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									ACF Regionals 2004
Packet by Michigan A
(Paul Litvak, Adam Kemezis, Matt Lafer and Ryan McClarren)


1. This work caused Czar Nicholas to remark, "Everyone gets theirs, and I, most of all."
In the local school, a teacher always jumps on the desk when he describes the
Macedonian wars, while the patients in the hospital wear dirty nightcaps. The squires
Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky set the town on edge with their announcement, causing
Hlopov, Zemlyanika the judge Lyapkin-Tyapkin, and the mayor Anton, to clean up the
town. All of this is for naught, as they suck up to the wrong guy, who reveals his
deception in a letter to his friend. Khlestakov's ruse is the subject of, FTP, what play by
Nikolai Gogol?

Answer: The Inspector General also accept Revizor

2. The difunctional aryl type of these compounds is used in the preparation of
photoresist, an important chemical for microchip etching. The acyl type undergoes a
Curtius rearrangement when heated to yield an isocyanate, and the lead compound is
used as a detonating agent for explosives. The sodium compound, formed by passing
nitrous oxide over heated sodium amide, is a gas generator in motor vehicles. Nitrenes
are formed by when UV light hits, FTP, what compounds that are expressesd as
resonance structures and contain the group –N3?

Answer: azides

3. Its author draws from the historical scholarship of Eduard Meyer and Ernst Sellin,
who drew his conclusions from a line about "stiff-necked peoples." The first two essays
that comprise this work were originally published in the journal Imago, while the third
essay, added later, uses the genesis of neurosis as a metaphor. The argument hinges on
the author's depiction of a compromise at Kadesh, where Midianite priests combine
their faith with that of former followers of a priest of Aten, who led the Jews out of
Egypt. FTP, identify this work by Sigmund Freud that analyses the origins of Judaism.

Answer: Moses and Monotheism
4. In the fifteenth century, it was the capital of the Duchy of Mazovia and Napoleon
created a Grand Duchy there in 1806. It became a royal capital in 1611 when Sigismund
III moved there and was technically one between 1815 and 1830, although the king in
question was also the ruler of its country's larger neighbor. Between the Third Partition
of 1794 and 1806 the Prussians were in charge of, for 10 points, what city that in 1919
again became the capital of an independent Poland?

Answer:       Warsaw or Warszawa

5. Like everyone else, she had a cameo role in Around the World in Eighty Days, playing a
saloon hostess who briefly flirts with Phileas Fogg. Her other abortive love interests
include Spencer Tracy's character in Judgement at Nuremberg and Jimmy Stewart's
character in Destry Rides Again, a movie in which her character is called Frenchy, but
sounds distinctly Teutonic in a musical number that was subsequently parodied by
Madeleine Kahn in Blazing Saddles. Blonde Venus and The Blue Angel were both title roles
for, for 10 points, what German sex symbol who also appears in A Touch of Evil and
Witness for the Prosecution.

Answer:       Marlene Magdalena Dietrich

6. The trouble in this novel begins when the protagonist's wife asks him for permission
to go study economics at a university in London. When their son John dies, the
protagonist sends his friend Jock Grant-Menzies to break the news to his wife, who then
demands a divorce. He refuses to give her one, and she must ask her lover's mother,
Mrs. Beaver for a job. Meanwhile, the protagonist goes to South America, where his
friend Messinger dies and he is held captive by Todd, who makes him read aloud the
novels of Dickens. The Lord of Hetton Abbey, Tony Last, is a main focus of, FTP, what
novel by Evelyn Waugh?

Answer: A Handful of Dust

7. Although a passport photo of him exists, adherents to his ideas prevent it from being
shown. The most famous English account of meeting this man was authored by Edward
Browne, Browne reports that this man's brother Yahya was actually to become leader of
their movement, but his power was usurped. This religious leader wrote works like
Epistle to the Son of the Wolf and The Book of Certitude, and after his 1892 death in Acre, his
son Abdul succeeded him. FTP, identify this follower of Bab, who founded Bahai.
Answer: Baha'ullah

8. It came about because General Bezaine had gotten bogged down at Metz and needed
Marshal MacMahon to come and rescue him. MacMahon had earlier beaten the
Austrians at Solferino and Magenta, but here his opponents managed to pound him
with their steel artillery while still out of range of French bronze guns. Thus 100,000
men got captured by von Moltke's army, which then went on to occupy Paris in the
aftermath of, for 10 points, what battle that saw the end of Napoleon III and the
Franco-Prussian War?

