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					   Your Personal Roadmap to Land Your
    Most Important Copywriting Client
             Within 48 Hours
   Use this easy but powerful method to leapfrog past even experienced
           copywriters to win that essential first assignment . . .

Dear AWAI’er:

As an AWAI student, you’re learning how to write compelling copy. You’re
ready to start your new career and enjoy the independence and financial
rewards of a copywriter. But there’s one big question in your mind—

“How do I get clients?”

That’s our most frequently asked question at AWAI. Believe me, it’s not as
hard as you might imagine.

I’m Katie Yeakle, AWAI’s Executive Director, and I love it when our students
make that breakthrough to a successful copywriting career. I’ve seen it
happen hundreds of times and I get just as excited about a student’s first
client as they do.

      “Quote Number 1”

      “Quote Number 2”

Getting your first client may seem like a mystery—or a monumental
challenge. But there’s an easy-to-follow roadmap that will make you almost
irresistible to direct marketers.

As a matter of fact, by using this roadmap even “newbies” have landed
major clients and rocketed their career to a full-time lucrative writing

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Start Bringing in the Bucks—Before You Even Finish the

You don’t have to have years of experience to get your first client.

We see it time and again.

Some of our students found high-paying assignments before completing the
course—like Mike P., who earned $3,000 for a week’s work writing an e-mail
and direct mail campaign.

Or Harvey G., who scored projects totaling $1,525 while he was still taking
the course.

Just as important, once you get that first satisfied customer she’ll often
continue to give you assignments. And guess what? When a marketer likes
your work, she’ll refer you to others.

By using the copywriting secrets you learned in the AWAI course, one good
project can quickly mushroom into a thriving business.

Imagine depositing that check from your first client. Then getting a follow-
up call for your next assignment.

            Shorten Your Journey the Writer’s Life

Through the years we’ve noticed that students who start earning top dollar
quickly all took similar actions to catapult their career past even veteran

So we asked our experts to analyze the method these writers took to get
their career going—and condense them into a simple program.

Getting Your First Client: The Copywriter's Shortcut to Making $100k
per Year is a step-by-step program that will lead you directly to your first
client—and many more.

Paul L. used this powerful program—and now you can follow in his footsteps.

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     “From the moment I began AWAI’s course I knew I was learning
     things that would change my life and I was right. Within a
     matter of weeks after completing the course I found myself
     working on a copywriting assignment for $3,000! And within the
     next month, I added two more assignments that paid $1,500

You may be worried that clients won’t hire a new copywriter. After all, why
would businesses take a chance on an unknown writer?

No worries—the compelling method described in Getting Your First Client
guides you over that obstacle.

This program levels the playing field between novices and experts. Even
better, it actually attracts marketers to your copy.

Using the method in Getting Your First Client, new writers have scored
projects—even with major direct mailers like Nightingale-Conant, Mercola,
and Agora.

And your success can come fast.

As a matter of fact, here’s how quickly Monica Day got a paying assignment
when using this program—

     “My first direct mail copywriting assignment was with a
     mortgage company. I emailed them six headlines and opening
     paragraph ideas . . . My contact at the company called me within
     an hour of receiving my email . . .”

Getting Your First Client doesn’t just describe this proven method of
getting work, but breaks the actions down to simple, easy-to-learn

In just a few hours you’ll be ready to try the program yourself—and be on
your way to getting that most important first assignment.

The Secret Shortcut That Gives You the Unfair Advantage

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When you’re new to a business, you need every advantage you can muster.
Even if it’s unfair to the competition.

Once you master the roadmap outlined in Getting Your First Client, you’ll
almost feel guilty about how easy it is to get new assignments.

But there’s no need for remorse. As we’ve often said, there’s really a
shortage of good copywriters—and more than enough projects to go around.
As James DiGeorgia says,

       “As a publisher of 5 newsletters with tens of thousands of
       customers worldwide, I’m constantly looking for writers. It’s not
       unusual for me to pay $2,000, $3,000, even $8,000 for a single
       letter if I know it’ll bring in money for my company.”

Getting Your First Client shows you how to get projects quickly by tracing
the steps of real-life AWAI students who were in your shoes not too long

You’ll follow their path to success while learning insider-secrets like:

       How to access a FREE direct marketing resource that typically lists
        over 100 jobs and assignments on any given day—with many projects
        that are perfect for writers looking for their first client.

       The event where more than 30 direct marketing companies, including
        giants like Mercola, Weiss Research, and The Motley Fool come looking
        new writers.

       How a new copywriter earned over $4,000 by writing a letter that
        never even mailed.

       The easiest way to launch your career, beef up your portfolio, earn
        some cash, and get the opportunity to land $10,000 worth of
        copywriting assignments.

Getting Your First Client isn’t a pie-in-the-sky theory class. It’s a down-
to-earth, follow-the-successful-leader reality program.

