CUTENESS by Fena2005


									“I told you, don't pull my ears, didn't I?!!!”
“Thanks, I had it done at that fabulous new salon downtown!”
Uh, excuse me mister, have you seen my mother?
Do I LOOK like a mocha latte to you?!
“Woohoo!.....high tide, get outa my way!!!”
“Sssshhhh, I’m sleeping”
“Everybody was Kung Fu fightin!”
“Must.......reach.......cookie!... Ah-oh”
Titanic.......the sequel?
“Will you be my new daddy? I'll be your best friend!”
“A nip here, a tuck look marvellous darling!”
"Pssss, pssstt pssss psst pssss psst"
"Being a mechanic is hard work, but it pays the bills and feeds the kids!"
“Didn't you know I won't get any taller?”
"Aaaawww Man! I almost had it!!!!"
“Is this your kid?”
“You got me for amusement purposes only, didn’t you?”
“Yummy, yummy, yummy”
“Please papa, don't leave me!”
"It'll be alright, don't cry!"

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