Answer:      Sedan

9. The opening stanza implores the addressee to "come to the window" and goes on to
describe the "tremulous cadence" of moving pebbles. The author then alludes to
Antigone, comparing the "ebb and flow of human misery" that Sophocles heard on the
Aegean. In the fourth Stanza, the author describes the retreat of the Sea of Faith, before
imploring his lover to be "true to one another", because of all the misery in the world.
FTP, identify this Matthew Arnold poem about the tide at the eponymous shoreline,
"where ignorant armies clash by night."

Answer: Dover Beach

10. The formation of their secondary walls involves intense activity of dictyosomes,
which produce numerous vesicles that migrate to the primary wall and fuse with the
plasmalemma layer. The various types have different functions; fibers and tracheids,
which are primarily used for conduction; vessel members, for support; and the only
living type of cell that comprises it, also the primary food storage unit, the parenchyma.
FTP, identify this mostly dead tissue found in higher plants that is the primary
conductor of water in plants, and makes up the vascular system along with the phloem.

Answer: xylem

11. This Vermont native's political positions included head of House and then Senate
committees on territories, in which capacity he gave a speech telling opponents of
expansion that "you cannot fetter the limbs of this young giant." His support for
expansion led him to favor repeal of the Missouri Compromise and he answered the
Dred Scott decision by supporting popular sovereignty in what became known as the
Freeport Doctrine. For 10 points, name this man who ran for president against John Bell,
John C. Breckenridge and Abraham Lincoln, against the last of whom he had held a
famous series of debates in Illinois.

Answer:      Stephen Arnold Douglas

12. Anthanasios causes much of the action of the play, as he sends Bonafides on a series
of errands that uncovers the secret. A resemblance to Assad tips off Bonafides as to the
true identify of the son of Wolf von Filneck. Earlier this son was taken prisoner at the
fortress of Tebnin, but he is pardoned. The climax of this play occurs when the title
character recites the Decameron parable of the Three Rings. Following this, the
accusations of Daja are refuted, and Saladin permits Recha and Conrad to be married.
FTP, identify this play whose title character is modeled after Moses Mendelsohn, a
friend of its author, Gotthold Lessing.

Answer: Nathan the Wise also accept Nathan the King of Talossa

13. Musical highlights of this opera include the duet "Libiamo," sung by the two
principal characters at a party given by one of them, and the aria "Di Provenza il mar,"
sung to the male lead by his father, who is trying to get him to come back home so that
his sister can get married. Alfredo has up to that point been doing a lot of singing about
how much he loves living with the title character in spite of her sketchy past. Violetta
the courtesan sings awfully loud for someone who dies of TB at the end of, for 10
points, what opera by Verdi whose title means "the fallen woman."

Answer:      La Traviata

14. Using it, a point source demonstrates Haidinger’s fringes due to dual reflections
through a dielectric layer and Fizeau fringes can be created by placing a collimated lens
at the source. In it the coherence length is equal to twice the difference in the path
length of the arms. It will work for a much larger source than Young’s double slit and
uses a beam-splitting mirror in the center. FTP name this device named after the first
American to win a Nobel in Physics, that was used to show the constantcy of the speed
of light.

Answer:      Michelson Interferometer
15. At the end of this work, the author asserts that "silence is the worst form of
persecution" The author's preoccupation with argumentative method is seen in the
discussion of contradictions, and its opening section on the differences between
intuitive and mathematical thinking. The work famously argues for the primacy of
miracles in establishing matters of faith, in line with the author's assertion that "the
heart has its reasons which reason does not know." A famous wager about the existence
of God can be found in, FTP, what apology for the Catholic faith to which Blaise Pascal
gave an extremely generic title.

