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					There are many tips out there on increasing your blog visitors, but if you run a niche blog, how can you
gain more of them? Here’s something I learned from Clare Evans who wrote some tips on how you can
do this.

Below are simple tricks to follow:

    Know your targeted readers. By writing for a specific viewer type, you should keep in mind what kind
of content matters to them, what they want to read and learn about, why they visit your site and what is
needed for them to return. It would be a lot easier to write for an audience that you are familiar with. You
should also use language that they will easily understand.

   You should be a figurehead in the industry. Show authority and knowledge as these will build the trust
among the readers.

    You should vary your content. You can run out of topics for your niche blog and this may bore your
readers. Find ways to vary your content and mix up a bit to keep them interested.

    Interact. Use social media sites and forums to interact with your audience but don’t overdo it by being
too self-promotional. Keep your discussions light and natural. Reply to comments, strike up
conversations, and thank your readers as well. By being more personal with your viewers, it’s easier to
gain their trust and keep them coming back.

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