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                                     JUNE 16, 2011

A meeting of the Manatee Juvenile Justice Council was held at the Manatee Department of
Juvenile Justice offices, 701Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34205 on Thursday, June 16, 2011
at 11:00 a.m.


Dr. Lisa Davis, Chair- Insight Counseling
Susan Ford, Vice-Chair- Manatee County Government
Verdya Bradley- MCSB
Lisa Jones- MCSB
Pat McGhee- DJJ Prevention
Rena Hunkeler- DJJ
Rena Madrid- Teen Court
Greg Clark- AMI Kids
Sue Lockliear- Teen Court
Jane Bistok- Manatee Glens
DeEtt Bailey, Family Resources
Karen Lang- Manatee Glens
Amber Yoder- Family Resources
Jolee Clemens- SCC/YMCA
Iuana Ruiz-CSI/NST
Michelle Ace-Carroll- DJJ
Larry Rose- Bayside Church

I.     Call To Order – Lisa Davis, Chairperson
          Meeting was called to order at 11:00 am
       A. Presentation: Youth Recognition Awards were presented
       B. Introductions were given
       C. Changes, additions or deletions to minutes: none made
       D. Minutes – April minutes were approved

II.    Committee Reports
       A. Legislative Committee – Susan Ford
          Provided copies of the Legislative Session report
          SB 888 / HB 75 Offense of Sexting and SB 404 / HB 739 Transition-to-adulthood
          are still waiting to be signed.
          CS/HB 997 Juvenile Civil Citations was signed into law on 6/2/2011
          SB 2112 Juvenile Detention Facilities was signed into law on 5/26/11
       B. Circuit Board Report – Lisa Davis
          Circuit Board meeting was held at AMI North for a tour and information about
          program components. Reported that the Desoto County Council will dissolve, but
          that Dan Dubert (sp?), Council Chair will remain on the Board. At the circuit level we
          are still trying to get a local rep onto the State Advisory Group. Rob Taber (sp?) of
          Coastal Behavioral Health is the new Circuit Chair.
       C.  Gang Initiative – Frank Gargett                     No report
III.     Business – Old and New
       A. Circuit Manager’s Report – Rena Hunkeler
         Employment Grant-The YES (Youth employment Program) will end as of July 1 st
         2011. Fifty-six youth attended the job fair and program employees are still working to
         place youth in jobs at this time.
          Vacancies: At this writing we have two vacant JPO position in the Venice office and
          one is Sarasota. Hope to fill at least 2 of the current openings. The Desoto County
          Residential Program will be closing
          Statutory Changes: As of July 1st 2011 there will be no commitment orders unless
          there are felony charges, the exception to this would be youth with 3 or more
          adjudicated misdemeanors or adjudications withheld. The court can override this
          decision if there is a public safety risk or if there are not adequate services in place to
          address the youth’s needs in a non-commitment capacity.
       B. Budget – Sandy Trieb
        Balance is $4. No Manatee County Dues have been paid as of this meeting.
       Membership forms need to be sent in ASAP. Once they are received the individual will
       receive an invoice.
       C. Election of Officers for the 2011-2012
       Greg Clark nominated and elected as Chair
       Susan Ford nominated and elected as Vice Chair
       DeEtt Bailey nominated and elected as Secretary
       Sandy Trieb nominated and elected as Treasurer
       D. Presentation by YES Program
       Pat McGhee provided general information about goals accomplished by the program

IV.    Announcements, Program Updates and Matter from the Floor
       Dr. Lisa Davis: Will remain a voting member of the Council. Also reported that Insight
       has had 101 youth complete and only 14 have reentered with any new crimes.
       Susan Ford: General membership forms need to be received by the end of the month
       Pat McGhee: Secretary Walters is looking at revising the SAG Board due to non-
       Larry Rose: currently working with JDC and Palmetto Youth Academy

V.     Adjournment: Meeting adjourned, next meeting to be held on August 18, 2011 at 11 am


Greg Clark, Chairman                                                Date

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