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									                          ALCTS Cataloging & Classification Section
                                   Executive Committee
                           ALA 2006 Annual Meeting, New Orleans


Session 1: Friday, June 23, 2006, 7:30-9:30 PM
New Orleans Marriott: Regent

Members in attendance:

Cynthia Whitacre, Chair
David Miller, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect
Ann Caldwell, Secretary
Marty Kurth, Member-at-Large
Gary Strawn, Member-at-Large
Mary Charles Lasater, Member-at-Large
Sara Shatford Layne, Past Chair
Mary S. Woodley, Member-at-Large
Beth Picknally Camden, Member-at-Large


Bruce Trumble, Chair, SAC
Norm Medeiros, CCS Rep to LRTS Board
Rebecca Mugridge, Liaison, CCS Budget & Finance
Mary Larsgaard, Chair, CC:DA
Diane Baden, Chair, CCS, Policy & Planning
Bob Lesh, Chair, CC:AAM
Lori Robare, CCS Rep. to ALCTS Program Committee
Sylvia Hall-Ellis, ALCTS Education Committee
Cheri Folkner, Observer, incoming CC:DA Chair
Oksana Kraus, Chair, CCCM

1.1       Introductions

Members and guests introduced themselves.

1.2       Other Preliminaries
1.2.1            Adoption of Agenda

One item was added to the agenda: a discussion of the CC:DA representative from the
Acquisitions Section. Motion to approve: Gary Strawn; second: David Miller; passed.

1.2.2            Confirmation of Electronic Votes

Cynthia Whitacre read the votes that had been conducted electronically for the record:

IFLA: New nominee
Motion to nominate Glenn Patton to serve as a member of the IFLA Bibliography Section
Standing Committee for the term 2007-2011; motion to approve: Layne; second: Woodley;
motion passed.
LC Series Decision
Motion to approve the May 2006 statement, CCS Communication to the Library of Congress
on the Series Decision, and that this statement be forwarded to the ALCTS Board for their
approval and comment and possible adoption as an ALCTS statement. We recommend that
the ALCTS Board send this communication to the Library of Congress; motion to approve:
Miller; second: Strawn; motion passed.
RPC Essay
Motion to approve the RPC essay on Electronic Resources for publication; motion to
approve: Miller; second: Picknally Camden; motion passed.

Motion to confirm electronic votes: Beth Camden; second: Gary Strawn; approved.

1.2.3          Approval of ALA Midwinter 2006 minutes

One change was made to the midwinter minutes. In section 2.4, Nominating Committee,
there is an extra word (chair) which should be struck. Motion to approve the minutes as
amended: Mary Charles Lasater; second: David Miller; approved.

1.3     Announcements
1.3.1    Election Results: Cynthia announced the CCS election results: Mary Charles Lasater
        vice chair/chair elect; Kate Harcourt, Joan Schuitema, members-at-large. She also
        announced the division election results.

1.3.2          ALCTS Board business

Since the Board has not yet met, this report will be given later.

1.3.3         Other
Ann Caldwell reported that the ALCTS web redesign group had compiled comments on the
proposed redesign. The CCS comments were greatly appreciated.

1.4    Planning Session
1.4.1           Committee/discussion group reviews (Policy and Planning)
Diane Baden reported that this is the first time discussion groups are having their charges
reviewed. Three out of the four groups have completed the questionnaires. The Cataloging
Norms Discussion Group has not yet completed it yet nor has it responded to Policy and
Planning. The other three groups have responded. The Catalog Management Discussion
Group is satisfied with its charge and themes and topics. The Cataloging and Classification
Research Discussion Group feels its charge is adequate; it has good attendance at its
meetings, like the other discussion groups it has scheduling conflicts, likes being a discussion


group and wants to continue as one. MAGERT wants to change its name to the Cartographic
Materials Discussion Group and would like its charge, etc. to change to reflect this change.
CCS will act on this on Tuesday, and may want to make completing the questionnaire a
requirement for DGs to continue in existence.

