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ThinkPad X1 has opened to booking abroad


									The ThinkPad X1 is a compilation of some of the boldest moves made to a
business line that has withstood the test of time longer than any other.
Less weight to lug, less time to charge. A lot less to worry about when
it comes to tough work on the road. The ThinkPad X1 is no-compromise and
all has begun taking preorders for the Lenovo
ThinkPad X1, the long-rumored Lenovo ultrathin laptop. However, the
ThinkPad X1 isn't the only ultraslim notebook in the market. There are
other alternatives like the Apple MacBook Air and Samsung Series 9.With
its second-generation Sandy Bridge processors, the ThinkPad X1 is
definitely more powerful than the MacBook Air which comes with older Core
2 Duo chips. The Series 9, on the other hand, also features Sandy Bridge,
but has a slower processor speed. This makes the X1 the most powerful of
the bunch.The ThinkPad X1 also offers a water-resistant keyboard, Corning
Gorilla Glass for its screen and RapidCharge battery technology, which
charges your battery two and a half times faster than normal. Hence, the
ThinkPad X1 appears to be the better choice for road warriors.Although
the X1 is one of the slimmest business laptops available, the Series 9
and MacBook Air are both lighter and thinner than the ThinkPad. If size
is the biggest priority, the X1 may not fit the bill. Business users who
require their laptop battery to be portable and durable would do well by
considering Lenovo's latest ThinkPad.The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is available
on for the price of 1,292.52 pounds (US$2,108) and has been
released on June 7. There hasn't been an announcement in Asia yet.As you
can probably tell, we like the X1. A lot. It's as thin and durable as it
is ergonomically sound, it performs briskly, and particularly thanks to
those strong speakers, we can see people snapping this up even if their
lives aren't scheduled around meetings and business trips. But for some
people, that short battery life -- and, to a lesser extent, the glossy
display -- could be heartbreaking deal-breakers. On the one hand, we'll
be the first to admit that our battery test is more grueling, perhaps,
than your daily routine. And the slice helps, though it piles $150 on top
of the price, and gives the laptop a chunkier profile, which defeats the
purpose of splurging on a notebook this slim. Despite this flaw, we found
ourselves interacting with it as more than just a corporate black box,
but our personal notebook. In that regard, the X1 hits its mark.

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