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					A N N U A L   2001   R E P O R T
                                       What’s Inside

         Director’s Message                                     Holy Angels Learning Centre
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Living Our Values, Vision and Mission                           Special Education Highlights
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       Our Family of Schools                                     Human Resources Update
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         Board at a Glance                                     Collaborative Problem Solving
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   Business and Finance Report                                   Media Resource Highlights
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        Financial Statements                                   Catholic Curriculum Highlights
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  2001 System Improvement Plan                               Information Technology Highlights
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    Photo at top: St. Mark School senior kindergarten students show off puppets and books from the
    Jolly Phonics program. Holding the book is Stacie Cain. Puppeteers are, from left, Connor Nelson,
                            Stephanie Cain, Justin Moore, and Matthew Yeo.

          NOTE: All right-hand page photo captions on inside back cover.
Director’s Message
As Director of Education, I am pleased to              this, we can more effectively integrate
present this annual report, capsulizing the            technology into the classroom to improve
many activities and achievements in our                student achievement and take full
school system during the year 2001.                    advantage of the latest innovations.
This is our fourth annual report since the             All teachers received the use of laptops in
January 1998 inception of the Huron-                   the fall to help them become comfortable
Superior Catholic District School Board.               with technology. In the first few months of
2001 was a year where this school system               2002, these laptops may be used by
really came of age. We are now a fully                 individual teachers or used in a pod or
amalgamated school board.                              group, depending on the needs identified
                                                       by the school team. Later in the year, the
And, as an organization, the Huron-                    laptops will be collected and put in groups
Superior Catholic District School Board has            of 15 on mobile carts for use by our
developed a high level of maturity in its              students.
short existence.
                                                       Our Information Technology Committee is
The strong foundation we have worked so                meeting regularly to help guide this initiative.
hard to build with the collaboration of all            Given technology’s increased importance
stakeholders from the very beginning has               in today’s society, it will be vital that our
paid huge dividends. Not only have we                  school system is on top of the latest
achieved a collaborative Catholic culture,             developments to ensure our students are
but our efforts have given us a very positive          graduating with the most relevant education
image across Ontario, particularly when it             and that our classroom educators are well
comes to employee relations – an area in               positioned to make this happen.
which we are looked to as a leader in the
province.                                              Another important initiative is our focus on
                                                       literacy. Special assignment teachers began
Our school system has enjoyed many                     working this past fall directly with 21
successes in its short history. In fact, we            classroom educators at the kindergarten
have made huge strides from taking those               and Grade 1 levels to implement our Early
first steps as an infant board to a school             Literacy pilot program.
system that has developed its own
reputation and character.                              The project is geared to giving classroom
                                                       teachers additional strategies to help
Our newest thrust is to become a leader in             children learn how to read with confidence
technology education to improve student                and achieve the expectations for The
achievement. To accomplish this, we have               Kindergarten Program and the Ontario
launched an exciting new initiative to                 Curriculum.
ensure our students have the tools to be
on the cutting edge when they graduate.                We believe this early intervention will pay
                                                       off when it comes to provincial testing in
The first stage of this initiative was to invest       Grade 3. In launching the pilot project, the
a significant amount of money and effort               board accessed $47,537 from the province
into helping our classroom educators                   for literacy materials. In addition, another
become technology leaders. As a result of              $250,000 are being expended.

                In order to maximize funding for the                       and consistent determinations, based on
                classroom, our school system is continually                Gospel values. This practice has held us
                examining ways to make most efficient use                  in good stead and will continue.
                of its resources and to better serve                       For example, our $53.8 million 2001-2002
                students.                                                  budget was set using the System
                As a result, one of the changes in the                     Improvement Plan to establish priorities.
                coming school year will be to move the                     The plan, which identifies Catholic Culture,
                elementary French immersion program in                     Continuous Quality Improvement and Safe
                Sault Ste. Marie from its two-campus                       Schools as key strategies, is founded on
                format - on Albert and Cathcart streets - to               our values, vision and mission.
                the former St. Thomas school on Gibb                       We remain in the midst of the greatest time
                Street. With the move will be a different                  of change in Ontario’s history.
                emphasis on programming.
                                                                           During the past year alone, some of the
                We will continue to evaluate all other areas               issues dealt with included co-instructional
                of our curriculum delivery to ensure our                   activities, Safe Schools legislation,
                program is strengthened to allow students                  provincial testing results, teacher testing,
                to reach new levels of achievement,                        the early reading strategy, curriculum
                including increased province-wide testing                  development, grants, criminal reference
                results.                                                   checks, teacher supply and demand,
                As a Catholic school system, our                           declining enrolment, special education, and
                curriculum is infused in all areas by Gospel               College of Teachers initiatives.
                values.                                                    More change will unfold in the coming
                We must continue to celebrate our                          months and, through it all, we know our
                uniqueness as a Christ-centred, visibly                    employees can be counted on to guide our
                Catholic and student-focussed school                       future leaders to new levels of achievement
                system devoted to the spiritual, intellectual,             by delivering an enriching program in a safe
                social, physical, and emotional                            and loving environment.
                development of students.                                   The trustees and administration of the
                This board’s hallmark is putting kids first.               Huron-Superior Catholic District School
                Our success has been built on the efforts                  Board look forward to working with
                of people across the school system. A                      everyone in the school system in the
                continued commitment from all                              coming year to ensure we continue
                stakeholders will ensure this focus is                     Making A Difference.
                Our administration and board make
                decisions based on our values, vision and
                mission statements, which guide us to fair                Dr. Cecile Somme, Director of Education

Photo at top: St. Bernadette School students look spooktacular in their Halloween costumes. Front row, from left, are Mark Higgs, Phaedra Young,
   Colton Read, Morgan Parr, Sean Nicholls. From left, at back, are Sarah Pszeniczny, Kassy Woodcock, Carmen and Gaetano Coccimiglio.
Living our Values,
                                                     Our Mission
Vision and Mission                                   The Huron-Superior Catholic District
The Huron-Superior Catholic District School          School Board provides our students with
trustees and senior management continue              quality education by promoting Gospel
to use values, vision and mission statements,        Values and enriching experiences in a safe
as well as a governance model adopted in             and loving environment that will encourage
1998, to guide them in all deliberations.            each student to grow to his/her potential -
Following these ensures decisions are                spiritually, intellectually, physically,
consistent, just and reflect Gospel values.          emotionally and morally.