Answer: Pensées also accept Thoughts

16. Their color is much bluer than all stars other than white dwarfs. Highly active types
are sometimes known as optically violent variables, or OVVs, or BL Lacs, named for a
star that turned out to be one of these. One theory claims that they are active nuclei of
galaxies, while another considers them rapidly spinning black holes surrounded by
rapidly spinning discs of gas. Although they appear as stars in an optical telescope,
their red shift is much greater, indicating their much greater distance from Earth. FTP,
identify these objects with strong radio emission, whose name is an abbreviation for
quasi-stellar object.

Answer: quasars

17. The third led a revolt based in Britain and was briefly recognized by Honorius
before being suppressed. The second died in a civil war with his similarly-named
brothers. The fifth was nicknamed Copronymus and continued the iconoclastic policies
of his father Leo II. The last was the eleventh and was also the last emperor of
Byzantium. All these men shared their name with, for 10 points, what emperor who
fought Licinius and Maxentius on his way to becoming the first Christian Roman

Answer:      Constantine

18. You have a metal cavity with a small hole in it. You send electromagnetic radiation
through the hole and calculate that the amount of standing waves in the box is
proportional to the inverse fourth power of wavelength. Then you figure that the
radiancy from the hole will be proportional to the number of standing waves. Your
formula works OK at shorter wavelengths, but gives catastrophic results for energies
above the visible spectrum. FTP name this law that was corrected by Planck, the
breakdown of which caused the ultraviolet catastrophe in blackbody radiation.

Answer:      Rayleigh-Jeans formula

19. His first monumental historical and mythological scenes included a Death of Meleager
and a Death of Germanicus. One of his earliest known commissions was a set of
illustrations for Ovid's Metamorphoses. He worked almost entirely in Rome, although he
briefly returned to his native country in 1641 when Louis XIII asked him to decorate the
Great Gallery of the Louvre. Classical landscapes including 1649's Landscape with
Polyphemus are typical of, for 10 points, what baroque French artist of The Arcadian
Shepherds, The Worship of the Golden Calf and Holy Family on the Steps?

Answer:      Nicolas Poussin

20. His various ideological campaigns included the New Life Movement in the mid-30s
and a United Front with his country's communists between 1937 and 1946. The latter
came about after this man was arrested at Xi'an [SHEE-AHN] by one of his own
supporters and forced to concentrate on fighting foreign invaders rather than domestic
enemies. His big diplomatic success came at the Cairo Conference, where he convinced
the allies to abandon their so-called "unequal treaties" with the country that he then
ruled. For 10 points, name this head of the Guomindang who died in 1975 in Taiwan
after being kicked out of China by Mao Zedong.

Answer:      Chiang Kai-Shek or Jiang Jieshi

21. The title character and his friend Ned pretend to be Havelock Ellis and Kraft-Ebbing
when carousing with an old man at an Italian wine cellar. The title character originally
tried to be a magician, but was discouraged when an attempt to sacrifice a lamb went
awry, and now the only wall hanging in his bedroom is an ivory Christ. He receives
letters from people like Sick-Of-It-All, who wants to have an abortion, and Harold S.,
whose deaf sister was raped. Fay Doyle attempts to seduce him, but he beats her,
angering her husband Peter, who shoots him while Betty looks on. FTP, identify this
advice columnist, the subject of a novel by Nathaniel West.

Answer: Miss Lonelyhearts
22. He was married to Aegiale [eye-GHEE-uh-lay], a daughter of Adrastus, but she
fooled around while he was gone. In the Iliad he gets teased for not being as brave as
his father, a member of the Seven Against Thebes named Tydeus. The only time he ever
turns down a fight is against his hereditary guest Glaucus, but they trade armor instead.
He was a big friend of Odysseus and helped him kill Dolon. Pandarus is killed by and
Aeneas is rescued by his mother from, for 10 points, what hero who goes so ape shit in
the Iliad that he wounds Aphrodite and Ares?

Answer:      Diomedes


1. Medieval Germanic persons from clues, for 10 points each:

(10) This King of the Ostrogoths ruled Italy from 489 to 526 after being sent by the
Byzantine emperor Zeno to kick out Odovacar.

