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ISA Bill F12


									Bill F12-03                                                           Senator Arnou Djumanta
September 24, 2012

                             International Students Association
                            International Picnic and Winter Formal

Whereas, International Students Association is a student organization whose objective is to be
an interactive part of the cultural diversity among international students, and between
international students and domestic students at McNeese State University.

Whereas, International Students Association works closely with other student organizations to
promote the beauty of international culture, in general, at McNeese State University where every
student deserves well-rounded college experience.

Whereas, International Students Association does not require dues from its members, and
revenue from fundraising activities are used to run cultural and social events throughout the

Whereas, International Students Association requests money to do International Picnic to
educate McNeese students about cultural diversity of the countries that international students
here represent through display tables and fashion show. International Students Association
requests money to do Winter Formal to make a gathering before final exam week and to make
celebration for students who will graduate on Fall 2012.

Whereas, the approximate cost of these events for at least 150 and 200 people in each event is $

Be It Therefore Resolved, the sum of $ 2,600 be appropriated from the Organization
Assessment Fund to defer the cost of International Students Association’s International Picnic
and Winter Formal.

_______________________                                          _________________________
      Davante Lewis                                                    Caleb Whalley
Student Government President                                     Student Government Treasurer

                                     Terence Delaine Jr.
                                 Speaker of the Student Senate

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