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Loan Nappy kit - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to use the loan kit?

Before you can get your hands on one of our lovely loan kits, you must first fill out an
application form, via the website. If you do not have internet access this can be
posted to your home address. As soon as you have filled in the application form I will
contact you to arrange payment of the fee and deposit and to arrange a suitable day
to bring the loan kit to your home and come and give you a demonstration if
required. Alternatively the loan kit can be posted to you or collected from Eco Nappy.
There are a limited number of loan kits so you may not get your preferred date but I
will do my best to accommodate your requirements. As soon as the fee and deposit
amounts have cleared into Eco Nappy’s account the loan kit can be released.

Money matters

How much does the loan kit cost to borrow?

The loan service costs £40 for 2 weeks. This is to cover the cost of my time and
petrol, administration, laundry detergent, wear and tear of the nappies and for the
disposable liners that come with each kit.
There is also a £100 deposit to be paid before the kit can be released. This is to
cover the cost of the nappies should they not arrive back in satisfactory condition
(rarely the case). (See below)

Why do you ask for a £100 deposit and why is it cashed?

The actual cost of the nappies and accessories in the loan pack is more like £200 so
the deposit is really as low as it can be. I would love to offer the loan service without
charging the deposit if I could, but I have to insure myself against possible loss or
damage, as I have bought the nappies with money from my own pocket. The £100 is
fully refundable upon receipt of the nappies back to Eco Nappy in good condition.
(See terms and conditions for more details). So far nobodies deposit has been

Can I use the £10 voucher in conjunction with any other voucher or offer
issued by The Eco Nappy Company?

Sorry, unfortunately not.

Can I use Eco Nappy’s £10 voucher in conjunction with the cash back
incentive my local council offer?

You will need to speak with your local council directly before using the Eco Nappy
voucher. As far as I am aware this has never been a problem.

General Questions

What if the nappies are damaged or lost whilst on loan?

In these unlikely circumstances the price of any damaged or lost stock would be
deducted (at wholesale price) from the £100 deposit. If loss or damage to the pack
exceeds the value of the deposit, then the subsequent offer, available to those who
borrow the loan kit, of £10 off any order exceeding £50 will not be offered.

How do I care for the nappies whilst they are on loan to me?
All care instructions are provided with the loan pack - see the “Loan pack care”
download on the “Nappy loan” page of the website.

Why should no fabric conditioner or bleach be used on the nappies and

Fabric conditioner coats the nappy fabric with a greasy layer and affects absorbency.
Bleach products may damage the fibres of the nappies and plastic wraps, making
them leaky and reducing longevity. See the “Loan pack care” download on the
“Nappy loan” page of the website.

What if I want to try some nappies which are not already in the loan pack?

I will do my best to accommodate your needs regarding which nappies you would
like to try. Eco Nappy does two types of pack, a “ready-made” pack and a “pick your
own pack”. Either way we will put together a pack which suits your needs.

If you have any other questions about using real nappies and accessories they can
be found on the “FAQ’s” page of our website. For how to wash and dry your nappies,
see the “Loan pack care” download on the “Nappy loan” page @ For all other enquiries please contact me using the contact

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