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					DataSource™ datasheets
 DataSource™ datasheets

CNET has the capacity to build over 45,000 new SKUs per
month and will categorize each newly requested SKU and
deliver it back to you in conjunction with that category's
Searchable Attributes and Publishable Components. Our
industry-leading DataSource solution delivers deep technical
information in a standardized and structured format about
any IT or consumer electronics SKU within 100-plus active
product categories.
DataSource™ datasheets

Standardized Description – Provides a short, high-level description of the
product's key attributes using standardized terms for that category. CNET had
set the de facto standard for multi-vendor, multi-market, multi-lingual,
standardized and structured product information.

DataSource™ datasheets

Product Image – "A picture is worth a thousand words," so each SKU includes
either the original manufacturer's image or a standard default category image.
200x150 pixel and 400x300 pixel high-res images give your customers the
strongest visual representation of the product.

DataSource™ datasheets

Main Specifications – A clear description of the principal technical specifications
are included for each product. For most of your customers, these product
specifications matter the most in helping them make intelligent buying decisions.
Critical data for the search and compare process.

DataSource™ datasheets

Extended Specifications – The extended specifications contain a more granular
level of specifications for end-users that need to know every detail of the
product. Each data chunk is a concatenation of smaller data units. For example,
"Intel Pentium III 700 MHZ" is actually 5 different data units.

DataSource™ datasheets

OEM Related Accessories – Package up your most popular products with a
complete listing of high-margin OEM accessories. Now you can maximize each
customer's sales potential at the peak of buying interest, and deliver added value
and intelligence with each product listing.

DataSource™ datasheets

Categorization & Identification – SKU categorization enables automated
customized product classification. The structured nature of the description,
enables you to empower your users to visually browse a search result and
identify products they want to find, research and purchase.

DataSource™ datasheets

Marketing Description – Each SKU includes a selection of the manufacturer's
original marketing description for each product in the originally searched
language. With a quick read, your customers gain a good understanding of the of
most important features & benefits the manufacturer highlights.

DataSource™ datasheets

Transactive Product Data™ – By having access to a single, consistent source of
granular and highly structured product information, you can support multiple
advanced features and software tools on your e-commerce platforms. Now, you
can turn your product catalog into a true sales accelerator.
DataSource™ datasheets

Searchable Attributes – All products in the same category are described by the
same set of attributes. The searchable attributes can be used to extend
categorization & define more specific categories. Searchable attributes are the
ideal building block for natural language & parametric search.
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