IF YOU LOST OF YOUR CARGO WOULDN Ocean Audit by alicejenny


									IF YOU LOST 10%
                                                  1 OUT OF EVERY 10 OCEAN FREIGHT                           WHY DO I NEED OCEAN AUDIT INC.?
                                                  INVOICES HAS ERRORS THAT COST
                                                  YOU MONEY.                                                  Most experts rate ocean freight vendor invoicing
                                                                                                              quality and accuracy as an area requiring major

                                                  Unfortunately, your auditors will catch about               improvement
                                                  50% ... but that means that you leave 50% of your
                                                  money on the table. Ocean Audit Inc. (OA) will find         Rate volatility - From 2008 to 2011 ocean freight
                                                  these errors. We'll go back through 3 years of invoices     importers and exporters experienced

WOULDN’T YOU                                      and contracts to uncover the mistakes and reclaim the       unprecedented rate gyrations in their service
                                                  money that's owed to you.                                   contracts/rate agreements. Ocean freight vendor's
                                                                                                              invoice systems to ensure accuracy have not kept
                                                  On average, we find $10 for every container you ship.       up with the rates their pricing and sales teams are

                                                                                                              promoting to the client
                                                  WHY POST AUDIT OCEAN FREIGHT
                                                                                                              Poor invoice accuracy - most experts view ocean
                                                  Between 2007-2010, rates and surcharges in the              freight vendors as having only 90% accuracy in

                                                  container shipping industry were highly volatile and        their invoicing.
                                                  wreaked havoc on invoice accuracy.
                                                                                                              OA offers the only dedicated ocean freight post
                                                  Benefits of an Ocean Freight Audit by OA:                   audit in the container shipping industry.
                                                    Money-saving: Total refund averages $10 per               Receive $500 today to cover any administrative
                                                    container for every container shipped during the          overhead you incur in sending your invoices to us
                                                    past 3 years.                                             for post audit*
                                                    Committed: OA is dedicated only to ocean freight
                                                    post audits - no other audit shop can say this.           Prefer the $500 go directly to the corporate
                                                                                                              charity of your choice - simply let us know*
                                                    Fast: Set-up time for the audit is less than 2 hours.
                                                                                                                                      * Based on our standard fee structure
                                                    Results: OA pre-identifies the approximate size of
                                                    your cash or credit refund before we begin.
                                                                                                                   One Client’s Story...
                                                                                                                   An OA client shipped 2,000 containers per year and got
                                                                                                                   $60,000 in refunds after employing our audit solution. Ocean
                                                                                                                   freight has a 3-year statute of limitations for recovery, which
                                                                                                                   means we can go back 3 years to find every error.
                                                                                                                   REFUND CALCULATION :
                                                                                                                   Shipping 2,000 containers
                                                                                                                   per year x 3-year audit period =
                                                                                                                   6,000 containers
                                                                                                                   $10 error per container =
                                                                                                                   REFUND OF $ 60,000
                                                                                                                   OA invoices for 50% once you receive payment.
                                                                                                                   RESULTS: $30,000 in FREE Money!

               FREE ESTIMATE radically changing ocean REFUND TODAY
GET toA cash back today. Neutralize the past few years ofOF YOUR freight rates with your customized ocean audit.
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