Choose Between Dell Latitude and Lenovo ThinkPad and You Will Always Have a Great Experience by kalyanboraindia


									Do you know that IBM came up with the first commercial laptop in 1975?
Before 1975 laptops were generally used for special purposes and only by
a section of the people. But once laptops hit the market and were made
available to the general masses they caught the imagination of everyone
like wildfire. The craze that one can see when a new Apple product is
launched is what one could see during the days of the early laptops. Of
course, the number of people was less and purchase power was lower but
the frenzy was no less. Now you have every PC manufacturer in the world
with its own brand of laptops. But if you want the best you must look at
either of Dell Latitude or Lenovo ThinkPad.Dell, as you know, is an all
American PC company that was started by Michael Dell in a dorm room in
the University of Texas. Dell as a company has always been associated
with innovation and it wasn't long before Michael Dell ventured into
laptops. Dell Latitude is one of his earliest models of laptops and it
has maintained it craze still.Lenovo is a Chinese company that bought
over the PC business of IBM and since then expanded throughout the world.
Lenovo ThinkPad is their premium brand of laptops and is loved by users
worldwide. The earlier ThinkPad models belonged to IBM and they were so
popular that Lenovo continued with the name. And going by the sales
figures it has been a great management decision.Choosing between Dell
Latitude and Lenovo ThinkPad is a tough job. Both the laptops are top of
the class and they have the same great technology inside them. Both these
models of laptops cater to businesspeople of all ages and profiles and
are loved by companies of all sizes. Of course, if want to show
patriotism you may tilt toward the Latitude but you should still have a
look at the ThinkPad. After all, Lenovo is the company that took over IBM
and bailed the beleaguered IT giant out.So how do you choose between Dell
Latitude and Lenovo ThinkPad? One of the things you could look at is the
price. To check the prices of these two laptops you can visit an online
computer store and make a comparison. But don't just look at one online
computer store. There are some online computer stores that charge less
than the others. So, find out some of the top ranked online computer
stores on Google or Yahoo! or Bing and visit these stores. You will have
a fair idea about the prices of these two laptops.And very importantly,
check out the online reviews of these online computer stores as well as
Dell Latitude and Lenovo ThinkPad. This will help you choose the store
from where you would want to buy and also choose between the two laptops.
After that it is your personal preference and gut feeling that will help
you choose between these two super performing laptops.

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