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criminal justice .as


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									                                                ACADEMIC PLAN: A.S. to B.S. Degree Program
This Bachelor of Science
                                                                   Public Safety and Security: Police Science
degree program is designed
for students who have earned                                       Transfer Institution: Florida State University                                                                 For more information
the AS degree in Criminal                                          Code          Program Length                     Panama City Campus
                                                                   2168          66 credits                                                                                              Student Affairs
Justice and plan to earn a
                                                                                                                                                                                         Chipola College
Bachelors degree in Police                      Entrance Requirements                                                                                                                     (850) 718-2266
Science at Florida State
University Panama City. This                        Completion of an A.S. degree in Criminal Justice from a Florida public college with a minimum 2.0 GPA. The degree shall include
                                                a minimum of 46 hours in professional core courses and 18 semester hours of transferable coursework that meets Florida’s general
Chipola program requires 66                     education requirements including English and mathematics. An additional 18 semester hours of general education will be required before
hours to complete the degree.                   completion of the B.S. degree.
                                                AT FSU PANAMA CITY.
the BS program may only                             FSU requires competency in oral communications for graduation. If students took a speech course in high school or were
receive credit for 64 hours.                    members of a debate team, they may exempt this requirement during the FSU admissions process. If not, students should take SPC
                                                2608 at Chipola to satisfy this requirement.
For additional program information, visit the       FSU requires basic computer proficiency for graduation. CGS 1060 will satisfy this requirement; a grade of “C” or higher required.
                                                    This major will be accessible both on campus and online.
FSU PC website and program description.
You may receive information on the A.S.
                                                FRESHMAN YEAR
degree on the Chipola Criminal Justice
academic plan.                                  1st Semester                                                Sem. Hrs.                     2nd Semester                                                 Sem. Hrs.
                                                ENC 1101   1
                                                                            Communication Skills I                     4                  XXX XXXX                      GENERAL ED. COURSE                        3
Possible employment areas for police            POS 2112                    State and Local Government                 3                  CCJ 1010                      Intro to Criminology                      3
science include Local, State, and Federal       XXX XXXX2                   HUMANITIES                                 3                  CCJ 1020                      Intro to Criminal Justice                 3
Law Enforcement Officers and Special            XXX XXXX                    GENERAL ED. COURSE                         3                  CCJ 1500                      Juvenile Delinquency                      3
Agents, Air Marshall, Alcohol/Tobacco/          XXX XXXX1,3                 NATURAL SCIENCE                            3                  CJE 2500                      Police Operations                         3
Firearms Agent, FBI Special Agent, US             or XXX XXXX1,3              or MATHEMATICS                                              XXX XXXX                      Criminal Justice Elective                 3
Marshall, Border Patrol Agent, Conservation     SLS 1101                    Orientation                               1
Officer, Criminal Investigator, Crime Scene     TOTAL                                                                17                   TOTAL                                                                   18
Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Secret
Service Agent, Fish & Game Warden, and          SOPHOMORE YEAR
Immigration Inspector. For more information,    1st Semester                                                 Sem. Hrs.                    2nd Semester                                                  Sem. Hrs.
please visit the the Occupational Outlook
Handbook                                        CJC 1000                    Intro to Corrections                      3                   XXX XXXX                      Criminal Justice Elective                 3
                                                CJT 2100                    Criminal Investigations                   3                   XXX XXXX                      Criminal Justice Elective                 3
The courses listed on this plan are not to be   CJB 2301                    Career Choices in Criminal Justice        1                   XXX XXXX                      Criminal Justice Elective                 3
construed as a contract between the             XXX XXXX                    Criminal Justice Elective                 3                   XXX XXXX                      Criminal Justice Elective                 3
student and Chipola or the University.          XXX XXXX                    Criminal Justice Elective                 3                   XXX XXXX                      Criminal Justice Elective                 3
Course requirements may change each             XXX XXXX                    Criminal Justice Elective                 3
year. You are encouraged to work closely        TOTAL                                                                16                   TOTAL                                                                   15
with your advisor.                              1
                                                  Non-credit developmental reading, writing, and/or math courses may also be required, depending on placement test scores. Contact an advisor for more details.
                                                  Choose from MUL 2010, MUE 1290, THE 1020, or any ARH or ART course.
                                                3 For the B.S. degree, take a math (MAC XXXX or MGF XXXX). FSU PC requires six hours of Gordon Rule mathematics, three of which must be completed prior to
                                                  admission to the program.

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