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HGH SIde Effects


Learn about the side effects of using HGH.

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									                HGH Side Effects

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is secreted by the
pituitary gland in the human body. Its main function as the
name suggests, is to regulate and promote the growth of the
human body.
In children, HGH functions as purely a growth regulator
which aids in increasing the height, developing the organs,
increasing immunity etc.
But, in adults, HGH s main role is maintaining the overall
health of the body by stimulating the production and
regeneration of cells and tissues.
By doing so, it keeps the body hale and hearty. Intensive
workout regimes tend to increase the natural HGH levels of
the body. Adequate sleep of about 8 hours daily is also a
good regulator of the natural HGH levels of the body.


 There are many benefits of increasing the natural HGH
levels which have been documented and yet many more
which have yet to be discovered. Some of these would be
discussed in details in this article.

Increase in the Body s Immunity
HGH is a hormone of the pituitary gland that promotes
production of itself. So, a minute increase in its
concentration can bring about in time, a larger increase in
its levels in the body. HGH in adequate concentration aids
in warding off diseases and infections within the body by
increasing the blood cell count.
Benefits of increasing the natural HGH levels are that it
enhances cardiovascular health, leads to a growth of body
organs other than the brain and improves the feel and
shade of skin.

Higher Energy Levels or Stamina

Another Benefit of increasing the natural HGH levels is
that it stimulates an increase in hormone levels of the body.
Hormones being chemical messengers of the body stimulate
the organs of the body into action thus, increasing your


energy levels. Other than this, it also improves the overall
quality of your sleep. By doing so, it provides that extra bit
of energy which is required to get through a grueling day.

Growth of Lean Muscles
HGH promotes the production of proteins in muscles and
increases the metabolism of fat. Higher HGH levels in the
body increase the lean muscle density and that of the
adipose tissues as well. This in turn results in an increase in
muscle weight of the body and a reduction in body fat. This
is one of the major benefits of increasing the natural HGH

Acts as an Anti-Ageing Agent
The body of an adolescent produces the maximum amount
of HGH. With an increase in age, the HGH levels in the
body begin depreciating. This is considered to be the main
reason for ageing. Benefits of increasing the natural HGH
levels of the body are that the human body s natural
tendency to age is hindered.

This happens because the primary action of HGH is to
rejuvenate the cells of the body. With more new cells in the


body than the old and dying ones, the body feels younger
and more energetic. If the HGH level in a body can be
maintained at a level similar to that found in an adolescent,
the body will always remain strong and healthy.

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