Anxiety Disorder Treatment

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					All about Generalized Anxiety Disorder
              What is GAD?

Generalized Anxiety
Disorder can be
considered as a mood
disorder that is
characterized by various
non specific worries. In
case of GAD a person
could not be able to
sleep, think and function
properly in their daily
    Different types of Anxiety

There are different types of Anxiety Disorders:

                           Panic Disorder

                           Social Anxiety Disorder

                           Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

                           Generalized Anxiety Disorder

                           Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
     How common is GAD?

GAD is the most common anxiety disorder seen
by most of the primary care doctors. There are
millions of GAD sufferers because almost 5%
people will develop GAD at least once in their
Causes and Risk factors of Anxiety

GAD is more common in:

Younger Adults
Being of Native-American ethnicity
Having a low income etc.

Risk factors of developing anxiety disorder:

Inhibited temperament
Parental anxiety
Avoidance of friends
Smoking habits of adolescents
Life stresses involving family disagreements and health problems
  Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

Some common signs and symptoms of anxiety are:

 Becoming tired easily
 Feeling edgy or restlessness
 Trouble concentrating
 Muscle tension
 Feeling as if the mind is going “blank”
 Sleeping problems
 Difficulty trusting others
 Tendency to startle easily
   Anxiety Disorder Treatment

The two most common treatments for anxiety are:


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