

  The Coral Ridge                                                                   for 2011
                                         The CRHA Membership List

          2200 Trust Account          Carole Lee Ortman & Don Decker               A. Curt Haywood
         Howard & Grace Abel               Ron & Madeline Denaro           Robert D. & Margie Helmholdt
        Kellett & Roger Agatha          Greg & Mary Susan Dickinson             Thomas & Brenda Henz
        James F. & Isabel Allen            Scott & Heather DiSalvo                  Ramona K. Hill
   Steve Gillespie & Manny Alvarez              David Disbrow                    Chip & Chris Hodges
             Phillip Aman             Steven Stockmeyer & Chris Dixon     Donald C. Rau & Fred J. Holzer
    James Kirk & Cynthia Amber                 Tim Dobravolskis                   Josephine C. House
       Doug & Karen Anderson                  Sara & Tony Docal          Shawn Estes & Douglas Hundley
      Robert & Pamela Anderson          Allen Nadler & Jeff Donnelly        Joseph Ando & Edward Hunt
       David & Yvette Andrews               Paul & Sharon Dooley                  Frederick H. Ingham
          Allan & Susan Arch                Ted & Larissa Dorosy                     Allen Johnson
     William & Phynoy Ashcraft                Betsy & Alex Dow                    Michael & Jan Joyce
    Dennis Stevick & Dale Atkins          John & Kathie Easterling                    Terry Jukes
         John & Doris Aurelius             Kevin & Heather Elgrim                 Stewart Kalbfleisch
      Allan & Midge Bachewicz            Edward & Sharon Erickson                Richard & Debra Kern
          Aaron & Janet Baron               Robert & Linda Euler                 Mr. & Mrs. Leo Kerp
       David & Carrie Bauman               R. Scott & Judy Farfaro                Tony & Erin Khouri
   Benjamin & Michele Benavente           Brian & Christine Fingado             Paul & Susan Kissinger
         Michelle & Rice Black               Frank & Leah Finlon                 Chris & Heidi Knapik
       Brian & Patricia Booker        Bradford W. & Roslyn Fitzgerald              Clay & Linda King
             Patti Brennan                Collins & Jennifer Forman              Wayne & Peggy Kiser
           Donna Bromfield                James & Niki Fotopoislos                Fred & Clara Kraus
     Murray & Rebeca Bryntesen            Thomas Nee & Brian Fox               Ronald & Kathleen Kriete
        Dennis & Helen Bulver                    Lucy Francies                        Anita Kruger
      Scott & Cheramie Burgess         John La Falce & Allen Freshler                  Ron Laffey
         Vince & Marisa Burke             Mike & Jennifer Friedman              Aurel & Janice Lahaye
     Lee J. & Linda Mannix Burt             Mark & Gabriela Fuini            Ilene Berlner & Maura Lane
       Jim & Jeannie Calaverne             Michel & Gisele Gagne                      Susan Lasky
       Ellen & Charles Caldwell            Marc & Kelly Gambello                 Brian & Thana Leary
     Colin & Kimberly Campbell           Raymond & Sandra Gardner                    Robert W. Lee
   G. Mastroianni & Robert Capece         Richard & Trudy Garfield           Dr.Jonathan & Lauren Levy
      Angle & Melissa Carbonell          James W. & Mary J. Geiger                 James Linderman
            Norma D. Carey                      Alex Gheorghiu                 Jonathon & Nicole Linner
       James & Tammy Carroll              Eugene & Indira Gibbons                    Charles Livio
            Allison Casoria               Arlen & Elizabeth Gilbeil               Bruce & Rita Loewe
         Simon & Jane Casoria               Mark & Vickie Gilman                  Sal & Kathie Longo
    Robert & Christine Catanzaro             Patricia C. Gladding            Salvator & Bonnie Lorefice
          Bill & Elayna Ciani            George & Alexandra Glasser            Greg & Catherine Martin
      Stephanie & Nick Catalano          Tamer & Farideh Gozleveli       Albert P. & Diane G. Massey, III
      Gregg & Susie Coningsby           Randall A. & Betty J. Godwin    Silvia Murison & Morten Mathiesen
        Todd & Joy Coningsby                 Edward S. Goodman               Luis F. & Marena Montalvo
      Charles & Konnie Coolman                Caroline Greenlaw               Brooke & Edwige Mayger
     Luis del Nodal & Abbe Cohn         Otto J. & Ingeborg Grossmann          James & Marjorie McClain
  Charles Heffron & Carlos Cortinas         Andy & Kathy Guerke                   Betty K. McCullagh
      Andrew & Elizabeth Costa             Jon & Kristin Gundlach           John & Dolores Mc Diarmid
         Kevin & Carol Cregan             Carl & Marta Gustafsson             Thomas & Donna McGinty
          John & Fran Custer                  Dave & Sue Hagen             Robert & Joanne McKeage, IV
         Gary & Kristine Davis                   Judy Halloran              Cindy Hensley & Jim McKee
            Jeffrey Dawson                John & Deborah Hartman                        (Continued on page 6)
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 5
Page 6                                                                                       March 2011
 (Honor Roll Continued from page 4)     Randall & Deborah Postma           Jay & Kacee Tannenbaum
 Robert B. & Elizabeth B. McMahon           Ivan & Kristi Puente             Walter & Brie Tarbert
      Phil & Marie McMullen                      Lois Redlick                      Dan Teixeira
        Shelley McNaughton                 Len & Melody Renne              Richard & Joyce Ten Eyck
            Nigsy Medina                      Daisy Richardson                 Alan & Becki Tinter
         William H. Meeks                 John & Dorothea Ritter              Jeff & Sandra Tozzie
         Mari Mennel-Bell                       Laline Rivero            Jack M. & Sandra G. Trainor
          Janet Mianowski                 Albert & Valerie Rode                 John P. Trombley
 Joan Van Ness & Lorraine Michels        Carlos & Lisa Rodriguez             Angel & Gloria Trujillo
      Matthew & Julie Morrall                  Paul Rubenstein          Vasan & Barbara Venkataraman
      Allen & Rebecca Moudy                    Michael Russell               Joseph & Renee Vitolo
     Gavin & Andrea Mulligan                Bob & Kelli Russell            Alan & Sandy Vordermeier
          Chuck Murawski                WW Roehrich & JN Sanzo           Harry & Sandra Vordermeier
          Michael Murphy                    Jim & Shari Sawran             Patricia M. Wachendorfer
          Barbara Murrish             Chris Hooper & Robert Schmidt         Dan Roose & Tom Wade
      Bob & Kathryn Nichols             David & Melanie Schrand          Rosalie Weiss & Guy Wardell
      Donald R. & Karen Niles              John & Lois Schmatz            Tim & Suzanne Waterhouse
            Gerard Nolan                       Peter Schweitzer               Jim & Monica Weick
            Carol O’Brien                Ian Scott & Adrian Scott          Ted & Marguerite Welding
   Don Lawrynusk & Kathy Olson          Frank & Rosemarie Seguin            Erica & Dorothy Weston
           Janice K. Olson                Bob & Robin Shorrock         Robert P. & Patricia C. White, Jr.
      Robert & Sara O’Malley                 John & Liza Siegle            Robert & Renee Wickline
      Eugene & Maria O’Neill              Dr. & Loren Simkowitz        Dr. Phillip Greenberg & Tim Wike
      Charles & Laura Palmer               Allen & Elaine Singer        Dr. R. Brown & Edna Williams
     Geoff Keato & Nan Palmer                  Carol C. Skeele              Chris & Connie Williams
   Greg Stephens & Scott Partidge          Todd & Naomi Smith                     Sue Williams
    Stewart & Barbra Pearlman            Leonard & Myrta Snyder                     Jill Woolf
      Courtland & Lisa Peddy                    Nancy Spilman                 Chun & Lai Y Yeung
   Robert D. & Mary C. Peloquin            Bob & Debbie Spring             Donald F. & Judy Zimmer
    Alex & Blanca Perez-Puelles              Bill & Mary Stefan       If you do not see your name and
  Claudia Galloway & V. Piscatelli            Joel & Rosa Stien       made your payment before 3.1.11,
  Evie Fortney & Anthony Plastini      Edward & Elizabeth Sullivan    call us at: 954-566-8673!
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 7
Page 8                                                                                                        March 2011

                                  Bayview Elementary School
                                            Students and Teachers at Their Best

