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					     Answer                                                                     Criminal Justice
    the Call                                                                               Associate of Applied Science
    of Public
                                         Launching your criminal justice career
Criminal Justice Program Coordinator
Jim Cunningham
Yeater Learning Center, Room 106
(660) 596-7367 - Direct Line

For questions about
admissions and enrollment:
Admissions Office
(660) 530-5833

Admissions Checklist:
 Complete an application
  for admission online at
 Submit the $25 application fee.
 Request official high school            Are you thinking about a career in           in criminal justice are available at the
  transcript or copy of GED be           criminal justice? If so, there’s no better   local, state and federal levels, both
  sent to SFCC.                          place to start than State Fair Community     in government as well as the private
 Request official academic transcripts   College! Our comprehensive AAS               sector. Specialty areas include:
  from each college or university from   degree program in criminal justice is a
  which you may have received credit.    technical-based program designed to          •   Law enforcement
 Submit ACT scores or sign up to take   give you the knowledge and hands-on          •   Probation and parole
  the COMPASS. To schedule the           skills you need for an entry-level career,   •   Juvenile justice
  COMPASS test, contact the Testing      and to teach you how to apply those          •   Law
  Center at (660) 530-5818.              principles to real-life situations.          •   Jail and prison corrections
                                                                                      •   Agency administration
                                         Criminal justice offers a wide array of      •   Victim advocacy
                                         exciting career opportunities based          •   Emergency communications
                                         on the three components of our legal         •   Forensic investigations
                                         system—law enforcement, the judiciary
                                         and corrections. Understanding how           Learn from the best
                                         these agencies work, their philosophies      All SFCC criminal justice faculty
                                         and inter-relationships is vital for         members are employed, or previously
                                         students considering a criminal justice      have been employed, in careers such
                                         career. SFCC provides the background         as local law enforcement, juvenile
                                         you need to succeed!                         enforcement or probation/parole.
State Fair Community College                                                          As part of the AAS program, you
3201 W. 16th St.                         Career options abound                        will complete an internship with an
Sedalia, MO 65301                        The field of criminal justice spans a wide   appropriate criminal justice agency.
(660) 530-5800                           variety of jobs and interests. Positions     Enroll today, and set your course for
                                                                                      career growth!

                                           Where are you going?
                                                                                      Criminal Justice
How much can I earn?
                                         Sequence of Courses
Persons with criminal justice
degrees are in high demand; it’s                                                                 DEGREE TOTAL                      65
one of the fastest growing industries                                                            *Program electives: Select three
in the United States. The field is       Class                                     Hours         courses from:
diverse and salaries vary depending      First Semester                                          • Legal Environment of Business
on responsibilities and position.                                                                    (BADM 103)
                                         Introduction to Criminal Justice  3
Salaries for local law enforcement                                                               • Current Events in Criminal Justice
officers begin at about $26,000 per      Juvenile Delinquency              3
                                         English Composition I             3                         (CJ122)
year, and federal law enforcement                                                                • Business Communications (ENGL
jobs pay well over $50,000               General Psychology                3
                                         Microcomputer Applications        3                         110)
                                         Total Hours                      15                     • Technical Writing (ENGL 112)
You have a choice: AAS or AA                                                                     • First Aid (HLTH 102)
degree, day or night, Sedalia,           Second Semester                                         • Ethics (PHIL 102)
Clinton or Lake of the Ozarks?           Introduction to Law Enforcement                  3      • Introduction to Political Science
SFCC also offers an Associate            Criminal Law                                     3          (POLS 103)
of Arts (AA) degree in Criminal          General Sociology                                3      • Psychology of Personal
Justice, an academic-oriented            American/National Government                     3          Adjustment (PSY 104)
course of study that will fulfill your                                                           • Social Problems (SOC 101)
                                         Program Elective*                                3
general education requirements                                                                   • Marriage and Family (SOC 102)
and give you the background              Wellness                                         1
                                         Total Hours                                     16      • Intro to Social Work (SOC 103)
to succeed in bachelor’s-degree                                                                  • American Diversity (SOC 120
criminal justice classes. Our state
                                         Summer Semester                                         • Elementary Spanish (SPAN 101)
and national accreditation assures
the acceptance of your credits           Supervised Occupational
                                                                                                 Students who must take Basic
when you transfer to a four-year         Experience in Criminal Justice                   4
                                                                                                 Skills (BSKL) courses their first
college or university. To see how
                                                                                                 semester may also take Intro to Law
your SFCC courses will transfer to       Third Semester
other colleges and universities, visit                                                           Enforcement (CJ101) and Intro to
                                         Introduction to Corrections                      3      Criminal Justice (CJ102) Always          Procedural Law                                   3
talk with an advisor, either at SFCC     Criminology                                      3      Students in this program are
or at the school to which you want                                                               required to complete the NOCTI
                                         Business Math or
to transfer, to get the most up-                                                                 exam in the area of law enforcement
to-date information. AA students            Intermediate Algebra                          3
                                         Human Relations                                  3      during their final semester. Students
also may choose to complete an                                                                   may be responsible for the cost of
internship with a criminal justice       Total Hours                                     15
                                                                                                 the exam.
                                         Fourth Semester                                         Students who have a current
The AA degree can be earned at           Criminal Justice Communications 3                       Missouri POST certificate or who
the Sedalia, Clinton and Lake of the     Criminal Investigation          3                       are currently employed by the
Ozarks locations.                        Public Speaking or                                      Missouri Department of Corrections
                                           Interpersonal Communication 3                         may even earn credit in some of
The AAS degree in Criminal Justice       Program Electives*              6                       these classes based on his or her
can be earned at the Sedalia             Employment Strategies           1                       previous training. Contact the
location during the day and at           Total Hours                    16                       program coordinator for more
night, and at the Clinton and Lake                                                               information.
of the Ozarks locations during the                                                               Note: People with felony
day.                                                                                             convictions may have difficulty
                                                                                                 securing employment in the
                                                                                                 criminal justice field.         1/10

                                         It is the policy of State Fair Community College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
                                         gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status in its educational
                                         programs, activities or employment as required by law. This policy is in regard to admissions, awarding
                                         financial aid, access to courses and programs, and all student services as well as the recruitment, admission
                                         and retention of students. SFCC is an equal opportunity employer, and is a tobacco-free college.

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