; Hot Virtual Keyboard 7-1-8-0- Virtual Keyboard
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Hot Virtual Keyboard 7-1-8-0- Virtual Keyboard


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									Hot Virtual Keyboard Virtual Keyboard
n update virtual keyboard Hot Virtual Keyboard. Despite the fact that it is designed
primarily for use on mobile devices with touch screens (Tablet PC, UMPC, Panel PC,
Car PC, Touch-monitor) and on the monitors with support for multi-touch, it can also
come in handy on a standard desktop or laptop.
Virtual keyboard is completely customizable. You can not only choose its appearance,
but also to determine the location of the keys, and add any additional shortcuts for calling
a variety of actions - copying text to the clipboard, launch a browser and so on.
Hot Virtual Keyboard supports all languages and keyboard layouts available in Windows,
so typing on it can even be on different exotic languages. It is sufficient that the language
was installed in the system.

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