      Why I like living in Florida         were doing this, my mom reminded           swered. "'It's freezing man," Raga
   Everyone enjoys living in Florida.      me how lucky we are to live in Flor-       shivered. We played sharks and min-
 These are the reasons why I like liv-     ida and be able to ride bikes in Janu-     nows, Marco Polo, and many more,
 ing in Florida.                           ary.                                       Another time, was on a coot summer
   To begin with, you can go to spe-         Another time in the winter in Flor-      day playing soccer. "Hey get the ball
 cial places. For example, one time I      ida, I got to go swimming in my            and kick!" Dad yelled? "Ready, well
 was bored as ever. And my Mom             pool. It was a little cold but my          here I go!" My big sister Merce
 exclaimed, "What about me, you,           brother, sisters and I played in the       screamed. Team pink was my father
 and your brother go to the beach?" I      pool. I told my sister "It's taking        and my brother with (15) points and
 replied "Sounds good!" When we            some time to get use to the cold tem-      on team blue was my mother and my
 were at the beach the sun was shin-       perature" but then she reminded me         sister with (20) points. "Who will
 ing so bright and it was so beautiful.    that some places had frozen pools          win the game?" I spoke through the
 "It's such a beautiful day!" I ex-        and would not be able to swim at all.      microphone.        A     few     hours
 claimed to my mom. "What about we         We had a blast and played all day. So      later……"OMG team pink won the
 race down to the beautiful, blue,         if you ever want a place where there       game here's your prize" I said sur-
 warm water?" I said to my twin            is great weather, Florida is the place     prised. "Nice work" My parents mut-
 brother. Suddenly we all went dash-       to die for.                                tered to each other. Playing activities
 ing off. Splash! We all jumped into         In conclusion, those are some of         in this kind of climate is best.
 the big, beautiful, blue water. It was    the reasons I enjoy living in Florida.       In conclusion, Florida is the best
 like a gigantic swimming pool. We                 By: Clara Huerkamp                 place to live.
 stayed in the water and played at the                                                     By: Corina Senior - Egana
 beach all day. Another time, I had a        I love living in Florida for many
 d4 ay weekend and my mom and dad          reasons.                                     A lot of people enjoy Florida for
 suggested we go to Disney World. I          To begin with, I can go to special       these reasons.
 agreed immediately. We had a blast        places. "Mom can we go to the                To begin with, you get to go to spe-
 on all of the awesome rides. My fa-       beach?" I asked. "Sure", she replied.      cial places. For example, I got home
 vorite ride is the dumbo ride because     When we arrived the ocean sparkled         from school and I was really bored.
 you go up and down and it is like a       like a star in the space, and it was       My parents came home and excitedly
 helicopter ride. I also liked Space       sunny. "Let's play volley ball" I bel-     said `we're going to the Everglades'!
 Mountain. It was so dark and scary        lowed. "Ok" My brother Rafa ex-            We took an airboat ride driven by an
 but also so much fun because it went      claimed. "Here I go" I said. One hour      Everglades National Park guide. We
 as fast as a bullet. If you ever want a   later... "Oh man you won the game!"        saw alligators everywhere, flocks of
 place to go, Florida is the place for     Rafa yelled. Another time, was when        birds and schools of fish. Another
 you.                                      we went to Disney World. The first         time, we went to the beach and put
   In addition, Florida's weather is       thing we went on was Mount Ever-           on our mask and went snorkeling.
 great. For example, we can go bike        est. Then we saw Mickey. "Can we           We saw all kinds of exotic beautiful
 riding whenever we want. One time I       have your autograph?" We yelled            fish including Lion fish, Rainbow
 wanted to go bike riding with my          with excitement. After that we went        fish, Zebra fish and Clown fish.
 mom in January and we could since         to the monster ride and the castle.        That's why Florida is considered
 we live in Florida. Other parts of the    The castle dazzled and glowed, by          such a special place.
 country have snow in January and          the fireworks blowing up. "This is a         In addition, Florida has special
 would not be able to even go outside.     beautiful night," I said joyfully. I       foods. For example, the Florida or-
 I asked my mom "Can we go out-            love living in Florida for the special     anges are World known. The first
 side?". She answered "Sure! How           places to visit.                           time I tasted one I picked the juiciest
 about we go on a bike ride?". We got        In addition, l love Florida's climate.   and plumpest one on the tree I peeled
 our big, beautifully painted bikes out    When it's warm and hot I like to take      it and took a bite with my small
 of our garage and went around the         a dip in the pool. "Rafa want to dive      mouth into the Godzilla sized orange
 block at least four times. While we       in the pool?" I asked "Sure" He an-                        (Continued on page 16)
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 9
Page 10                                                                                                  March 2011

                                    From Our Commissioner
                                        Bruce G. Roberts
      I hope everyone enjoyed the          As we begin our Centennial in          • We hosted approximately 200 spe-
 Holiday Season. The Downtown           2011, I believe it is a good time to      cial events, which were produced by
 Countdown 2010, which was held         pause and reflect on some of our          other organizations.
 New Year's Eve, was a huge success     achievements over the past year:          • Decisions on major projects, which
 and ushered in our Centennial. Thou-   • 364 calls for service were logged       have lingered for years, are now
 sands of residents and visitors        into our office by concerned citizens     being moved forward, e. g. Sistrunk
 packed downtown Ft. Lauderdale on      of District 1 in 2010: 90 are still       Corridor, Bahia Mar and South
 New Year’s Eve to ring in 2011 at      open and seeking action - 18 of           Andrews Avenue Business District.
 the City of Fort Lauderdale Orange     which are awaiting input by City or       • Strong economic development sup-
 Bowl Downtown Countdown. Pre-          County staff (road closures, traffic      port through partnerships such as the
 sented by Ford Motor Company, this     studies, code violations, etc.), and      Chamber of Commerce’s “Business
 year’s event was bigger and better     while completed, another 72 still         First” initiative; the TMA’s (Sun
 than ever! The free, 12-hour street    remain open for additional action by      Trolley) plan to expand routes which
 festival kicked off with an array of   City staff, or for future consideration   will cater to hundreds of thousands
 family activities at Esplanade Park    by the City Commission. 274 calls         of cruise ship passengers and bring
 that included bounce houses, face      have been completed.                      them to our business and entertain-
 painting, inflatables, and a DJ with   • Once again, no increase in the cur-     ment venues. (In the future, I will
 music, games and contests. At 7:00     rent operating millage rate of 4.1193;    provide more details.)
 p.m., families gathered around the     we now have the 7th lowest operat-        • We have had meetings and public
 main stage to enjoy a special kids     ing millage rate of 31 municipalities     workshops with many of our advi-
 countdown and ball lighting. As mid-   in Broward County. This also              sory boards and committees, e.g.
 night approached, the Mayor and        equates to the 3rd lowest rate among      Budget Advisory Board, Centennial
 City Commissioners took to the stage   Florida’s fourteen largest cities.        Committee, Sustainability Commit-
 to begin the official countdown to     • Also, for the second straight year,     tee (now a board), Visioning Com-
 2011.When the clock struck midnight,   no increase in the fire assessment        mittee and Beach Redevelopment
 thousands cheered as the “Downtown     fee.                                      Board. Follow-up meetings are
 Countdown” ball, illuminated with      • In 2010, serious crime declined         scheduled.
 more than 10,000 LED lights,           citywide by approximately 4% when           These are just a sampling of what
 dropped from the sky to officially     compared to 2009. (Final official         your Commission has been working
 kick off 2011. The ball drop was       figures are not yet available.)           with you to accomplish in these
 immediately followed by a five-        • Initiated Police/Fire pension reform    tough economic times. It also dem-
 minute fireworks display that bril-    in finalizing contract negotiations.      onstrates my focused commitment
 liantly illuminated the sky above      • Our reserve fund stands at 19% of       towards my previous promise to:
 Downtown Ft. Lauderdale with           the General Fund Budget; this             • Bring back citizen participation in
 bursts of colorful pyrotechnics. In    exceeds the nationally recommended        government decisions
 addition to the Ford Motor Company,    range of 7% to 15%.                       • Bring back effective and efficient
 the City would like to thank the       • In the past two years, 145 vacant       public safety
 Orange Bowl, Corona Light, Down-       funded personnel positions were           • Bring back collegial leadership to
 town Development Authority, Florida    eliminated.                               the City Commission
 Power & Light, Sun-Sentinel and        • 13 parks have been outfitted with       • Bring back balanced development
 Tarpon Bend for their generous         lightning warning systems, and 2          that will protect our neighborhoods
 sponsorship of Downtown Count-         new parks are scheduled to open           and green space
 down, and for helping the City         within the next few weeks.
 provide a free, fun and family
 friendly event.                                                                                 (Continued on page 28)
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                                                    Page 11