Answer:      Theodoric the Great

(10) The greatest of the Saxon emperors was this character, who did bad things to the
Magyars at Lechfeld in 955 and was later crowned in Rome by Pope John XII.

Answer:      Otto I or Otto the Great

(10) This emperor got into a fight with Gregory VII over investiture that ended with the
emperor performing public penance in the snow at Canossa.

Answer:      Henry IV

2. Answer these questions about a literary institution FTPE:

[10] This group was established by Cardinal Richelieu in 1634 to maintain literary
standards, and was limited to only 40 “immortals.”

Answer: Academie francaise
[10] The Academie was originally founded in order to censor this play about a Spanish
national hero, written by Corneille.

Answer: Le Cid

[10] This academician and colleague of Moliere, Racine and Boileau is best known for
his fables.

Answer: Jean de la Fontaine

3. Given the composer and numerical designation of a symphony, give its usual subtitle,
for the stated number of points:

(5) Mahler's First Symphony

Answer:      Titan

(5) Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony

Answer:      Pathétique

(10) Prokfiev's Op. 25 Symphony, nicknamed because Prokofiev thought it was the kind
of music Haydn would have composed had he been alive at that time.

Answer:      Classical

(10) Mendelssohn's Fifth Symphony, nicknamed because it was written to celebrate the
300th anniversary of the Augsburg Confession.

Answer:      Reformation

4. Oliver Cromwell was a real jerk. Name these things about his rule, for the stated
number of points:

(5) From 1653 until his death, Cromwell officially held this office, which was defined by
the Instrument of Government.

Answer:      Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland
(5) In 1648, Cromwell had kicked out all the members of Parliament he didn't like,
establishing this remnant that he eventually got rid of in 1653.

Answer:       The Rump Parliament

(10) The so-called Second Civil War consisted largely of this battle of August 1648, at
which Cromwell crushed a Scottish royalist army in Lancashire.

Answer:       Preston Pans

(10) Cromwell is not much liked in Ireland, in large part due to sieges of two Irish
towns in 1652 that subsequently turned into massacres of thousands. Name either.

Answer:       Drogheda [DROY-duh] or Wexford

5. Identify the following about topological spaces, FTPE:

(10) The topology of a topological space is a collection of this type of set, in which all
points in the set have a neighborhood that is within the set.

Answer: open sets

(10) This is a collection of open sets that we can construct the topology from by taking
unions of the sets. It is analogous to the collection of open balls in a metric space.

Answer: basis

(10) This is a topological space that follows the T2-axiom: any two points in the space
have disjoint neighborhoods.

Answer: Hausdorff space, prompt on T2 space

6. Identify these Judges of Israel FTPE:

[10] The only female judge, she spurred Barak to attack and defeat the Canaanite king

Answer: Deborah
[10] This left-handed son of Gera hid a blade in order to get an audience with King
Eglon of Moab and thus assassinated him.

Answer: Ehud

[10] This son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother, defeated Cushan-rishathaim, the king
of Aram-naharaim and thus became Israel’s first judge.

Answer: Othniel

7. Identify these physiocrats from description FTPE:

[10] Their central idea, that only agriculture yields a surplus of product, was advanced
by this man, who wrote the Tableau Economique.

Answer: Francois Quesnay

[10] This man was called “The Elder” to distinguish himself from his revolutionary son,
Gabriel. An early convert to Quesnay’s ideas, he wrote L’Ami des Hommes, a six-part

Answer: Victor Mirabeau

[10] This man coined the term “physiocrat” in his Physiocratie, though his name is more
associated with the American chemical company founded by his descendants.

Answer: Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours

8. Answer these questions about amino acids, FTPE.

(10) This amino acid is not synthesized by DNA but is an important part of the structure
of collagen. One of two cyclic amino acids found in protein, it requires ascorbic acid for

Answer: hydroxyproline

(10) The only amino acid that is not optically active, it is also the simplest.

Answer: glycine
(10) This amino acid that contains a certain Group VI (six) element is sometimes
encoded by the sequence UGA rather than the usual result of that encoding, a stop

Answer: selenocysteine

9. Identify these works of Henry Fielding FTSNOP:

[5] Charlotte Cradock, Fielding’s wife, was the model for Sophia in this novel about a
foundling raised by Allworthy.

