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					                                 GWTA Chapter T
                                     March 27, 2008
                                       7:30 p.m.

Welcome: Thank you to Kevin for hosting tonight’s meeting. Kevin entertained us with
slides of the club’s winter activities and some summer shots (especially of Bobby’s bike).

Present: Jay, David, Susan, Linda, Kevin, Bill Hailwood, Tammy, Bobby, Tom, Joan,
Stephen, Roy, Nedda, Jerry and Paul.

Regrets: Rose

Nedda welcomed our newest members, Jay, David and Susan.

Minutes from February were discussed. Nedda thanked Kevin and Pat for organizing the
winter outing to Geneva Park. Kevin said the Peterborough weekend turned out well
with a movie and dinner on the first day and 36 or 38 people for the seminar and rider
training portion. It was so successful that the people involved are thinking of making it
an annual event.

Treasurer’s report: Steve advised we have $395.00

Newsletter: There was much praise for our newsletter, the Kickstand and Nedda thanked
Linda and Rose for their hard work. (Contributions of articles, stories and jokes are


May 4 – Ride In Lunch – Penetanguishene - $15 – prepaid attendance – by April 3, 2008
   We will meet at Timmy’s and Kevin is our road captain.

May 18 – Spring Warm Up
   Eight slow speed exercises to get us up to par for riding season
   Spring tire pressure checking
   Support (and give-aways) from Honda

June 3-8 – Americade – Lake George, New York
    Lots of fun and activities
    Well organized

June 18-22 – Region J Rally – Bracebridge, Ontario
    Muskoka Riverside Inn, beautiful view
    Camping also available
    Kevin will be doing safety training
Summer Rides:
Manitulin Island is being planned for September 12-13 It is a popular weekend

Region K is having a Poker Run for MADD on Sunday May 25 (Joan & Tom’s day). We
will meet at Timmy’s and ride to the Newmarket Municipal Offices where it starts. Cost
of $15.00 per hand includes a barbecue.

Other members are planning (and/or leading) rides too so that we anticipate riding as a
group every second week.

Other Business:
    We have already discussed clothes with our logo on them. Nedda said, “Let’s go
       ahead and do it.”
    Kevin mentioned that each GWTA chapter has their own colour. When each
       member is wearing the same colour it really makes the group look sharp. Our
       chapter colour is red.
    Jay said he knows a source for getting patches. (It looks like we are going to be
       in style this riding season.)
    Kevin offered to do a group riding seminar at a future meeting.

Future Meetings:
    April 24 – Roy
    May 15 – Tammy
    June 26 - Paul

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