1.4.2          Go through existing Tactical Plan

The Tactical Plan was updated after Midwinter. At this meeting the focus will be on items that
have dates. Diane reformatted the plan so that items in bold indicate additions or changes from
1.2.277, Cataloging children’s Materials web portal: completed; 1.2.313, Provide feedback to
OCLC FAST program: will ask for extension; change to Jan 2008; 2.1.235, Cataloging Correctly
for Kids Preconference: has occurred; 2.1.266, Develop Careers in Cataloging and Metadata
Creation: Information, Tools, and Resources: wait for confirmation; 2.1.318, Present program to
promote PCC among area studies specialists: has occurred; 2.1.319, Present preconference on
competencies for beginning catalogers: proposal for preconference has been prepared and CCS
Exec will be discussing that; 3.3.74, Present Series program with PCC; has occurred; 3.3.261,
Publish Spanish-speaking User and Subject Analysis Program papers: in production, will perhaps
be out this fall?; 3.3.282, Present program on cataloging rare book materials: there is no proposal
at this point; June 2008 may be a target and it will probably be a preconference sponsored by the
Bib Standards Committee of RBMS (ACRL) with CCS as a co-sponsor; 3.3.283, Present LCC
Training Materials Program: this is occurring at this conference; 3.3, Present Preconference on
Cataloging Cultural Objects: has occurred; 3.5, Develop Fundamentals of Cataloging online
course: June 2007 date is OK; 4.2.265, Publish article about mentor program, ―Growing Our
Own‖, by committee members: this has been accepted by Cataloging and Classification Quarterly,
change complete; 4.4, Cosponsor MAGERT preconference on map cataloging: occurring now.

Everything else on the plan is ongoing and will be addressed during the discussion of the planning
database and its purpose.

1.5     Publication Issues
1.5.1          LRTS Editorial Board

Norm Medeiros reported that the acceptance rate for LRTS is 55%. Cataloging related
articles dominate (63%). The 50th anniversary issue (vol. 51, no.1) will contain the first issue
of LRTS; the index to v. 25-50 will come with v. 51, no. 2 and will also probably be on the
web. Three papers from the Janus Conference will be in v. 50 no. 4 including Ross
Atkinson’s last paper. Christine Taylor is seeking additional advertisers for LRTS. She has
provided a packet that is available to Board members to distribute to vendors with whom
they have close relationships. The Editorial Board would like to get page numbers up and
publish more articles.

1.6    Past Chair report
There was no report from the past chair.

1.7     2006 Programs, preconferences, institutes


1.7.1         Pre-conference: CCO Boot Camp: An Introduction to Cataloging Cultural
              Resources (Thurs pm; all day Friday)
Lori Robare reported that there were 30 some people attending this preconference.

1.7.2         Pre-conference: Cataloging Cartographic Resources (Thurs all day; Fri am)
This preconference went well; the attendance on Thursday was 28 and 26 on Friday.

1.7.3           Pre-conference: Tools of our Trade: Cataloging Correctly for Kids (Fri 1/2
                day only)
Attendance for this preconference was unfortunately low. Oksana Kraus felt that the
publicity for this preconference was not good; it was advertised for two different locations.

1.7.4 Program: Series Authority Training Preview (CCS/PCC Task Force, Sat 1:30-3:30
Lori Robare reported that the organizers are expecting comments on the LC series decision
and how to stay focused during this difficult time.

1.7.4         Program: Area Studies Librarians: Do you PCC? (CC:AAM program, Sat 8-
              10 AM)
Bob Lesh reported on the speakers; the Program for Cooperative Cataloging and the Asian,
African, and Middle Eastern Section are the co-sponsors.

1.7.5        Program: FAST: a New System of Subject Access for Cataloging and
             Metadata (SAC, Sat. 1:30-3:30)
Bruce Trumble reported there will be four speakers at this program.

1.7.6         Program: LC Classification Training Preview (CCS-SAC/PCC TF, Sun 1:30-
              3:30 pm)
Lori Robare reported on this program.

1.7.7           RDA Open Forum (Listed as a program, even though not technically a
                program – Sat 4:00-5:30 pm)
Although this is listed as a program, technically it is not. The format of this will be the same
as the previous forum. Jennifer Bowen will make brief comments and provide an update then
open it up for questions. Marjorie Bloss will also be there.

1.7.8               Questioning Authorities: Adapting Authority Control to the Changing
Needs of Library Users (LITA/ALCTS CCS Authority Control Interest Group, Sunday, June
25, 1:30-3:30 [business meeting to follow program]) – Planned through LITA

1.7.8          ALCTS Series Forum (Fri. 4:00-6:00 pm)--Whitacre
Cynthia thanked Gary Strawn for speaking at the forum. There were approximately 200
people in attendance and many comments. Charles Wilt was very encouraging about doing
similar forums in the future.