Our Values
We believe in the sanctity of all human life
                                                     Our Family of Schools
and embrace the richness of our multi-               Elementary Schools
cultural heritage.                                   Holy Family
We believe in a system that is Christ-               Our Lady of Fatima (Chapleau)
centred and student-focussed.                        Our Lady of Fatima (Elliot Lake)
                                                     Our Lady of Lourdes
We believe in the need, individually and             Our Lady of Lourdes (Elliot Lake)
collectively, to live Catholic values such as        Sacred Heart (Espanola)
fairness, social justice, integrity, courage,        St. Ann
respect, dignity for each individual and             St. Basil’s (White River)
compassion, throughout the entire                    St. Bernadette
system.                                              St. Francis
We believe in a learning organization that           St. Hubert
challenges all students, staff, parents and          St. John
trustees to achieve their potential in all           St. Joseph (Wawa)
aspects of their lives.                              St. Mark
                                                     St. Mary (Massey)
We believe in partnerships that involve our          St. Mary’s (Blind River)
shareholders in positively shaping our               St. Mary’s French Immersion
community.                                           St. Patrick
We believe in quality, excellence, and               St. Paul
accountability and WE COMMIT TO                      St. Pius X
FOLLOWING ALL OF OUR BELIEFS AS                      St. Theresa
EXPRESSED.                                           Sister Mary Clare

Our Vision                                           Secondary Schools
                                                     Mount St. Joseph College
Our schools will be “Magical Places” that
                                                     St. Basil Secondary
instill Faith, Hope, Love, Optimism, and
                                                     St. Mary’s College
Determination - where all will actively be
involved in learning in an exciting, enriching
environment that is Christ-centred, visibly
                                                     Adult & Continuing Education
Catholic and student-focussed.                       Holy Angels Learning Centre

        Huron-Superior Catholic                                      International languages      125
        District School                                              Literacy program              49
        Board At A Glance                                            Preschool program            341
                                                                     Ontario Youth Apprenticeship  48

        Number of schools                        26
                                                                     Full-time employees                    533
        Elementary                               22
                                                                     Part-time employees                    213
        Secondary                                 3
                                                                     Casual                                 232
        Adult education                           1
                                                                     Total                                  978

        Enrolment (October 2001)                                     2001-2002 Budget           $53.8 million

        Elementary                           5,439                   Trustees                          10
        Secondary                            2,182                   (including native representative)

        2001 graduates                         355                   Our board has student representatives
        Ontario scholars                        91                   from our three secondary schools and
                                                                     observer status for the Huron-Superior
        Co-op enrolment                        238
                                                                     Catholic Teachers’ Association, the Huron-
        Adult education                        679                   Superior Catholic Principals’ Council, the
        Night school                           458                   Canadian Union of Public Employees, and
        Summer school                          261                   a regional school council representative.
        Grade 8 summer program                 106

  Photo at top: The St. Mary’s French Immersion Sharks boys’ softball team have their game faces on! The team, composed of
players from grades 5-8, was coached by vice-principal Donna Carricato and her husband, Robert. Inset Photo: From left to right:
   St. Paul educational assistant Michelle Weir, left, and noon-hour aide Bojana Amadio chat while monitoring a busy bus line.
Business & Finance Report                           2000-2001
Continuation of Balanced                            Financial Statements
Budgets                                             The 2000/2001 Financial Statements were
The Huron-Superior Catholic District                the third prepared under the New Funding
School Board continued to enjoy the                 Model. It was also the third and final year
benefits of sound fiscal management in              of the phase-in period outlined by the
2000/2001, with financial results that met          Ministry of Education.
or exceeded Ministry of Education
requirements.                                       Expenditure in 2000/2001 was based on
                                                    the Board’s System Improvement Plan,
One-Time Capital Projects                           which incorporated our values, vision and
In 1999/2000, the Board decided to invest           mission. These are used to help set
almost $2 million of its reserves on one-           priorities within the funding model.
time capital projects to benefit the students
of the system. While most of this                   Priorities identified were:
expenditure was incurred in 1999/2000,              1. Catholic Curriculum
the balance – $654,393 – was expended               2. Safe Schools
in 2000/2001 to complete these projects.            3. Accountability
Surplus Accommodation                               4. Staff Development
The Board continued to be successful in             5. Partnerships
disposing of surplus accommodation and              Particular emphasis was placed on literacy,
consolidating to make the most efficient use        information technology, and meeting
of the Board’s capital resources. Of the 12         student needs.
properties previously deemed surplus, 11
                                                    For 2000/2001, the Huron-Superior
have been sold and one is leased.
                                                    Catholic District School Board ended the
Accommodation Review and                            year by transferring $654,393 from the
Planning                                            Board’s reserve accounts to fund the
The Board continues to plan the most                balance of one-time capital projects
appropriate accommodation to meet the               commenced in 1999/2000.
system’s program needs. As a result, in
2000/2001, the Board approved the
relocation of the Sault Ste. Marie                    Classroom           $31,396,290
Elementary French Immersion Program                   Academic
from its present twin-campus arrangement              Non-Classroom         7,886,884
to the former St. Thomas School, effective            Administration        2,077,433
September, 2002.
                                                      Transportation        3,378,583
                                                      Pupil Accommodation   8,173,505
                                                      Other Non-Operating     131,700

               FINANCED BY REVENUE                                       REVENUE
                Provincial Grants      $35,993,437
                Local Taxation          13,719,935
                Tuition Fees             2,038,888
                Recoveries from
                Other Boards               351,035
                Transfer from Reserves     654,393
                Other                      286,707
               The charts to the right show revenue and
               expenditures in percentage form.