             “Treating” Your Pet Right
   Pet owners have always liked to         • Try giving your
 show their animal family a little extra   pet treats that bene-
 love with the occasional treat, but       fit her health. Seiler
 modern treats have gone way beyond        Animal Hospital
 slipping Rover a little turkey under      offers dental treats
 the kitchen table. There's nothing        that clean teeth; cat
 wrong with feeding your pet the oc-       treats that prevent
 casional treat. Small amounts of tasty    hairballs; treats with
 food can be great motivators if you're    added       vitamins,
 trying to train your pet, or rewards to   minerals, and anti-
 positively reinforce good behavior.       oxidants; and more.
 Treats can cause a few problems,          • If you're longing to
 however, if they aren't given care-       let your dog sample
 fully. With all the options available     a little human food
 for treats, how do you know the right     but don't want to
 thing to feed your pet?                   expand her waist-
 Count         those        calories       line, you can try
   One of the most dangerous prob-         giving her a few
 lems overindulgence in treats can         fresh vegetables,
 cause is obesity. Nearly half of all      like carrots, broc-
 the pets in the United Sates are over-    coli, and green
 weight, and obesity can lead to           beans. Use some
 arthritis, diabetes or heart disease.     care, however, since
 Treats can be a hidden cause of           some produce that
 weight gain, because you may not          people love can be
 realize how many you give your pet        harmful to dogs. Onions can cause          have any other issues you’d like to
 during the day. Large biscuits can        anemia, and grapes and raisins can         discuss about your pet, please call
 contain well over 100 calories each,      be toxic. Don't feed your dog any          Dr. Thieme at Seiler Animal Hospital
 for example. So be aware that some        new or unusual veggies without con-        at 954-954-491-1222
 snacks are packed with calories, and      sulting with your veterinarian.
 stick with low-cal treats or avoid        • In general, don't let treats make up     Provided by the American Animal
 treats altogether if your pet is over-    more than 10 percent of your pet's         Hospital Association
 weight.                                   diet.                                      Courtesy of Douglas Thieme, DVM
 S tay aw ay fro m sc r aps                   Provide a safe environment, quality     Seiler Animal Hospital
   As much as your cat or pup loves        diet, exercise, and adequate veteri-       2650 NE 57th Street
 to lurk under the table during dinner,    nary care for your pet. If you have        Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
 you should resist the urge to let her     any questions about what kinds of          954-491-1222
 sample your table scraps. Scraps          treats are right for your pet, or if you
 from human food tend to be high in
 calories and fat but low in vitamins        A pet is an animal kept for companionship and enjoyment or a
 and other nutrients, and they can         household animal, as opposed to wild animals or to livestock,
 easily upset your pet's stomach. For      laboratory animals, working animals or sport animals, which are kept
 the sake of your pet's health, make it    for economic or productive reasons. The most popular pets are noted
 a policy to never share table scraps.     for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance,
 Tips for treats                           or for their song. Pets also generally seem to provide their owners with
 • First off, buy treats made specifi-     non-trivial health benefits; keeping pets has been shown to help
 cally for your kind of pet. Seiler        relieve stress to those who like having animals around. There is now a
 Animal Hospital carries treats that       medically-approved class of "therapy animals," mostly dogs, that are
 are designed to taste good to your pet    brought to visit confined humans. Walking a dog can provide both the
 without upsetting her stomach or
                                           owner and the dog with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction.
 throwing her diet out of whack.
Page 12                                                        March 2011

          Recycle In Coral Ridge
                                         Coral Ridge
                                  Trash Collection Schedule
                                       Black Garbage Cart:
                                      Monday & Thursday
                                            Food wastes
                                         Household trash
                      Do not put out bags. The Garbage truck is maintained by
                                          one driver, only.
                                         Yard Waste Cart:
                                       North from NE 26 St.:
                                       South from NE 26 St.:
                                      Branches, Leaves, Etc.
                      Do not put out bags. The Yard Waste truck is maintained
                                        by one driver, only.
                               Green / Blue/Orange Recycling Bins:
                                          Every Thursday
                       Newspapers in green bin will be taken. Keep them dry.
                                        Bulk Trash Pick Up:
                                     4th Monday of the Month
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 13
Page 14                                                                                                          March 2011

                                    Dollars and Sense in Coral Ridge
                                    Money Matters in Coral Ridge
                                             by Thomas Balcom, CFP, CAIA, MBA

         Diversification Works!               invest one’s nest egg is to diversify     declines experienced during the fall
   After experiencing the Great               among a variety of asset classes pref-    of 2008 and spring of 2009.
 Recession of late 2008 and early             erably those that exhibit low or            What is the lesson learned from
 2009, investors may have questioned          possibly negative correlation. This       this chart? The lesson relates to the
 the merits associated with diversifi-        would result in an investor benefit-      fact that it is extremely difficult if
 cation. With most asset classes              ting in most market environments by       not impossible to predict which asset
 experiencing significant declines, the       at least having one asset class with      class will outperform all others dur-
 most seasoned of investors were              gains.                                    ing this decade. Exposure in some
 forced to reevaluate their investment          The chart below clearly depicts that    degree to all these asset classes based
 plans. Those who panicked and sold           some asset classes are “in favor”         upon your unique risk tolerance level
 out of growth assets (stocks, REIT’s,        while others are “out of favor” for       would enable you to have a portion
 commodities, high yield bonds) in            extended periods of time. During the      of your assets in the best performing
 late 2008 or early 2009 were disappointed    1970’s, the country was faced with        asset class for the coming decade.
 to miss out on the strong rally that         the OPEC oil embargo resulting in         Whether you are a do-it-yourself
 has occurred over the past 21                gas shortages and long lines at service   investor or currently work with a
 months. While hindsight is often             stations throughout the country.          financial advisor, please ensure that
 20/20, the Great Recession was               During this inflationary period, com-     your portfolio matches your short
 another illustration that “Time In The       modities were the best performing         and long-term investment objectives
 Market” is often more important than         asset class. In the 1980’s, Japan’s       as well as your risk tolerance level.
 “Timing the Market.“ The chart be-           market capitalization accounted for a     In conclusion, the patient investor
 low is a good illustration of that           majority of the foreign stock index       will tell you that it is often “time in”
 point.                                       (MSCI EAFE) and Japan’s housing           the market as opposed to “timing”
   Investment advisors often hear             boom led to this asset class outper-      the market that will allow you to

 stories from prospective clients about       forming all others during that decade.    reach your financial goals.
 the money that was lost by investing         The decline in Japanese stock market       If you have any questions or com-
 in stocks, real estate or other assets.      which was known at the time as the        ments about the statements above or
 What is interesting about these              “Lost Decade” coincided with the          suggestions for future articles, please
 stories is that they are often quite         technology boom in the U.S. during        reach out to me at:
 similar in nature. The novice investor       the 1990’s. During this time, U.S.
 seeks to chase gains in an asset class       stocks dramatically outperformed all
 and enters at or near the top of the         other asset classes.
 market. An example of this is the            During the 2000’s,
 investor who purchases tech stocks           commercial real
 in 1999 or banking stocks or real            estate as measured
 estate in the mid 2000’s. These              by the Real Estate
 investors were chasing gains that had        Investment Trust
 already occurred within these asset          (REIT) Index out-
 classes. Chasing gains is often the          performed all other
 quickest way to deplete an investor’s        asset classes even
 principal. A more prudent way to             after the dramatic
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                                                       Page 15

                          Great way to stay
                             In Shape!

