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									                                                                                                                                                   52 Week High/Low Close:
         Listing: TSE (“8303”)
         Established: 1952                               SHINSEI BANK                                                                              ¥115/¥73
                                                                                                                                                   Market Capitalization*1:
         Employees (consolidated                                                                                                                   ¥297.0 Billion
         basis): 4,830                                Gearing up for Growth                                                                        *1 Including treasury shares
                                                                                                                                                   Note: As of March 31, 2012

                                FY2011 Overview and Strategy Going Forward                                                JPY BN                                                             %
                                Fiscal year 2011 was a challenging year as economic                                       100                                                            20.0
                                conditions both in Japan and overseas remained
                                                                                                                            50                                                           10.0
                                uncertain, due to the temporary economic slowdown
                                in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake                                                0                                                           0.0
                                compounded by the prolonged strength of the yen,
                                the European debt crisis and the catastrophic                                              -50                                                           -10.0
                                flooding in Thailand.
                                                                                                                         -100                                                            -20.0
                       In fiscal year 2011, the second year of our Medium-                                               -150                                                            -30.0
Shigeki Toma
                       Term Management Plan, Shinsei Bank shifted gears
President & CEO                                                                                                                         10.3             11.3              12.3
                           go back on the offensive, implementing various
                             go back on the offensive,
                       totogo back on the offensive, implementing various
                       initiatives our order to diversify our earnings base
initiatives in order to diversify in earnings base through new business                                                                   Cash Basis Net Income (lhs)
development.           through new business development.                                                                                  Reported Basis Net Income (lhs)
                                                                                                                                          Cash Basis ROE (rhs)
In our institutional business, we realigned our organization to create an
Institutional Group and Global Markets Group, while establishing a
dedicated organization to provide solutions to support the development of                                                 JPY BN                                                          %
new business domains, and businesses that will lead to regional                                                           12,000                                                            2
revitalization, including post-disaster recovery. In our individual business,
we continued to provide attractive asset management and housing loan                                                       8,000                                                            1
products, and worked to grow the number of accounts in our retail banking
operations. In consumer finance, we successfully launched a bank-based,
unsecured personal loan service under the Shinsei Bank Card Loan –                                                         4,000                                                            0
Lake brand.
At the same time, we also took action to eliminate downside risks to future                                                       0                                                         -1
financial performance, including additional provisions for interest
repayments at our consumer finance subsidiaries, in an effort to stabilize                                                                 10.3             11.3              12.3
earnings. As a result, we recorded ¥6.4 billion in consolidated reported                                                                         Total Assets (lhs)
basis net income for fiscal year 2011 – a decline from the ¥42.6 billion                                                                         Cash Basis ROA (rhs)
recorded in the previous term. However, I believe the actions that we have
taken have positioned us well to achieve our target of ¥51.0 billion in
consolidated reported basis net income in fiscal year 2012, the final year of                                               %
our Medium-Term Management Plan.
The fact that we have been able to make steady progress towards                                                              8
establishing a stabilized earnings structure is due entirely to the
understanding and support we have received from you, our stakeholders.                                                       4
Financial institutions must take on an important role as new financial
needs emerge from socioeconomic changes, and ongoing efforts are
required to drive the post-earthquake recovery and revitalize regional                                                       0
economies. Shinsei Bank is committed to becoming a bank group with                                                                      10.3                 11.3                 12.3
stable, long-term earnings power, which is truly valued by its customers,
and grows alongside them. We are channeling all our energies into                                                                                Total Capital Adequacy Ratio
realizing this vision.                                                                                                                           Tier I Capital Ratio

 Billions of yen                                                           FY2009                                         FY2010                                     FY2011
 Total Revenues:                              285.5                                                                         292.1                                      202.9
 Ordinary Business Profit:                    117.1                                                                         149.2                                       74.9
 Net Income (loss):                          (140.1)                                                                         42.6                                        6.4
 Cash Basis Net Income (loss):                 (53.7)                                                                        53.8                                       16.0
 Cash Basis Net Income (loss)/Share (JPY):     (27.37)                                                                       26.96                                       6.05
 Dividend/Share (JPY):                           0.00                                                                         1.00                                       1.00
 Cash Basis ROA:                                (0.5%)                                                                        0.5%                                       0.2%
 Cash Basis ROE (Fully Diluted):              (13.7%)                                                                        12.4%                                       3.2%
 Total Assets:                             11,376.7                                                                      10,231.5                                    8,609.6
 Diluted Equity/Share (JPY):                  232.72                                                                        205.83                                     212.67
 Total Capital Adequacy Ratio:                   8.35%                                                                        9.76%                                     10.27%
 Tier I Capital Ratio:                           6.35%                                                                        7.76%                                      8.80%
 NPL Ratio (non-consolidated basis):             6.70%                                                                        6.78%                                      6.66%