Answer: The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

[10] The subtitle of this work notes that it is written in the manner of Cervantes. It
concerns the brother of Pamela and his adventures with Parson Adams.

Answer: The History and Adventures of Joseph Andrews, and of his friend Abraham
Adams, written in Imitation of the Manner of Cervantes.

[15] Mainly a domestic novel, this work does feature an adulterous prison scene. It
concerns the wife of William Booth and the recovery of her rightful monies.

Answer: Amelia

10. People involved with the Boer War, for 10 points each:

(10) The war was triggered in large part by a hare-brained attempt to invade the
Transvaal, led by this friend of Cecil Rhodes.

Answer:       Leander Jameson

(10) British support for the Jameson Raid was in large part the idea of this colonial
secretary, who was earlier a leader of the Liberal Unionist party that opposed Gladstone
on Irish Home Rule.

Answer:       Joseph Chamberlain
(10) This then-leader of the Boer South African Republic gave his name to an
inflammatory telegram that he received from the Kaiser congratulating him for
stopping the raid.

Answer:       Stephanus Josephus Paulus Kruger

11. Things that will happen at Ragnarok, FTPE:

(10) This god of light will sound the horn that summons Odin and his forces, but he will
also die of his wounds after killing Loki.

Answer:       Heimdall

(10) This fire giant will lead his people from Muspelheim and fight the gods, in the
process causing mass incineration of just about everything.

Answer:       Surt

(10) It's a little hard to see how the battle could ever get going, since everything is really,
really dark on account of where this wolf swallowed the sun.

Answer:       Skoll

12. Answer these questions regarding geology, FTPE:

(10) This is a commonly used tool for determining the crystallization of minerals out of
magma based on temperature. Its characteristic Y shape is formed by a “continuous”
and “discontinous” branch.

Answer: Bowen’s Reaction series

(5/5) Give the two terms for rocks that are formed either at the top or bottom of
Bowen’s reaction series. One group is formed by lighter minerals such as silicon and
oxygen and crystallizes at lower temperatures, while the other contains heavier
elements like iron and magnesium and crystallize at higher temperatures.

Answer: felsic and mafic
(10) This mineral lies at the top of the discontinuous branch of the series. It has two
subclasses called forsterite and fayalite and the gemstone peridot is made from it.

Answer: olivine

13. Answer these questions about a Roman and his work FTPE:

[10] This Roman clerical official is most known for his Lives of the Twelve Caesars.

Answer:       Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus

[10] When not writing about emperors, Suetonius wrote a collection of biographies of
illustrious figures of his day, of which the only part to survive intact is this set of lives of
famous intellectual figures.

Answer:       De Grammaticis et Rhetoribus
              or On the Grammarians and Rhetoricians

[10] Suetonius’ life of Julius Caesar was the model for this man’s contemporary Life of

Answer:       Einhard

14. Painter from works, 30-20-10.

(30) The Last Communion of St. Joseph of Calasanz; Garotted Man; and Blanket-Tossing

(20) The Family of the Duke of Osuna; The Family of Charles IV

(10) Nude Maja; Clothed Maja; 3rd May 1808: The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid.

Answer:       Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

15. Identify these female philosophers from description FTPE:
[10] This neo-Platonic philosopher wrote commentaries on Ptolemy's, Diophantus’ and
Apollonius’ works, though she is most famous for her being stoned to death by a
Christian mob.

Answer: Hypatia of Alexandria

[10] This author of The Human Condition and The Origins of Totalitarianism just
posthumously had her correspondence with Martin Heidegger published.

Answer: Hannah Arendt

[10] This current professor at Harvard is a leading expert on Kant and moral
philosophy. Her works include The Sources of Normativity and Creating The Kingdom of

Answer: Christine Korsgaard

16. Answer the following about gases, FTPE:

(10) The constant a is the force of attraction between particles while b is the total volume
enclosed by the particles in this equation of state derived by a Dutch scientist.

Answer: Van der Waals equation

(10) This is the measure of the deviation from ideality of a gas. It is equal to 1 for a
completely ideal gas.

