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									August 1st, 2012                                                                                           Published by: 4freedom

Millionaire Mindset
Millionaire Mindset
August 1st, 2012

Millionaire Mindset
It’s been said you can estimate a person’s income by averaging the income of their five closest friends.
So one way of increasing your capacity for making money would be to start hanging out, associating and actually becoming
friends with a handful of people who are currently making a LOT more money than you.
Listen. Engage. And it won’t take you too long to discover a common “millionaire mindset”.

Millionaire Mindset Secrets Revealed
One of the primary reasons I like to attend marketing events, company events and various industry seminars and mastermind
meetings isn’t so much for the content presented by the speakers at the event… but more for the incredible insights and master
millionaire mindset strategies you learn from simply hanging out after the event on a social level.
Having drinks, eating dinner, and just having a good time.
It’s amazing what you can learn simply by chatting over coffee. Amazing.
Most recently I had the honor and privilege of attending and presenting at the MLSP Private Mastermind Mindset 3 day event
in Canzun, Mexico. Here are just a FEW major super achiever strategies I took away…

Millionaire Mindset Secret #1
Ray Hidgon, the #1 income earner in his company, shared the money-making magic of creating a DAILY ROUTINE for building
your business.
In other words, put together a daily action plan and simply work the plan. Put the “work” back into the work from home
equation… then take consistent action over an extended period of time… and the results will surprise you.
Ray was even gracious enough to present a sample plan:

   • Create one new piece of internet-based content each day. (Think new blog post, article, video – then syndicate the content
     using Tribepro)
   • Schedule 30 minutes per day on training. (Think sales, marketing, prospecting and skill improvement)
   • Schedule 30 minutes per day on mindset and personal development.
   • Write, read and internalize daily affirmations. (What we hold in mind expands)
   • Meditate every day. (We function better relaxed. Take a few minutes and relax)
   • Make 20-30 new connections with other people every day.

August 1st, 2012                                                                                           Published by: 4freedom

Here’s the bottom line. Everything that is truly important to use we schedule. Then we show up… on time… and do participate
in whatever it is we have scheduled. So SCHEDULE time to build your business, your skill set and your mindset. Then show
up and work your plan.

Millionaire Mindset Secret #2
Tracy Walker, author of the best selling Be Blog Savvy internet marketing success kit (you have to be an active MLSP member
to get it!) and one of the best “team builders” in the industry, shared the value of quickly discovering a prospect’s primary
personality type and using that to increase the effectiveness of your sponsoring and recruiting efforts.
She then went on to outline a simple, 4-step agenda for each and every communication you have with a prospect…

   • Introduction – Who are you, why you are calling
   • Build Rapport – Ask questions, find points of commonality
   • Fact Finding – What problem can you help solve
   • Call to Action – Close for product, service, next step

Notice the “millionaire mindset” Tracy shares a SYSTEM of operation… a plan of action… a way to keep you and your business
on track.

Millionaire Mindset Secret #3
Jessica Perretti, a full-time network marketing professional and top female recruiter, then stood up and in less than 2 minutes
shared one of the most profound… most brilliant super achiever success strategies of all time…
Provide Value First to Get Paid
Because it really does not matter if YOU are the biggest or the best or the most well paid… it doesn’t matter if your company
is the biggest or the best or even that it pays the most… what matters most above all else to the prospect or potential customer
is “What’s in it for me?” Answer that question by providing value and a potential solution to the problems and challenges your
prospects may be facing and you’ll win the deal virtually every time.
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