 (President’s Message Continued from          Bayview Drive is under construction. carry a banner with our name and
 page 2)                                      A good looking fence has been logo so all will know we are active in
                                              installed. There is lush landscaping Coral Ridge. If you would like to
                                              to follow and a couple of pieces of join us for a walk and exercise on a
                                              park furniture to be installed.       pretty day on Las Olas, please call
                                                Our neighborhood has been me (954-564-4784) or e-mail me
                                              awarded a grant by the city through
                                              the NCIP (Neighborhood Capital
                                              Improvement Program) to install new                    Sincerely,
                                              street signage along Bayview Drive              Betsy Dow, President
 The Water Fountain in Jack & Harriet Kaye    similar to those you see in Colee
 Park has been completed!                     Hammock and Victoria Park.
                                              Christine Fingado, Valerie Taylor
 The Short Term Rental Committee is           and I will meet the city engineering
 attempting to balance the rights of          and design department to decide on
 homeowners in a single family                design and colors and information on
 neighborhood and contain the abuses          the signs. Hopefully we can bring
 by the renters. We will keep you             examples to the General Membership
 informed of the committee’s                  meeting on April 28 for you
 recommendations. (See article on page 22)    comments.
   Several positive activities are in           Several of the board members will
 progress in our neighborhood. The            be marching in the St. Patrick’s Day
 fountain is finished in Jack and             Parade on Las Olas on Saturday,
 Harriet Kaye Park. I love the lighted        March 12. We will be part of the Ft. President Betsy Dow, presents Ron Laffey a
 dancing waters at night. The Coral           Lauderdale Council of Civic recognition award for the time he has spent with
 Ridge Park at NE 24th Street and             Association contingent. We will the CRA BOG from 2001-2010!
Page 16                                                                                                           March 2011

 (Bayview Continued from page 8)           there one summer. Once we got there          face." Go get the net fast," Tommy
 and every bite tasted like heaven!        we met up with a trainer her name            told me, so I sped up the shore and
 Another time I went to a local sea-       was Sarah Parker. I was over-                got the net. "Come fast Grant!"
 food restaurant named 15th Street         whelmed with anticipation to ask             Tommy         declared.     "I'm    here,
 Fishery located in Ft. Lauderdale,        what dolphin we'd be swimming with           Tommy," I stated. Then I caught the
 Florida. The waitress came to take        so I did. Sarah replied, " His name is       squid and put him in a bucket. We
 my order and I requested the deli-        Lucky and he's very well trained."           stared at him all day. Later on we let
 cious local Dolphin, fish, otherwise      Lucky pulled all three of us into the        him go. Another fun beach activity is
 known as Mahi Mahi. When it was           water. Lucky splashed all over the           digging holes. We always carry big
 served cooked to perfection I ate         place my mom voiced, " I actually            shovels with us to the beach, so we
 every last bite. That is why Florida's    feel like I'm swimming with you              can dig 2-3 feet deep and fit 2-4 peo-
 food is so delicious and is another       guys." Lucky did a triple then quad-         ple in the gorge we've created. If you
 reason it's so special.                   ruple flip. Shelby was sitting on            dig close enough to the water, the
   IN CONCLUSION THAT'S WHY                Lucky's right fin and Oriana was sit-        ocean will wash up and fill the hole
 I LIKE FLORIDA.                           ting on the other fin, while I was on        with water. It's almost like the jets on
    By: Dawson Wilson Whitaker             top of him guiding him where to go.          a Jacuzzi tub!
                                           Another example is going on an air-             In addition, Florida has Orlando.
   Everyone enjoys living in Florida. I    boat in the Everglades. A couple             One time, I went to Islands of Ad-
 enjoy living in Florida for these two     years back I went to the Everglades.         venture where I went to the Wizard-
 reasons.                                  When I boarded the boat I felt a             ing World of Harry Potter. There is a
   To begin with, Florida has many         bump under the boat. Our tour guide          roller coaster there called "Dragon
 fun activities. One example is that       informed us " Please stay calm and           Challenge." When you're going
 people can enjoy awesome basketball       still." I was really interested to find      through the line, you have to choose
 games at the American Airlines            out what was under the boat so I             either the Chinese Fireball dragon or
 Arena in the city of Miami. Two           grabbed a man's fishing pole. I took         the Hungarian Horntail dragon. Then
 years ago, I went to a Miami Heat's       my sandwich and attached it                  everyone is loaded onto the dragons,
 game. My mother, sister, and I went.      to        the fishing line. I grunted "      and you can choose to sit on the front
 We were all astonished because the        MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH," trying                     row. It's more exciting to sit there
 bleachers were packed. The fans           to grip my feet to the boat. I eventu-       because you can actually see instead
 were loud and happy. The mascot           ally reeled it in with the help of my        of being stuck behind a bunch of
 threw shirts and souvenirs. I yelped,     mom. My mom was eager to see                 other people. At one point, the two
 "Wow, this is awesome!" Another           what it was. "It's a catfish," I ex-         dragons start to head right for each
 example of fun activities in Florida is   claimed. "I knew it wasn't going to          other and look as if they are going to
 going to Disney World in Orlando.         be a alligator or a crocodile because        crash, but at the last second one
 Three months ago, I went to Blizzard      you couldn't reel it in," my mom             dragon goes straight up and twirls
 Beach at Disney World. When I ar-         muttered to herself. I rolled my eyes        around, and the other dragon banks
 rived there, I could see a slide from     and sassed, " I still had fun and that       diagonally and does a loop-to-loop,
 the parking lot. "Whoa, that slide        super adventurous!"                          sending all of its passengers upside -
 must be at least fifty feet," I voiced.     In conclusion, that is why I enjoy         down. On another trip, we went to
 "It's called the Summit Plummet," a       living in Florida.                           Disney's Magic Kingdom. My favor-
 passerby informed me. After I              By: Genevieve Chalmers 9 yrs. Old           ite ride there is "Space Mountain."
 boarded the slide, and as it started to                                                It's a roller coaster that is in complete
 go down at a very high speed, my             Everybody in the United States            darkness except for the yellow light
 back did not touch the slide anymore.     lives in a state. I like living in Florida   strips on the sides of the cars. When
 "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, THIS IS                  because we have a lot of beaches and         you're going along, there are un-
 THE BEST SLIDE EVER!" I                   we live close to Orlando's great             known turns and loop-to-loops be-
 shouted while water shot from the         amusement parks!                             cause you can't see a thing in the
 slide on my face. That is why Florida        To begin with, I love going to the        darkness! There are also cool projec-
 is unique with many fun activities.       beach. We always see cool marine             tions of comets, meteors, and shoot-
   In addition, Florida is adventurous.    life. One time Tommy and I were              ing stars, on the ceiling of the dome-
 One example is going swimming             coming into shore from the ocean.            shaped building. As you can tell, I
 with the dolphins at Miami Sea-           "Look, it's a bunch of squid!"               really like roller coasters!
 quarium. Shelby, Oriana, and I went       Tommy said with an astonished                                 (Continued on page 24)
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                                                         Page 17

   This past December, the Museum          pose, which is to support the Mu-          Semper Fi Imports & Distribution.
 launched a new division of program-       seum’s strategic plan to grow itself       Guests also had the opportunity to
 ming called All Together Now for the      into a dynamic hub for cultural life in    view the Museum’s Latin American
 community’s growing and dynamic           South Florida and an educational           exhibitions as well as see Faces of
 young-adult crowd. Co-founded by          resource for the twenty-first century.     Fort Lauderdale featuring artwork
 Museum staffers Victoria Billig,          All Together Now plans to meet this        by Charles Fazzino, the city’s official
 Stacy Slavichak, and Carrie Peterson,     ambitious goal by providing educa-         Centennial Artist.
 the group is aimed at women and           tional, social, and philanthropic pro-       Since the launch, All Together Now
 men in the 21 to 39 age group who         gramming with a multi-disciplinary         hosted a very well-attended Music &
 have an interest in design and visual     emphasis. ATN worked closely with          Poetry event on February 25th. With
                                           graphic designer Jose Lopez of Free-       an enthusiastic committee and a fol-
                                           dom Art, who is also a member of
                                           the steering committee, to create a
                                           brand identity that effectively repre-
                                           sents the overall feel and spirit of the
 Poet Calm Down at the Music & Poetry        On December 10th, ATN hosted a
                                           successful launch party that did just
 arts. In September of 2010, the three     what the committee intended – it
 staff members assembled a steering        drew newcomers and existing mem-
 committee of individuals selected         bers to the Museum, inviting them to
 from within the community who rep-
 resent a broad demographic of ages,
 professions, and perspectives. Col-
 lectively, the group came up with the
 fresh and fun name All Together
 Now, inspired by a brightly colored
 sculpture on display in the Museum
 lobby. The work was created by Mi-                                                   Musician Ryan Alexander performing at the
 ami-based artists Roberto Behar and                                                  Music & Poetry event.
 Rosario Marquardt and is a smaller
 version of a 42-foot-tall sculpture       DJ Utopia Syndrome at ATN Launch Party     lowing that’s quickly growing, ATN
 that the artists installed in downtown    learn more about what All Together         is busy working on several events for
 Denver, Colorado. Like Behar and          Now and the Museum have to offer           2011 including a cocktail party at the
 Marquardt, the steering committee         to their age group. For the event,         Design Center of the Americas on
 felt the name All Together Now rep-       ATN created several exciting, local        April 29th and movie-night on the
 resented their desire to work together    collaborations such as with street-        Museum’s terrace in mid-May. For
 to create something good for the          artist Steve Baum, who volunteered         more information, please go to
 community – in this case, a group         his time during the two-hour event to      ATN’s Facebook page or the Mu-
 that would inspire, educate, and pro-     create a large collage-like painting,      seum’s website at
 vide programming for a demographic        which was raffled to great acclaim at      To join our email list, please contact
 of Fort Lauderdale and our neighbor-      the end of the evening. Additionally,
 ing cities that is underserved in terms   DJ Utopia Syndrome of Twilight
 of inventive and approachable arts-       Notes provided an energetic, artistic
 based programming.                        soundtrack for the night while artist
   With a strong name firmly in place,     Juan Maristany coordinated video
 the steering committee and staff          projections for the music. Happy
 worked to define the group’s pur-         Hour was generously sponsored by
Page 18                                                                     March 2011

