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					Reinforcing Writing Across The
      A guide for teaching staff
  Used to retell an event or series of        · Postcard
                                              · Newspaper article
  events, in the order in which things        · Diary or journal
     happened (chronological order)           · Blog
                                              · Biography
                                              · Write up of trip or activity

                           Writing a
                                                   •Start by setting the
                                                   scene, e.g., “what?”,

                                                   “where?”, “when?”,

                                                   •This is followed by a
                                                   series of events, in the
                                                   order that they
                                                   •They focus on specific
                                                   people or events, not

             What language features
                                                   general topics
                                                   •Paragraphs mark

              should be included?
                                                   change of focus, time
                                                   or place

Past tense          Sequence, casual and
                    contrasting connectives
                                              Use of active voice to
                                              make it clear who did what.
Writing a Recount
     This is a reasoned and detailed              • Essays used in
response, breaking down a text or issue.          different curriculum

Quotations from the                                   •Writing that analyses a
text are very                                         topic or question is held
                                                      together by clear,
important when
                                                      direct topic sentences
analysing!                  Writing to                (points) at the start of
                                                      paragraphs and
                             Analyse                  supporting evidence
                                                      which is used to expand
                                                      the point.
                                                      •Uses PEE (point,
                                                      evidence, explanation)
                                                      to analyse different
                                                      aspects of a topic/text
             What language features                   •Comes to a conclusion
                                                      about the topic in
              should be included?                     question

Past or present       Comparison, cause and
tense                 effect, illustration and
                                                 Third person but First
                      summary connectives are
                                                 person can be used to give
                                                 your own views
              Writing to Analyse



  Used to present arguments                              •   Leaflet or article
and information from differing                               giving a balanced
          viewpoints.                                        account of an issue
                                                         •   Newspaper editorial
                                                         •   Essay on an issue

                                                             Starts with a statement
                                                             of the issue under
                            Writing to                       Summarises or outlines
                                                             the main arguments as
                             Discuss                         you see them
                                                             Provides arguments to
                                                             support one side of the
                                                             Give examples and
                                                             Provide arguments to

            What language features
                                                             support the opposing

             should be included?
                                                             Gives examples and
                                                             Comes to a conclusion
                                                             about which side you
                      Cause and effect, contrast and         agree with
Present tense         comparison, summary connectives

                                 Third person used/passive
Writing to Discuss
   Records the
  strengths and
                                                          • Evaluations in Science
                                                          or Design
of a performance
                                                          • Book reviews
 or product along
                                                          • Film reviews
with targets for
                                                          • Performance reviews in
    the future
                          Writing to                          Starts with a brief
                                                              summary of the

                          Evaluate                            item/issue
                                                              Focuses on positives
                                                              aspects and negative
                                                              while finding possible
                                                              reasons for these
                                                              Gives examples and
                                                              evidence for both
                                                              positive and negative
              What language features                          (subheadings can be used)
                                                              Comes to conclusions and
               should be included?                            sums up while also giving
                                                              recommendations or
                                                              setting targets

Past tense and      Illustration and cause and
future tense for    effect and summary
target setting      connectives used.
                                                 I/We used as well as Third Person
    Writing to Evaluate

+                         -

Used to give reasons for a phenomenon,             • Encyclopaedia entry
                                                   •Technical manual
      problem, situation or issue                  • ‘Question and Answer’
                                                   articles and leaflets
                                                   • Write up of Science
                                                   • Geography and Science
                                                   text books

                        Writing an                      •A general statement
                                                        to introduce the
                        Explanation                     topic
                           text                         •Paragraphs used to
                                                        introduce different
                                                        reasons or show
                                                        different steps in a
                                                        •Impersonal, factual,
            What language features                      plain writing to
             should be included?                        ensure the
                                                        explanation is clear
                                                        and concise

Present tense      Sequence, cause and effect,
                   contrast and comparison,
                   addition connectives used
                                                 Third person – active voice
Writing to Explain
Instructions are written to outline                       • D.I.Y instructions
how something is done, in a series                        • Non-fiction book
                                                          ( e.g. sports skill, art)
       of sequenced steps                                  Instructions on packaging

                                                                •Start with an aim or
                                                                goal – what is to be

                                                                achieved in the writing
                                                                •This is followed by a

                                                                list of what is needed
                                                                •The steps are written
                                                                in CHRONOLOGICAL
                                                                ORDER and the
                                                                PRESENT TENSE using
                                                                IMPERATIVE VERBS
                                                                •Use of bullet points,
                                                                numbers, letters,
             What language features                             headings and
                                                                subheadings to make
              should be included?                               sequence of actions
                     Sequence and addition
                     connectives used

Present tense used
                            Reader referred to as ‘you’
Writing to Instruct
      Used to organise and record                             Tourist guide book
                                                              Information leaflet
          factual information
                                                               Magazine article

                          Writing to                          •Information texts are
                                                              held together by
                        Inform/Report                         subheadings and/or
                                                              clear topic sentences at
                                                              the start of paragraphs
                                                              that signal the subject
                                                              •Presentational devices
                                                              (e.g. different
                                                              fonts/sizes, bullet

                What language features
                                                              points, boxes) used to
                                                              guide readers through

                 should be included?
                                                              the text
                                                              •They use a formal style
                                                              which is clear and
Headings and subheadings used                                 factual
                                Contrast/comparison, cause
to sort information clearly     and effect connectives used

                                   Sentences tend to be
                                   short for clarity’
Writing to Inform/Report

       Main Topic
Used to argue the case for a point                        Advert
of view and to convince the reader                      · Pamphlet from pressure
                                                        group or political party
to follow advice or take action                         · Travel brochure
                                                        · Poster or flier
                                                        · Book blurb
                                                        · Letter to the Editor

                         Writing to                           Your view needs to be
                         Persuade                             backed up with
                                                              supporting evidence
                                                              such as FACTS and
                                                              · You should use emotive
                                                              language e.g. Wildlife
             What language features                           destroyed… .
                                                              · Ask rhetorical
              should be included?                             questions e.g. Would
                                                              you like to… .? And use
                                                              REPETITION FOR
                          Emphasis, illustration,             EMPHASIS
                          summary and sequencing              · Appeal to your reader
                          connectives used                    by involving them: ‘We
Present and past tense                                        all know that...’
                             First person can be used
                   Writing to Persuade
Paragraph topics


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