Photo at top: Students from Vannessa Jaunzarin’s Grade 1 at Sacred Heart School in Espanola proudly display their hand-painted nativity
scene. At back, from left, are, Chance Trudeau, Brooke Antonio, Jadyn Bousquet, and Jerrika Rydall. In front are: Stephanie Gour, Marissa
   Glofcheskie, Anthony Sadowski, and Carly Germain. Inset Photo: Grade 1 student Aiden Nauss embraces technology at Our Lady of
      Lourdes French Immersion School in Elliot Lake. He is using the computer to participate in reading comprehension exercises.
2001 System                                    Our Catholicity:
Improvement Plan                               • Faith Development
                                               • Retreats
The System Improvement Plan, which             • Support for Northern Ontario Catholic
incorporates our values, vision and              Curriculum Co-operative (NOCCC)
mission, was used to help set priorities       • Religious Education and Family Life
within the funding model for the 2000-         • Support of the National
2001 school year.                                Evangelization Team (NET)
Priorities Identified Were:                    • Catholic Curriculum Co-ordinators
                                               • Catholic Curriculum in-service and
   1) Catholic Curriculum
   2) Safe Schools                             • Liaison with deanery
   3) Accountability                           • Staff in-service on NOCCC
   4) Staff Development                          documents (update on content, skills,
   5) Partnerships                               methodologies, evaluation strategies)
                                               • Opportunities for personal and
For the 2001-2002 school year, the               professional development (growth)
priorities are Catholic Culture,               • Implementation of the Ontario
Continuous Quality Improvement and               Curriculum ensuring congruence with
Safe Schools. Our System Improve-                Catholic values, vision and mission
ment Plan can be evaluated in light of           statements
the Director’s three goals:                    • Participation in Jubilee events, World
                                                 Youth Day
1. To promote a visibly Catholic               Our Students:
   school system that is Christ-
   centred and student-focussed.               • Support for the social/emotional
                                                 needs of students
2. To lead with vision,                        • Purchase of effective learning
   compassion, and courage.                      materials, including computer
3. To encourage a collaborative                • Classroom Tutor Program
   culture that recognizes each                • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship
   person and community.                         Program
                                               • Professional Development
GOAL #1 – To promote a visibly                   opportunities to help improve student
Catholic school system that is                   achievement
Christ-centred and student-                    • Support for Secondary School
focussed                                         Reform
                                               • Enhanced Special Education Service
Visible Signs (evidence)                         Delivery Model
  Continued focus on kids                      • An improved information technology
                                                 service model
  Recognition of Board for
                                               • New direction in technology
  ‘exceptional’ relations with its
  employees and other school system
  partners.                                    Accountability
                                               • Continual monitoring of system
                                                 improvement and school
  monitoring of a budget to support
                                                 improvement plans
  our focus on:

       • Continued involvement of schools in                        GOAL #2 – To lead with vision,
         decision-making                                            compassion, and courage
       • Continued use of performance
         appraisals for growth for all                              Visible Signs (evidence)
         employees                                                     focuss on our vision in all decision-
       • Monitoring of Provincial Assessment                           making (e.g., students, budget, human
         results/establishment of action plans
         and monitoring of these                                       relations)
       • Efficient use of resources                                    reporting to Children’s Aid Society
       • Streamlined administration staff                              (CAS), re: child abuse allegations
       • ‘Flattened’ organization, less
         bureaucracy                                                   numerous ‘difficult’ issues resolved
       • Responding to concerns quickly                                successfully
                                                                       receipt of letters/calls from numerous
         “We appreciate you including us
                                                                       stakeholders (teachers, OECTA,
            as an integral partner in
                                                                       CPCO, Ministry, Trustees’
           education.” – CUPE Plant
                                                                       Association, etc.) acknowledging this
                                                                       harmonious relationships with stake-
       Safe Schools                                                    holders
       • Safe learning and working
         environments                                                     “The accomplishments of the
       • Workplace inspections                                               Huron-Superior Catholic
       • Continued monitoring all Board policies                            District School Board are
         dealing with safety                                                  extraordinary.”– Eileen
       • Implementation of Bill 81 (Safe Schools                                     Forestell,
         Act)                                                              former executive director of
       Staff Development                                                    Building An Extraordinary
       • Orientation sessions for new teachers,                                     Community
         new trustees
       • Strong in-service support for all staff
                                                                    GOAL #3 – To encourage a
       Partnerships                                                 collaborative culture that recognizes
       • Consultation                                               each person and community
       • Strengthening church and school
         partnerships system-wide                                   Visible Signs (evidence)
       • Nurturing school partnerships
         (elementary, secondary, post-secondary)                       Meetings by various stakeholders
       • Strengthening the Board’s image in the                        (e.g., CUPE, OECTA, CPCO, parents,
         community                                                     school councils)

