Can ThinkPad Tablet 2 Surpass Surface by kalyanboraindia


									1992 is a significant year, for it witnessed the newly elected president
of the US, Bill Clinton, the separation between Prince Charles and Diana,
and the announcement of IBM's first ThinkPad notebook. After 20 years,
many things have changed, yet ThinkPad still dominates its position. In
2005, however, Lenovo purchased ThinkPad from IBM and announced its own
new product ThinkPad Tablet 2 recently.Lipp Bhati, the merchandise
director of ThinkPad, said:"Everyone is waiting for the tablet. It runs
Windows 8 and will be on sale with Windows 8 simultaneously at the end of
October."The tablet aims to enter specialized market. ThinkPad tablet 2
is in size of 10.1-inch and 9.8mm in depth. Equipped with a brand new
Intel Clover Trail dual processor and running Windows 8 Pro, it supports
all Windows apps.Of course, ThinkPad tablet 2 has its new feature: a
stylus in red cap hidden on the slot of left hand side. The tablet
supports handwriting, NFC, fingerprint identification, multi ports dock
and connectivity with LTE/HSPA+network. Although there will be many
advents of Windows 8 tablet in October, including two of Microsoft's own,
Bhati is confident of the Tablet 2."Microsoft is our strategic partner.
Its Surface becomes bright scenery in Windows 8 market. Despite this, our
ThinkPad Tablet 2 targets at businessmen while Surface aims to consumer
supply." said Bhati.Lenovo didn't mention the price for ThinkPad Tablet
2, but we think it lower than the first generation of ThinkPad, but
similar to that of Surface.Comparison of the specs between ThinkPad
Tablet 2 and Surface 1. ThinkPad Tablet 2:Display: 10.1-inch IPS display
of 1366*768 resolutionsProcessor: Intel Clover Trail dual core
processorRAM: 2GBMemory: 64GBCamera: A 2 megapixel font-facing camera and
an 8 megapixel rear cameraBattery Life: 10 hoursDimension: Weight: 650g;
Depth: 9.8mm 2. Surface:There are two versions of Surface: one is
Windows RT while the other is Windows 8 Pro. Their specs are as
following:1) Surface for Windows RT:Processor: ARMI/O Port: USB
2.0Display: 10.6 inch Clear Type HD Capacity Touch PanelScreen Material:
Gorilla Glass 2Dimensions: Weight: 676g; Depth: 13.5mmMemory: 32G and
64GResolution: UnknownBattery: Detachable 2) Surface for Windows 8
ProProcessor: Intel Core i5 Ivy BridgeI/O Port: USB 3.0Display: 10.6 inch
Clear Type Full HD (1080p) Capacity Touch PanelDimensions: Weight: 903g;
Depth: 13.5mmMemory: 64G and 128GResolution: Unknown Conclusion: From
Bhati's explanation we can learn that ThinkPad Tablet 2 targets on
businessmen and enterprisers, for which it competes with Surface Pro (the
second generation) instead. Compared to Surface Pro, Lenovo is superior
in terms of depth. As for hardware equipments, ThinkPad Tablet 2 is equal
to Surface with no obvious disparities existing. Surface runs Windows 8,
so does ThinkPad Tablet 2. Therefore, no comparability is available in
this aspect. ThinkPad intends to defeat Surface? Impossible!Lenovo has to
admit the fact that it doesn't have enough ability to compete with
Windows 8 Store in terms of apps, let alone to surpass Apple's App Store.
Hence, Lenovo has to fix the position of its Tablet 2 for business
application in order to take up certain proportion in the market. As for
whether it will compete against Surface directly, I think it has the
answer since Microsoft allows it to announce its own product. After the
announcement of Surface in June, OEM manufacturers have established a
subtle relationship with Microsoft. And now the advent of Lenovo Windows
8 ThinkPad Tablet 2 reflects the fact the Microsoft is very excited to
see OEM enable to produce a good product rivaling Surface. As Windows 8
is newly published and App Store is newly established, Microsoft needs
supports from OEM hardware manufacturers to run Windows 8 and to expand
ecosphere. Thus, the better the hardware is, the happier Microsoft will
be. This looks like a Windows 8 empire instead of a battlefield where
Lenovo plans to defeat others. If Acer and ASUS have the capacity to
launch such a good tablet, then a strong force for Windows 8 tablets will
be formed, thus will contribute to the good start for the development of
the three kingdoms of Android, iOS and Windows 8 in tablet arena. That's
a real and expected result of competition!

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