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                         ENGLISH 6

                     FINAL EXAMINATION

                                               Student Score
      Section of Examination       Per cent

      1. Listening                    30          _______
      2. Grammar                      20          _______
      3. Reading                      30          _______
      4. Writing                      20          _______
                          Total:     100          _______

              World Pass / Focal Skills – Version A            1
                        ENGLISH 6 FINAL EXAMINATION
                       There are 35 questions on this part of the exam.

II.     Listening
In this section of the exam, you will hear several short dialogues, a news item, and two
stories. Listen carefully and answer the questions that follow. Mark your answer sheet.

 Example:        M: If I didn’t have a meeting, I’d study for my English test.
                 W: I know. I’m in the same boat.

 Question:       What does the man say?

                 (a)   He does not have time to study.
                 (b)   He has enough time to study.
                 (c)   He didn’t have enough time to study.
                 (d)   He does not want to study.

 The correct answer is (a).
 There is only one correct answer to every question on this exam.

A.     Short Dialogues. You will hear five short dialogues. Each dialogue will be read
       two times. After each dialogue, you will hear one sentence completion. Circle
       the letter of the correct answer.
1.     What is the most appropriate way for the man to respond?

       (A)   Oh, OK. Maybe some other time.
       (B)   Great. How about 7:00?
       (C)   Well, let me know if you’re free then.
       (D)   What about Saturday?

2.     What might the woman be planning to do during her vacation?

       (A)   Travel to her home country.
       (B)   Go to the movies every day.
       (C)   Bum around.
       (D)   Fix up her apartment.

3.     The man __________.

       (A)   does not want to forget to send Linda an e-mail
       (B)   had sent Linda an e-mail but forgot about it
       (C)   did not send Linda an e-mail yesterday
       (D)   is too old to write e-mails

                           World Pass / Focal Skills – Version A                           2
4.      The man __________.

        (A) wants to get a used computer
        (B) used to work on the new computer
        (C) does not usually work on a computer
        (D) is having a hard time adjusting to the new computer
5.      The man __________.

        (A)   was confused because he read the report
        (B)   was confused because he had not read the report
        (C)   did not go to the meeting because he was confused
        (D)   had read the report but was still very confused at the meeting

B. News Items You will hear a news item. It will be read two times. Based on the
information in the news report, answer YES or NO to the questions that follow. Write
your answer on the answer sheet.

6. Was this a run-of-the-mill experience?
7. Had the couple checked the contents of the box before leaving the store?
8. Did Best Buy give the couple a new camcorder at no extra cost?

C. Personal stories.

Story 1

9. Did the woman’s husband commit a serious offence?
10. Did the woman and her husband decide to go their separate ways?
11. Does she regret not having had children or traveling abroad?

Story 2

12. When the woman was a teenager, did her father have his life in order?

13. Are the Beaches her biological family?

14. Are the Beaches a close-knit family?

15. If she had not been brought up by the Beaches, she would have been a better person.


                          World Pass / Focal Skills – Version A                           3
III.   VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR                                                (20 per cent)

Verb forms and phrases
On your answer sheet, write the correct form of the verb or phrase given in parenthesis.

Meeting to discuss applicants

16.    A:      There are three well-qualified candidates for the position of human rights
               lawyer: Ms. Alba, Mr. Ho, and Ms. Jones. I wish I _____ (know) who to

17.    B:      Yes, it's impossible to know who will do the best job. But I tend ______
               (think) Ms. Alba is our best choice. Although she is the youngest and has
               had the least experience, she has a very strong international background
               and excellent writing skills.

18.    C:      I agree with you. Our new lawyer should be good at _________(write)

19.    A:      It's true that Ms. Alba is a strong writer and would be an asset. However, I
               am nervous about ______(underestimate) the importance of experience. I
               think Mr. Ho is a stronger candidate since he has had fifteen years of
               experience in human rights.

20.    B:      I wonder _____ (should we take a break?)for one hour to give everyone a
              chance to read through the applications carefully again?

                        World Pass / Focal Skills – Version A                               4
Vocabulary in Use
In each of the two sections below, choose the correct word or phrase, and write the
correct form of it - -including any articles if necessary – on your answer sheet.

Put away                         Splurge                        Max out
Squander                         Talk it through                pool
Stand by                         Take care of                   Jeopardize
Stick to a budget                Get out of debt                Jeopardy

Part 1: Advice from a financial advisor

   21.     If love is the tie that binds couples together, money is the issue most often
           responsible for _________ a relationship. It’s the most common reason for
           couples to go their separate ways.

   22.     Couples who want to achieve financial peace must learn how to talk about
           money and goals. Communication is the most vital ingredient for success.
           Those who insist on ___________ are more likely to avoid future conflict.

   23.     However, the fact of the matter is that couples spend more time planning
           vacations than they do discussing long-term financial goals, and this leads to
           problems. One major problem is spending more than is earned with nothing left
           to _______ for the future. There is no money left to prepare for future plans
           such as their child’s university tuition or retirement.

   24.     Spending more than one earns is becoming more common. For example, just
           last week, a couple came to visit me when they realized they _________ three
           credit cards and did not have any plan for dealing with the situation.

   25.     Other couples simply don’t________. They don’t make any systematic efforts
           to control their spending.

   26.     They routinely _______ on gourmet coffee and meals at expensive restaurants,
           and then wonder why they can’t seem to get out of debt.

   27.     A second major problem is appointing one person financial manager of the
           household, while the other gives up all control. Big mistake! It would be much
           better if a couple ______ their resources – not just money, but financial know-
           how as well.

                        World Pass / Focal Skills – Version A                              5
(not) Go over well             Call the shots                   Hit it off
To bring up                    Clash                            Upbringing
Eligible                       Take care of                     Compatible
Which                          That                             Emigrate
Worth it                       Immigrant                        Opportunities

Part 2: Dating Customs

   28.    Even in today’s mobile world, it is often difficult to ________ to a new country,
          especially when that new country has very different customs.

   29.    A recent New York Times article, It’s Muslim Boy Meets Girl, Yes, But Please
          Don’t Call It Dating, presents some of the struggles that many American
          Muslim parents face when trying __________ their children in a culture that has
          very different dating customs.

   30.    “These kids grew up in America, where the social norm is that it is O.K. to date,
          that it is O.K. to have sex before marriage,” Imam Magid said in an interview.
          “So the kids are caught between the ideal of their parents and the openness of
          the culture on this issue.” It’s a definite culture _______.

   31.    To help with this situation, the largest Muslim conference in North America
          recently introduced the “matrimonial banquet”, ______ is very similar to “speed
          dating” but with a more suitable name and rules.

   32.    At the conference, there were two banquets with a maximum of 300 _______
          men and women, with a maximum of 150 of each gender.

   33.     They sat 10 per table and the men rotated to a new table every seven minutes.
          At the end, there was an hour-long social hour that allowed participants who
          ___________ to exchange e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

   34.    Organizers said that many of the women still asked men to approach their
          families first. After all, traditionally, parents ___________. Many of the
          parents had gone through arranged marriages – meeting the bride or groom
          chosen by their parents sometimes as late as their wedding day and hoping for
          the best.

   35.    They recognize that this tradition will change in the United States, but they still
          want to help their children choose _______________ partner.

                       World Pass / Focal Skills – Version A                              6

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