National Industrial Recovery Act by liaoqinmei


									    Chapter 15

Section one A New Deal
     FDR and the New Deal
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected Pres. in 1932
Put together a group of advisers called “Brain Trust”
His plan to fix the problems of the Great Depression,
3 Goals of New Deal
1) Relief for the needy
2) Economic recovery
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          Banks and Money
Asked all banks to close on March 5th.
Gov’t would inspect each bank and they could re-open
if they were fit to.
FDR gave radio talks explaining his plans, called
Fireside Chats.
Passed the Glass-Steagall Act- established the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Protected peoples’ saving accounts.
Passed the Federal Securities Act- made
companies provide information about their stocks
Passed the 21st Amendment- ended prohibition.
             Help the people
Agricultural Adjustment Act- (AAA) Gov’t paid
farmers to not seed part of their land.
The idea was to raise prices for crops by lowering
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)- built 20 dams
providing jobs, electricity, and flood control.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)- employed men
18-25 to build roads, parks, and planted 200 mil. trees.
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)- Gave
states money to build schools and community
     New Deal under attack
Did not end the
depression and the gov’t
spent more money than
they made = Deficit
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Supreme court banned
the AAA and NIRA

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