Photo at top: Melissa Valente’s Grade 1 class at St. Francis School listen intently as Ontario Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty
                                          reads during a visit in November 2001.
  Occasional Teachers’ agreement (3yrs.)                system that is Christ-centred and student-
  Non-Union ‘Terms and Conditions’ (3yrs.)
  Collective agreement with CUPE plant (3yrs.)        2. Lead with vision, compassion, and
                                                         courage; and
  Approximately 60 school visits (most with the
                                                      3. Encourage a collaborative culture that
  former OECTA President)
                                                         recognizes each person and community.
  Continued observer status at Board Meetings
                                                      We have carried the process from four Catholic
  for OECTA, CUPE, CPCO and the regional
                                                      school boards to one fully functioning Catholic
  school council representative
                                                      school district very successfully. The Education
  Development, implementation, and                    Improvement Commission review team stated
  monitoring of a strong Communications Plan          in its report to the Minister of Education:
  - Various communications’ vehicles, such as
                                                            “The Huron-Superior Catholic
  newsletters, website, emails, teleconfer-
                                                           District School Board has been
  encing, and personal visits have helped to                 doing an exceptional job. In
  develop a ‘system’ identity                               particular, it has established a
  Partnerships, i.e., school and church,                     strong sense of its Catholic
  strengthened                                            mission, which influences all areas
                                                                     of its work.”
  Pride, personal commitment and
                                                      Paul Ménard, District Manager, Mid-Northern
  responsibility evident (by encouraging trust)
                                                      Regional Office states that our last annual
  New partnerships fostered, i.e., multi-agency       report, “reflects increasing focus on the
  coalition presenting Risk Watch Program             classroom, in addition to the board’s
  Increased communication among all school            strengthening partnership with its teachers.
  councils and between the Board and councils         I am also impressed with the extremely positive
                                                      relations that your board has developed with
  Enhancement of collaborative approach in            all of its employee groups. The sound fiscal
  the delivery of programs & services for             planning of your board should also be
  special needs students                              commended.”
        “Through the perspective of my                We have used the EIC report as a benchmark
         most recent role as Education                and built on this strong foundation through a
     Officer for the Ministry of Education,
                                                      commitment to Continuous Quality Improve-
        I have witnessed an example of
    leadership within the Huron-Superior              ment and Making a Difference, our board’s
         Catholic District School Board               slogan.
       that is unparalled in terms of the             We will succeed in moving our board forward
            positive relations with all               by keeping our vision at the forefront:
              education partners.”
        – Tom Steele, Education Officer               Our schools will be “magical places” that instill
                                                      faith, hope, love, optimism, and determination
                                                      – where all will be actively involved in learning
                                                      in an exciting, enriching environment that is
In summary, we continue to:                           Christ-centred, visibly Catholic, and student-
1. Promote a visibly Catholic school                  focussed.

        Holy Angels Learning Centre
        The Holy Angels Learning Centre opened                      In the new Co-op/OYAP office, the focus is
        on September 4, 2001 at 102 Wellington                      on experiential learning, through the co-op,
        Street East, under the direction of Principal               apprenticeship, and school-to-work
        Gloria Yeo. The Centre relocated from the                   programs.
        Sacred Heart site, which was closed in                      Daily co-op responsibilities include
        June.                                                       monitoring students in their placements,
        The Learning Centre houses continuing                       finding spots for new students, and
        and alternative education programs, the                     arranging interviews with employers. The
        Literacy and Basic Skills program, the head                 government’s newly mandated reforms for
        office for Co-op Education and Ontario                      co-op programs were implemented,
        Youth Apprenticeship (OYAP), and a                          including updating all forms and paperwork,
        daycare. It is also home to night and                       conducting placement assessments, and
        summer school programming.                                  designing personalized learning plans for
        The Centre provides an alternative setting
        for adults and teens to gain secondary                      There are about 120 students in the co-op
        school credits in English, math, science,                   program. Expansion is planned for the
        social sciences and business/computers.                     school-to-work program, which allows
        An average of 175 students are enrolled in                  students who are not planning on attending
        the education program, with continuous                      post-secondary school to take additional
        intake.                                                     co-op placements, preparing them for the
                                                                    career they wish to pursue.
        Literacy and Basic Skills is a literacy and
        numeracy program offered for those                          There are 45 students in the OYAP
        students who don’t yet have the academic                    program, including 26 second year
        achievement levels to begin credit courses.                 students, of which 14 are registered.
        The Centre’s computer lab is being                          New initiatives in the OYAP program
        upgraded with the installation of 20 new                    include the creation of an Employer
        Pentium II computers, and five iBooks are                   Association Partnership with six major
        on loan through the Board initiative for use                employers, formation of a joint steering
        by students. Provincial networking with the                 committee with the Algoma District School
        Continuing Education School Board                           Board, ongoing promotion of the OYAP
        Administrators is ongoing.                                  program to the Board, teachers,

Photo at top: Students at Our Lady of Fatima School in Chapleau joined peers across the nation in catching Harry Potter fever
 last fall. Students in the grade 5/6 and 7/8 classes travelled to Timmins to watch the popular movie. Here, students display
                                        one of the many Hogwarts castles they created.
community and parents, and exploration              • Six schools are participating in the
of alternative delivery of Apprenticeship             Learning Disabilities Association of
curriculum.                                           Ontario’s Promoting Early Intervention
Automotive mechanics, including marine                Initiative during the current school year.
and heavy diesel, and computer                      • The Women’s Directorate approved
programming are the two most popular                  funding to continue the School Based
trades students pursue for appren-                    Services Project on Preventing Family
ticeships.                                            Violence.
In the coming year, school staff want to            • The board’s new Special Education
advance in the capabilities the centre can            Advisory Committee has been very
offer in the technology area. One                     active in fulfilling its mandate.
possibility is developing a virtual learning
                                                    • The Special Education Plan was
program where students can complete
                                                      rewritten to be in compliance with the
courses via the Internet.
                                                      Ministry of Education’s new standards
Another priority is to improve the literacy           for these plans.
level of 16-20-year-old students.
                                                    • The board supplemented its speech-
                                                      language services by contracting the
                                                      services of a Communicative Disorders
Special Education Highlights                          Assistant to work under the supervision
• The Independent Living Skills Program               of a Speech-Language Pathologist.
  completed its first year of operation at          • The board is contracting for
  St. Basil Secondary School.                         psychological services during the
• The process of implementing the                     present school year.
  Ministry of Education’s standards for             • Staff are involved in the 2001-2002
  Individual Education Plans(IEPs) was                Intensive Support Amount (ISA)
  initiated.                                          Comprehensive Review conducted by
• The IEP Engine, a computer program                  the Ministry of Education. The purpose
  to facilitate the development of IEPs,              of the review is to make special
  was purchased by the board, and is                  education funding process more stable,
  being gradually implemented at the                  more responsive to need, and less of
  elementary school level at this time.               an administrative burden.

