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					Fundamental Analysis

         Financial statement analysis – An introduction
         Financial reporting mechanics
         Understanding income statement and balance sheet
         Understanding cash flow statement
         Short lived assets & Long-lived assets
         Short term liabilities & long-term liabilities
         Financial analysis techniques
         Financial reporting quality
         Financial statement analysis: applications
         Evaluating financial reporting quality
         Analysis of financial statements: A synthesis
Technical Analysis
     Definition of technical analysis
     Types of Charts
     Dow Theory
     Indicators - Lending and Lagging
     Chart Pattern Analysis
     Short term
     Patterns Japanese Candlestick
     Measuring Market Strength
     Money Management
     Trend Confirmation
     Open Interest and Price
     Sentiment Analysis
     Temporal Patterns and Cycles
     Point and Figure
     Introduction to Elliot Wave
     Fibonacci Numbers

       Inter-market Analysis
       Efficient Market Hypothesis
       Behavioral Finance Considerations
       Establishing price targets
Portfolio Management

       Portfolio concepts
       Understanding of Portfolio Risk and Return
       An introduction to portfolio management
       An introduction to asset pricing models
       The theory of active portfolio management
       Managing individual investor portfolio
       Managing institutional investor portfolio
       Equity Valuation: concepts & basic tools
       Macro-analysis and micro-valuation of the stock market
       The case of international diversification
       Evaluating portfolio performance
Regulatory Framework: Bangladesh Capital Market

Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969 (Ord. No. XVII of 1969)


       The Securities Act, 1920 (Act No. X of 1920)
       The Securities and Exchange Commission Act, 1993
       The Companies Act, 1994
       Depository Act, 1999


       The Securities and Exchange Rules, 1987
       Securities and Exchange Commission (Meeting Related) Rules, 1994
       Securities and Exchange Commission (Appeal) Regulations, 1995
       Securities and Exchange Commission (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Rules, 1995
       Securities and Exchange Commission (Merchant Banker and Portfolio Manager) Rules,

        Credit Rating Companies Rules, 1996
        Margin Rules, 1999
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Stock Dealer, Stock Broker and Authorized
        Representative) Rules, 2000
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Market Maker) Rules, 2000
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Mutual Fund) Rules, 2001
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Issue of Capital) Rules, 2001
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Over-The-Counter) Rules, 2001
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Substantial Share Acquisition and Takeover)
        Rules, 2002
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Security Custodial Service) Rules, 2003
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Asset Backed Securities) Rules, 2004
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Public Issue) Rules, 2006
        Securities and Exchange Commission (Rights Issue) Rules, 2006

Regulatory Framework: Bangladesh Capital Market


        Listing Regulations of Stock Exchanges
        Trading Regulations of Stock Exchanges
        Settlement of Stock Exchange Transactions Regulations, 1998
        Investors’ Protection Fund Regulations, 1999
        Stock Exchange (Board and Administration) Regulations, 2000
        Stock Exchange (Member’s Margin) Regulations, 2000
        CSE (Internet Based Trading Services) Regulations, 2002
        Depository Regulations, 2000
        Depository (User) Regulations, 2003

Notifications: Notifications, Orders, Directives and Guidelines issued under the Ordinance

Macro Economy and its impact on Capital Market

Macro Economic Issues I

     The scope of Macro Economics
     Economic Growth

Macro Economic Issues II

     The Balance of Payments (Export, Import, Wage Earners’ Remittance)
     Exchange Rates
     The relationship between the four objectives – National Output, Unemployment, Inflation,
     Balance of Payment
     Measuring National Income and Output

Money and Interest Rates

     The Role of Money in the Economy
     The Financial System in Bangladesh
     The Supply of Money
     The Demand for Money

Others Issues

     Liquidity and Foreign Exchange Reserve
     Foreign Investment
     Industrial Production
     Fiscal Budget and ADP
     Political Situation and International Economy
     Tax on Investment


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