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									 Thinking Primary: The Borrowers

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Homily Clock          You had me worried sick. And where are the borrowings? Oh dear, how
                      could you do this to me?
Pod Clock             How could I? Arrietty's the one who got herself stuck in the freezer. What
                      was I supposed to do? Leave her there until she iced over? I had to run
                      round the whole kitchen. And I burnt my toes on the stove.
Homily Clock          I told you they were too young to go borrowing.
Peagreen Clock        Yes, Arrietty. Me and dad have had it up to here with your behaviour.
Arrietty Clock        Oh, shut up squirt!
Peagreen Clock        Ugly!
Arrietty Clock        Smelly!
Peagreen Clock        Double smelly!
Homily Clock          Oh stop it, you two! Ah, that's better. You know who she takes after of
Pod Clock             Me.
Arrietty Clock        If I took after him I'd never do anything fun.
Homily Clock          Don't be too sure. He was quite a rogue in his time, your father.
Arrietty Clock        Dad? My dad? I don't believe it.
Peagreen Clock        I believe it.
Pod Clock             I think your mother's right, Arrietty. We're going to have to keep you at
                      home for a while.
Arrietty Clock        What?! But that's not fair.
Homily Clock          At least until that nasty young bean stops setting traps everywhere.
Pod Clock             You put us in great danger, Arrietty. A Borrower is quiet, cautious,
                      inconspicuous, alert, never seen and never heard.
Homily Clock          It's the Borrower way
Arrietty Clock        “The Borrower way this, the Borrower way that.” I've lived in this house all
                      my life, and I've never even seen another Borrower.
Peagreen Clock        Me, neither
Pod Clock             Well, you wouldn't, would you? A Borrower is quiet, cautious,
                      inconspicuous, alert -
Arrietty Clock        Non-existent?
Homily Clock          What in the world?
Pod Clock             It's not Thursday, is it?
Homily Clock          Oh my goodness, they must have changed the schedule. They can't change
                      the schedule, can they?
Pod Clock             Emergency stations, everyone!
                 Hurry, Peagreen!
All              Peagreen!
Homily Clock     Honestly, Pod
Pod Clock        What?! I suppose this is all my fault too.
Homily Clock     You gave us a big scare today.
Arrietty Clock   Sorry, Mum
Homily Clock     I know you want to borrow, Arrietty. But it's very dangerous up there
                 amongst the beans. We'll let you borrow again, Etts, one day
Arrietty Clock   Tomorrow?
Homily Clock     You're just like your father. He and his friends, they would never stay put
                 for a minute. Oh, they were a horrible lot, Minty Branch, Swag Moss,
                 Dustbunny Binn. They were always getting your father into trouble. I lost
                 count of the amount of times they were nearly seen.
Arrietty Clock   I wish I was around in the old days.
Homily Clock     Oh the old days. I wish you could have seen this house then, Etts. It was
                 full to the rafters. There were the Overmantels, the Furnaces, the Rafters
Arrietty Clock   But now they're all gone, it's just us. There's no-one to meet, no-one to
                 talk to. Are we the only ones left?
Homily Clock     That's enough talking for tonight. Stop all this worrying, and get some
                 sleep. You'll feel brighter in the morning. Night Etts.
Arrietty Clock   Night, Mum.
                 Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.
Television       Get back, coppers! Get back I say
                 Don't be silly, son. Give me the gun.
                 I'll shoot. I swear I'll shoot.
                 Come on. Drop it.
                 I'll drop you. Get back
                 Don' t be a fool, boy.

                 Say, what's happening kids?
                 Max, are you on that phone again?
                 Nah, it's a twinkie you eat with your ear.

                 I'll fill you both full of lead. Get back
                 Don't be a fool boy. Think of your mother
Arrietty Clock   Hey Mr Man.
Television       Get back I say

                 I get it. You run up the bill and I pay it.
Arrietty Clock   Hau!
Television       Sure, but I bought the groceries last week.
                 Get off my back will you? I'm sorry, lady, not you

