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									In recent years, although in the business notebook market, fashion,
portable mobile products have been dazzled us look at the ball, but as a
veteran of the business class ThinkPad T Series Pioneer brand is still in
its constancy of the classic style of these occupy the peak of the
market. It can be said that all of the outstanding ThinkPad design can be
found in the T-series products in both the portability, but also become
the most popular models are the business crowd.Recently, we have first to
receive a newly released Lenovo ThinkPad T420S notebook. As the T series
and mobility in both high-performance flagship product, the new
relationship because of the time, we are only in the evaluation of the
product in the first performance of the core component of the test. From
product design point of view, a new generation of ThinkPad T Series is
the biggest change in the size of the product specifications.ThinkPad
T420S with the previous generation products, the biggest difference is
the use of a new generation of Sandy Bridge Intel Core platform and
NVIDIA recently launched the NVS 4200M graphics card. In line with the
graphics processor core within the same time, the platform also excellent
for NVIDIA Chi (Optimus) technical support, according to the load status
of intelligent 3D applications to call the graphics card, which enables
superior graphics performance and longer battery life time. Especially in
the solid state drive with a 160GB SSD, the integrity of its platform is
expected to be able to significantly improve.Model ThinkPad T420S
ThinkPad T410SProcessor Intel Core i5 2520M 2.50GHz Intel Core i5 560M
2.66GHzConfiguration Memory Type 4GB DDR3-1333 4GB DDR3-1333NVIDIA
NVS4200M NVIDIA NVS 3100M graphicsHDD 160GB SSD 160GB SSDWired network /
WLAN network / Bluetooth Intel (R) 82579LM (1000M) / Intel WiFi Link (b /
g / n) Intel (R) 82579LM (1000M) / Intel WiFi Link (b / g / n)Display
14.0 (16:9) 1600 × 900 LED 14.0 (16:10) 1440 × 900 LEDBattery
11.1V/3900mAh / / 44Wh 11.1V/3900mAh / / 44WhInterface, a USB 3.0,1 USB
2.0,1 a Powered USB 2.0, VGA DB-15, DisplayPort, RJ-45, headphone jack, a
USB 3.0,1 USB 2.0,1 a Powered USB 2.0, VGA DB-15, DisplayPort, e-SATA,
RJ-45, headphone jackLaptop Size / Weight 340 x 230 x21.1-25.9mm /
1.694kg 337x241.5x21.1-25.9mmThe new ThinkPad T420S so powerful
configuration has enough mouth-watering. So in other respects, the
aircraft when compared with what the difference before it? Here, we
specifically hired the same, SSD solid state drive with the ThinkPad
T410S conduct a comprehensive comparison, so that we feel from the
details of new models in the design and performance of the unique charm
of it.In terms of materials, ThinkPad T420s Thinkpad heritage of the roof
is still the traditional style, T420s for "downsizing" and uses LED-
backlit screen, glass, carbon fiber composite material with a magnesium
alloy roll cage combination to provide the most efficient protection,
which has a long history has been verified.ThinkPad T420S change the
screen size has been a lot of "black fans" who debate the topic, some
people even think that their products may be reduced to mediocrity. But
the objective point of view, select the 16:9 approach both in terms of
cost control, or the needs of the mainstream on the video processing is a
good choice. After all, 16:9 panel in cutting efficiency higher than the
16:10 panel.ThinkPad T410s have all the selling points are reflected on
the T420s. Mold specifications ThinkPad T420S biggest improvement is the
introduction of high-resolution 16:9 screen design, the best resolution
up to 1600x900. More screen width greater T420S keyhole on both sides of
the fuselage above the position of the screen left and right hook to make
the force more evenly.In the interface design, ThinkPad T420s
introduction of USB3.0 and DisplayPort configuration, and the port layout
options in the traditional horizontal layout. Originally designed in such
a way as to economize on space within reach for the T420s "downsizing"
purposes.ThinkPad T420S random standard Intel Core i5 2520M processor
uses the latest 32nm process technology, the Intel in the early 2011's
native dual-core processor, clocked at 2.5GHz. Compared to the previous
generation T410S adopted Core i5 560M processor, although slightly lower,
but the frequency dependence in the second generation Turbo Boost
Technology up to its maximum frequency is still 3.2GHz, this
specification is not lost on Core i5 560M the processor.ThinkPad T420S
notebook nuclear integrated Intel (R) HD Graphics graphics default
frequency of 650MHz, although the default frequency do not have much
advantage at all, but the graphics card up to the maximum dynamic