                   THE REAL ESTATE CORNER
          Should Real Estate Be One of Your Future Investments?
                 By Sandi Gardner, - Keller Williams Realty Professionals
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                     Page 19

                                Photography Portraits; People, Pets, Care Boats, Homes.....
Page 20                                                                  March 2011

        The Bayview Business Association
                         Established. Local. Trusted.
    Eastside business owners and decision makers are en c ou r ag ed
 t o j oi n t hi s n ei gh bor h ood bu si n ess networking group.
    When you need something done in a hurry, it can save a lot of
 time when you go right to the source; in this case, the owners of the
 businesses on whom you rely when you most need it. When you
 can call the owner or decision maker of a business, you know it
 will be handled immediately, rather than having to take a number
 and call the general office line.
    Further, everyone prefers to do business with those they know
 and trust. When you have a relationship with someone, they will
 provide a superior level of service for you and you can rely upon
 and trust that person to do right by you.
    If you would like more local business and a relationship with
 those who are in business locally, contact this informal group or
 visit the website:

 We are far less formal than many business associations, yet highly
 effective. We meet once a month at varying locations and we en-
 courage you to attend as our guest to see if this is a good fit for
 your business.
   For further information or to reserve a guest spot at our next
 meeting, please contact the Association Chair, Toby Lawrence at
                            or via email:
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 21
Page 22                                                                                                      March 2011

                      South Florida Cities Try to Capitalize on Boom in Short-term
                                              By Scott Wyman, Sun Sentinel
   A "beautiful cottage" in Sailboat       should do more to protect surround-         One major vacation rental website,
 Bend rents for $230 a day. A              ing residents. He said a house near       Vacation Rentals by Owner, lists
 "modern castle" on the Middle River       him regularly is rented to a dozen or     almost 250 properties available in
 advertises for $10,000 a week.            more people at a time for vacation        Fort Lauderdale. That's twice as
   Hundreds of property owners are         weekends. "People come in on the          many postings as it has for Holly-
 regularly renting their homes for less    weekends and party all night,"            wood and five times as many as for
 than a month — and possibly vio-          Dooley said. "People should have the      Boca Raton. Local officials say
 lating murky city rules. Internet sites   right to rent their property, but this    rental advertisements run in publica-
 specializing in vacation rentals are      neighborhood is for single-family         tions and websites across Europe as
 packed with Fort Lauderdale houses        homes, not hotels. There has got to       well.
 available for a night or a week,          be a dividing line."                        "It's almost a black market for
 replete with promises of tropical           Fort Lauderdale has no law directly     vacation rentals," said Nicki
 gardens, deluxe pools and convenient      regulating short-term rentals of          Grossman, Broward County's tour-
 shopping. It's a booming business         homes or condos. Rather, there is a       ism czar. "A lot of times you simply
 that has city officials debating          mix of land-use rules and what city       don't know a house is being used, but
 whether they should strengthen their      attorneys say are City of Fort            it also can be distressing to the
 regulations or legitimize the practice.   Lauderdale Media Summary 2                neighborhood." Grossman said she
 Some other South Florida communi-         standard business definitions. Rentals    doesn't view the rentals as competi-
 ties like Boca Raton deal with short-     of more than a month are OK, but          tion to hotels. Those in the rental
 term rentals the same way as Fort         landlords who rent for shorter            business say they primarily appeal to
 Lauderdale, but questions of whether      periods may be breaking the law.          people who want to stay somewhere
 rules should change has taken place         That's because of land-use prohibi-     other than a hotel. Some clients are
 from Hollywood to West Palm               tions concerning commercial activity      large families or people who want a
 Beach.                                    in single family neighborhoods. City      more homey feel to their vacation
   Some who live near vacation             attorneys say rentals of less than 30     such as a private kitchen or pool.
 rentals in Fort Lauderdale say their      days can be tantamount to running a         Short-term landlords contend the
 neighborhoods have been upended           business.                                 city will shut down the vacation
 by what they see as mini-hotels and         Property owners can be fined up to      rental market if it prohibits contracts
 complain of noise, traffic and            $1,000 a day if they keep renting on      as short as a week. They say many
 garbage. But those in the business        a short term basis after being found      landlords have "good neighbor"
 say any move to curb short-term           in violation of the law.                  policies in which they provide 24-
 rentals would threaten the city's           But the city relies on citizen com-     hour contact information to nearby
 economy and lead to another wave of       plaints to enforce the law and has        residents, check on their tenants
 foreclosures.                             fewer code enforcement inspectors         during their stay and impose
   "All of us are in limbo," said Scott    than it once did. And although city       standards of conduct for the renters.
 House, who manages 15 rental prop-        officials have successfully defended        "People count on the income," said
 erties and helped start a group called    their interpretation in court, they are   Paul Jones, who rents out Fort
 South Florida Vacation Rentals            facing more legal challenges by other     Lauderdale property on a short-term
 Association. "I don't think Fort          property owners over whether the          basis. "Property values have gone
 Lauderdale can just dismiss short-        regulations are too vague.                down as it is, and they would really
 term rentals when our economy is            Fort Lauderdale's sizeable short-       hurt the city. You would turn it into
 based on tourism and the beach.           term rental market has been fueled        foreclosure city."
 Vacation rentals are big business,        by the real estate boom-turned-bust         Fort Lauderdale joins the ranks of
 and we would send a message to the        of the past decade. Real estate invest-   communities struggling with what to
 world that we are closed for busi-        ment grew, and those owners are           do about short-term rentals even
 ness."                                    seeking income — particularly those       though other nearby cities report no
   Paul Dooley, a longtime resident of     who believed they could quickly           problems. Rentals of less than 30
 the Coral Ridge neighborhood, is          resell property for a profit and now      days were banned in New York City
 among those who believe the city          can't.                                                    (Continued on page 26)
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 23
Page 24                                                                                                          March 2011
 (Bayview School Continued from page         her friend Madison. "I am so hungry        firmed. We all sprinted to our bikes.
 16)                                         I could die!" I complained to my           We started down the street to the
   In conclusion, living in Florida is       mom. "How about we go to the best          beach. I did cool jumps off the ramps
 fantastic!                                  restaurant in town, J.Alexzanders."        and off roading. This is why the cli-
            By: Grant Harley                 "Fantastic!" I screamed. We jumped         mate is the best. We have hot days to
                                             in the car and drove up the bumpy          spend at the beach and cool days to
   Everybody has a favorite state but        road. We arrived at the restaurant         play outside:
 I'm going to tell you why Florida is        and asked for a booth for two. "What         In addition, we have great wildlife
 my favorite state.                          would you like for dinner?" the            to see in Florida. Once while swim-
   To begin with Florida is my favor-        waiter asked. "A juicy medium rare         ming, my Mom yelled "Matthew,
 ite state because it's a water state. For   steak." "Sure!" she said with a big        come quick". There was a huge
 example one time my family and I            grin. Finally she brought the steak to     manatee with a group of fish swim-
 were at our smelly old wooden dock.         the table. I could smell it from a mile    ming in the Intracoastal behind our
 "Come on in kids!" my dad ex-               away. I picked up my fork and knife        house. It was an amazing sight. We
 claimed. I sat in the very front of the     and dug in. It was so scrumptious,         also see blue crabs and lizards
 boat with the roasting sun in my face.      and juicy I almost fainted. It was the     around our house. One Saturday
 We were heading towards the light-          best food I ever tasted. Another time      morning, I asked my mom "Can we
 house waters to go tubing. We finally       my dad and I were at the beach and         go to Billy's Swamp Safari?" Later
 got there and my dad yanked out the         we could here each others tummy            that day my family and I drove 2
 tube from the back of the boat. He          rumbling. "Do you want to go to            hours to get there. My brother saw
 tied the soggy saltwater rope to the        Wilton Wings? "Great!" I said with         chickens which he thought were
 boat) then the tube. My sister Katie        excitement. We left the beach with         funny. We got on an air boat for a
 and I both got on the tube and blasted      our thirty pound bags and headed           ride. I saw what I thought was a log
 off. "Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed as we          towards the restaurant. We entered         moving. I asked the driver about it
 were going faster than an airplane.         the tiny restaurant and both ordered a     and he replied `That's an alligator". It
 We were bouncing up and down on             twenty piece mild wing basket with         was the coolest thing I ever saw.
 the water and finally I fell off. My        extra blue cheese and celery. I felt       Florida has the Everglades which
 dad came back to get * me and asked         like I was in heaven swimming in a         makes it a great place to see wildlife.
 if I was okay. "Great!" I said at the       hot sauce lake, with the greasy curly        In conclusion, this is why I love
 same time chuckling. I had an unfor-        fries and a lot of mouth watering          living in Florida. There is great
 gettable day. Another time my dad           vinegar. You can see Florida has the       weather and so many things to see
 and I were on the beach. We were            best mouthwatering food.                   and do.
 going in the giant waves to go surf-          In conclusion those are the reasons              By: Matthew Olsavsky
 ing. My dad brought the surf boards,        why Florida is my favorite state.
 they were as hard as a rock. I walked              By: Kelsey O'Loughlin                  Florida is a great place to live. We
 in the soggy sand down to the cold                                                     have great climate and many fun
 ocean and got ready to surf. I got on         Everyone has a reason why they           places to go that are close to our
 the board and started to paddle. My         like Florida. Here are my reasons          home.
 stomach had butterflies in it. Finally      why I like Florida.                           To begin with, the climate is nice
 the waves came and I was up and             To begin with, it has a warm climate.      and warm to do many things. One
 going. "Cana bongo!" I screamed. I          One day it was very hot. I was sweat-      recent day, my family and I went to
 felt the cool ocean mist and the            ing all over. So, I asked my mom if        the beach. I raced my brother down
 breeze in my face. I finally cam-           we could go to the beach to cool           the beach and jumped in the waves
 ,ashore and I thanked my dad with a         down. She said "Sure let's go". We         screaming " Yee Haw". Later, my
 lot of love. I had a blast and I will       all jumped in the car and were there       brother and I built sand castles. An-
 never forget it. You can see why be-        in no time at all. I bolted to the water   other sunny day, my family and I
 ing a water state makes Florida excit-      and jumped in. "Ahhhh" , I ex-             went on a boat and we went fishing. I
 ing.                                        claimed. Then I went surfing with          cast my fishing line in and felt a tug.
   Another reason why I like living in       my brother and had a great day. An-        I yelled " I got one" and tried to reel
 Florida is because of the restaurants.      other time , it was a cool day. I woke     it in but it was too strong. I called my
 For example, one time my mom and            up and smelled the fresh sea air. I        Dad over and he helped me bring it
 I were at home when my sister Sa-           raced to Dad and pleaded "Can we           in. It was a fun day. There are so
 brina was having a sleep over with          go bike riding?". "Sure" Dad con-                           (Continued on page 26)
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                  Page 25

