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					       Science Links- September 19th
Learning Target:
I can write a detailed lab report that includes: the question, a
hypothesis, a description of what was done, a summary of data,
and a conclusion based on evidence.
   Agenda                     Warm-UP: Write a hypothesis for
    1. Warm-Up                             the question below.
                              Q: What type of pizza is preferred
    2. Gummy Bear Lab             by high school students?

                                Scientific Method & Lab
                                Equipment Quiz - Friday
                     Gummy Bear Lab
    Investigative Question:
    What will happen to a gummy bear when the
       bear is put in water overnight?
     If a gummy bear is put in water overnight, then the
    bear will ____________ because _______________
•   In lab reports we never use personal pronouns- I, you, we, our, your,
•   We also avoid using the word it - be more specific about what your are
    writing about.
gummy bear       beaker    water     tape     ruler
graduated cylinder triple-beam balance    calculator

Procedure (steps 1, 2, 3 should be to the tenth of a centimeter, ex. 2.4 cm)
1. Measure the length of your gummy bear from the top of its head to
    the bottom of its feet.
2. Measure the width at the widest point across the back of the bear.
3. Measure the thickness from the front to the back at the thickest
4. Calculate the volume by multiplying the length, width, and
    thickness. Round to the nearest hundredth. Ex. 4.01 cm3
5. Measure the mass using a triple-beam balance or other scale to the
    nearest tenth of a gram. (2.4 g)
6. Calculate the density by dividing the mass by the volume. Round
    answer to the nearest hundredth. D = m / V (g/cm3)
7. Put the bear in a beaker and fill the beaker with 50 ml of water.
8. Leave the bear in water over night.
9. The next day, put the bear on a paper towel and repeat steps 1-6.
   Independent/Manipulated Variable __________________________

   Dependent/Responding Variable ___________________________

                  USE A RULER!

Data Table:   Measurements of Gummy Bear
   Day        Bear    Length     Width   Thickness   Volume   Mass   Density
              Color     (cm)      (cm)      (cm)       (cm)    (g)    (g/cm3)



 Amount of
Discussion Questions:

1. Was your hypothesis correct? Why or why
2. Which change is greater - volume or mass?
3. Was there a change in density? Why?
4. How do your results compare to those of your
                    (paragraph 6-7 sentences)

1st Sentence: Answer the investigative question.
2nd Sentence: Compare, in qualitative observations how the
   appearance of the bear changed.
3rd & 4th Sentences: Compare the quantitative data of volume
   and density of the bear before and after being in the water.
5th Sentence: How your actual results compare with your
   hypothesis (Was your hypothesis correct? If not, how close
   were you?)
6th Sentence: Discuss any error that might have occurred in
   the lab experiment.

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