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									Fedon Group

Experience in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Venice, 15th April 2010
    Fedon Group

                                                         In 2009 Fedon is
                                                         present with factories
                                                         in Italy, Romania,
                                                         And sales subsidiaries
                                   In 1999 Fedon         in Germany, France,
                                   established its own   US, Hong Kong
                  Fedon went       Giorgio Fedon 1919
                  public in 1998
                  at Euronext
Giorgio Fedon
set up the
Company in
1919 in
Vallesella (BL)
Fedon Development in China

2002                  2003                 2004                    2006
JV with a Hong        One Italian          Factory in              Subholding in
Kong Trading          Buyer in the JV      Shenzhen                Hong Kong
                                             Materials from
Pushed by our           Objective to         China and
                                                                   Set up of Sales and
customers to            integrate            customers
                                                                   Financial activities in
provide goods from      Headquarter and      production in China
China to China          the JV               moved the supply
                                             chain in China

                      Knowledge of         Italian process          A self sustained
The first step in a
                      local culture and   replicated in China      company within
new market                                by Fedon Technicians
                      supply market                                Fedon Group
Fedon in China today
                                                                            Totally belonging to
                                                                                    Fedon Group
                                FEDON FAR EAST
                                   Hong Kong

                                             Management, Sales, Finance
                                             In charge of Sales in Asia-Pacific Region
                                             10 people in Central HK

                                    FEIDONG                                 FEICHI
     1919 FE
                                    Shenzhen                               Shenzhen
    Hong Kong
 Retail operations        WOFE in Longgang District with          Trading company (FICE) in
                            1.100 workers                            Longgang District
 1 store at Hong Kong
  International Airport    Production, Purchase, Product           Sourcing of raw materials for
                            Development, Logistic                    European factories
                           20 million cases produced in 2009       Sales of GF1919 in China
     Organization of Fedon China

                                  Managing Director

GF1919 Sales   Operation     Financial            Purchasing       Planning     Optical Cases
  Manager      Manager       Manager               Manager         Manager      Sales Manager
   (Italian)    (Italian)   (Hong Kong)               (Italian)   (Hong Kong)    (Hong Kong)

                 Staff         Staff                   Staff         Staff
    Staff                                                                           Staff
               (Mainland     (Mainland                (Mainland    (Mainland
 (Hong Kong)                                                                     (Hong Kong)
                Chinese)      Chinese)                 Chinese)     Chinese)

Future trends

                  PROS                        CONS
              Consolidated Hub for       Excessive Real Estate
               Professional and            prices
 Hong Kong     Logistic Services          Port and Airport fees
              Consolidated Salaries       higher than Mainland
               and Fees                    China
              Schools and Hospitals
               for Expatriates

                  PROS                        CONS
              Great availability of      Booming costs for
               skilled and effective       workforce and real
 Shenzhen      workers                     estate
              Laws and regulations       Higher focus on
               more consolidated           electronics and
               than in other provinces     financial industries

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