1.8     2007 Programs, preconference, institutes, etc.
1.8.1          Preconference: Preparations for the 21st Century: Competencies, Education,
               and Employers' Expectations for Catalogers (CETRC)
Sylvia Hall-Ellis reported on this proposed preconference which will be in partnership with
ALISE. A paper about the conference will be published in the ALISE journal and LC will
webcast it on their site. She voiced some concern about the number of people being able to
attend and the modular design of the preconferences.

Motion to approve the preconference: Mary Woodley; second: David Miller; approved.

1.8.2          Preconference: Series Authority Workshop
Lori Robare reported for Rachel Wadham on the Series Authority Workshop. This will be
offered separately from other preconferences and there will be separate registration for this
specific course. A final draft for this is due to CDS by March 1. A tentative list of speakers
has been developed who are all committee members.

Motion to approve the preconference: Gary Strawn; second; Mary Woodley; approved.

1.8.3          Preconference: LC Classification Workshop

Lori Robare reported on this preconference. It will be two full days and have four speakers
drawn from the committee.

Motion to approve the preconference: Mary Charles Lasater; second: David Miller; motion

1.8.4           Advanced Cataloging for Kids: (Oksana Kraus)
Oksana Kraus reported that this will be a program rather than a preconference and the
preferred days are Saturday or Sunday: these are best for the audience they’re after (school
and public librarians). The suggestion was made to drop ―Advanced‖ from the title and
change it to ―Cataloging Correctly for Kids: AV, E-Books, and More!‖ CCS-Exec can sign
off on this without having a revised proposal.

Motion to approve proposal: David Miller; second: Beth Picknally Camden; approved.

1.8.5   Programs for 2007:             RPC Program on Surveys (Joint Program with AS)
The ALCTS Research and Publication Committee will co-sponsor this program along with
the Acquisitions Section.

The ACIG program will go through LITA.

Beth Camden raised the issue of leadership in cataloging. There will be lots of retirements in
the next 10 years in cataloging departments. Perhaps a program on reflections on leadership
would be appropriate: how did the leaders get from practitioner to manager? There is an


interest in leadership in general. A different slant would concern people who are in positions
of leadership who never anticipated getting into that position. Beth will chair a program
committee and pull together people for that committee. Lori Robare suggested writing up a
single sheet outlining the topic for the Program Committee. Possible Forum for Midwinter and/or Annual
David Miller pointed out that we can have forums at midwinter. This discussion will be

1.8.6     Possible co sponsorships?

There were no co-sponsorships mentioned.

1.9 Proposed New CCS Interest Group

David Miller had sent out an e-mail about a possible interest group in CCS in response to the
changing landscape of cooperation. The topic will be continued later on the listserv.

1.10      Concern about RPC Essays
          This topic will be discussed at greater length on Tuesday morning during the RPC

Executive session

1.11      Committee appointments     2006/2007

David Miller reported on committee appointments.

1.12       Other (if needed)

Session 2: Sunday, June 25, 2006, 10:30 AM – Noon
Intercontinental New Orleans: Poydras

Members in attendance:

Cynthia M. Whitacre, Chair
Ann Caldwell, Secretary
David Miller, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect
Marty Kurth, Member-at-large
Gary Strawn, Member-at-large
Mary Woodley, Member-at-large
Beth Picknally Camden, Member-at-large
Sara Shatford Layne, Past Chair



Jennifer Bowen, ALA Rep. to the JSC
Joan Schuitema, incoming Member-at-large
Rebecca Mugridge, CCS Rep. to Budget & Finance
Lori Robare, CCS Rep. to ALCTS Program Committee
Charles Wilt, ALCTS Executive Director
Natalie Sommerville, CCS Rep. to Membership Committee
Bruce Johnson, ALCTS President-elect
Rosann Bazirjian, ALCTS President
Olivia Madison, Chair, ALCTS 50th Anniversary Planning Committee

2.1       Introductions

Members and guests introduced themselves; Mary Charles Lasater was unable to attend;
Cynthia welcomed Joan Schuitema, incoming member-at-large.

