LG Optimus 4X HD test after upgrading anti overheating

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					LG Optimus 4X HD test after upgrading anti overheating
It's called V10f, and the update just arrived on LG Optimus 4X HD that would solve the
problem of overheating that had reported as the most serious problem in the full review
of the device.

We then installed on the device and created a simple test to see if the problem of
overheating and the consequent reduction of autonomy had been resolved.
Before upgrading we scored the temperature just turned on the device and after 10
minutes of continuous play Dead Trigger . Here are the data:
T ° Power: 27.9 °
T ° after 10 minutes of play: 38.7 °
As you can see the temperature is over 10 ° higher than the "standard", but it really does
not differ too much from other devices then after finishing a game session. The
temperature is then signaled to the device from internal sensors, but in reality we are
talking about the overheating of Optimus 4X HD is mostly outside and what is perceived
by holding the hand behind the phone.
We then repeated the same test after the upgrade with the following data:
T ° Power: 23.6 °
T ° after 10 minutes of play: 33.4 °
Interesting the temperature decrease in "stand by" (even if the condition of standby is
very variable) and is also an interesting considerable decrease in temperature under
stress. 5 ° are less significant value to a mobile device like this, where you can make
improvements to hardware but software. The decrease in temperature can be felt
significantly also on the outside of the phone, although it is still warm more than the
average , is much less alarming than before, returning to values much more acceptable.
We have not done actual tests on autonomy, which at first glance seems improved,
although without breaking results. We reserve to do more testing on this.

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