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If you look online or visit your local beauty supply, you can find do-it-yourself kits for hair extensions.

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									Are Hair Extensions For You? A Hair Extension Primer
You see it everyday in magazines or on TV -- actresses have short hair one day, then luxurious, long
tresses the next. What gives!? This "hair" is really hair extensions, which allow people to get the long
hair they want, practically in an instant. Are there downsides? Professional hair extensions can
certainly transform you without damaging your locks, but if done poorly, extensions can not only look
bad, but actually harm your hair. Continue reading and find out what you can expect before you
decide whether to go for hair extensions.

Hair extensions are typically quite pricey, and if you get professionally-made custom extensions with
high-quality hair, you could pay several hundred dollars. The quality of the hair is one of the biggest
drivers of the cost. For example, lighter hair, typically from Caucasians of European descent, costs
more than Asian hair. To get blonde hair extensions that look natural you will have to pay more for the
European extensions. Ask your local salon for some price ranges so that you can get a better idea of
the cost.

If you look online or visit your local beauty supply, you can find do-it-yourself kits for hair extensions.
These are not necessarily easy to do yourself, but if you can have a friend help, you could have
great-looking extensions for a lot less money. If done well, these can look just as good as extensions
done in a salon. Make sure that you buy the best quality of hair that you can afford if you decide to
buy your own extensions.

Two main types of hair extensions are used by stylists. The first type is a series of strands, which are
really clumps of hair glued together like miniature ponytails. A stylist attaches these to the roots of
your natural hair using a keratin-type of glue. These may look great, but they could result in some of
your hair breaking off at the roots, and the glue contains a good deal of chemicals. This type of hair
extension is fairly easy to apply, but the removal is difficult and should only be done at the salon to
avoid major hair damage.

Wefts are another common type of hair extension, and they use no chemicals. Wefts are strips, like
pieces of tape with long curtains of hair hanging down. These extensions are woven by the stylist into
your hair's roots around the mid-portion of your scalp, close to your ears. The weft is concealed by
the upper layers of your hair. These extensions are less damaging, but they need tightening about
every two months or so, which means you need to go back to your stylist.
Most hair extensions are made of either human hair, synthetic hair or horse hair. The synthetic
extensions cost the least, but they look and feel artificial, and do not hold up to heat styling, such as
curling irons. Extensions made with human hair provide the best results and you can treat them
exactly as you would your natural hair. Within human hair extensions, the available hair varies
depending on its origin. Extensions for brown and black hair are made from hair that comes from Asia
and India. These work wonderfully if you have naturally dark hair! However, the texture is thicker and
more coarse than the natural hair for Caucasian women, so these types of extensions do not look as
good on Caucasians. Hair that comes from Northern Italy and Europe considered to be of higher
quality, with a higher price tag as well. The only issue with the lighter hair color extensions arises if
you have naturally dark hair. In this case, your hair needs to be lightened to match the lighter

Hair extensions can allow you to have the hair you have always wanted, especially if your hair is
naturally thin, fine or damages easily. Although they can be costly, hair extensions could be a
worthwhile investment in helping you feel proud of your appearance, while allowing you to have some
fun with your hair at the same time.

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