• A number of staff participated in the             • A number of special education teachers
  Ministry of Education’s review of                   and support staff have participated in
  programs for students with different                professional development workshops on
  exceptionalities. The purpose of the                such topics as the Associative Method
  reviews is to identify best practices               of Reading, the IEP Engine, Special
  provincially, and then use these best               Education Funding, Attention Deficit
  practices to develop standards for each             Hyperactivity Disorder, Missing
  area of exceptionality.                             Protector Strategy, Counselling

             Students at Risk, Reading Skills for                    courses in the area of Special
             Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students,                          Education, and Special Education
             Picture Exchange Communication                          funding.
             System, Safe Schools, Auditory
             Technology, and the 45th Annual
                                                                  Human Resources Update
             Provincial Council for Exceptional                   The Human Resources Department is
             Children Conference.                                 committed to providing quality service
          • Various workshops were presented at                   to its employees. In an effort to maintain
            the school staff level by Special                     a high level of service, practices and
            Education Department Staff on the                     procedures are continuously reviewed
            development        of   IEPs     and                  and amended in order to ensure this
            programming for children with                         occurs.
            Attention Deficit Disorders and other                 Regular labour management meetings
            behavioural issues.                                   with employee groups, as well as
          • Input was provided by Special                         information sessions as required, have
            Education Department staff to the                     occurred.
            Ministry of Education with respect to                 Training and development for staff
            assessment, the “borderline” student,                 continues to be a high priority.
            the quality of Additional Qualifications

Photo at top: Mount St. Joseph girls’ basketball team members clown around for a “Royal” photo opportunity. Clockwise from
 bottom left corner are: Coach Toni Lukenda, Justine Rogers, Melissa Braido, Ashley Garside, Kerri Ostroski, Julia Colizza,
              Lauren Catania, Melissa Diaz, Sarah Malleau, Krista Morrow, Kim LeClair, and Alicia Broncheski.
Board-Teacher Problem-                              “Thank God, we work with a
                                                    Board where we can express our
Solving Approach                                    concerns knowing that they will
Continues                                           be heard, where we can try to
                                                    make our daily work lives better,
Weekly discussions continued during                 knowing that our Board will help
2001 between Cecile Somme, Director                 us accomplish this, if at all
of Education, and the president of the              possible.” – Ernie Millward,
Huron Superior Catholic Teachers’                   president of the Huron Superior
Association. Following his election to              Catholic Teachers’ Association.
the presidency in May, Ernie Millward
succeeded Art Callegari in these                Here are some of the topics dealt with in
discussions.                                    discussions between the Director of
                                                Education and the teachers:
Dozens of issues and concerns were
discussed and dealt with swiftly and            • Harmonization
effectively, reducing the potential for         • Wellness
negative situations to develop.                 • Harassment allegations
                                                • Health and safety concerns
The board and teachers work in this
                                                • Acting administrators
collaborative manner in an effort to
                                                • Secondary school reform
ensure this school system is a positive
                                                • Secondary school workload issue
place to work and learn – and in doing
                                                • Liability
so, the focus is on putting kids first.
                                                • Co-instructional activities
Although there will be differing beliefs        • Report cards
from time to time in these sessions,            • Increased social/emotional behavioural
meetings are conducted in an open and             concerns
honest manner with a commitment to              • Children’s Aid Society
find solutions.                                 • Issues related to the collective agreement
For example, an agreement was                   • Relationship issues
reached on the workload at the                  • Personnel issues
secondary level.                                • Re-Certification of Teachers
                                                In addition to the ongoing discussion between
This ability to develop solutions, even         the Education Director and the teachers’
on contentious issues, has led to a             association president, meetings were held
generally positive morale among                 with all teaching staffs throughout the school
teachers, thereby ensuring the                  system.
classroom environment is most
conducive to learning. Students can             As well, the board and the local OECTA unit
focus on their studies and school lives         were partners in presenting the Faith
and not be disrupted by discord                 Development Day and Pub Night, held a joint
between their teachers and the board.           retreat in November, co-operated on the
                                                collection of funds following the Sept. 11
                                                tragedy, and on the Employee Assistance

                  Board, CPCO Enjoy Strong
                  Partnership                                                consensus building so we can be
                  The Huron-Superior Catholic Principals’                    paddling in the same direction, reflecting
                  Council meets four to six times per year                   the focus on the school system’s values,
                  and invites the director or a member of                    vision and mission statements.”
                  senior administration to discuss issues                    Some of the key areas of collaboration
                  and share information, with the aim of                     over the past year have included
                  focusing on enhancing student                              information technology in-service, safe
                  performance.                                               schools and the increased role of school
                  The CPCO represents principals and                         councils.
                  vice-principals within the board.                          “We are the key link bridging students,
                  “This is a collaborative effort to provide                 parents and senior administration,” Folgo
                  the best possible Catholic education to                    notes.
                  our students,” says Folgo Della Vedova,                    The CPCO is also a partner in board
                  local CPCO president during the 2000-                      events and celebrations, such as pub
                  2001 school year.                                          nights, and assisted in the collection of
                  “We and the board recognize the                            donations following the Sept. 11 terrorist
                  importance of collaboration and                            attacks.

