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									                             Bracket 1                                                           Bracket 3:
                              Godzilla                                                            Dracula

                                                                                                  Stay Puft
                              Nosferatu                                                           Marshmallow Man

                              Darth Vader                                                         Creature from
                              (“Star Wars”)                                                       the Black Lagoon

                              Lord Voldemort                                                      Predator
                              (“Harry Potter”)

                              The Mummy                                                           Chucky
                                                                                                  (“Child’s Play”)

                              The Daleks                                                          Carrie
                              (“Doctor Who”)

                              Jason                                                               Alien
                              (“Friday the 13th”)

                                                                                                  Phantom of the
                              The Fly                                                             Opera (Lon Chaney
                                                                                                  one, please)

                             Bracket 2:                                                          Bracket 4:
                              Frankenstein                                                        King Kong

                              Pinhead                                                             The Borg
                              (“Hellraiser”)                                                      (“Star Wars”)

                              The Thing                                                           HAL 9000 (“2001:
                              (from “The Thing”)                                                  A Space Odyssey”)

                              Zombies                                                             (“The Texas Chainsaw

                              Michael Myers                                                       Wolf Man
                              (“Halloween”)                           Online
                                                                     Go to www.                   Hannibal Lecter
                              The Kraken                          mercurynews.                    (“The Silence
                              (“Clash of the Titans,”)
                                                                  com/bay-area-                   of the Lambs”)
                                                                  living to vote in
                                                                   the first round                Freddy (“A Night-
                              Jaws                                of our Monster                  mare on Elm Street”)
                                                                   Mash bracket.

                               The Blob                                                           Jigsaw (“Saw”)

Some characters in the running for the mother of all monsters are, counterclockwise from top left: The Mummy, Chucky, Leatherface,
Godzilla, Lord Voldemort, Zombies, King Kong, Nosferatu, Borg Queen and Hannibal Lecter.

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