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					                                    Some Botanical Web Resources

                                 (BSBI Recorders' Conference 2010, Bob Ellis)

                        (To visit a website, place the cursor over the link and Ctrl + left click)

BSBI: www.bsbi.org.uk

Mapping & grid references
    Get-a-map: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/getamap/
        (note: update of gridref on status bar may need java security setting)
    Grab-a-grid-reference: www.bnhs.co.uk/focuson/grabagridref/html/index.htm
    Where’s the path?: http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm
    Magic: www.magic.gov.uk/website/magic/
    British Geological Survey: http://www.bgs.ac.uk/data/services/digmap50wms.html

BRC Resources: www.brc.ac.uk/resources.htm
        (hectads, tetrads and 1kms by VC; Plantatt etc.)

Distribution maps
    BSBI Maps Scheme: www.bsbi.org.uk
    NBN Gateway: http://data.nbn.org.uk/
    GBIF: http://data.gbif.org
    Encyclopedia of Life: www.eol.org

Identification etc.
    iSpot (OPAL): www.ispot.org.uk (no botanical keys as yet)
    Much of Plant Crib on www.bsbi.org.uk
    Botanical Keys (Quentin) : www.botanicalkeys.co.uk/flora (linked from BSBI, note ‘other keys’)
    The Daffodil Site (Mick Crawley): www.thedaffodilsite.co.uk (linked from BSBI)
    Interactive Flora of NW Europe: http://nlbif.eti.uva.nl/bis/flora.php (linked from BSBI, key and atlas not on line)
    Skye Flora (Karl Farmer): www.plant-identification.co.uk/skye
    Ken’s keys: www.s231645534.websitehome.co.uk/ken's%20Keys.htm
    Alan Silverside: www.lastdragon.org (Orobanche on, Euphrasia and Mimulus not on yet)
    New Crib for Epipactis (John Richards): available from (www.bsbi.org.uk)
    Snowdrops (Mick Crawley): available from (www.bsbi.org.uk)
    Kew Grassbase: www.kew.org/data/grasses-db

Herbaria, Literature, Taxonomy
    Herbaria at home: http://herbariaunited.org/atHome/
    Herbarium catalogues on line e.g. RBGE: http://elmer.rbge.org.uk/bgbase/vherb/bgbasevherb.php
    Much of Watsonia via www.bsbi.org.uk
    Online books, e.g. Botanicus: www.botanicus.org & Biodiversity Heritage Library: www.biodiversitylibrary.org
    IPNI, ITIS, Species 2000 etc.

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