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MLM Prospecting

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									August 1st, 2012                                                                                              Published by: 4freedom

MLM Prospecting
MLM Prospecting
August 1st, 2012

Proven MLM Prospecting System
Looking to improve your mlm prospecting skills?
There is both an art and a science to mlm prospecting effectively. Master the process and you will be able to write your own first-
class ticket to success. Gloss over the topic and don’t give “mlm prospecting” the time and attention it deserves and, chances
are, you’ll struggle for year to build a long-term profitable business.
Here are a few tips, tricks and inside secrets to help you refine your lead generation, prospecting and recruiting skills.

Traditional MLM Prospecting System
The Direct Selling Association (DSA) suggests there are as many as 63 million people currently active in network marketing
around the world with at least 100,000 new distributorships opened every week. The model works because it is based on the
idea and power of referral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing which is very powerful and persuasive.
The industry has created many millionaires over the years and will continue to help people take back control of their time and
financial futures for many, many years to come.
But, that being said, MOST people who get started in the industry simply do not make any money. A few make a fortune, some
rake in a few hundred to a few thousand per month – but most don’t make a dime.
The challenge is most people who join a MLM opportunity have no sales or marketing experience and, regardless of what you
might have heard, there isn’t a product, service or business opportunity in the world that just sells itself. Someone has to take
the product to market and since it is your business, until you have built up a large team, that someone is going to be you.
So here’s how it works…
Chances are you do not have to much sales and marketing experience and neither does your sponsor. So the easiest, fastest way
to get the ball rolling is to approach your warm market. Meaning you are advised to share the goods with your family, friends
and co-workers and everyone else you know or come across in the course of living your life.

August 1st, 2012                                                                                              Published by: 4freedom

This is warm marketing prospecting and it works UNTIL you run out of people you know to approach. Then what? Because
everybody – you, me and every one on your team – will eventually run out of warm market prospects. And when that happens,
if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, it becomes absolutely critical that you start marketing by setting
up a number of mlm prospecting systems.

Offline MLM Prospecting
Advertising your business offline is one powerful option.
You can place tiny classified ads in your local newspaper looking for people who have an interest in starting a home based
Start small by placing one or two ads and measure the results. How many people respond and how many of those become
customers or team members? Then crunch the numbers to determine if your advertising is profitable. If it is then roll out your
ads to even more newspaper and magazines to widen the reach of your new mlm prospecting system. If not, keep testing different
headlines and calls to actions until you find a winning combination.
Another offline strategy is to simply get move active in your local community.
The idea here is to meet more people and expand your warm market. Join a referral marketing group like Business Network
International or Letip and participate. Start attending local conferences and training programs. Contact local clubs and
community service organizations and offer to speak to their members free. Put together a signature talk designed to brand you
as an expert in your field. Don’t sell during this talk, simply educate and create relationships.

Online MLM Prospecting System
One of the most powerful mlm prospecting models today is to use the world wide reach of the internet to introduce your products,
service and business opportunity.
In fact, did you know that over 1.8 million people search for how to start home business every month on Google alone?
That’s 1.8 potential prospects you could be sharing your opportunity with if you set up an effective online mlm prospecting
The key is to first understand your primary target market, use keyword-research tools to discovered exactly what your prospects
are search for when they have a problem or a particular challenge, then create content to address those issues. Publish and

MLM Prospecting System Methods
You have three choices.
You can advertise online by placing classified ads or conducting any number of “paid search” routines like hosting Youtube
sponsored videos, run Google paid-per-ads or run sponsored ads in ezines.
You can also set up an attraction marketing model which means creating content, publishing that content and promoting it to
rank on the search engines.
Or you can do a combination of both.
Both mlm prospecting systems have their advantages and disadvantages.
Paid advertising produces results fast but at risk of creating another expense you probably do not need. And it can take time to
find a winning combination that produces profitable results. However if you have a budget available, paid advertising is perhaps
the fastest, easiest way to drive traffic to your site fast. Google Adwords, search engine pay-per-click, CPA networks, Facebook
Ads and Youtube Promotional videos are the most popular. You can also post ads on classified site and consider running “solo
ads” in various ezines that target your particular niche.
Promoting via organic search (what we call attraction marketing) takes time to set up and to produce a consistent result.
The main advantage, however, is once you have a great attraction marketing system set up you will enjoy the benefit of receiving
daily leads, sales and sign ups.
My Lead System Pro offers full blown mlm prospecting system you can start using immediately. It is not a turnkey solution but,
rather, a tool designed to give you both the platform you need to publish and promote content – you also get insider training
and very valuable content you can use as a give away to attract you target market.
My results using this proven mlm prospecting system fantastic. On average, after setting the system up and taking daily action to
publish and promote valuable content, we now average over 40 leads per day and sponsor 2-3 people per week into our primary
network marketing business on complete autopilot. Which is pretty nice. So check it out.
Bless and be blessed,

August 1st, 2012                                                                                                         Published by: 4freedom

PS – Who else want to discover how to we raked in over 7,000 leads, earned tens of thousands in affiliate commission and get
paid even when we sleep? Heavy Hitter Insider Secrets
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