                 A method of death for every bug and every budget. I guarantee small
                 things will die. Call me, Exterminator Jeff. Extermination is my middle
Arrietty Clock   Oh no.
Pete Lender      Wow
Arrietty Clock   Go on. Go ahead, bean. Get it over with,
Pete Lender      This is incredible. You can talk.
                 Get what over with?
Arrietty Clock   The squishing. You are going to squish me, so get on with it.
Pete Lender      Why would you want me to do that?
Arrietty Clock   I don't want you to do it. It's just what beans do.
Pete Lender      What's a bean?
Arrietty Clock   You are. A human bean.
Pete Lender      I think you mean... never mind. Look, I'm not going to squish you.
Arrietty Clock   You're not?
Pete Lender      No, of course not. This is amazing. I knew something strange was going on
                 in our house, but I never ever imagined that our stuff was being stolen by -
Arrietty Clock   Stolen? No, no. we don't steal. We borrow. We're Borrowers. And you're
                 our bean. Beans provide you with things to borrow, but they'll squish you
                 as soon as look at you.
Pete Lender      Who told you that?
Arrietty Clock   My dad.
Pete Lender      There are more of you?
Arrietty Clock   Just my dad, my mum and my little brother. There used to be more of us,
                 but they've all gone away. We're the last of the Borrowers
Pete Lender      We have to move. The house is being demolished.
Arrietty Clock   Demolished?
Pete Lender      Yeah, my great aunt left us the house, but she didn't write it down in her
                 will, so now this stupid man Potter's going to tear it down. So we have to
Arrietty Clock   But what about us?
Pete Lender      You too I guess.
Arrietty Clock   This is terrible. This is... terrible.
Pete Lender       Maybe there's some way I can help.
Pod Clock         No, no, no, and again no. I will not put the fate of my family in the hands
                  of a trap-setting, Borrower-squishing, ten-year-old bean. It goes against
                  everything I was taught, everything I believe in.
Homily Clock      Your father is absolutely right. For once.
Arrietty Clock    Dad, if you'll just listen -
Pod Clock         No! No! No! It's not going to happen.
Pete Lender       We're inside. This is a walkie-talkie.
                  This'll let you know what's happening every step of the way.
Pod Clock         How... far... are... we... going... bean?
Pete Lender       Not far. The new house is just on the other side of town, next to the old
                  church. I think it's about a mile.
Homily Clock      A mile?! I feel faint.
Pod Clock         Listen up, bean. If anything happens to my family, I'm holding you
                  personally responsible. Got it?
Pete Lender       Yes, sir.
                  I brought you something to eat.
                  And this must be yours. Dad found it, and I fixed it for you. I knew it wasn't
Pod Clock         Thank you.
Victoria Lender   Pete?
Joe Lender        He's here, Honey.
                  That's the last of it.
Pete Lender       Cockpit to cargo. We're just about to pull out. Over.
Arrietty Clock    This is going to be fun.
Pod Clock         I don't like this. I don't like this one bit.
Pete Lender       We're approaching the kerb. I repeat, we're approaching the kerb. Over.
Pod Clock         Bean, you're going too fast.
Pete Lender       Dad, you've got to drive more carefully.
Peagreen Clock    Dad! Dad!
                  Help! Mum!
Pod Clock         Arrietty! Peagreen!
                  Hold on there!
Homily Clock      Peagreen, hold on!
Peagreen Clock    Mum! Mum!
Homily Clock      What do we do, Pod?
Pod Clock         Get the bean on the talkie-talkie.
Homily Clock      Bean. Over. Over? Bean, pull over. Over.
Pete Lender        Dad, you've got to stop.
Joe Lender         What for?
Pete Lender        I've got to pee.
Victoria Lender    We've only just left. You can wait five minutes, can't you?
Pod Clock          Arrietty! Peagreen!
Pete Lender        I can smell gas. I feel sick. Dad, you've got to pull over.
Homily Clock       No! No!
Pod Clock          Arrietty! Peagreen!
Pete Lender        I can smell gas. We've got to get out.
Victoria Lender    Pete, stop it.
Arrietty Clock     Peagreen?
Pete Lender        That's my appendix.
Joe Lender         Quit messing around!
Pete Lender        Dad, I've got to get out before they explode.
Arrietty Clock     Peagreen, look out!
Pete Lender        Dad, dad. You've got to stop. I can't see. Everything's gone dark. My leg. I
                   think it just broke.
Joe Lender         Pete, I'm trying to concentrate.
Pete Lender        There goes the other one. Please stop.
Pod Clock          We're going to find them. Try not to worry.
Homily Clock       Try the talkie-talkie again.
Pod Clock          I've tried it five times.
Homily Clock       They don't know anything about the outside world. Why did you ever
                   agree to this ridiculous idea in the first place?
Pod Clock          Me? I was agreeing with you. I thought it was you that wanted -
Homily Clock       Pod, this is no time to point fingers. Think of the children.
Pod Clock          They're pretty smart. They're going to be all right. But if anything does
                   happen to them, there's going to be big trouble.
Arrietty Clock     Here it is. The map of the world.
Peagreen Clock     I'm tired, Arrietty. I hate the world. I'm staying here.
Arrietty Clock     We can't, silly. Now let's see. This is us. And Pete said the new house was
                   next to a church. Look. It's not far at all.
Arrietty Clock     What was that?
Ocious P. Potter   “I don't trust banks, Mr Potter. So I've hidden the will in the old house.”
                   “Very wise, Mrs Alabaster. Very wise.”
                   “I've left the house to my young niece and her family, with enough money
                   to maintain the property “
                   “Joe and Victoria Lender, and young Pete. Such a nice family Mrs
“You will make sure they get it, won't you, Mr Potter?”
“Why of course, Mrs Alabaster. You can trust me. I'm a lawyer.”

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