 State law prohibits dumping anything into
 the storm drain system or unauthorized
 obstructions or alterations of the drain-
 age features. Residents should report
 illegal dumping into the stormwater system
 or clogged storm drains by calling the City
 of Fort Lauderdale’s 24-Hour Customer
 Service Center at:
              (954) 828-8000.
Page 26                                                                                              March 2011
 (Bayview School Continued from page                                        (Short Term Rentals Continued from
 24)                                              Haiku Poetry              page 22)
 many things to do in this warm Flor-                                       under legislation the state passed last
 ida climate.                                       Hockey                  summer. Officials in the southwest
   In addition, I love living in Florida     Hockey sticks and pucks        Florida community of Venice are
 as the are so many fun places to go         Extreme and so slippery        fighting a judge's ruling that its ban
 like the Miami Zoo, the Everglades,            Dangerous but fun           on short-term rentals is an unconsti-
 Sea Aquarium and so much more.            By: Panayoti Kourkoumelis        tutional City of Fort Lauderdale
 One great place I love to go is Or-                                        Media Summary 3 violation of
 lando to see Disney World. Recently                  Winter                homeowners' property rights, and the
 my family and I went to Disney                Warm hot chocolate           town of Jupiter Inlet Colony this
 World. I went on the roller coaster        Crackling, burning fireplace    week lost a court fight over its
 which I was a bit afraid of. I closed          Icy snowball fights         restrictions on rentals.
 my eyes and felt sick to my stomach.          By: Brach Jeppesen             Hollywood         officials  debated
 It got better near the end. After I got                                    whether to restrict rentals last year,
 off I screamed 'That was awesome'                 Ice Skating              but stuck with rules that include no
 and we all laughed. Another great             Twinkling bright ice         time limits and simply require those
 place we went last month is Red            Zooming down the icy rink       who rent their property to register
 Reef Park. My ` family and I put on          Skating with much joy         with the city.
 snorkels and masks. I saw many col-            By: Natalie Rees              West Palm Beach has debated and
 orful fish but then bumped into a bar-                                     re-debated its minimum time require-
 racuda with lots of teeth. I popped                  Skiing                ments on rentals. Meanwhile, Boca
 my head out of the water and                    On a mountain top          Raton has had no problem in years
 screamed at my Dad, "Help, Barra-         Skiing down the slopes so fast   with policies that are similar to Fort
 cuda". He came over and laughed "               Wind whistling by          Lauderdale's.
 he is much more afraid of you". It             By: Emma Holstein             Fort Lauderdale's City Commission
 was a great day. We are never bored                                        created a task force of business own-
 living in Florida with so many differ-                                     ers and neighborhood leaders to
 ent fun places to go and see.                                              review the short-term rental rules.
   In conclusion, With the great warm                                       Officials held a public hearing Feb.
 climate and so many fun places to                                          24. Mayor Jack Seiler said he wants
 go, I would never want to live any-                                        to stop abuses of short-term rentals,
 where else.                                                                but said the city has been cautious
         By: Michael Olsavsky                                               because of the ripple effects. "The
                                                                            thought is to try to create a little
                                                                            more regulation in this arena to en-
This is a thank you to all Coral Ridge dog owners                           sure short term rentals don't nega-
                                                                            tively impact our neighborhoods,"
 who clean up after their dog(s), when out for a                            Seiler said. "It's all about
                                                                            quality of life — the quality of life in
  walk. That is most of us. For those who do not                            your neighborhood or on your block,
clean up after their dog(s), please begin. Not only                         and if short-term rentals negatively
                                                                            impact quality of life, they should be
is it against the law, it is an insult to the rest of us.                   scrutinized."

