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									               The World of Luxurious Limousines

People commonly think of limousines as any super luxurious car but not all
luxurious cars qualify as limousines. Even the gleaming Mercedes C- or S-Class,
Maybach, Rolls Royce Phantom, BMW-7 Series or Bentley Continental are not
limousines. Real limousines are chauffeur-driven sedans or saloons with
stretched bodywork, a privacy divider between the driver and passengers, and
jump seats.

Coachbuilders buy stock cars such as Mercs, Lincolns, Chryslers and Hummers
and then stretch their chassis by 80 to 160 inches to manufacture stretch limos.
Major buyers of Luxury Limousines are wealthy people, film stars, celebrities,
royalty, governments and large companies. Black or white coloured stretch limos
are preferred.

It would be interesting to know that limousines began to appear in 1902, i.e.
even before mass-production cars like Ford Model T (1913) began to appear for
common people. During the first decade of the twentieth century, the motorists
who could afford it had a choice of some of the finest cars ever made (for
example, 1906 Renault). These hand built cars were powerful and luxurious,
using the finest woods, leathers and cloths, and bodywork made to the
customer’s individual requirements; some had six cylinder engines as big as 15

Depending on country-specific regulations governing motor vehicles, modern
limousines can normally have room for 6 to 14 passengers. Seating
arrangement include two rear/back seats, two opposite seats or J formation
seats. Type of facilities depend on service providers but normally include
uniformed chauffeur, audio/video player, TV, lights, drinks and refreshments,
and many more services.

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