Virtual Tour of the Grand Canyon

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					Virtual Tour of
Grand Canyon
On the front of your index card…

What word would you choose to describe
 the Grand Canyon?

I want to know more about ___________.
Grand Canyon
 on the United
  States Map
Length of Grand Canyon            277 miles
Width of Grand Canyon             600 yards min / 18 miles max
Depth of Grand Canyon             1 mile
Length of Colorado River          1,450 miles (from Colorado to California)
Average Width of Colorado River   200 feet
Depth of Colorado River           Up to 85 feet
Temperature of Water              8-16 degrees Celsius
                                  (46-60 degrees Fahrenheit)
Speed of Water                    3-4 mph / 8-10 mph
Birds in Grand Canyon             287 Species
Mammals in Grand Canyon           88 Species
Fish in Grand Canyon              26 Species
Reptiles / Amphibians             58 Species
Biotic Life Zones                 5
Endangered Species                Bald eagle, Falcon, Pincushion cactus
Human Artifacts                   3,000-4,000 years old
First European Expedition         1540
Grand Canyon Park Reserve         1893 by President Benjamin Harrison
Hiking                            One day from top to bottom
Travel on the Colorado River      One week by motor boat
                                  Three weeks by raft
John Wesley Powell
Powell Expedition of 1969

- Traveled down the Colorado River
to study the Grand Canyon
1. How many states did Powell travel
   through while traveling the Green
   River and Colorado River?

2. How long did it take Powell to
   complete his expedition?

3. What are some observations about
   the Grand Canyon that Powell made
   during his expedition?
Write down two or three
questions you might ask
a tour guide if you were
 really standing at Pima
Open Earth History Readers to pages 4-7.
Write down one thing you observe about
 each picture.
 *An observation is what you see.
 *An inference is what you think or predict.

Space Shuttle View = page 4
View of North Rim = page 5
View of Vasey’s Paradise = page 6
View along Bright Angel Trail = page 7
Look at some rock samples.
Write down what you see and feel about
   each rock.
Each rock is identified by a number.

What kind of inferences can you make
  about these rocks based on your
1. What inferences can you make about the
   Grand Canyon based on the pictures, the
   movie, and the rocks you have seen?

2. What do you think we can learn about
   the Earth’s History from studying the
   Grand Canyon?
On the back of your index card…
1. Today I learned ______________.

2. Two inferences I can make about the
   Grand Canyon are:

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