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									 Avoiding the Case of Social Media Buttons Overload

Conventional knowledge would dictate that the more option the customer has, the
better. The same principle has crossed over from the windows of retail store to how
many business owners use social media buttons in their sites. Using this logic, the more
social sharing options a site visitor has, the more chances your content will be shared.


A social media marketing agency who will recommend having as many social sharing
buttons may be following common sense, but recently, experts have discovered that
when it comes to these one-click sharing tools, the right number is right and too many is
not necessarily more.

More Social Buttons, Slower Page Load Time

An experienced social media company should know that social buttons utilizes java
script to communicate with the social sites’ servers. Naturally, the more buttons there
are, the more script your site needs to load. While there are techniques that will allow
you to optimize and make the script’s file size smaller, there’s a limit to this.

Hence, peppering your webpage with too many social sharing buttons can significantly
reduce your site’s load time. A social media marketing agency may not concern itself
with search engines and rankings but you should. Google rolled out an update in 2010
called Caffeine which puts premium on how fast a site loads on how it will rank the site.
Also, ecommerce pioneer and giant Amazon found out that for every 100 millisecond
delay in loading, the chances of making a sale is reduced by 1%.

Net, strike a balance between your desire for your content to be shared and the other
metrics mentioned above.

Too Many Will Make Your Content Look as Flop

Imagine having 10 social network buttons on your site and 8 of them show zero shares.
This will make your content look like flop. Your site visitors will basically think: “No one
is sharing this, why should I?” A social media company may call this social proof. It’s
really tapping into human’s nature to want to jump into a bandwagon or trend. There is
power in numbers: if 1,000 people are sharing a piece of content, it should be trendy
and everyone wants to be perceived as someone trendy.

So, unless you or your partner social media marketing agency is pretty sure that you will
get a lot of shares, you better choose your buttons wisely.
How to Choose?

Given this scenario, how can you select which buttons to include or which social sharing
one-click tools you should remove? Here are a couple of tricks:

      Web traffic is still the lifeblood of any internet marketing effort, which includes
       initiatives conducted in social platforms. Take a look into your Google Analytics
       and examine which channels are actually driving people to your site and which
       are not.

      Consider the demographics of the people using a particular social site and
       compare that to your target audience’s demographics. For example, the users of
       Pinterest are mostly young adult to middle age women while LinkedIn as we all
       know is usually used by professionals and businesses.

So, when it comes to social sharing buttons, more options does not necessarily mean
better results.

Author is an Internet marketing expert and wants to share his knowledge with people
who are about to hire a social media company New York for their business. He has also
given words to many articles where one can find the latest trends popular in SEO and
social media marketing companies.

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