                                                             IR Contact Information
                                          Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Division
                              Tel: +81-3-6880-8303 Fax: +81-3-4560-1706     E-mail:

This document contains statements that constitute forward-looking statements, plans for the future, management targets, etc. relating to the Company and its subsidiaries. These forward-
looking statements are based on current assumptions of future events and trends, which may be incorrect. Actual results may differ materially from those in the statements as a result of
various factors. Unless otherwise noted, the financial data contained in these materials are presented under Japanese GAAP. The Company disclaims any obligation to update or to
announce any revision to forward-looking statements to reflect future events or developments. Unless otherwise specified, all the financials are shown on a consolidated basis. Information
concerning financial institutions other than the Company and its subsidiaries are based on publicly available information. These materials do not constitute an invitation or solicitation of an
offer to subscribe for or purchase any securities and neither this document nor anything contained herein shall form the basis for any contract or commitment whatsoever.
      Moody’s: Ba1/not prime
      S&P: BBB+/A-2
      JCR: BBB/J-2                           SHINSEI BANK
      R&I: BBB+/a-2
      Note: As of March 31, 2012
                                          Gearing up for Growth
Shinsei Bank is a leading diversified Japanese financial institution providing a full range of financial products and services
to both institutional and individual customers. The Bank has total assets of ¥8.6 trillion ($105.0 billion) on a consolidated
basis (as of March 31, 2012) and a network of outlets throughout Japan. Shinsei Bank demands uncompromising levels of
integrity and transparency in all its activities to earn the trust of customers, staff and shareholders. The Bank is committed to
delivering long-term profit growth and increasing value for all its stakeholders.

                                                             Segment Results                                                       JPY BN
                            FY2010                                                                       FY2011
300      292.1                                                            300
                                      Individual Group                                                                   Individual Group
                                      Global Markets Group                                                               Global Markets Group
250                                                                       250
                                      Institutional Group                                                                Institutional Group
          157.1                       Corporate/Other                                  202.9                             Corporate/Other
200                                                                       200

150                          149.2                                        150
100        63.6                                                           100
                                                   80.8                                                    74.9
                               51.5                24.0                                  5.1
 50                                                                        50                              45.4
           73.5                                    50.1                                                                      47.2
                               46.3                                                     62.3
                                                                                                           37.3              19.4
  0                                                 8.3                      0                             -5.6
           -2.2                -1.2                -1.6                                 -2.6               -2.1              -2.9
-50                                                                       -50
         Revenue         Ordinary Business OBP After Net                               Revenue        Ordinary Business   OBP After
                            Profit (OBP)    Credit Costs                                                 Profit (OBP)   Net Credit Costs

                                                             Segment Assets                                            JPY TN
                          March 2011                                                               March 2012
                              2.4                                                       •大和証券キャピタル・マーケッツ:松野真央樹
                                                                                        •Keefe, Bruyette&Woods:デビッド・スレッドゴールド
                              9.3                                                                           7.7
                                                                Individual Group
                                                                Global Markets Group
                   3.6                      3.1                 Institutional Group             3.4                    1.9

                           Segment Information: Major Businesses and Subsidiaries
Institutional Group                   Global Markets Group                             Individual Group
• Corporate & Public Sector           • Financial Institutions Business                • Retail Banking
Finance                               • Capital Markets Transactions                   – Deposit Related Products
• Healthcare Finance                  • Asset Management                               (saving deposits, time deposits, structured
• Real Estate Finance                 • Wealth Management                              deposits, foreign currency deposits)
• Specialty Finance                                                                    – Asset Management
• Corporate Restructuring             • Securitization                                 (consultation, mutual funds, annuity products)
• Credit Trading                      (Shinsei Securities)                             – Housing Loans
• Private Equity                                                                       • Consumer Finance
• Advisory                                                                             – Unsecured Personal Loans
• Leasing (Showa Leasing)                                                              (Shinsei Bank, Shinsei Financial, Shinki)
• Trust Operations                                                                     – Installment Sales Credit, Settlement,
(Shinsei Trust & Banking)                                                              Credit Cards (APLUS FINANCIAL)
                                                                                       – Credit Guarantees (Shinsei Financial,
Major Subsidiaries                     Major Subsidiaries                               APLUS FINANCIAL)
• Showa Leasing                        • Shinsei Securities                            Major Subsidiaries
• Shinsei Trust & Banking              • Shinsei Investment Management                 • Shinsei Financial ・Shinki
• Shinsei Servicing                                                                    ・APLUS FINANCIAL

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