  Great thanks to our advertisers, many of whom are our
  neighbors. Their ad dollars cover the entire expense of
                     this publication.
                   YOU ARE GREAT!
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 27
Page 28                                                                                                      March 2011
(Bruce Roberts Continued from page 10)      City, but please be assured that this     cultural similarities
  I want to thank City staff for their      Commission is aggressively pursuing       • March 26 - Centennial Bonnet
constant dedication in addressing all       the elimination of ALL illegal pain       House Tour by Dr. George
of the concerns, issues and ideas that      clinic operations within our City.        • March 27 - Centennial Birthday
come through the Commission                 Our Police Department and Code            Party! 100th Anniversary of the in-
Office – not only for District 1, but       Enforcement are actively involved in      corporation of Fort Lauderdale on
also for the City as a whole. We still      this undertaking along with federal       the Riverwalk
have much more that we can do. I am         agencies and the Florida Department       • March 27 - 9:00 a.m. and again at
looking forward to another year of          of Health. At the 1/4/11 Commis-          11:30 a.m. Dr. Paul George will host
working for you.                            sion Meeting, we requested our City       a Walking Tour of Historic Down-
  CITY MANAGER SEARCH                       Attorney to extend our moratorium         town Fort Lauderdale
UPDATE: Our consultant has met              prohibiting the licensing of new pain     • March 28 – Keith Hendee says the
with the Mayor and all of the               clinics. I will also be in contact with   Gateway Theatre once was a zoo!
Commissioners as well as with the           our lobbyists to make sure that this      These and other historic facts dis-
Commission-appointed City Manager           issue continues to move forward at        cussed with the Broward House Alli-
Search Committee to obtain input            the state level. Please contact our       ance lunch at the Bimini Boatyard,
related to the qualities, experience        State legislators and the new Gover-      call (954) 772-9647
and leadership skills deemed necessary      nor to make our voices heard on this        DON’T FORGET – if you have
for this position. The City Manager         important issue.                          any photos of landmarks, people,
Search Committee has also met to              CENTENNIAL CELEBRA-                     events or otherwise from the past 100
develop their guidelines to proceed         TION (FEBRUARY AND                        years that you would like to share
with their task of narrowing down           MARCH EVENTS):                            with the City (so that they can be
finalists for Commission delibera-          • March 12 - Centennial Parade and        used as part of the slideshow that
tions. In the future, I will keep you       Festival celebrating St. Patrick's Day    will be shown throughout the City
informed of public meetings to              • March 14 - Centennial Life in Fort      during our Centennial Celebration),
discuss the selection of the City           Lauderdale 1911-1920 lecture at the       let us know as soon as possible. We
Manager.                                    Bonnet House                              have only a few so far and we would
   PAIN CLINICS: A few months               • March 17 - The Centennial and           really like to have District 1 repre-
ago, I mentioned that this problem          49th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Break-         sented! Thank you in advance.
continues to spread and disrupt the         fast                                         OFFICE CONTACT:             Robbi
integrity of our community. Florida’s       • March 20 - Grand re-opening of the      Uptegrove – 954-828-5033; email:
crackdown on unscrupulous pain              1922 Southside School, located at
clinics has stalled again in Tallahassee,   701 South Andrews Avenue, with a              In addition to hosting two
pending a review by the newly               Centennial tribute to one of the first    pre-agenda meetings twice a month, I
elected governor. Strict new rules for      elementary schools in Broward             am also available to attend your
these pain clinics and their doctors        County; it has been listed on the U.S.    HOA meetings to update your
were to take effect November 28.            National Register of Historic Places      neighborhood on what is going on in
The rules have been in the works for        since 2006                                the City as well as answer any ques-
14 months. The delay appears to             • March 22, 23, 24 - Business Fair        tions/concerns you may have. Please
undercut State Department of Health         demonstrating the economic devel-         contact Robbi to schedule.
plans to start detailed inspections of      opment links between Ft. Lauderdale
the approximately 1,000 pain clinics        and Medellin, Columbia, sponsored
in Florida – especially ones in             by Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister
Broward and Palm Beach counties             Cities International
that have become a major source of          • March 25 - Tropical Symphonic
millions of narcotic pills for drug         concert at the Broward Center for the
dealers and addicts throughout the          Performing Arts commemorating the
Southeast. To date, we have closed          50th anniversary of the Sister City
two clinics by Holy Cross, one by the       relationship between Fort Lauderdale             CERT AT WORK!!!
Executive Airport, one on Oakland           and Medellin, Columbia, sponsored
Park Boulevard, and "raided" the            by Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister
clinic near Broward General Hospital. I     Cities International. -This musical
know there are several others in the        sound fusion is a tribute to our
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.   Page 29
Page 30                                                                                                      March 2011

              City of Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance Board Announces
                              December ‘WOW Award’ Winner
   The WOW Award for December             the four columns with authentic,          Board proudly present the December
 2010 was presented to Michele and        New-Orleans-style gas lamps that          WOW Award to Michelle and Ben
 Ben Benavente, who are residents of      cast a secluded and private estate feel   and thank them for enhancing their
 the Coral Ridge Association, Inc.        at night.                                 community and the City of Fort
 located in District I.                     Rather than tear out and replace the    Lauderdale.
   In March 2009, Michele and Ben,        already existing mature plants and        WOW Award Recognizes Stellar Fort
 along with a Boxer, Great Dane,                                                                Lauderdale Properties
 and a baby on the way (Emma),                                                              If you see a house that makes
 decided it was time to trade their                                                       you stop and say “WOW,” or
 charming, yet less than spacious                                                         you think your house has the
 two-bedroom Rio Vista home for                                                           “WOW” factor, nominate it for a
 something with a little more room                                                        monthly WOW award. The
 to grow. Since they were born                                                            Community Appearance Board
 and raised in Fort Lauderdale,                                                           recognizes residential properties
 they didn’t want to stray far so                                                         throughout the City that contrib-
 they looked to the Coral Ridge                                                           ute to the aesthetic appeal of the
 neighborhood where they both                                                             neighborhood through its WOW
 grew up. Ironically, the house                                                           Award Program. Board mem-
 they ended up falling in love with                                                       bers nominate homes for a
 was nestled along Bayview Drive,         trees, they decided to relocate and       WOW award and residents may also
 directly between the two homes they      reuse them in a way that would be         nominate their homes or a neighbor’s
 each grew up in.                         better suited to the property. They       home for an award. Nominations
   Michele and Ben’s vision through-      now have a vast array of palms trees      may be for landscaping, renovation,
 out the renovation process was to        that include several Sago, Florida        property maintenance, overall exte-
 retain the home’s quiet, solid sense     Royal, and Foxtails. They also added      rior beauty and style, and neighbor-
 of dignity and poise, while                                                                     hood enhancement.
 adding their individual flair.                                                                    If a property is selected
   The first step was repaint-                                                                   as a WOW winner, the
 ing the house to a warm                                                                         homeowner will receive
 shade of green and changing                                                                     special recognition at a
 the front door and garage to                                                                    City Commission meeting,
 a natural mahogany stain.                                                                       a gift certificate from a
 Then, they traded the old                                                                       program sponsor, and a
 windows in for more energy                                                                      WOW Winner yard sign
 efficient    and     hurricane                                                                  to display on their prop-
 friendly impact windows.                                                                        erty. The owner’s home
 Next, they redesigned the                                                                       will also be featured on
 original circular driveway                                                                      Channel 78, the City’s
 and island into two separate straight    White Crepe Jasmine vines to flank        government access cable station, and
 driveways and a courtyard, which         the garage door and wind along the        possibly be featured in local and City
 allowed for a clean-cut look and pro-    iron gates.                               publications.
 vided more useable open, green             Almost two years later, Michele           For more information about the
 space. They used tumbled marble          and Ben finally get to enjoy all the      WOW Award Program or to nomi-
 pavers to create eight large quadrants   hard work they put in. They come          nate a home for an award, please
 divided by grass borders on each         home to their dream house every day       visit
 driveway.                                and are so very proud and flattered       neighborhoods. Nominations can be
   Next, four columns were installed      whenever neighbors stop by to             made online!
 to flank the sides of each driveway      admire their home.
 that were joined in the middle by a        The Fort Lauderdale City Commis-
 low-lying wall. They topped each of      sion and the Community Appearance
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                  Page 31


         (954) 561-4300 * FAX (954) 561-0809
Page 32   March 2011
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                                          Page 33

                                                                    Kelly & Kelly
                                                                  CPAs and Consultants, P.A.
                                                        MEMBERS OF AMERICAN AND FLORIDA INSTITUTES AND NEW
                                                          MEXICO SOCIETY OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS

                                                                  John F. Kelly, C.P.A.
                                                              Elizabeth M. Kelly, C.P.A.
                                                               A Full Service Accounting Firm
                                                                   At A Reasonable Cost
                                                        Individual & Business
                                                          Tax Returns
                                                        Monthly & quarterly accounting
                                                        Business troubleshooting
                                                        Business & individual tax planning
                                                        IRS representation
                                                        Out of state taxes
                                                        Foreign taxes
                                                        Generally 24-hour turnaround on phone calls
                                                        All work performed on in-house computers
                                                          3020 N. FEDERAL HWY., STE. 11B
                                                            FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33306