2.2       ALCTS Program Committee

Lori Robare reported that the ALCTS Program Committee met on Saturday morning and
talked about the preconference proposals. The CETRC proposal was approved with a slight
title change in order to attract managers as well as new librarians. They also discussed the
ALCTS anniversary preconference and the two training workshops that are on a separate
track. On Friday afternoon there will be a program on workflow analysis sponsored by the
Acquisitions section. The Leadership Development Committee will be having a program on
Managing Across Generations. ALCTS will be co-sponsoring (in name only) a program on
cataloging early maps. A MARBI program on the Future of MARC will be held on Saturday
morning and will feature some of the research Bill Moen has been doing. Mentoring for
Success is the program sponsored by the ALCTS Membership Committee with CETRC co-
sponsorship. The Networked Resources and Metadata Interest Group will be sponsoring a
program on managing metadata. The series preconference will be held Sunday afternoon.

There are time slots for CCS forums and lots of enthusiasm for them. Sections can choose to
do a forum at annual only or at both annual and midwinter but should keep in mind that the
time slot should be the same if two are planned per year. Someone needs to be chosen to
coordinate the content and work as a liaison. The person in that position may want to rotate
off after a certain amount of time. The Program Committee suggests that late afternoon time
slots work well for this type of thing. Friday afternoon might be a possibility; also Saturday

CCS Exec decided to tentatively plan on Friday afternoon. Publicity will fall to the Program
Committee. The Forum won’t have title unless there’s an idea very early on. It’s often nice to
keep topics open until last minute.


Since Lori’s term on the Program Committee is ending, Cynthia thanked her for doing such a
fabulous job.

2.3    ALA rep. to the Joint Steering Committee for the Revision of AACR

Jennifer Bowen provided an update on the last JSC meeting. RDA has been reorganized
again in response to feedback received. Parts I and II have been combined and RDA will now
be Part A and Part B. Chapter 6 and 7 are out for review and the remaining part will go out
for review in early December.

JSC got approval to make the vast majority of its documents public on the JSC website in
PDF versions. The intent is to provide more background and context and to enable everyone
to see all of the discussion that went on.

The JSC got a huge quantity of comments on Part I (about 700); they dealt with the most
important; the remaining comments will be gone through this summer. ALA expressed
comments on the mode of issuance but there haven’t been any decisions made on that yet.
Tom Delsey will be issuing a paper on this.

There are lots of options in RDA and the group has tried to be clear on what’s required and
what’s optional and is labeling this clearly.

There is a joint initiative between JSC and ONIX to develop a common framework for
resource categorization. There’s also a proposal for Bible headings to make them more
politically correct and less Western-biased.

Jennifer has been reporting on RDA to a great many groups. She reported to Big Heads. At
the RDA Forum, Don Chatham and Troy Linker from ALA Editions were present. A straw
poll showed that 2/3 of the attendees wanted a print edition. A prototype of the online RDA
is available at She will also report to MARBI.

2.4    ALCTS Membership Committee

Natalie Somerville reported that the Membership Committee hasn’t met yet. The booth is
fully staffed except for one time slot. She has sent messages to the listserv to staff the booth.
The committee is planning more outreach to library schools. They will be doing a LIS career
day in DC next year, plan to work with faculty who are members of ALCTS, and want to do
outreach to the Medical and Law Library Associations. They have done some technical
services fact sheets for recruiting purposes. The New Members Round Table would like
some ALCTS members at their resume workshop

The group discussed what sorts of services PLA might need with regards to technical
services activities. The possibility of a focus group was discussed and the applicability of it
to the Medical and Law Library Associations.


Roseanne Bazirjian discussed the ALCTS Board’s focus on the strategic plan. It was
approved by the Board yesterday and they are now looking at how to populate it with
content. She alerted the group to the Emerging Communications Technology TF Report
(John Duke, chair). This lists all available technologies and how ALCTS might be using
them. Committees might want to consult this. It will be available on the website.

Bruce Johnson discussed continuing education which is a member-driven initiative. He
reminded chairs that they should send thank you notes to members whose terms are ending.

He received the report of the Non-English Task Force yesterday and will be reviewing it in
the coming month. He’s anxious to receive feedback from the field. With regard to the LC
Series authority question and the problem of communication, ALCTS should take a
leadership role to be sure we’re not caught by surprise again. There should be a
recommendation to be sure there’s good consultation and communication. He reiterated that
he’s here to help.

2.5     Value of Catalogers document

Beth Camden pointed out major changes she had made to the document. The bullets were
moved into a new paragraph, the document addresses the service part of cataloging, and it
discusses how metadata affects future.