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       The Quickest Way from “Copy Cub” to “Professional
Everyone knows that the quickest way from “Point A” to “Point B” is a
straight line.

The powerful method you’ll learn in Getting Your First Client will point you
directly to your first client.

You’ll learn

       How to get your name in front of direct marketing managers—and
        make your copy a very tempting first choice to them

       How a single assignment can turn into a long-term relationship worth
        tens of thousands of dollars

       Six ways to find clients without leaving your own neighborhood

And our experts will make sure you understand why this method is the best
way to break into copywriting.

How valuable would it be to know the secret that will vault your career right
into the professional ring? To start your business with top-of-the-line direct

          Get Your Personal Roadmap to Your First Client Now

                              ORDER TODAY!

   Put Your Unique Spin on This Program to Jump-Start
                Your Copywriting Career

The beauty of Getting Your First Client is that you can customize the
method—and make it your own special blueprint for success.

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Are you passionate about a certain niche? The health market? Financial or
Self-Help businesses?

Or do you have a dream client in mind—one who’s products you love?

Imagine—you’re just testing the waters, trying to get your writing business
off the ground.

You’ve set your sights on one of the “big” direct mailers. A huge, well-
respected company that sells millions of dollars in merchandise and pays top

See yourself answering the call from the marketing director—and accepting
your first assignment. You’ll start working on the headline and lead—after
you pull yourself off the ceiling.

You’ll celebrate with family and friends after you finish the project. Maybe
dinner out at a favorite Brazilian steakhouse or even a small pizza party at

Sound impossible? It isn’t.

When you tailor the method in Getting Your First Client to fit your specific
goals, the leap to big-time clients is easier than you might think.

AWAI member, Cathy C. did just that. Cathy was a big fan of self-help
products and dreamed of working for one of her favorite companies,

Most new writers would be intimidated at the thought of approaching
Nightingale-Conant, the world’s largest publisher of self-improvement audio
programs. A company that sends millions of letters and works with some of
the highest paid copywriters.

But Cathy was determined. She cleverly used the method in Getting Your
First Client, but with her own personal spin.

A spin that becomes a magnet for clients.

Did it work? You bet -

      “For four years now I’ve been blessed to work with one of the
      largest direct mailers in the industry, Nightingale-Conant.
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      Through working with them . . . I’ve become so busy with work
      that recently, I had to double my fee just to slow down the pace
      of my work.” - Catherine C., Bracebridge, Ontario

With Getting Your First Client, you’ll learn how Cathy put a special twist
on the method to get her dream client.

But even better—you’ll get to read the actual letter she wrote to Nightingale
Conant. And we’ll show you how to use your own unique spin—to win your
favorite client.

              Start Getting Clients Within 48 Hours
As Joe Vitale said during the last Bootcamp, “Money likes speed.”

Let’s face it—the sooner you get started, the quicker you’ll attract clients
and start making money.

If “the writer’s life” is your destination, Getting Your First Client can help
you get there—faster.

I asked our staff to speed up the process even more by putting the program
into an electronic format. That way, you can get to work quickly.

You’ll be able to download Getting Your First Client within a day once your
order is processed—and you can start working on the program right away.

No time is lost searching for information. You can target what you’re looking
for with just a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse using the “find” tool.

And there’s the convenience of having Getting Your First Client right on
your computer or laptop so you can put the method to use immediately.

             Give Your New Career the Green Light
As an AWAI student, you’ve proven your commitment to changing your
career—and your life.

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Getting Your First Client will help you speed towards your goal and leave
the competition in the dust.

And you’ll see plenty of real-life examples of how other AWAI students have
used the method to get major clients and earn major dollars.

A Chamber of Commerce membership costs hundreds of dollars. And you
may spend countless hours at networking meetings—and never get a single

But with Getting Your First Client you’ll have your own roadmap that
routes your copy to the top of the stack. And shows you the way to top-
notch clients and larger paychecks.

For only $99, you’ll get a program that will lead you to your dream client.

I’m positive you’ll be thrilled with the way this program impacts your new
career. So much so, that I’ll promise you—

If you aren’t completely satisfied with Getting Your First Client for any
reason, just contact Member Services within 30 days and I’ll give you a
complete refund. And you can keep your copy of Getting Your First Client
with my compliments.

What could be more fair?

You’ve already made progress towards your new life. Keep moving forward
on the road to your first assignment.

Simply click on the link below to continue your journey.

Best Regards,

Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

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     Take the next step towards getting your first client now.

                           ORDER TODAY!

P.S. AWAI member, Donna Kaluzniak used the roadmap described in
Getting Your First Client—and landed a $2,000 assignment for her first
direct mail letter.

              Action is the key to reaching your dreams.

   Act now to get your personal roadmap to copywriting success.

                           ORDER TODAY!

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