                                                          FT. LAUDERDALE: (954) 561-0557
                                                          TOLL FREE:         (877) 358-0557
                                                          FAX:               (954) 561-2749

                   Licensed                  Insured

                              Since 1969
      BILL CIANI         954-563-5244
               Construction and Remodeling
Page 34                                                                                                  March 2011

  The fun never stops at Fort Lauder-     Tim Rice’s “Aida,” a classic tale of     Office, 954-763-6701. The rest of
dale Children’s Theatre! Quarter 3        forbidden love, performing March         our production season promises to
classes began in January, offering        11th & 12th at The African American      be just as exciting and fun: My Son
theatre arts classes for ages 4-18,       Research library, unites talented        Pinocchio in May 2011; and Hello
including Voice for the Actor, Dance      teenage actors from all over two         Dolly in July 2011. Auditions are
for Musical Theatre and Improvisa-        counties and a dozen different           open and the information is avail-
tion, to name a few.                      schools, and is the first time FLCT is   able on our website.
  The kids were amazing in their          partnering with the African Ameri-         Fort Lauderdale Children’s Thea-
production of Shakespeare’s A Mid-        can Research Library & Cultural          tre recently hosted 250 guests at
summer Night’s Dream, performed           Center. Tickets for all FLCT shows       The Grande Crystal Ball III –
in October at our studio theatre at the   are available through the website        The Emerald City at the Hilton
Galleria Mall, and our spectacular, and through the Box         Fort Lauderdale Marina for an eve-
original production of Snow White &                                                ning of fine dining and dancing. A
the Seven Dwarfs in December at the                                                performance by FLCT’s new "Glee
Main Library Theater had audiences                                                 Club" was the highlight and their
singing along! A dvd of this show                                                  upbeat and poignant performance
will soon be available for sale; you                                               brought the guests to their
can watch a sample of the show on                                                  feet. This annual black-tie affair
YouTube:                                             was a reminder of the importance
v=ZymeNzz2jFM Call 954 763-6701                                                    of supporting children in the arts.
to order.
  Our production of Elton John and
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                         Page 35

  The Coral Ridge Newsletter is a production of the Coral Ridge Homeowner’s Associa-
tion & printed to inform you, a Coral Ridge resident, of events and situations deemed by the
 (elected) Board of Governors as pertinent to your knowledge. We thank the advertisers for
   making it possible for us to publish this newsletter and mail it to your home at no cost to
Page 36                                                                                                      March 2011

                    HANDY PHONE NUMBERS
                                                                                     Coral Ridge Association
                 City of Fort Lauderdale
 24-Hour Customer Service Line ……………….                             954-828-8000                  2011
 After School Child Care (F.L.A.S.H.)                              954-828-5356                President:
 Alarms & Alarm Registration………………… .                              954-828-5476                Betsy Dow
 American Red Cross                                                954-763-9900             Vice President:
 Animal Control…………………………………                                       954-359-1313            Robert Helmholdt
 Auto Tags & Registration                                          954-765-4697          Recording Secretary:
 Beach Conditions……………………………….                                     954-468-1597            Christine Fingado
 Bell South Home Repair                                                     611        Corresponding Secretary:
 Bike Registration….............................................   954-463-2453               Scott Tilbrook
 Building Permits & Inspections                                    954-828-5191               Treasurer:
 Bus Transportation……………………………..                                   954-357-8400            Robert McMahon
 Canal Maintenance                                                 954-828-8000                Governors:
 Citizens Advisory Boards………………………                                 954-828-5002              John Aurelius
 Citizen Services                                                  954-828-5944               Steve Botkin
 City Clerk……………………………………....                                      954-828-5002              Helen Bulver
 City Commission Office                                            954-828-5004                Bill Ciani
 City Hall General Information ………………...                           954-828-5000               John Custer
 City Manager’s Office                                             954-828-5013            Claudia Galloway
 Code Enforcement/Community Inspections……                          954-828-5207               Jim Geiger
 Community & Comprehensive Planning                                954-762-8968               Steve Gillespie
 Consumer Affairs………………………………                                      954-765-5355               George Glasser
 Driver’s Licenses                                                 954-327-6333                 Jim Sawran
 Fire - Rescue…………………………………...                                     954-828-5700               Henry Schoone
 Flood Information                                                 954-828-5203                Scott Tilbrook
 Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport…………….                           954-938-4966             Alan Vordermeier
 Garbage Cart Service &/or Repair                                  954-828-8000          Membership Committee:
 George English Park…………………………...                                  954-396-3620                  Ron Laffey
 Graffiti Hotline                                                  954-828-6402              Social Committee:
 Holiday Park…………………………………...                                      954-828-5346      Claudia Galloway, Helen Bulver,
 Homestead Exemption                                               954-357-6830               Robert McMahon
 Inspections……………………………………...                                      954-828-5191             Code Enforcement:
 International Swimming Hall of Fame                               954-468-1580                   Bill Ciani
 Main Library…………………………………...                                      954-357-7444             Newsletter Editor:
 Marine Facilities                                                 954-828-5423                  Ron Laffey
 Mayor’s Office…………………………………                                       954-828-5003    Beautification & Trafficways Com.:
 Parking Services (Fines, Permits & Info)                          954-468-1600       George Glasser, Scott Tilbrook
 Parks & Recreation……………………………..                                   954-828-5346             Recycle Committee:
 Police Non-Emergency                                              954-828-5700                  Brian Leary
 Police - Community Policing…………………..                              954-828-6400          Nominating Committee:
 Public Information                                                954-828-4746   Jim Geiger, Steve Botkin, John Custer,
 Public Services…………………………………                                      954-776-5151     Christine Fingado, Al Massey, Ron
 Special Events Information Hotline                                954-828-5363         Laffey, Robert Helmholdt
 Special Events Volunteer Hotline……………...                          954-828-5812        Ft. Laud. Civic Assoc. Rep:
 Street Lights                                                     954-797-5000                Steve Gillespie
 Traffic Information Line………………………..                               954-828-4750    Sunrise/Middle River Bridge Comm:
 Trash/Waste/Recycle Pick-up                                       954-828-8000           Bill Ciani, Richard Pratt
 War Memorial Auditorium……………………..                                 954-828-5380           Welcoming Committee:
 Water/Sewer/Storm Drain Problems                                  954-828-8000                  Ron Laffey
 Water Billing…………………………………...                                     954-828-5150
 Zoning                                                            954-828-5191
Coral Ridge Association, Inc.                                                                     Page 37

         Neighborhood News                                           ADVERTISING RATES
                                                                            for Newsletter Ads
         Free ad space for Coral Ridge
   neighborhood children, 14 years and older                     1/8 Pg.      Bus. Card            $50
 Neighbors are looking for help with small jobs and are          1/4 Pg.      3.5”x4.75”           $80
 willing to hire Coral Ridge children. The Coral Ridge           1/3 Pg.      7.25”x3.3”           $95
 Newsletter welcomes all neighborhood children, 14 years and
 older, who would like to work for their neighbors doing         1/2 Pg.      7.25”x4.7”          $165
 mulching, raking, and the like. With your parent’s              Full Pg.     7.25”x9.5”          $320
 permission, we will list your name and phone number free of
 charge. Call Ron Laffey at 954-566-8673.
     Neighborhood students willing to work:                       This newsletter is published 5 times
Austin Lail: Yard work, car wash, etc….954-566-8213               annually. The next issue is in
Jessica Lail: Baby-sitter
                                                                  May. To place an ad, call:
           Ages over 2 …………………..954-566-8213                         Ron Laffey 954-566-8673 or
Emily Lazowick: Baby-sitter
          Ages over 4…………………...954-205-4030
Susanna Botkin: Baby-sitter………....…..954-565-4347                Advertisers that pay for one full year
Maggie Botkin: Baby-sitter…….…..…….954-565-4347                  in advance, 5 issues, will receive a
Brian Roberts: Baby-sitter........................954-561-1083   10% discount. The ad can be modified
                                                                 or changed anytime during that year.
Page 38   March 2011
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Page 40   March 2011

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