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					                                      LITTLE SAVAGES CLOTHING BOUTIQUE

                                                      CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT

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       We provide 90 days of selling space in our store for your consignable items. Seasonal clothing items
        may have less than 90 days display time if brought in near end-of-season.

       We price all inventory based on condition, brand, style, size and demand. If you wish a minimum
        payout on a specific item, it must be in writing at the time of drop off.

       You will receive 50% of the final selling price. You can use your account credit in-store or request a
        cheque payout. We do not make payouts on items sold within 7 days due to our 7-day return policy. All
        inventory is tagged, logged to your account and sales tracked on our customized software program.

       Items deemed not sellable will be donated immediately, unless you specify at the time of each drop
        off that you will be back within 5 days to pick up your returns. Due to lack of storage space, items
        remaining unclaimed after 5 days will be donated. It is the consignor’s responsibility to read Our
        Consignment Standards, which is provided to each new consignor with a copy of this contract.


       Unsold items (if any) at the end of the term which are not claimed by the consignor will be donated
        to one of the charities we support on a regular basis: Big Brothers, DDA, and the Canadian Diabetes


       Accounts dormant for 24 months (ie. no account activity) are discontinued and any remaining account
        credit will be forfeited. Should you move, please provide us with your mailing address and we will add you
        to our monthly cheque roster.

We reserve the right to not accept any consignments for reasons not previously mentioned.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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