Move to approve and thank Beth: Mary Woodley; second: David; approved.
It now needs to go through the ALCTS publication process and to the ALCTS Board before
being put on the webpage. Cynthia will start that process.

There was a discussion on where and how this should this be distributed. People would have
it on the ALCTS website to refer to. Should it be added to the Big Heads agenda? Jennifer
suggested that PLA might want to have it to address the cataloging needs of public librarians.
Once it’s approved the group will work on more solid plans for publicity.

2.6     Roles/Job Descriptions for CCS Exec Members at Large
This is a follow-up from a midwinter discussion. Cynthia will write up the notes and work
with new members-at-large to finalize the document.

2.7     Chair report
2.7.1          ALCTS Board of Directors

Cynthia distributed copies of the Strategic Plan. It didn’t go to the membership before
approval but took into account feedback from the committees. The next step is to populate
the Tactical Plan and close the previous Tactical Plan. We will need to take what we did on
Friday night and figure out where it fits into this plan as well as figure out how to formulate
new items that fit into this plan. In our discussions we’ve gotten into the habit of skipping
―ongoing‖ items. We need to look at those when we put together new Tactical Plan.

2.7.2          Other


The Evolving Communications Technologies TF report was accepted. Cynthia will distribute
this after ALA. Everyone needs to look at how new technologies might fit in as committees
are planning new things.

Cynthia reminded everyone that the Awards Program is today at 5 PM followed by a

Marty suggested that content that has already been developed for the Cataloging 21 courses
should be used to make web-based courses.

2.8    Announcements
2.8.1          II Encuentro Internacional de Catalogación in Mexico City
Felipe Martinez has asked David to speak in Mexico City (on the SALSA de Tópicos book)
and report on CCS activities.

2.8.2          Other

Olivia Madison talked about the ALCTS 50th anniversary celebration. The theme will be
Commemorating our Past, Celebrating our Present, Creating our Future. These themes will
be brought into the programming. There is an ALCTS 50th anniversary logo. At Midwinter
there will be a symposium on January 19 on scholarship in the digital age. James Hilton will
be the keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion in the afternoon. At annual there will
be a reception and kickoff on Saturday from 6-8 (6/20); Karen Schmidt will talk on
technologies of the past. There will be an open forum on 6/22 (10:30-12) with 2 past-
presidents of ALCTS.

At annual the ALCTS anniversary conference will be Wednesday and Thursday. The major
will event highlight research within ALCTS. On Thursday evening there will be a celebration

2.9     Unfinished business from Friday night

The group discussed the Acquisitions Section and PARS representatives to CC:DA.


Session 3
Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 8:00 AM – 12:30
Convention Center Room 254

Members in attendance:

Cynthia M. Whitacre, Chair
Ann Caldwell, Secretary
Marty Kurth, Member-at-large
Mary Charles Lasater, Member-at-large
David Miller, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect
Gary Strawn, Member-at-large
Beth Picknally Camden, Member-at-large
Mary Woodley, Member-at-large


Diane Baden, Chair, CCS Policy & Planning
Magda El-Sherbini, Chair, RPB
Mary Larsgaard, Chair, CC:DA
Christine DeZelar-Tiedman, Chair, CETRC
Bruce Trumble, Chair, SAC
Tony Olson, CCS Rep, Org. & Bylaws
Cheri Folkner, Incoming Chair, CC:DA
Dorothy McGarry, observer
Rebecca Mugridge, CCS Rep., Budget & Finance
Richard Sapon-White, liaison to ALCTS Publications
David G. Anderson, Chair, Heads of Cat. DG
Oksana Kraus, Chair, CCCM

3.1       Introductions

Members and guests introduced themselves. Sara Shatford Layne was unable to attend.

3.2       Announcements

There were no announcements.

3.3       CCS Committee Reports
3.3.1     CC:AAM

There was no report from CC:AAM.

3.3.2     CC:DA


Mary Larsgaard reported that CC:DA discussed Ch. 6-7 of Part A of RDA on Friday. On
Saturday afternoon, Jennifer Bowen gave a report. The Monday meeting will be focused on
Comments on chapter 6 and part of Chapter 7. This was Ed Glazier’s last meeting. The
proposal about Bible headings is intended to make RDA less Western-centric. Mary will
keep Confluence running even though her term is ending.
3.3.3 CCMC

Oksana Kraus reported on the preconference. The Committee has submitted a program for

3.3.4   Continuing Ed Training Materials CCS/PCC

There was no report from this group.