Photo at top: Grade 2 students at St. Patrick School show bingo is fun for all ages. Here, students in Joyce Keleher’s Grade 2 class participate
     in a game put on by the school’s student council as a fundraiser. From left are, Janine Davies, Lenllie Smith, Jordan Tomasone, and
  Samantha-Jo Schryer. Photo Inset: St. John School students (l-r) Jason Genua, Ryan Dube, and Buddy Jones prepare for a school mass.
Collaboration Focus of Board,
CUPE Relations                                        Meetings with the co-ordinator of personnel
A three-year agreement negotiated between             services are respectful and comfortable,
the Board and its caretakers and plant staff,         Susan says.
represented by Canadian Union of Public               The enhanced level of communication has
Employees Local 4148, symbolizes the high             reduced the number of grievances over the
level of collaboration that has been reached          past few years and there has also been
in recent years.                                      increased invitation for CUPE to participate
The pact was ratified after just 1.5 days of          in board community events, she notes.
contract talks last summer.                           CUPE has also partnered in board events,
“That was unbelievable,” says Lucio                   such as the Faith Development Day and Pub
Secondi, vice president of the unit. “It was          Night.
the first time there has been a three-year
The board and CUPE have forged a strong
                                                      Media Resource Centre
communication link, with the Director of              Highlights
Education and union representatives                   The Media Resource Centre’s electronic
meeting regularly to share information.               data management and reservations system
As a result of open communications,                   “Medianet” was upgraded. With ease of
concerns are dealt with head on to reach a            searches and on-the-spot confirmation, staff
resolution, with even grievances not moving           can access over 16,000 learning materials
past the labour-management meetings,                  on-line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Lucio notes.                                          from home or school. “Medianet” is
                                                      accessible via the Media Resource Centre’s
“There is a feeling that the Director listens
                                                      website at: http://media.hscdsb.on.ca
and takes issues into consideration,” he
says. “We appreciate the open-door policy.”           The Resource Centre’s website was also
                                                      updated and highlights many new
The Clerical and Educational Assistants
                                                      educational resources and links for
group, also represented by Local 4148, were
                                                      teachers, staff and students.
to begin contract meetings with the board
early in 2002.                                        The Resource Centre staff assisted
                                                      teachers with their on-line registration to the
Susan Metzger, negotiating committee chair,
                                                      Educational Network of Ontario (E.N.O.),
says she is encouraged by the new level of
                                                      and provided computer set-up configuration
communications and partnership that has
                                                      instructions for the new iBooks, PC or MAC.
emerged in recent years.
                                                      This free Internet service is available to all
“We fervently hope this is built upon and             staff who work in Ontario education.
continued,” she says.
                                                      The Media Resource Centre strives to
She says the emphasis in discussions with             provide excellent service to staff of the
the board is on “what is best for students as         Huron-Superior Catholic District School
well as what is fair and just for our Clerical        Board.
and Educational Assistant members.”

               Catholic Curriculum
               Department Highlights
                                                                             in the administration and marking of the
               • Literacy Committee consisting of                            Science and Math exemplars to be
                 principals, support staff, and classroom                    used in the Ministry Exemplar
                 teachers was established                                    documents
               • Curriculum Information session                           • An Education Improvement Com-
                 provided to the parents of the                             mission (EIC) planning session was
                 Batchewana Band                                            held for principals and coordinators
               • Grade 5 and 6 teachers attended a                        • Classroom teachers took part in
                 Growth and Development Workshop                            Curriculum Planner Workshops
                 facilitated by the Algoma Health Unit
                                                                          • Grade 3, Grade 6 and Resource
               • Care for Kids training was provided to                     teachers new to the administration of
                 the teachers new to the Primary                            the Education Quality and Account-
                 Division                                                   ability Office (EQAO) were trained
               • The Board Contact and Grade 1-8                          • Various staff members took part in an
                 teacher participants received training                     Effective Schools Task Force

Photo at top: The St. Basil’s White River girls’ volleyball team display their medals after winning gold in a Manitouwadge tournament. Front,
 from left , are: Larisse McWatch, Ashley Colbey, Heather Parise, Shanna Simpson, Natalie Godin, and Jessica McWatch. Back, from left,
   are: Coach Dianna Francoeur, Amanda Morgan, Jennifer Charbonneau, Sarah Story, Kristine Godin, Jessie Mura, and Heather Moore.
 Photo Inset: Phillip Thomspon, a Family Support Worker with the Michipicoten First Nation, demonstrates the many artifacts of the Native
     culture to students in the grade 6-7 class at St. Joseph School in Wawa. The school held a Native Appreciation Week in May 2001.
• Bob Tuck presented Mathematics                    Early Reading Strategy sponsored by
  Literacy Workshops to primary and                 the Ministry of Education
  junior grade and occasional teachers
                                                  • EQAO information session was held for
• Dr. Elizabeth Thorn conducted a Literacy          Grade 3 and Grade 6 teachers new to
  Course with primary teachers beginning            the administration of the EQAO
  in April and May and continuing into a            province-wide tests
  four day Summer Institute in August
                                                  • The Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum
• Various staff members were in-serviced,           Cooperative (sponsored by NOCCC) in-
  and then as the Safe Schools                      serviced teachers from each division on
  Implementation Team they provided                 the Arts Curriculum documents used in
  input into the Safe Schools Policy                our schools
• Various staff members provided input            • All teachers participated in a variety of
  regarding Curriculum and Computers                workshops aimed at their division on the
  from Apple and IBM                                October 26 Professional Development
• An IT Visioning session was conducted             Day (eg., Early Literacy, Curriculum
  for various staff members                         Planner, Choices Into Action, Rubric
• An Early Literacy Team was established
  to support K-Grade 1 students and their         • Several teachers attended the
  teachers in the classroom                         Checkmark Assessment conference in
                                                    North Bay
• Students participated in the Algoma Fall
  Festival, the Grade 5 swim program,             • The Early Reading Strategy Resource
  Rome’s Healthy Eating classes for                 Initiative funding which allows all schools
  Grades 7 & 8 and Rome’s musical                   to purchase early reading resources and
  presentations.                                    manipulatives from a Ministry approved
                                                    list for Grades JK - 3 has been secured.
• Staff celebrated Faith Day with Sister
  Claire Fitzgerald                               • Information sessions on Target Setting
                                                    using EQAO and contextual data were
• True Colors workshops were presented              held for all principals
  to secondary and elementary students
  upon request                                    • Nancy Leonard presented a full day
                                                    workshop addressing “Literacy and
• A series of IEP information in-services           Classroom Strategies” for Grade 6, 7
  was conducted                                     and 8 teachers
• Principals, Teachers, and Vanguard              • Training sessions for administrators of
  teachers participated in on-going iBook           EQAO’s Grade 10 Reading and Writing
  training from September to December               Test and the Grade 9 Mathematics
• The Huron-Superior Catholic District              Assessment occurred
  School Board sent representatives to the

