ThinkPad T420 T520 has followed up the legend of illustrious performance

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					In all emphasize fast rhythm today, fast fashion, fast consumption,
faster transport and a series of fast rhythm surrounded by things every
business person, your computer is hold you pursue efficiency steps? You
need a laptop computer to run speed, let you follow the world development
steps at the same time, more can a classic. ThinkPad T420 / T520 to speed
operation for the purpose, speed, help you classic illustrious legend, as
thought speed.Also because performance in bondage to the thinking and?
The short-lived battery and looking for power? For computer has not lost
on the inspiration of the moment? ThinkPad T420 / T520 speed upgrade, to
help you will such a wave of troubles.ThinkPad T series adopt 1 GB DDR3
memory independent of the British weida (NVIDIA) optimal gallop (Optimus
contracting) independent video card, improve performance index. ThinkPad
T420 / T520 used by the British weida (NVIDIA) optimal gallop (Optimus
contracting) technology is a pioneering new creation, this technology
support intelligent seamless double switch, the video card will only be
super performance and set show long battery life time fusion at a suit.
The technology not only give ThinkPad notebook more powerful graphics
processing power, including 3 D properties, physical computing and
powerful CUDA parallel processing ability, can more power users in daily
work realize completely without human intervention and intelligent
switch, make working efficiency greatly improved. Pick up the cargo
(NVIDIA) optimal gallop (Optimus contracting the new ThinkPad T)
technology series laptop, commercial wireless local-area network (WLAN,
WWAN, bluetooth etc multiple network wireless communication solutions,
let you think the acme of present at any time and place!!!!!ThinkPad T420
/ T520 can also equipped with 9 core strong battery and TVT power
management system, intelligent reasonable allocation power supply for
you, tie-in base extend battery for 30 hours standby, only, round-the-
clock to your inspiration flash.“How do we always want to spend a lot of
time and money used for travel and telephone communication?” You have
such a confused? ThinkPad business elite to provide the better choice,
lose the ticket, telephone and annoying with T420 / T520 ThinkPad well
equipped with VoIP equipment–720 P hd camera, shield effectively double
the level of noise around array microphones design, private chat and
meeting room mode selection, easy to realize double conference call. T520
more optional FHD hd screen, with 95% of all super wide color gamut,
bring more true color display.“Why do I work in focus by electronic
equipment complex operation method by?” Business people to care of the
immense technical operation, users just focus on performance and
experience, simple, and the rest to the ThinkPad Laptop Accessories to
finish please. Adopting the optimization of the antenna design T420 /
T520 enhance the ThinkPad 15% wireless communication ability, let a
wireless signal at any time within easy reach. At the same time, the
ThinkPad T420 / T520 continued the highly praise in the industry of the
classical design, the keyboard magnification of the Esc and the Delete
key will work efficiency is double. In addition, can and X220, L and the
expansion of the W series general, not only dock sharply reduced
corporate IT at the expense of the purchase, more make the extension of
general parts increased greatly.As a ThinkPad classic T family series
product, the ThinkPad T420 / T520 inherits classical design, and on the
basis of new science and technology with reflection and exploration. New
product for more efficient heat management to make sure the system of
high efficiency and stability. Not only that, the ThinkPad T420 / T520
passed many military level testing, as still follow ThinkPad unique
antiroll frame and the splash on Laptop AC Adapter, cooperate with the
fingerprint reader, APS hard disk protection technique and R&R emergency
recovery system, hardware and software fists attack, the comprehensive
protection of important data, for the user to provide a more stable and
secure perfect experience.The new ThinkPad T420 / T520 have outstanding
performance, and outstanding is even stronger than before for durability
and had all reminders of the security, not only the ThinkPad T series of
illustrious top performance, but also in work and legend in life, and
help speed operation business elite thinking acceleration, rendering the
new blueprint of commercial value.

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