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					                       Braden and Braden Q
                           Go Live January 26th, 2012
      Summary of Change: The initiation of the Braden Score and Pressure Ulcer within
      the Braden Advisor will now share those results with HED. Documentation happens
      within one system and no more double documentation will be required.

      • Changing                                  • Not Changing
            Braden is being integrated with             Braden Advisor, no changes
             HED so that starting a new
             Pressure Ulcer in Braden will               Skin Assessment
             start a new PU Wound in HED
                                                         Braden Assessment
            Braden Links located in Care
             Organizer and HED will open                 Pressure Ulcer Assessment in
             HEO/Wiz without exiting HED                  HED if applicable
            Braden Score from Braden                    Pressure Ulcer Prevention
             Advisor will share results with              Orders automatically generate
             HED                                          to HEO/WIZ from Braden
            Pressure Ulcer/Stage from
             Braden Advisor documentation
             will share results with HED
            The Braden Score will no
             longer generate an order in

                         Braden Advisor Links

Care Organizer
                                          Day of Go Live
                                            January 26th, 2012

To Do:
Stays the Same:

   1. System Support Services Staff providing support day of Go-Live, then Help Desk 3-help.
   2.         Pressure Ulcer policy for Adult CL 30-09.01 and Peds CL 30-19.03 with no changes.

   3.         Braden Advisor is not changing.

   4.         Braden Advisor links are in Care Organizer and HED.

            a.       Orders generated automatically from Braden Advisor.

   5.            Day of Go-Live: One time requirement. On day of go-live, for patients with existing pressure
         ulcers, those pressure ulcers must be ended in HED. After ending the pressure ulcers, go to Braden
         Advisor through your Braden Scale links in HED or Care Organizer, to access HEO/Wiz and complete
         Braden score and re-create the pressure ulcers. Systems Support Services (SSS) staff will assist staff
         who have patients with pressure ulcers to end existing Pressure Ulcers and restart from Braden to
         establish Braden-HED linkage. Staff who need to document Braden on patients without existing
         pressure ulcers do NOT need to wait on SSS staff to assist them.

   6.         Access the Braden Advisor from HED or Care Organizer, complete the Braden Screen and re-start
         the Pressure Ulcer(s)

            a.        The Braden Score will appear in HED automatically under the Skin Section.

            b.        Pressure Ulcer(s) will automatically appear in HED under the Incision/Wound Assessment

            c.        Document the remaining assessment elements in HED.
         (NOTE: Pressure Ulcer Documentation started in HED will NOT go to the Braden Advisor. It’s a
         one way street, Braden to HED.)

   7.        Skin Assessment continues in HED.
8.   Pressure reduction devices and beds still ordered through PMM.

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