frequency of 1.3GHz. The T410S with the Core i5 560M provides HD Graphics
card could not be done because the real integration of the CPU core, and
its efficiency in the implementation of graphics will also be
different.ThinkPad T420S is equipped with NVIDIA NVS 4200M NVIDIA
specifically designed for the commercial notebook graphics card, graphics
card Geforce GT520M can be regarded as high-frequency professional
version. It has 48 CUDA cores, compared with the previous generation
T410S NVS 3100M in the core number to two times, support for DirectX 11
features, up to 1GB memory, and raise the operating frequency to 810MHz,
Shader frequency raised to 1620MHz.Comments: Before using the same Intel
Core i5 560M processor T410S compared, T420S used IntelCore i5 2520M
processor, although the frequency of the core is not much advantage at
all, but with Intel's second generation Turbo technology in CineBench R10
test results and no less than the previous product with even a little
improvement. In the graphics area, and its nearly 10,000 points in test
scores can meet the needs of mainstream 3D processing.In PCMarkVantage
tests, as two generations of products are used SSD solid state drive with
the program, so the hard drive has a higher efficiency in the
implementation aspects of the play. The new ThinkPad T420S with Intel
Core i5 2520M processor and NVS 4200M graphics card with that platform
for an effective overall performance has significantly improved. 12,000
points or more test results also show that the majority of multimedia
applications in everyday products completely satisfy customer needs.The
integrated office application environment, ThinkPad T420S also has 15% in
performance improvement. The results from the point of view, the four
common office applications T420S's performance is satisfactory, the
composite score of 230 points or more, including video creation, and
office test the efficiency of the most obvious advantage of
children.Specifications in the previous table, we have seen, ThinkPad
T420S random standard Intel Core i5 2520M NVIDIA NVS 4200M plus the
product mix of higher power consumption. Materials used in the shell, two
generations of a large number of laptops with magnesium alloy, so
although the use of materials and auxiliary heat in the body has a
strength advantage, but limited to 14-inch mold space, the bulk of its
actual effect is still not optimistic.With the 32nm process technology,
the processor with the two products of the overall power consumption is
not an exaggeration, compared to ThinkPad T420S laptop working
environment in a long time under high load, the C side of the area to the
left, the bottom of the processor outlet location and the main outlet of
the heat processor volume slightly higher than the previous T410S.
However, two generations of products are designed in double-outlet left
side and back of the fuselage, so the heat used for most applications the
user right-hand little effect. lenovo thinkpad x200 batteryFrom this
comparison, a new generation of Lenovo ThinkPad 420s as the main T-Series
models, designed in the mold remained on the previous generation of the
classic design, product specifications and details in the display design
has changed slightly. While in port and some small details of the layout
slightly changed, adding the nowadays more popular USB3.0 interface, but
the machine still adhering to the ThinkPad family of excellent quality
and precise workmanship of the overall structure.The core component in
the mix, ThinkPad 420s hardware configuration has been fully upgraded.
The products selected Sandy Bridge platform with NVIDIA NVS4200M graphics
program. In the Intel Core i5 2520M good support, the nucleus and
discrete graphics card with excellent, so that the product or whether it
is integrated in the daily office processing capabilities are more T410S
has improved. lenovo thinkpad t400 battery Written in the last: As of the
end of our test, the media reported a series of ThinkPad CPU deceleration
rumors: "high-performance mode the processor will automatically
surprisingly reduced to the lowest power mode, and there is now not only
in the ThinkPad in the T420 and T520 models have also been found in the
same situation. "Perhaps these rumors are not groundless, but in contrast
to test the two products are not unusual. Both products work fine and
delicate at the same time ensuring full application of the platform to
show the performance level, not any so-called reduced frequency of the
phenomenon. Therefore, we believe that even if there is reduced frequency
of the phenomenon is likely to be also present in the individual or small
batches of the above media hype. HP Pavilion DM4 battery

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