3.3.5   CETRC

Christine DeZelar-Tiedman report that the Training Catalogers Checklist is now on their
website. ―Growng Our Own‖ was accepted for publication in Cat & Class Quarterly. Careers
in Cataloging and the Metadata Toolkit, a proposed online publication was returned as being
too monograph and print centered. An assessment survey will be distributed on Autocat and
other listservs by the Continuing Education Subcommittee; it is aimed at practicing
catalogers with the hope of generating ideas for other courses. An online course,
Fundamentals of Cataloging, is being worked on but is still in the discussion stage.

3.3.6   Policy & Planning/ALCTS Planning

Diane Baden reported on the ALCTS Planning Committee meeting. The Strategic Plan was
adopted on Saturday. This is a very broad plan that needs populating with specifics. This will
be the group’s work for the coming year.

The Tactical Plan database is being archived. The next one will be developed on a more
standard platform and will define functionalities and audience.

The Policy & Planning Committee is reviewing three discussion groups. Much of the
discussion is centered around complications in scheduling since discussion groups compete
against each other.

Diane reported on the three groups that were reviewed this year: Cataloging and
Classification Research, Catalog Management and Map Cataloging, which will change its
name to Cartographic Resources Cataloging Discussion Group.

The new group, ALCTS CCS/MAGERT Cataloging Discussion Group will have the
following charge:


To discuss the basic issues relating to bibliographic control of cartographic resources. To
discuss rules and standards covering such cataloging, as well as application of the rules and
principles both in general and in response to specific problems, and various practicing
options. The group will provide a forum for discussing matters of interest to beginners and
experts alike. Because cartographic resources catalogers often have oversight responsibilities
for a collection, discussion of the administration of cartographic resources cataloging, setting
policy for cartographic resources cataloging, etc., are also appropriate.

CCS Exec approved the charge.

Next year Policy & Planning and Research and Publications will be reviewed as well as
Copy Cataloging and Heads of Catalog Departments.

3.3.7   Research & Publications

Magda El-Sherbini reported that reported that the essays were discussed at length and the
decision was made to continue them. Aiping Chen-Gaffey will be the incoming chair. The
committee is now using a blog to facilitate transition between incoming chairs and
communication among members.

3.3.8   SAC

Bruce Trumble reported that SAC sponsored a program on FAST which is becoming a very
hot topic. A program for 2007 will look at what’s new with form/genre headings and
speakers will discuss what libraries and professional societies have been doing locally with
form/genre headings. Motion to approve the program: Mary Charles Lasater; second: David
Miller; approved. SAC agreed to establish another subcommittee to examine LCSH in terms
of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The Subcommittee on Semantic Interoperability issued its final report and the subcommittee
was disbanded. Its final report will be published in some way.

Bruce was thanked for his years of service on SAC.

3.4     CCS Discussion/Interest Group Reports

3.4.1          LITA/ALCTS CCS Authority Control Interest Group—Lasater reporting for

Mary Charles Lasater reported that 180 people attended the meeting. Sandy Roe will be the
new chair. The midwinter meeting will feature authority control vendors. The annual
program will be on faceted browsing and an art museum social tagging project

3.4.2          Catalog Management
3.4.3          Copy Cataloging


3.4.4         Heads of Cataloging
3.4.5         Map Cataloging
3.4.6         Cataloging Norms
3.4.7         Cataloging & Classification Research
3.4.8         RDA Forum TF

There were no reports from these groups.

3.5     CCS Representatives to ALCTS Committees Reports
3.5.1        Org & Bylaws

Tony Olson reported that 4 ALCTS-level groups were reviewed. Of those four, three were
recommended for continuation (Medium Heads, MARBI, Membership). There was no
response from the Tech Services Workstation Discussion Group. The new charge submitted
by the Acquisitions Section was approved by O & B. The ALCTS Board had additional
comments and the new charge was approved.

Organization and Bylaws also approved a change in the by-laws to remove section names
and charges from the bylaws. The overall procedure for changing section names and charges
is being worked on as are the procedures for renewing an interest group.

