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									Today’s post is a treat for anyone who uses Blogger’s dynamic view template. It’s a simple Blogger trick
from Troy Astle that involves a little CSS tweaking, which allows you to hide specific web page elements
like the search bar, the dynamic view switcher, and the like.

Since you can’t just edit the HTML when you’re currently using dynamic view, you can still modify the
CSS using the template designer.

    On your dashboard, under the “Design” page, go to the “Template” tab and click on “Customize”.
    Choose “Advanced”, and on the list, scroll down to click on “Add CSS”
    Once there, simply add any of the following CSS codes to hide select elements in your Blogger page:

To hide the search box at the top right:

/* Hide search */

.header-bar #search{ display: none !important; }

To hide the dynamic view switcher:

/* Hide the views on the main page */

#views { display: none !important; }

/*Hide the vertical bar from before the first page link */

#pages::before { border-left-width: 0 !important;}

To hide the gadget dock (on the right side of the page):

/* Hide the views on the main page */

#views { display: none !important; }

You can see the other CSS codes on how to hide the other elements in Troy’s article.

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