           • Facilitators provided training for Grades                    Program and the Prior Learning
             9 to 11 Report Cards and created a bank                      Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
             of comments for Grade 11 subjects                         • Grade 11 subject-specific meetings in
           • Grade 9 teachers networked with                             Sudbury attended by 15 teachers
             trainers for Grade 9 Exemplars in each                    • Coordinated ordering of new Grade 11
             subject for which the M.E.T. created a                      textbooks for ten new courses
                                                                       • In-service for seven Secondary teachers
           • Facilitators and Student Services                           on Live Safe! Work Smart Resources for
             combined to develop high schools’                           health and safety in the classroom
             guidance plan
                                                                       • Science North Workshops for Grade 10
           • Curriculum Planner in-service by M.E.T.                     Science Teachers were provided
             to Facilitators and selected Secondary
             teachers                                                  • In-service on Rubric Builder software
                                                                         program for all secondary teachers
           • Ontario Student Counselors Association
             workshops in Sudbury for Facilitators                     • Three Secondary teachers participated
             and Student Services on the Career                          in 5 day Exemplar task project. Samples
             Studies course, the Teacher Advisor                         to be used by M.E.T.

Photo at top: Alberta Floyd’s Grade 1-2 at St. Mary’s School in Massey prepare to construct ice sculptures. From left, are, Kenzi McNally,
 Sophie Foster, Cindy Budge, and Kayla Contant. Inset Photo: Students and staff from St. Basil Secondary School’s Independent Living
Program enjoyed an outing at Camp Korah, the board’s outdoor recreation centre on the northwest edge of Sault Ste. Marie. From left are
             teacher Heidi Zagordo, student Cindy Novello, teacher Mary Kay Golesic, Frances Houle, and Jennifer DiLabio.
Information Technology
The Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network)                  the system and has become integrated into
was completed to the eastern district                 School Improvement Plans, in alignment
schools; a partnership with Algoma District           with our Board’s System Improvement
Services Board was established to share               Plan. An IT Steering Committee was
the wireless backbone in the eastern                  established in August and met regularly
district.                                             through the fall to steer the iBook project
Helen Collins worked with staffs and                  and implementation of the IT Vision/
schools to keep websites current and to               Strategic Plan.
inservice students and teachers on                    An extensive process of consultation took
application software such as Corel                    place during the summer in order to
Presentation, Power Point, School Vista,              upgrade the WAN (Wide Area Network) in
Claris Homepage, Launch-pro, software on              the city and district and to strengthen and
bookshelves, as well as the use of web                improve the network infrastructure. The
search engines and email. Helen Collins               network was upgraded to a layer three
assisted schools, such as St. Patrick, in the         status with a routed configuration. PUC/
acquisition of grants from the Grassroots             ONTEL was contracted to upgrade key
Initiative.                                           parts of the network to fiber optic lines. As
New purchasing methods and inventory                  well, maintenance and upgrades to the
procedures were established with the use              wireless components of the city and district
of asset tracking software. Existing and              networks occurred. These improvements
new equipment has been bar coded and                  have virtually eliminated network traffic
the software provides fast, error free data           problems, resulting in high-speed, reliable,
collection and information retrieval.                 network operation.
Meetings occurred with curriculum co-                 Schools in Chapleau and White River will
ordinators, consultants, and facilitators to          have network connections enhanced
discuss software needs in the schools,                through the use of satellite technology. It
particularly with the installation of Ministry        is anticipated that this phase will be
licenced software (OESS). Updated                     completed by February 2002.
software images were installed in the                 The IT Department meets weekly to
schools through September and October.                troubleshoot, to refocus on efficient service
A process for the development of an                   delivery to the schools, to implement the
updated IT Vision/Strategic Plan began in             network upgrades and software install-
May 2001. Presentations by vendors such               ations, and to support the extensive
as IBM and Apple Canada set the stage                 teacher in-service which occurred during
for the convening of a group of over 35               the fall. Their commitment and hard work
educators, administrators, trustees, and              have contributed to the reliability of the
technical support personnel in early June             network and to the prompt response to the
to develop the IT Vision/Strategic Plan. The          needs in the schools. Feedback from the
plan was shared with all stakeholders in              stakeholders has been positive.

       A major initiative in 2001 was the iBook                     The iBooks will remain with teachers
       Project. iBooks are wireless laptop                          through to June 2002 and will be used in a
       computers manufactured by Apple                              variety of ways with students to explore
       Canada. The premise behind the project                       effective integration of technology in the
       is that mobile carts of iBooks can be moved                  classroom. Staff training will be ongoing
       into classrooms and be wirelessly                            from January to June 2002. The IT Vision/
       connected to the network and Internet.                       Strategic Plan for September 2002 calls for
                                                                    each school to have one mobile lab of
       A major objective of this project is to use
                                                                    iBooks, CD burners, airport base stations,
       this technology to enrich teaching and
                                                                    a wireless printer, and a lockable storage
       learning, and to ultimately support student
       achievement. Four hundred and fifty iBooks
       have been purchased and have been                            There was a continuation of upgrading
       distributed to all teachers in the Board as                  classroom personal computers (PCs),
       part of extensive teacher training.                          school printers, and scanners. As well,
                                                                    each school purchased digital cameras to
       Trainers from Apple Canada, in conjunction
                                                                    be used with the iBooks and PCs.
       with Board Curriculum and IT staff,
       provided initial iBook in-service through                    Planning and consulting for upgrading a
       September and October. As well, two                          new interactive Huron-Superior Catholic
       teachers from each school (Vanguard                          District School Board website occurred,
       Teachers) along with their principals,                       with the website launch scheduled for early
       participated in workshops and project                        2002.
       planning sessions in mid-November.

