Blackbeard by ert554898


									Ahoy There! I’ll be guiding you
around these here pirate part’s.
Come on and I’ll show you
around the life of the most
famous pirate of all.
Aye, he was a buccaneer
and a good one to boot.
And a little extra info for   Blackbeard was
ye is the Blackbeard
character has starred in       a buccaneer.
many books and shows
including One Piece , a
different version called
Red Beard in Scooby-
Doo and even the
Pirate’s Of The
Caribbean video game!
          Blackbeard’s Birth
 Before Blackbeard was actually called
  Blackbeard his name was Edward Teach.
 He was born in England but some people
  say he was born in Jamaica.
 He was born on November 23 1675.
 He was born in the golden age of piracy.
 He was a privateer before he was a pirate.
             Whoa! Blackbeard’s hometown is better than I
             thought! How did he turn out so bad?
       What Blackbeard Looked Like
     Blackbeard had a very long scraggly black beard
      (Hence His Nickname).
     He put things in his beard one time even lit
      matches! He never did that again!
     He usually had a long red coat that went down
      to his knees.
     He was armed with lots of weapons all around
     When he put things in his beard some people
      said he was crazy and looked like the devil.
Aye! Sorry my brother’s gone but it’s alright matey he’ll be on
the next page.
This here is          Blackbeard’s flag.
Blackbeard the
pirate’s flag -
quite a beauty I
must say. If
you’re into that
sort of thing. Next
we will begin to
learn about his
               Blackbeard’s Ship

   Blackbeard’s main ship was the Queen Anne’s
 It was armed to the teeth because it had at
  least 40 cannons.
 It was very big but no one knows exactly
  how big.
 It was in the style of a Dutch Flute.
 It was recently found.
            Aye! We’re almost at the
            end but next you’ll see the
            cannons of this here ship!
     The cannons recovered from Queen
             Anne’s Revenge.
These cannons are mighty ancient and here are
a couple more pirate fact’s for ye: We washed
our clothes with rum to get rid of blood and we
have eye patch’s to see in the dark. Bet ye
didn't know that matey!
          Where Blackbeard’s shipwreck
                  was found.
Did you see the cannon’s on the
last page? They were pretty dirty
weren't they? Well that’s because
they were sunk for about 120
year’s! They must need a lot of
         Blackbeard’s Death
 Blackbeard died in Ocracork, on 1718.
 While he was loading his pistol he was
 He died because of blood loss.
 They hung Blackbeard’s head from a
  British ship.

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