3.5.2         Budget & Finance

Rebecca Mugridge reported that Budget & Finance now has an intern. For the current fiscal
year membership revenue was below budget, LRTS subscriptions provided a positive
balance, and continuing education revenue is still below budget. Book sales are strong and
over budget. Overall, the budgets will break even.
There is a lot of focus on the 50th anniversary budget with an emphasis on fundraising. The
group is also looking at how to increase LRTS subscriptions.

3.5.3          Membership Committee
The report from the Membership Committee was heard on Sunday morning.

3.5.4          Publications Committee
Richard Sapon-White reported that the CMDS Sudden Selector guides for music and history
were accepted for publication. The Career Guides in Metadata was not accepted. Copy
Cataloging Done Smarter was approved. SALSA de Tópicos is moving along and should be
ready for publication by late summer 2006. The ALCTS 50th anniversary will feature a book-
length publication of approximately eight chapters. The Committee is looking at the list of
competencies from the ALCTS education summit in order to find areas that need future
research and that could result in future publications. The Committee is planning an FAQ that
will answer questions about the publication process.

3.5.5       LRTS Editorial Board
Norm Medeiros reported on Friday evening.


3.5.6         Education
There was no report from this committee.

3.6            CCS Representatives to other units of ALA/other orgs.

3.6.1          DCEPC
3.6.2          PLA Cataloging Needs of Public Libraries

There were no reports from these committees.

3.7     Chair report
3.7.1          ALCTS Board of Directors

Cynthia reported that 16,582 people attended the meeting which was 1,600 below the
Orlando meeting. General ALA membership is up 2.3% (this is before the dues increase
occurs). The annual Executive Director evaluation has been completed. Deanna Marcum
visited the group and wants names for a 10-person advisory group to LC that will advise on
bibliographic control issues. At the PCC members meeting there was a different perspective:
there was talk of planning an LC summit on the future of bibliographic control that this group
would plan. CCS has been asked to make a recommendation as to who we might want to put

                Non-English TF Report
Beth Camden reported on the Non-English Task Force which was formed last October. It did
most of its work by e-mail. Beth felt she was the non-expert leading a group of experts.
Members of the task force were from groups from both within and outside of ALA. A great
deal of the discussion centered on Unicode and the display of vernacular characters. The
report is 69 pages with much of that being appendices. The group issued a series of
recommendations that deal with Unicode, and some recommendations dealing with education
and recruiting. The Executive Board will review the report over next few months and
formally accept it. At Midwinter there will be a forum about it. It may not be everything to
everyone since there are multiple paths to take on the issue.

Diane Dates Casey was instructed to bring it to Council and report on the timetable, etc. so
they would know ALCTS was acting on it.

3.7.2          Other

PLA is planning to make a statement to LC with regards to LC’s series decision. It will read
that they agree with the ALCTS statement.

3.8    Unfinished business
The group discussed the appeals by PARS and the Acquisition Section regarding their
representation on CC:DA.


Motion to accept PARS’s appeal and to continue representation on CC:DA: Marty Kurth;
second: Mary Woodley; motion passed.

Motion to not accept the Acquisitions Section appeal to continue representation on CC:DA:
Gary Strawn; second: Marty; motion passed.

3.9    New business

Beth Camden reported that the ALCTS Program Planning Committee had approved the
leadership program. It had suggested adding a reflection on where leadership is going in
order to tie it in with the 50th anniversary theme. Motion to approve Reflections on
Cataloging Leadership: Beth Camden; second: David Miller; approved.

Marty Kurth requested that an appropriate group look at the Cataloging for the 21st Century
course content and adapt it for web-based delivery. This could be under a joint committee or
a CETRC group. The content is co-owned by LC and ALCTS and didn’t necessarily have to
parallel the face-to-face training. This discussion will be continued on the listserv.

Mary Charles Lasater: asked whether there has been any news from NISO regarding its
library-related activities. The response was no.

David Miller questioned whether there was some way to encourage library lit vendors to
index ALA committee reports. This will be discussed on the listserv.

Tasks list for CCS Exec for after ALA
Cynthia and David will put together a list of items that need to be done.

Executive session

Vice Chair report, 2006/2007 ALCTS/CCS appointments, if necessary

3.11   Other

Marty made a motion to thank Cynthia for her work: second: Gary Strawn; the vote was

Cynthia thanked those whose terms of office were complete: Sara Shatford Layne; Beth
Picknally Camden; Mary Charles Lasater.


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