Photo at top: Our Lady of Fatima, Elliot Lake Junior Kindergarten teacher Connie Dumont teaches children that prayer is a gift
 and that God always has time to listen. From left, at back are, Charlie Flintoff, Alina Yli-Juuti and Sheldon Shaw. In front are
   Paul Phelan, Ashley Riopel and David Moorhouse. Inset Photo: St. Pius X student Brandon Syms was thrilled to get an
               autograph from Soo Greyhound forward Brent Theobold during a visit to the school last season.
                     Page 1 Photo: Dr. Cecile Somme,
                                Director of Education

     Page 3 Photo: Staff at Sister Mary Clare School
    decided to enhance the entrance of the school by
      increasing the Catholicity image. Teachers Lisa
 Coccimiglio, Marianna DeAmoriam and vice-principal
        Gail Biocchi-Rebek took charge of the project.

  Page 5 Photo: Melanie Schmidt and Danielle White,
 Grade 4 students at Holy Family School, sort canned
                          foods for Christmas Cheer.

   Page 7 Photo: St. Basil Secondary School students
     Laura Caria and Jessica Paciocco ham it up at a
                          Grade 9 orientation session.

 Page 9 Photo: St. Hubert School’s ‘Making the World
        a Better Place’ team responded to the Sept. 11
       terrorist attacks by raising funds for the victims.
       Monies raised from the creatively painted rocks
 decorated by the students were donated to charity. At
      back, from left, are student support worker Anna
    Riseng, and students Marlys Corbiere, Stephanie
  Seguin, Melissa Charron, Jacqueline Desa, Chantel
 Curtis, and Sheena Coghill. In front are, Clay Tessier,
               Greg Corbiere and Sara Williams-Jones.

Page 11 Photo: Holy Angels Learning Centre graduate
Terry Gauthier discusses a novel with English teacher
  Joe Charters. The centre relocated from the Sacred
      Heart School site in September 2001 under the
                     direction of principal Gloria Yeo.

 Page 13 Photo: Developing a greater love for literacy
     and celebrating writing skills has been a focus for
   students and staff at Our Lady of Lourdes School in
 Sault Ste. Marie. Shown here is one of several cross-
     age partnerships where students were paired with
older peers. Here, Mario Rocchetta, a student from St.
  Basil Secondary, is sharing a book he published with
     Ryan Dagenais. The buddy system has been one
         strategy at the school to fuel a love of reading.

          Page 15 Photo: St. Mary’s College Yearbook          Photos above:
         Committee members take a break for a photo
        opportunity of their own. From left, at back, are     Student Representatives
        Jeannie Becker, Christina DuBois and Desiree          Our student representatives are, clockwise, from left, Lindsay LaFleur
             Scornaienchi. In front is Catherine Bloye.       (St. Mary’s College), Stephanie McMillan (Mount St. Joseph College)
                                                              and Luciann Guzzo (St. Basil Secondary).
  Page 17 Photo: St. Theresa School student Marnie
Belair imagines herself as a firefighter, in a visit to the   Our Leadership Team
No. 1 Fire Station in Sault Ste. Marie. Firefighter Mark      Front row, from left, are Superintendent Maria Esposito, trustee Laurie
                McLean gives her a tour of a fire truck.      Aceti, Dr. Cecile Somme, Director of Education, Tim Holmes,
                                                              Superintendent of Business, and trustee Sandra Turco. Back row, from
   Page 19 Photo: Good behaviour earned St. Mary’s            left, are trustee Marchy Bruni, System Administrator Art Callegari,
        School in Blind River Grade 2 student Veronica        Superintendent John Stadnyk, trustee John Caputo, trustee Donald
    Morningstar, left, and Grade 6 counterpart Morgan         Sunstrum, Board Chair Regis O’Connor, Vice-chair Gerald Beerkens,
    Dunbar a lunch at McDonald’s with principal Agnes         trustee Lindsay Liske, and trustee Terry Sheehan. Missing from photo:
       Cudmore. The school has draws twice yearly of          Native Representative Conrad Bobiwash.
       names of students who have not had a negative
referral to the office. Six students, two from each level,    Partners In Education
                                  have their name drawn.      Board Chair Regis O’Connor, seated, and Vice-chair Gerald Beerkens,
                                                              far right, are shown with representatives of our education partners.
  Back Cover Photo: Brianna Mann and Jordan Pistor            From left, at back, are Ernie Millward, president of the Huron Superior
(left to right at front), and parent Lucy Day had a great     Catholic Teachers’ Association, Tony Gallagher, regional School
               time during a St. Ann School junior-senior     Council representative, and Toni Nanne-Little, president of the Huron-
                                  kindergarten sleigh ride.   Superior Catholic Principals’ Council.
                                                        90 Ontario Avenue
                                                       Sault Ste. Marie, ON
                                                               P6B 6G7

                                                     Phone: (705) 945-5400
                                                   Toll Free: 1-800-267-0754

                                                         The 2001 Annual Report
The Director’s Annual Report is a requirement of the Ontario Education Act. The report is to be submitted early in the year following the
period it covers. Additional copies of the report are available by calling the Director’s Office at (705) 945-5600 or 1-800-267-0754. It can
                                            also be viewed on our website at www.hscdsb.on.ca

                                               A Write Stuff!, CleverConcepts Production.