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									          MultiScan MS 5800 E                                                                            ™

                                    EDDY CURRENT
                                                                   Tube Inspection with
                                                                   Eddy Current Option
                                                                   •   CONDENSERS
                                                                   •   FEEDWATER HEATERS
                                                                   •   HEAT EXCHANGERS
                                                                   •   AIR CONDITIONERS

                                                                   MultiScan MS 5800E Key Features
                                                                   • 4 simultaneous frequencies per input
                                                                     This feature allows inspection speed up to
                                                                     2 m/s with 4 absolute and 4 differential
• HIGH-SPEED                                                         frequencies without signal distortion.
• MULTICHANNEL                                                     • Electronic probe balancing
                                                                     No separate external reference probe is
• MULTIFREQUENCY                                                     required for absolute channel operation.
 The new, powerful MultiScan MS 5800 acquisition unit

 pushes the limits of NDT inspection with its all-in-one           • 4 ECT inputs and up to 64 multiplexed
 solution. Among the NDT inspection techniques for                   channels
 tubes, the MS 5800 supports the eddy current                        The MS 5800E can support a large number
 technology.                                                         of ECT channels to perform array-probe
                                                                     inspection. Compared to single channel
                                                                     inspection, the array-probe technology
                                                                     allows faster and easier surface coverage.
 ECT Applications
 Eddy current testing is a noncontact method for the inspec-
 tion of nonferromagnetic tubing. This technique is suitable
 for the detection and sizing of metal discontinuities such as
 corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting, baffle cuts, wall losses, and
 cracks in nonferrous materials.
   MultiView /T             ™

   Tube Analysis Software Option
   •   Automatic detection of landmarks
   •   Phase-to-depth and voltage-to-depth sizing curves
   •   Computer-assisted analysis
   •   Tabular report entries and report generation

   CARTO             ™

   Inspection Planning and Tube Sheet Mapping
   • Database management of exchangers, reports, and
     tubesheet maps
   • Graphical tools for the creation of tubesheet maps and
     inspection lists
   • Storage of all reports and tubesheet maps in database
   • Display results from single or multiple reports

   MS 5800E System Specifications (for ECT and ECT Array)
   General                                                                                                            Software
   Power                                          120 VAC or 220 VAC, ±10 %,                                          Operating system      Microsoft Windows NT , Windows           ®                ®   ®

                                                  automatic selection, 48 Hz to 63 Hz                                                       2000, Windows XP
   Size and weight                                45 x 30 x 22 cm. Maximum weight                                     Setup wizard          Easy configuration for tube
                                                  with all modules installed: 12,8 kg.                                                      inspection with bobbin and AC
   Environment                                    0°C to 45°C operating ambient,                                                            probes
                                                  –20°C to 70°C storage. 95% relative                                 Automatic calibration Calibration of all ECT channels and
                                                  humidity, noncondensing.                                                                  depth curves simultaneously
   Computer interface                             100Base-T Fast Ethernet                  ™
                                                                                                                      Data file storage     Any PC-compatible media
                                                                                                                      Printing              Screen dump, acquisition and setup
   Eddy Current
   Probe inputs                                   4 independent differential inputs                                   Printer               Any Windows NT–compatible printer
                                                  and up to 64 multiplexed inputs
                                                                                                                      Computer requirements 266 MHz Pentium II with 128 MB                        ®

                                                  (16 time slots)
                                                                                                                                            RAM, 1024x768 display resolution
   ECT channels                                   16 simultaneously
                                                  (4 inputs x 4 frequencies)                                          Hardware and Software Options
                                                  256 in super-multiplexed mode                                       5800-R                                         Remote field and magnetic flux
                                                  (with 16 time slots)                                                                                               leakage capability
   Number of frequencies                          Up to 8 frequencies                                                 5800-1U                                        1 internal UT channel
   Frequency range                                Adjustable from 20 Hz to 6 MHz                                      5800-4U                                        4 internal UT channels
   Acquisition rate                               40 kHz per channel                                                  5800-8U                                        8 internal UT channels
                                                  (in non-multiplexed mode)                                                                                          12-bit digitizer
                                                  14 kHz divided by the number of                                                                                    Fast data transfer (4x)
                                                  time slots (in multiplexed mode)                                    MultiView /T                                   Tube analysis and report package
   Supported probes                               Universal connector supports all                                    MultiView /C                                   C-scan representation for MRPC and
                                                  standard differential and absolute                                                                                 array probes
                                                  bobbin, impedance, transmit-
                                                                                                                      CARTO                                          Inspection planning, tubesheet
                                                  receive, and MRPC probes
                                                                                                                                                                     mapping, and report software
                                                  (adapter cable may be required).
   Probe balancing                                True electronic probe balancing. No
                                                  separate external reference probe
                                                  required for absolute channels.
   Output voltage                                 20 V p-p
   Output current                                 1 A (peak)
                                                                                                                                                                                                              MS 5800_ECT 0802

   Analog output                                  X and Y components of the first

   Real-time alarms                               8 independent alarms
   Encoders                                       2 quadrature encoders or digital

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