Answer: compressibility

(10) This alternate equation of state named for two scientists also has two parameters
and is in general more accurate than the Van der Waals equation. It was developed in
1949 but is a poor approximation for the liquid phase and cannot be used for calculating
gas-liquid equilibria.

Answer: Redlich-Kwong equation

17. Answer some questions about a poetess FTPE:
[10] This first Latin American to win a Nobel Prize for literature wrote collections
including Desolation, The Wine Press, Tenderness, and Song for San Fransisco.

Answer: Gabriela Mistral also accept Lucila Alcayaga

[10] Mistral’s most famous work is this collection of poems, inspired by the suicide of
her fiancé and a railway accident.

Answer: Sonnets of Death also accept Sonetos de la Meurta

[10] This posthumous work by Mistral is a collection of her woks for children, and was
illustrated by Antonio Frasconi.

Answer Crickets and Frogs: A Fable, also accept Grillos y ranas: una fibula

18. People and things from the Latin American Wars of Independence, for 10 points

(10) One of the earliest independence was started in 1806 by this Venezuelan, who was
dictator of that country for about year in 1811-12 before the Spanish got him.

Answer:       Francisco de Miranda

(5,15) The Mexican independence movement largely got started by two priests, one of
whom rang a famous church bell to start an Indian revolt in 1810, the other of whom
took over after the former's death but was himself stomped on by Iturbide. Name one
for 5, both for 15.

Answer:       Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and Jose Maria Morelos

(5) Between 1821 and 1830 Simon Bolivar ruled over this country that later fell apart
when Venezuela and Ecuador split off.

Answer:       Gran Colombia or Great Colombia (prompt on Colombia)

19. Answer these questions about a nuclear physics 5-10-15
5) This type of decay is the primary decay for heavy, unstable elements. In it a
helium-4 nucleus is expelled from a parent nucleus.

Alpha decay

10) This man showed that alpha particles were helium-4 nuclei, and he used these
particles in his famous experiment in which he fired them at gold foil and observed
their scattering.

Earnest Rutherford

15)    This law, named after two scientists, predicts half-lives for alpha decay and was
one of the first triumphs of quantum mechanics. It predicts an inverse relationship
between half-life and decay energy

Geiger-Nuttall rule

20. Things about the New Deal, for 10 points each:

(10) The earliest phase of the New Deal emphasized this economic-planning
organization, whose symbol was a blue eagle and which shares its initials with a current
political advocacy group.

Answer:       National Recovery Administration

(10) The Tennessee Valley Authority started out as the agency in charge of the Wilson
Dam at this site in Alabama that used to have a lot of shellfish.

Answer:       Muscle Shoals
(note: The places is spelled "muscle," but apparently it's named after the shellfish. When
it was named, the spelling was not consistent.)

(10) One of the major elements of opposition to the New Deal was the Liberty League,
which was founded by this predecessor of Roosevelt as Governor of New York and
Democratic presidential candidate.

Answer:       Alfred Emanuel Smith
21. Artistic locations of Rome given clues, for 10 points each:

(10) The graves of Raphael and the composer Arcangelo Corelli can be found in this
structure whose current circular dome dates from the reign of Hadrian.

Answer:       The Pantheon or Santa Maria ad Martyres or Santa Maria Rotonda

(10) Titian's Sacred and Profane Love and Bernini's Daphne and Apollo are both in this
museum named for a family that included Pope Paul V.

Answer:       The Villa Borghese

(10) Caravaggio's Calling of St. Matthew is the principal attraction of this church that has
historically been used by the resident French community in Rome and is dedicated to a
French king.

Answer:       San Luigi dei Francesi or Saint Louis of the French

22. Answer some questions about an American writer FTPE:

[10] Some of his lesser known works include Voyages of the Companions of Columbus, and
The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, while Bracebridge Hall is a sequel to his most famous
sketch book.

Answer: Washington Irving

[10] This work by Washington Irving was published serially by Sir Walter Scott and
contains the short stories “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Answer: The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon, Gentleman

[10] This 1808 work is Irving’s first. A collaboration with James Kirk Paulding, it is a
series of satires modeled on Addison’s Spectator.

Answer: Salmagundi

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